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Euphrates Shield Forces Fighters Inside Tadef (Photos)

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Euphrates Shield Forces Fighters Inside Tadef (Photos)

Sources close to forces of the Turkish Euphrates Shield Operation have published many photos of pro-Turkish militants inside the Syrian town of Tadef located directly south of al-Bab. Some Euphrates Shield fighters reportedly entered Tadef after the Syrian Army had withdrew from the town yesterday.

The leader of the Sultan Murad Division – a part from the Euphrates Shield force – denied yesterday entering the town and said that the town was a no man land.

Many opposition activists said that some pro-Turkish militant groups fighters sneaked into the northern part of Tadef this morning to take photos and later use it in the ongoing propaganda campaign against the Syrian government. This campaign is synchronized with the ongoing advance of al-Qaeda-linked forces against the Syrian army in northern Hama. Same sources say that the Syrian army maintains many point in southern Tadef.

So far it’s believed that the Syrian army withdrew from Tadef come as a result of an agreement to turn the town into a bufferzone and use it as a crossing between the government-held and militant-held areas.

Meanwhile, another interesting development took place in the eastern Aleppo countryside. An IL-76 cargo plane belong to Syrian Air Force was able to land in Kweiris air base for the first time in years. Using this base as a front line air field, the Syrian Army and it’s allies will be able to move reinforcement and supplies faster into the east Aleppo front.

Euphrates shield fighters are in Tadef:

Euphrates Shield Forces Fighters Inside Tadef (Photos) Euphrates Shield Forces Fighters Inside Tadef (Photos) Euphrates Shield Forces Fighters Inside Tadef (Photos)

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Who are they kidding? Their faces are giving their act away.

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