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EU backs effort to prosecute Israeli officials for human rights violations

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Originally appeared at Middle East Monitor

The European Union is funding a project to prosecute Israel Defence Forces (IDF) officers for committing violations against Palestinian civilians, according to Israel Hayom, which quotes a local human rights organisation.

The pro-Israel group NGO Monitor analyses the funding and performance of non-governmental organisations which keep an eye on violations committed by the IDF. “Following the request of Israeli human rights organisations,” it reported, “the European Union has begun funding a project for the prosecution of Israeli military staff involved in the violation of human rights in the occupied Palestinian territories.”

Human rights groups have confirmed their belief that Israel “does not conduct serious investigations into the violations its soldiers are committing against the Palestinians.” What’s more, they added, the military judiciary “almost always” acquits IDF personnel suspected of violations, especially those committed during raids on Palestinian homes.

According to Israel Hayom, the EU allocated a budget of €250,000 until November 2019 for the project – “The Culture of Impunity among the Members of the Israeli Security Forces” – and the budget is open for the coming years. The project is expected to last until 2021. Israeli rights group Yesh Din (“There is Law”) is behind the EU project, in partnership with other organisations, including Doctors for Human Rights and the Breaking the Silence movement.

The project aims to establish an “evidence bank” by collecting testimonies on IDF activities and attacks through providing Palestinian women with video cameras to record violations during house raids. Israeli human rights organisations say that they are seeking to put political pressure on the government by putting the IDF’s apparent impunity at the top of the international agenda so that it is one of the issues discussed by foreign governments and their Israeli counterpart.

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Anti -Jewish lobby in EU is getting stronger.
Once EU gets rid of that Jewish (imposed political correctness) hold over the Europe where Jews are never to be criticized.
That day EU will gain mental freedom.
And last frontier left to cross for freedom will be US military bases in Germany.
As long as Germany is occupied European politics will never be independent in anything.


spot on, but too little , too late, and by the way, germany aint never gonna be free…..to many secrets would come to light…from the so called holocaust to the nuclear weapons that the us captured and its use over japan…etc….


comment image comment image comment image comment image


This is what my DISQUS Page says since I posted those pics…
Fuck you Mossad & IDF….! It Hurts… Doesn’t it?
comment image


Better than nothing I guess, and certainly better than applauding for “the only democracy in ME my arse!.
Let’s hope it doesn’t end up like a soap opera.

But we mustn’t forget that IDF acts based on direct orders from the Israeli cabinet. In other words, IDF is just pawns and therefore much easier to criticize than the real culprit, the Israeli regime’s government (prime minister, defence minister et al), sitting on top of an ivory tower away from any and all kinds of criticism lest the criticizer is accused of antisemitism (a real career killer for western politicians).

Now do something about that, if you are earnest.


And also must not forget that the IDF are conditioned to treat and hate Palestinians as inferior and a threat to Zionist supremacy; conditioning championed through the years by not just the current terrorists in government. That goes a long way to explain their anything goes attitudes towards the treatment or murder of young Palestinian children and the treatment of Palestinians in general. It’s ironic that the only Jews that were Semitic were the ones residing in Palestine before the arrival of the anti-Semitic Jews known as Zionists. Just like their US Deep State counterparts who project their deficiencies onto the peoples of other countries they desire to murder, so too do these anti-semitic Jews project their anti-semitism onto anyone who calls out their criminality.

alejandro casalegno

In the IDF minds. they don´t kill people……………they kill “Untermensch”

SFC Steven M Barry USA RET

Nothing will come of this.


Nikki Haley VETO and it’s over.


More passive aggressive words, these guys aren’t going to actually do anything and many of them probably went along with it just to please their Arab allies.


Gefilte Fisch


‘…passive aggressive…’ Seriously, do you even understand what the term means?

This is hardly passive aggressive, it is simply the members at EU questioning why the IDF should be getting a political free pass to harass and harm, minority ethnic, civilians, with effective international impunity, when other states are sanctioned for similar actions.


The problem is, most of the criminals will be back in New York, bragging about the children they buggered by the time the EU gets round to doing anything.


“EU backs effort to prosecute Israeli officials for human rights violations”

Oops! The Rockefelles (thru their “BILDERBERG-Zone” called the E.U) start a mobbing-attempt against their Challenger to the World-Dominance, the Rothschild-Trump-Netanyahu backbone ;)..
Looks like a “Civil-War Octavian August versus Marcus-Antonius
..Hope for them that Angela Merkel isn’t CLEOPATRA there :))))))

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