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JUNE 2021

EU Minister Will Review Salisbury Incident In Mid April

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EU ministers will review the Salisbury incident on April 16 in Brussels, the Russian state-run news agency TASS has reported.

The development of the so-called Skripal poisoning story is ongoing without any reasonable evidence, but its “abduction”.

On March 4, former Russian spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia were allegedly poisoned in the UK by the nerve agent “Novichok”. London rushed to accuse Russia in the incident and launched a large-scale diplomatic campaign to pressure Moscow. Russia rejected all the accusations.

On April 10, BBC news stated that Yulia Skripal had left the hospital and had been taken to a secure location.

Sergei Skripal still stays in the hospital, making “good progress” as the Medical Director at Salisbury District Hospital confirmed earlier.

The Russian Embassy in London demanded that the UK provide evidence that everything that concerned Yulia Skripal had been done on her own free will.

“We congratulate Yulia on her recovery. Yet we need urgent proof that what is being done to her is done on her own free will,” wrote the Embassy.

Victoria Skripal, Yulia’s cousin is skeptical that Skripal’s daughter has a right to decide something on her own.

“I think Britain will insist that she claims asylum,” she told British Sky News. “I’ve tried lots of numbers for her but have had no response”.

Furthermore, the Russian Embassy stated that the UK decision to resettle Skripals would be “another gross violation of international law”:

“Secret resettlement of Mr and Ms Skripal, barred from any contact with their family will be seen as an abduction or at least as their forced isolation.” twitted the Embassy.

On April 8, reports appeared that MI6 and the CIA had agreed that Skripals would be offered new identities in the USA to protect them from further murder attempts and give them a possibility to help in the investigation of poisoning.

The diplomatic crisis between Russia and the so-called West has been decreasing. So, the UK is trying to abduct the details of the failed provocation and continuing to make the Skripal case “fall apart”.

“Rinse, Lather, Repeat”: False WMD Accusations as a Tool of Foreign Policy

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The spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter were poisoned where? in UK. Then obviously the UK regime are responsible for poisoning them for their malicious goals to occupy land from Syrian nation like Palestine. These Western tricks will fall badly.

White helmit Chemical attack happened in East Ghouta pocket. This was fake news to divert the world attention from Palestinians, Yamenis and Kashmiri’s massacres and from Syrian nation success in liberating own land from butchers Netanyahu, Trump, May and Macron. Now definitely they will loose Syrian land of Petroleum and natural gas fields back to the Syrian nation.

Pave Way IV

Now imagine just for a second that a US citizen was hospitalized in Moscow under mysterious circumstances, was in a coma and prohibited the US embassy or any relatives from seeing them. Then the person regains consciousness, but still cannot be contacted by phone by anyone. No recharger for their cell phone, I guess. And the hospital won’t let calls through. Oh yeah, and the US embassy is still denied any contact with the US citizen and they’re not even sure if they’re alive and still in the hospital. Then Russia says they’re resettling the corpse/person with a new secret identity to somewhere, because they did/will/may ask for asylum.

I’ll let you fill in the blanks for Trump’s likely response to such a provocation.


They’re going to be hidden somewhere just to avoid they could explain it was not a murder attempt. May and Johnson would be completely finished off if the truth comes out.

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