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Europe Between Chinese Advance And U.S. Promises

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Europe Between Chinese Advance And U.S. Promises

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Chinese State Councilor and Defense Minister is currently on a visit to Europe from Wednesday to March 31. On the invitation of some European Defense Ministers, Mr. Wei Fenghe is going to visit four countries in order to boost their military cooperation with China. Among them are Hungary, Serbia, Greece and North Macedonia.

North Macedonia was the last country to enter NATO in 2020, while Greece and Hungary are among its oldest members.

“The visit will boost China’s traditional friendship and pragmatic cooperation with these countries’ defense authorities and militaries, pushing for the healthy and stable development of military-to-military relations,” – Senior Colonel Ren Guoqiang, a spokesperson at China’s Ministry of National Defense, said.

Europe Between Chinese Advance And U.S. Promises

Hungarian President Janos Ader (R) meets with visiting Chinese State Councilor and Minister of National Defense Wei Fenghe in Budapest, Hungary, March 24, 2021.Photo:Xinhua

The first stop of Chinese Minister was Hungary, where he held talks with President, Deputy Prime Minister and Defense Minister.

Hungarian President Janos Ader has already proclaimed his hope that Hungary and China will continue to strengthen cooperation in different fields, including economy, trade and military affairs within the Hungary-China comprehensive strategic partnership. COVID-19 pandemic has significantly boosted the relations between the two countries, as China had provided significant vaccine support to the European country.

Despite the cooperation against the COVID pandemic, China has a potential of important military cooperation with European countries, including advanced military technologies like drones and AI, and cybersecurity.

Wei emphasized that China is willing to expand and strengthen military exchanges and cooperation with the Hungarian army so as to elevate the relations between the two militaries to a new level.

There is no surprise that the PRC is enlarging its cooperation with Europe, since it has already became its main economic partner.

Europe Between Chinese Advance And U.S. Promises


Meanwhile, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken had his first official visit to Brussels. During his speech on March 25th, he stressed out that cooperation between NATO members was more important than at any time in recent history and that relations with NATO and the European Union would be crucial to overcoming challenges, read China.

The U.S. struggles to demonstrate its alignment to its European partners. For example, Biden has recently addressed EU leaders via videoconference, the first such gesture since President Barack Obama did so in 2009.

However, in practice there are no results of such declarative efforts, since the core problem of financial contribution to NATO remains, or the trans-Atlantic unity is shadowed by numerous disputes, including those over the Nord Stream 2. During his visit to Brussels. Antony Blinken repeated his warning that the US will consider sanctions if work on a gas pipeline is completed and certified.

As it was expected, Biden’s victory in the US elections did not change the trans-Atlantic relations at their very core, but only made the official statements.

Thus, while some NATO members are looking for cooperation instead of confrontation with China, others tread upon the heels of the U.S. Regarding military cooperation with European countries, in order to fulfill its interests, China has to use its potential to establish closer ties with ones and to respond to provocative moves from others.


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Putin Apologist

Greece (1952), but Hungary only became a member of NATO on March 12, 1999, a few months before Yeltsin named Putin acting president on Russia on December 31, 1999.

Freemon Sandlewould

Why would you be such pussies as to wear masks and bump elbows instead of shaking hands? We all know it is a psyop by now. It is transparent.

Clarence Spangle

comment image

Raptar Driver

I know there’s a lot of Chinese business men in Serbia even in the smaller towns.
They are a welcome to ally since are western white brothers have abandon us.

Tommy Jensen

What do you mean? First you sold Serbia out to Trump, now you are running in the butt of Biden??comment imagecomment image

cechas vodobenikov

LGBT Tammy LSD creates silly hallucinations

Raptar Driver

I don’t know what the hell you mean Tommy.
The leaders you show are nothing but puppets.
From both sides.

Ivan Freely

The Chinese tried to help Serbia during NATO’s war against Yugoslavia, and got their embassy bombed with the Japanese gloating of it’s destruction.

Raptar Driver

Yes true I remember.


Chinese oligarchy (not refering to small guys here) also trying to help africans taking their burdensome harbours, helping french too get rid of their land, quietly grabbing all land properties available on the market thanks to bankrupcies organised at the top

Raptar Driver

They are good Business men.
They’re paying money for that. Not stealing it with their military.


