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EU Official Claims “5th Columnists” Farage, Wilders, And Le Pen On Putin’s Payroll

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Originally appeared at Zero Hedge

The EU Parliament’s chief Brexit coordinator Guy Verhofstadt, a Belgian, has an explanation for the wave of populism sweeping Europe right now; Putin is bankrolling key members of the movement’s leadership – including Britain’s Nigel Farage, Dutch MP Geert Wilders and France’s Marine Le Pen.

EU Official Claims "5th Columnists" Farage, Wilders, And Le Pen On Putin's Payroll

While addressing EU parliament in Strasbourg on Wednesday, Verhofstadt said that the EU should become like “one nation,” while asserting “Inside the European Union we have a fifth column against us.”

I call them the cheerleaders of Putin: Farage, Le Pen, Wilders, and the friends of them are sitting here,” said Verhofstadt, adding “In fact doing just one thing: they take money from the Kremlin, they take the intelligence of the Kremlin.”

These people have only one goal and that is to destroy Europe, to kill our liberal democracy.

Before Verhofstadt was done, Poland’s Jaroslaw Kaczynski – who is not a fan of Putin, was lumped in with the ranks of the “cheerleaders of Putin,” along with Hungary’s PM Viktor Orban and Italy’s Deputy PM Matteo Salvini. Business man Aaron Banks, co-founder of Leave.EU was said to have “colluded” with Russians to “deliver” Brexit – a claim Verhofstadt made with zero evidence.

In response to Verhofstadt, Farage fired back, tweeting “This is a baseless lie. I have never received any Russian financial or political support. I suggest you withdraw”

Ray Finch, UKIP MEP described Verhofstadt as a “federalist fanatic” who was simply “lashing out.” According to the Independent, Finch added that Verhofstadt is “incapable or unwilling to accept that the British people voted to leave the EU. Calling 17.4 million people ‘Putin’s puppets’ is so outlandish I fully expect him to blame it on the influence of singer Iggy Pop or the lunar cycle. He is an EU conspiracy theorist who deserves our pity. Funny he did not mention his great friend George Soros who has publicly pumped billions into political campaigning.”

As an aside, the first instance of “Russia’s 5th Column” we could find is a March report from John Podesta’s think tank, the Center for American Progress, written by Chief of Staff Ken Gude – (who is oddly mentioned in a a leaked Podesta email with the subject “UFOs”).

The report reads:

Russia deploys an array of tools to help its designated partners, actions that range from the relatively benign practice of elevating the profile of European far-right leaders to disinformation, propaganda, alleged illicit financing, and covert influence operations.

President Donald Trump is following the same playbook as the Russian-backed far-right European leaders, adopting eerily similar language to theirs and pursuing the same policies that advance Russia’s objectives even when they are inconsistent with previous Republican policy positions.   –American Progress

Surely it couldn’t be the unchecked flood of migrants entering Europe and the corresponding spike in crime – including, of course, thought crimes committed by “racist” Europeans who aren’t so sure they like their tax dollars supporting the phenomenon.

Nope – totally Putin.

EU Official Claims "5th Columnists" Farage, Wilders, And Le Pen On Putin's Payroll

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The guy looks like Elton John before he discovered Twinkies…..and twinks.


Yeah, nice teeth too.

Daniel Castro

His soul may be as rotten as his mouth is.


“may be”..?
You are polite :))


His remarks will be immortalized as one of the “living fairy tales” that will be laughed about in a few generations when they read about this time in history. The court jester speaks.


Boris Johnson wasn’t idY0t enough, now comes another one and upgrades the Western-Propaganda- idY0cy :))

Angelo Cinarelli

I hope also the new Italian Government is in the Kremlin payroll. Italy need also Kremlin intelligence protection. Italian do not need protection from NATO, We do not need to declare war to anybody. If the Kremlin wants invest some trillions in Italy, is the welcome. :)


I want to Photoshop a Magic Wand into his hands


Hey, anyone know how to get on the Kremlin payroll? I want in!


Wise Gandalf

Kremlin gave their parties loan.


Sure, sure :)) … And the next Kremlin does is to poison half Europe ….
C’MON give us a break.
Smear-campaign, demonizing, mobbing.. CHEAP OLD British Empire TACTICS, BS adopted by the rest of the BILDERBERG /EU-NWO-Scvmbags.

Wise Gandalf

Nazo, shut up!


LOL! :))))))))
This one was good! :)))))


it is amazing that important matters such as politics and diplomacy are handled by such an embarassing folk


Indeed. It is a fact that all too many highly placed politicians in Europe (and elsewhere for that matter) are either corrupted by cult dogma or complete imbeciles.


“.. are either corrupted by cult dogma or complete imbeciles.”
And the Americans are well-prepared, too : NIKKI HALEY :))
(Long time I thought Sarah Plain is the dvmbest chick around there, but this Nikki Haley, broke all records!)


‘ Palin’ I think .
She is rather clueless about things that matter, I agree.


Hey European Parliament Fucktards….You are ALL ON The ROTHSCHILD-PAYROLL… so Keep your Mouths Shut Mr. Gay Verhofstadt… I NEVER GOT THE CHANCE TO CHOSE ANY OF YOU IDIOTS… And I WOULDN’T HAVE EITHER….


comment image comment image comment image comment image comment image comment image comment image comment image comment image comment image


Oh yeah, yet another PYG on BILDERBERG-PAYROLL.. that claims the others, that oppose his Globalist-NWO-pYgsty, are on payroll by somebody :))
Shameless, they are lying you in the face.
These guys should be one day judged in Court and hung on the first tree.

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