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Ethnic Engineering: Denmark’s Ghetto Policy

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Ethnic Engineering: Denmark’s Ghetto Policy

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Written by Dr. Binoy Kampmark.

The very word is chilling, but has become normalised political currency in Denmark.  Since 2010, the Danish government has resorted to generating “ghetto lists” marking out areas as socially problematic for the state. In 2018, the country’s parliament passed “ghetto” laws to further regulate the lives of individuals inhabiting various city areas focusing on their racial and ethnic origins.  The legislation constitutes the spear tip of the “One Denmark without Parallel Societies – No Ghettos in 2030” initiative; its target: “non-Western” residents who overbalance the social ledger by concentrating in various city environs.

The “ghetto package”, comprising over 20 different statutes, grants the government power to designate various neighbourhoods as “ghettos” or “tough ghettos”.  That nasty formulation is intended to have consequences for urban planning, taking into account the percentage of immigrants and descendants present in that area of “non-Western background”.  One Danish media outlet, assiduously avoiding the creepier elements of the policy, saw it as the “greatest social experiment of the century.”

Bureaucrats consider the following: the number of residents (greater than 1,000); a cap of 50% of “non-Westerners”; and whether the neighbourhood meets any two of four criteria, namely employment, education, income and criminality.  Doing so enables the authorities to evict residents, demolish buildings and alter the character of the neighbourhood, a form of cleansing that has shuddering historical resonances.  Central to this is an effort to reduce the stock of “common family housing” – 40% in tough ghettos by 2030 – supposedly available to all based on principles of affordability, democracy and egalitarianism.

The problematic designation of people of “non-Western background” is also a bit of brutal public policy.  It is a discriminatory measure that has concerned the UN Committee on Social, Economic and Cultural Rights (CESCR) and the Council of Europe’s Advisory Committee on the Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities (ACFC).  In its concluding observations on the sixth periodic report of Denmark from 2019, the CESCR urged the country’s adoption of “a rights-based approach to its efforts to address residential segregation and enhance social cohesion.”  This would involve the scrapping of such terms as “ghetto” and “non-Western” and the repeal of provisions with direct or indirect discriminatory effects “on refugees, migrants and residents of the ‘ghettos’.”

The use of “descendants” also suggests the importance of bloodline that would have seemed entirely logical to the Nazi drafters of the Nuremberg Laws.  The German laws, announced in 1935, made no reference to the criteria of religion in defining a “Jew”, merely the importance of having three or four Jewish grandparents.  Doing so roped those whose grandparents had converted to Christianity and the secular. First came the sentiments; then came the laws.

This irredeemable state of affairs has solid, disturbing implications, though both the CESCR and ACFC tend to be almost mild mannered in pointing it out: You did not belong and you cannot belong.  It is less an integrating measure than an excluding one.  Denmark’s “Ghetto Package”, as the ACFC puts it, “sends a message that may have a counter-effect on their feeling of belonging and forming an integral part of Danish society.”  It also urged that Denmark “reconsider the concepts of ‘immigrants and descendants of immigrants of Western origin’ and ‘immigrants and descendants of immigrants of non-Western origin’.”

For its part, the Ministry of Interior and Housing finds the package all above board, a mere matter of statistical bookkeeping.  Using “non-Western” as a marker adopted to distinguish the EU states, the UK, Andorra, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Norway, San Marino, Switzerland, the Vatican State, Canada, United States, Australia and New Zealand.  “All other countries,” the Ministry curtly observed in a statement, “are non-Western countries.”

Last year, Mjølnerparken, a housing project in Copenhagen’s Nørrebro area, became the subject of intense interest in the application of the Ghetto laws. With 98 percent of the 2,500 residents being immigrants or the children of immigrants, a good number hailing from the Middle East and Africa, the “tough ghetto” designation was a formality.  Apartment sales were promised, effectively threatening the eviction of the tenants.

These actions were proposed despite ongoing legal proceedings against the Ministry of Interior and Housing by affected residents.  Declaratory relief is being sought, with the applicants arguing that the measures breach the rights to equality, respect for home, property and the freedom to choose their own residence.

