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EU Takes Two Weeks To ‘Consider’ Possible Measures How To Help Italy, While ‘Totalitarian Russians’ Are Already There


EU Takes Two Weeks To 'Consider' Possible Measures How To Help Italy, While 'Totalitarian Russians' Are Already There

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The European Union continues showcasing its real face and destroying mainstream propaganda myths about its essence by its own hands.

This week, the European Union made two modest attempts to agree on some kind of coordinated strategy to support member states most affected by the outbreak – Italy and Spain. Finance ministers from countries that use the euro currency met on March 24. All 27 EU leaders met on March 26. In both cases, it appeared that when some EU member states need some real and immidiate help during the hard times, other member states and their leaders are not ready to go behind ordniary political bla bla bla.

Furthermore, it’s interesting to note that the European bureaucracy, including official EU bodies, are not involved in the development of these measures. So, EU leaders just officially admitted that it does not work.

The European bureaucracy and leading powers of the bloc like to count money and exploit their leading position to gain revenues from selling EU member states sovereignty to the US, but donot lift a single finger to help people dying in Italy and other affected countries.

The March 26 video conference lasted six hours, and ended with a joint statement instructing finance ministers to come up with a plan within the next 14 days. So, if there are no totalitarian Russians, coward Chinese and bloody Cubans to help, people would die for 14 more days before the mighty European bloc even draws up a plan to do something in response to the crisis.

The earlier migration crisis already demonstrated that every EU state is for itself in the times of crisis. Furthermore, EU states were in an open conflict how they should react and who will pay for this. Nonetheless, the COVID-19 outbreak is apparently nearing the end of the European Union in its current form.




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