According your standard, robber barons were good business men then… Sure..

Raptar Driver

I don’t think you understand the term robber barons?

Jens Holm

I think we will see less of the between in the future for my EU. We have to a little more Our own between the rest, which is USA, China and Russia.

Nato is same thing for many of us. We take the peace dividend, but has to be a little more independent from USA and connect better with the countries east of us. So far we are doing well even I and many others has been expection some faster comming back from them.

WE do agree with USA about most things about China and also Russia. China has to learn, that if they protect their country for us, we will do the same thing.

But there are several levels. We do need their quality productions to fair prices. We also need parts of their high tech.

Its very much about no dumping as well as bad copyproducts. Sure watertaps with lead in is cheeper to make, but we dont want look a likes with that poison.

Unfortunatly its not only a Chinese thing, we even has to clean among own producers and actually do. It vey much about getting what You expect and best to fair prices.

When people rely on whats written its all over and make safety and trust for all. I like that that. Many prefare that.

Finally I see the Chinese are very provocative as well. At least they make the cake to share bigger as well. Russia dont. They are back in old days.

Tommy Jensen

Thats not the only thing we will be doing.
All tools are on the table if North Stream II is finished without our approval, and when I say all tools on the table I mean ALL tools!

cechas vodobenikov

u have nothing–amerikun insecure LGBT fakes will do zero when NS is completed in several months


China cooperating very well with european aristocracy, just released bioweapon to enable that aristocracy to increase control on unsuspecting demoralised socialist eu population

Jens Holm

You dont get Our political system at all. We mainly also are not demoralized at all. Yes, we do have problems and some of Our tools also should be better and sharper.

We are not divided in socialists and kapitalists at all. Our GDPs mainly are fine compared to others incl. China as well.


You need to watch Bezmenov video interviewed by Griffin in 1984 because you seem not to understand what is ‘demoralisation’.. The rest either but that d be a good start anyway

John Wallace

Jens gets paid to write his shit so pointless asking to understand anything.

Jens Holm

I robbed the Baathis HQ in Syria and colpased the Lira: )

Ha ha, Im comming to take You away ha ha.

Jens Holm

I dont need to watch or learn. I know every day and has known for may years.

Hard to see any signs for, we are demoralized.

John Wallace

Attending your propaganda courses everyday so you can write robotic comments.

Trap Is Not Gay

Paid shill’s projection.

Back to Israel.

cechas vodobenikov

excepting Russia due to advanced military and hypersonic, China has the most formidable military…even DPRK is more competent than the moronic LGBT amerikan military….


After the deal between China and Iran was signed today, many Israelis commentated on social medias that it’s time for Israel to consider China as a foe. Problem is, Bibi sold them one of our ports and gave them other projects here so it will be hard to kick them out, but it will be done under a new PM as we have nothing to lose they chose a side.

China has made its decision which is pure business getting oil from Iran in exchange for arming them against us, Israel, the U.S and the GCC must work closely in order to counter China in the ME. I hope it doesn’t sound as if I’m crying, not at all. It’s a good thing they have finally showed their true face to us, now my government needs to give them a good kick in the rear back to China. They are not welcomed here.

Trap Is Not Gay

The problem is you, not anybody else.

China defends itself as they can from the tribe.

Trap Is Not Gay

The USA and the UK are the center of the problem.

Jens Holm

We are very proud of Our systems compared to other systems. Its named Western Economics and pays off very well.

Its also well known why even You deny to know,

Trap Is Not Gay

“We”? Who?

Israel controls the USA.

Americans only pay the bills and go to wars as pawns.

Democracy is slavery.

Jens Holm

1) Dont worry. I control Israel.
2) Kapitalisme is based in debt for investments interest and private
3)You dont know much about democrasy as well.

We are able to improve things. Please send links for improvements and we wil vote about it – because we can.

William D

Article states “As it was expected, Biden’s victory in the US elections did not change the trans-Atlantic relations at their very core, but only made the official statements.”

Biden’s victory did not change trans-Atlantic relations just like Trump’s victory did not change trans-Atlantic relations. They have always been rock solid

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