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Europe In The Dark. The Risk Of Blackout Really Exists

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Europe In The Dark. The Risk Of Blackout Really Exists

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Europe In The Dark. The Risk Of Blackout Really Exists

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Europe In The Dark. The Risk Of Blackout Really Exists
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Written by Piero Messina

A global blackout could bring down Europe for weeks on end. Fake news? Conspiracy theory? Let’s try to understand what is happening. The great fear of staying in the dark has nurtured centuries of Catholic tradition. It is one of the best known prophecies among the faithful of the Roman Church. Three days of total darkness: dozens of saints and prophets talk about it, clinging to a passage from the Apocalypse. In the era of hi-tech and digital, imagining that the world could suddenly find itself in the dark seems like a paradox far from reality.

Yet this is precisely the fear that snakes in Europe today. At first it was simply food chewed and served on social networks by swarms of conspiracy theorists, now the global blackout theme has become part of the mainstream narrative. But since the end of last year, exponents of European governments have declared it openly. Scientists and technicians warn that it is not a question of whether the global blackout will happen, but when.

For science, then, the biblical prediction is far too optimistic. We do not risk three days of darkness but whole weeks without electricity. A devastating blow to a continent already tried by the pandemic crisis.

Is it conspiracy? No. It is simply the statistical observation of a series of factors ranging from the complexity of the European network – entirely interconnected and therefore fragile – to the energy crisis linked to the increase in the cost of fuels, without forgetting the dominant geopolitical question. Europe could get all the gas its factories and operations need from Gazprom. But the niet at the opening of Northstream 2 – a clear sign of vassalage towards the US government – complicates matters terribly. European media have already pinpointed the possible culprit if things go wrong. Putin’s Russia. Nothing new, in the editorial offices of the major European publishing groups the favorite sport is to feed the Russophobic campaign. The concept is already outlined, “if this winter you die of cold and you have to say goodbye to your tablets and TV, the fault lies with comrade Putin”.

The facts are dramatically more serious. The ambition of the EU is to radically change its level of consumption, giving up all fossil fuels within 30 years. In the name of Greta Thunberg. What the young Swedish girl probably doesn’t know is the complexity of the world of energy distribution. The whole body of Europe is interconnected in a single grid. It is enough for a piece to jump and the whole system risks going ko. Converting this grid back to the green isn’t exactly easy. The European system is called Entso-e. European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity, is the association for the cooperation of the European transmission system operators (TSOs). The 42 member TSOs, representing 35 countries, are responsible for the secure and coordinated operation of Europe’s electricity system, the largest interconnected electrical grid in the world. How risky it is to switch to green energy in terms of safety  was explained by Maarten Hoeve, technology Director at the European Network for Cyber Security. According to Hoeve, “the stability of the electricity grid is becoming dependent on distributed energy resources (DER), such as solar panels and windmills. Security incidents at DER installations could lead to large disruptions of the electricity grid, even to the extent of a European black-out “.

Furthermore, the risks to the European grid are not limited to the fuel supply capacity. The critical factors are linked to the risk of a cyber attack and to the complexity and vastness of the operating system.

The European energy grid has been creaking dangerously for years. The risk of a blackout was real in November 202, when the connection lines between Italy and France were one step away from the knockout. Just two months later, the grid is severely tested by a crisis in Romania. Entso-e has an alert system coded into four risk levels. Here’s what happened on Friday, January 8, 2021, 1:04 pm. Due to a supply problem in Romania, the frequency starts to be unstable, the third of the four levels of attention is reached. The bulletin issued by Entso-e reads as follows: “Deteriorated situation, including large-scale network outage. High danger to adjacent systems. Safety principles not satisfied. Global security at risk “.

Since the end of last summer, European civil protection agencies have launched a campaign to warn the population of the impending blackout risk. The first step is taken in October 2021 by the Bundesamt für Bevölkerungsschutz und Katastrophenhilfe (BBK), the German Federal Office for Civil Protection and Disaster Relief.BBK sends a video on television advising how to cover windows using aluminum foil in order to retain the temperature and how to make a sort of small fireplace with vases and candles.

“A power outage can happen for many different reasons” says the BBK commercial, therefore, it is “good to be prepared”. The institution has also promoted the “Cooking without electricity” recipe book, where the 50 “best recipes” to be done in the dark are noted. A sort of menu for the Apocalypse.

