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JUNE 2023

Europe And The Syndrome 2023: People Against Power

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Europe And The Syndrome 2023: People Against Power

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Written by Piero Messina

There is an underground tide shaking Europe: from France to Italy, from Great Britain to Portugal. After bowing their heads for two and a half years, accepting limitations of freedom and “digital” constraints at the time of the Covid pandemic, European citizens are now taking to the streets and protesting.

In France, President Macron’s proposal to rewrite the rules for retiring is contested. In Paris, the protest of the Yellow Vests forgotten, now it is ordinary people who do not want to lose their acquired rights. Macron would like to raise the retirement age: millions of citizens feel cheated by a government, which after the last legislative elections no longer has a solid majority and must come to terms with the far right to get its bills approved.

More complicated to explain what is happening in Italy. It is as if a space-time bubble has sent the country back forty years. Incredible to say, but Rome trembles for the protests of the Anarchists. Everything revolves around the story of Alfredo Cospito. Leader of the Italian anarchists, Cospito has begun a hunger strike to contest the prison regime to which he is subjected: it is the norm of 41 bis, a very rigid model of detention applied so far for mafia crimes.

It will be just a coincidence, but the story concerning Cospito explodes in the days in which the State celebrates the capture of Matteo Messina Denaro, the mafia boss linked to the political, entrepreneurial and Freemasonry worlds. The capture of Messina Denaro had somehow been announced and considered as a sort of gift to the government led by Giorgia Meloni. In exchange, the Sicilian mafia would ask for the mitigation of the 41 bis prison regime. It may therefore be a coincidence, but the Cospito affair that is now inflaming the Italian squares – with protests and threats of terrorist attacks – fits perfectly into a criminal design that could get the mafia what it most wants. In addition to the anarchists affair, Italy has to deal with a more serious economic and social crisis than the mainstream reports. Certainly between now and the summer, the “citizenship income” bubble will burst, the measure to support poverty that the Italian government wants to cancel.

Great Britain and Portugal also have to deal with street protests: in those two cases it is the world of schools and universities that makes its voice heard. Again, these are protests that should not be underestimated. The great protests that changed the course of history started right from schools and universities: from Berkeley to May 68 in France.

Finally, it is possible to identify a thread of connection between everything different that shakes Europe. Certainly, the credibility of the European Union has failed. Ursula Von der Layen is also a star, but she is now a shooting star. European economic policy fails to counter the investments of the American government in favor of the business world. And the subtle strategy of the American government which pushes Europe to go into debt to continue supplying arms to Kiev, pushes Europe to end all economic relations with Russia, is increasingly visible and perceived. Someone, therefore, begins to doubt what is the real strategic target of the conflict being fought in the Sarmatian lowlands.


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L du Plessis

Praise the Lord, the masses are rising up against the evil NWO Goverments. 💪🙏


Its time the people set Europe ablaze.


Bonjour , je suis Français et remercie “le printemps russe” pour ces infos de qualité , non mensonge pro occidental. Oui , enfin j’attendais sa avec impatience .VIVE LA RÉVOLUTION .


Hello, I am French and thank “the Russian spring” for this quality information, not a pro Western lie. Yes, well, I was waiting for it impatiently. LONG LIVE THE REVOLUTION.


So you think that all French are the same ones whereas in reality France is itself divided among several enemy camps.


Democracy, something you don’t see in Russia, nor do you know what it is, in Russia they went to the gulag and some disappear, like the almost 50 anti-Kremllin journalists who “suicide” them this year alone, who protests is a foreign agent lol


Western propaganda should belong in the west. Enabling people who claim to be “independent journalists” but are clearly paid off by the west trying to sow discontent and sabotage the country is stupidity, not democracy.

They did the same in Syria and Libya as well; the west and (almost) all media spokespersons that come from the west are incapable of speaking the truth. They breathe in oxygen and breathe out lies. Even if sometimes, they speak truth, they vastly exaggerate the information and turn the truth into a lie as well! Only ruin awaits them in the future…


And with the urgent premise of this article being stated emphatically…

When will Russia do the right and most noble thing by telling the World it will be leaving the UN because of it’$ h0$t… And that a new UN with market(s) in Russia setting the price with buyer seller in charge NOT the Central Bank(s)?… And that it’s foreign service will be leaving F-U.K.U.$./I$rael with no returns to those foreign lands, because of what has been allowed to transpire in Ukraine and that those dual national(s) have a choice to either return to Russia within the next 3 months or they will never be coming back to Russia(!)…

And Russia if you are waiting for China and India to “hop on that band wagon” you know “why” https://www.chicagotribune.com/news/ct-xpm-2002-01-27-0201270268-story.html they never will!…

The EU will split up if you only would do this!… And it would have after the Maidan coup had you done it in 2014!!!

Last edited 3 months ago by Matt

The US got exhaust.

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