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“Is He Drunk?”: EU Commission President Filmed Losing Balance And Stumbling At NATO Summit (Video)


EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker was caught losing balance and stumbling at a NATO member states summit in Brussels.

The video immediately caused speculations that Juncker was drunk. This version was supported by Martin Reichardt from the Alternative for Germany party whom said that Juncker was “apparently” drunk.

However, an official EU version os that the 63-year-old was simply suffering from back pain. Later, Juncker left NATO headquarter through a side entrance in a wheelchair.

This is not the first time when Juncker appeared to be facing some problems with his balance.





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  • ruca

    Alcoholic and ass-a-hole-ick

    • ..

      Everybode sees that this world is rotten, and those who are making it rot deserve to die! When the lslamic state released the video of the bheading of about 18 pro Bashar al-Assad men this week in July 2018, it was accompanied with one of its latest releases of a nasheed called: The era of downfall is over. Now you see the straight path as witnessed by events, and our leaders are far from any suspicion while your are not.

    • Brother Ma

      Definitely! I saw the full video! Helped up by others,kissing everyone,stumbling. If it was not drunkeness people would have run to help him with first aid. I saw everyone’s expressions. Noone cared;they are used to him being drunk! What a dog!

  • Rob

    If this is his chronic condition then he should be in the wheal chair but he is not then definitely he is on high dose of any toxic drug that effect his nervous system.

  • Merijn

    This Man is an Embarrassment to Nature Kick that Monkey out of Office…I Hope it is a Brain-Tumor…same symptoms… just Remove everything he doesn’t need it anyway…..Latersss

  • Russie Unie

    Actually he was drunk but Poroshenko was also (the difference is that the jewish puppet of Kiev stands more alcohol than Drunker … Oups Junker or Junkie !)

  • Garga

    I think that’s more like lower back pain than being drunk. He’s able to stand, but walking and specially stairs are difficult. I should know… ;)

    If a person is that drunk, their eyes and the way they look is a dead give away.

  • Thruth12k

    a bottle of Jack please

  • ..

    Hey people! Here is my full playlist first song is: Sharia of My Lord is Light https://archive.org/details/nasheeddawla/06-ShariahRabbinaNur.mp3

  • Marko

    Those 33 martini lunches will do it every time. Been there.

  • Justin

    i hope Nigel Farage brings this up! How happy could UK be knowing that this unelected asshole rules over them!

  • Nexusfast123

    Kinda indicative of the stumbling and bubbling disaster that the EU has become.