Nobody paid much attention to it. But the same story will be repeated first in Romania and then in Spain. In Madrid and Barcelona, despite a government turnaround, supermarkets and hardware stores will be stormed.

Although the EU Commission tends to minimize the risk, yet another alert arrives at the end of October 2021 from Austria. This time the speaker is Klaudia Tanner, the then Austrian defense minister. Tanner announcing the general European blackout as imminent explicitly speaks of a “real risk” regarding the possibility of a major blackout that would leave much of the European continent without electricity for weeks. The Minister specifies that it will not be a question of “if it will happen”, but of “when” the power outage will occur. The Austrian government launched  a communication campaign to warn the population of the imminent danger. From Austria comes an explanation of how European governments will be able to intervene in the event of a blackout. It will be up to the military and police forces to ensure the safety of the population. Tanner’s words must be taken very seriously. In 2017, a document from the Austrian armed forces signaled the very high risk of a global pandemic. We know what happened.

At the beginning of December, the Italian government also spoke of the risk of a blackout. According to the Minister of Economic Development, Giancarlo Giorgetti, “A blackout cannot be ruled out with respect to the current structure of the energy supply”. The words of Giorgetti, member of the “Lega” party and exponent of the Washington consensus in Italy, must be translated. When the Italian minister writes “energy supply”, it must read “it is Russia’s fault”.

No one can say exactly what will happen. Is Europe really in danger of being left in the dark? The answer is yes. And not because of the power outages, but because of the energy policies of the financial groups that reside in the European parliament. The European 2030 strategy, in fact, provides for the use of 100% renewable sources with the aim of making the old continent independent from the consumption of coal and Russian gas. So, Merry White Christmas, thanks Greta.


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Ma Laoshi

Negroes come to the stores they’ve torched and looted just the night before, find them boarded up, and say “Raciss, raciss, why doesn’t someone give us something to eat!” Europeans go to the countries they’ve just sanctioned and bombed, find it’s gotten damn hard and dangerous to buy oil there, and yell “This must be evil Putin’s doing!” Rather obviously the same mindset, or lack of one.

The time to pity the Eurotrash has long passed–they get what they want and deserve. The harder they get spanked now, the sooner they’ll hopefully learn something.

Florian Geyer

Well said.

The most sensible route for the EU and the wretched UK, would be to disband NATO and to dump the US.

Russia has NO intention of wanting to invade the EU or the UK. NO sane politicians anywhere would want to occupy the EU or the UK. Occupying a lunatic asylum is always a bad idea, LOL.

The world has been built on trade, fair and unfair, and the US,EU and UK are now attempting the impossible by banking on the fickle winds and sunny days in order to freeze out Russian trade, and to also loot the vast natural wealth of Russia.

The saying of ,Go Woke and GO Broke, also applies to the smartarses that rule over the US,EU and the wretched UK


As if the civilians had any choice in what their governments do or say… did they? And barring that, I am told that if citizens’ votes changed a thing, they’d make it illegal.

Last edited 10 months ago by joey_n
Arch Bungle

No difference between negroes and euros in the end – just the scale of their stupidity: Negroes go retail, and Euros go wholesale …


there are no viruses and no pandemics, bro. stop believing the pharmafia blindly. start questioning those massmurderers.

Last edited 10 months ago by berliner
Chris Gr

The virus exists in order to kill people. Don’t be stupid denier.

andre zulu

if you had to place your bet on a blackout in the eu or a civil war in russia, which one would you choose…???

Chris Gr

Black out.

Michel LeBlanc


Russia is a more cohesive entity than one thinks.

Florian Geyer



So the doorbell is working, all must be fine then, just a old woman who is confused.

Charles Homer

Here’s the latest idea from the World Economic Forum on how to reduce those nasty greenhouse gas emissions:


This idea could work very well at reducing libido and the birthrate among the useless eater class as well.

Tommy Lee

This is what those radical environment measure will get you, every time.


It would be a delight to behold. The people will suffer, yes. Nothing comes without cost. But it might be what it takes for the sheep to finally wake up and rise against their overlords. I can only imagine how all the entitled Muslims and Africans will act out. There will be panic, looting and murder. Europeans will get exactly what they deserve.

Last edited 10 months ago by vcs
Putin huylo

Haha lol, only wishful thinking by gas station known as Russia.


Who runs bartertown?


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