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JUNE 2021

EU Council: Border control rules on Schengen borders could be up for recalibration

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Control of the EU’s external borders, which are most vulnerable to the refugee influx, could be soon reinforced with border response teams and police units for ID and security checks.

EU Council: Border control rules on Schengen borders could be up for recalibration

© AP Photo/ MTI/ Balazs Mohai

Originally appeared at RIA, translated by James Cooksey exclusively for SouthFront

The European Union is planning by March of 2016 to make integral changes to their border control systems inside their Schengen Euro-zone – according to the latest EU Council resolution, adopted by the EU international Affairs and Justice chief ministers in a special session.

After the ministerial meeting, its chairman and internal security minister of Luxembourg Etienne Schneider announced that it has been agreed upon that control on the external borders of the EU would be tighten, while current norms already allow to check EU citizens.

(The Ministers decided) on the basis of the rapid designation of the urgent needs and possible solutions, which will be presented by this EU Commission by late 2015, to revise the border control system on the Schengen zone frontier (including a unified Interpol/Europol database on all the border-crossing checkpoints along the external border to automatically ID check for transit, by March of 2016 – indicates the statement.

Moreover, monitoring of the outer borders, which are highly susceptible to refugee influx is planned to be strengthened when required with border response task forces and police for systematic ID checks and security.

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