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JUNE 2023

Euro-MP Demands to Investigate Buying Up Refugees’ Property by Turks

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Euro-MP Demands to Investigate Buying Up Refugees’ Property by Turks

Turks are buying refugees’ property in Syria massively for trifling sums. “The situation requires an investigation”, said the deputy of the European Parliament from Greece Notis Marias in an interview with RIA Novosti.

Refugees from the Middle East often pay tens of thousands of euros to smugglers for reaching Europe. A few days ago the president of a flying club in the Greek town of Mesolongi was arrested for charging 30000 euro from seven refugees for transportation to Italy.

“There are families from different areas in Syria, who have money. They complained to me that Syrian citizens have to sell all properties and assets to raise money for escaping the war. They sell their homes, their estates, their lands and all of that are bought by Turks. Do you know about this? The Turks buy this property in Syrian cities for trifling sums in order to obtain a right and opportunity to settle over there in the ensuing times. Now there is a massive buying up of real estate in the areas that border with Turkey. ” Marias said.

According to Marias, the Syrians are forced to sell properties to flee the country. Crime rings that are carrying refugees to Greece relish the opportunity at full breath to obtain the refugees’ property. “This requires the investigation. Property is seized and new places in Syria are occupied by the Turks”, – the Euro-MP said.

“When the situation in Syria calms down, there will be new owners, and many of them will be Turkish people or Syrian citizens of Turkish origin,” – added Marias.

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L Garou

Neo-Young Turks?

Tim Hadfield

Erdogan is a monster. We should be ashamed for treating him as an ally.

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