Three rapporteurs from the United Nations also warned that the sale should not go ahead as litigation was taking place.  “It does not matter whether they own or rent all residents should have a degree of security of tenure, which guarantees legal protection against forced eviction, harassment and other threats.”

Such policies tend to consume the reason for their implementation.  Disadvantage and stigmatisation are enforced, not lessened.  Former lawmaker Özlem Cekic suggests as much.  “It is not only created to hit the Muslim groups and immigrant groups but the working class as well.  A lot of people in the ‘ghettoes’, they don’t have economic stability.”

The Ministry has reacted to the protests with proposals that ostensibly reform the legal package.  The word “ghetto”, for instance, will be removed and the share of people of non-Western background in social housing will be reduced to 30% within 10 years.  Those moved out of the areas will be relocated to other parts of the country.  According to Nanna Margrethe Kusaa of the Danish Institute for Human Rights, “the ethnicity criteria has a more sharpened focus on it than before.”  Officials have merely refined the prejudice in one of Europe’s most troubling instances of ethnic engineering.  To this, Cekic has an ominous warning: “How can you expect [immigrants] to be loyal to a country that doesn’t accept them as they are?”

Dr. Binoy Kampmark was a Commonwealth Scholar at Selwyn College, Cambridge.  He lectures at RMIT University, Melbourne.  Email: bkampmark@gmail.com


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Typical product of the terrorist Ziocorporate globalists’ postmodern social policymaking manipulating behavior to control minds and wallets and wasting people’s wealth on the local and on the global. Paying taxes to fund ghettos for ISIS terrorists, such success.

At least ISIS/Denmark share their anti-Assad hatred, there’s somewhere to start.

Jens Holm

Those are not ISIS terrorists at all.


Tommy will have to take a dekko into this little matter when he gets back from his Operation Inherent Resolve 2 voyage past the Hellespont into the Black NATO Sea to defend out way of living and values on behalf of the 70 Nation Freedom Coalition and the Black NATO Sea littoral innocents (like Turkey) against Putin. I ALREADY fear for Denmark given its proximity to Putin’s dictatorship gas-pipe that will lock the entire Continent into a Russian gas prison.

Roy Sonman

The Jews have foreigners imported from areas they have had turned upside down with their wars. Then they turn the governments and societies those people have been imported into upside down. The Jews’ tools in the various governments then use the foreigners as an excuse to seize more power from the people, and then turn it against them.

For those wanting to understand the Jews’ machinations and maleficence better, watch and listen to what the American born Jew* Barbara Spectre says regarding the Jews’ plans regarding the importation of foreigners into Europe in an interview in Sweden several years back.

Societal chaos as part of the Jews’ Protocols. Yup, it’s in there:

Protocols 5:11. “The second secret requisite for the success of our government is comprised in the following: To multiply to such an extent national failings, habits, passions, conditions of civil life, that it will be impossible for anyone to know where he is in the resulting chaos, so that the people in consequence will fail to understand one another. This measure will also serve us in another way, namely, to sow discord in all parties, to dislocate all collective forces which are still unwilling to submit to us, and to discourage any kind of personal initiative which might in any degree hinder our affair…”

*Jews are always Jews. Jews cannot be American, French, etc. anymore than a tapeworm can be American, French, etc. A Jew may be American, French, etc. born, in the same way that a tapeworm may spawn another tapeworm in a victim’s gut, but never American, French, etc. The interview with Barbara Spectre highlights this fact as well.

Jens Holm


Jens Holm

LRclaptain was not even able to be a suicide bomber for ISIS even inspired by his neighbor and very much helped by him as mentor. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/895d247ebe05c04a3bf5490ae671ec07214fc77d5f02167c2a3cf74e6119cb14.jpg :(


The year 2030 in the West, promises to be a really shit year for ALL in the West :)

Jens Holm

Even very biased I can confirm what we do. After 10 years with everything paid free including schools, kindergarden, learning danish, education, free hospitals, free halthcare and a lot of other things free such as free housing in good aprtments, where some now are classifies as GHETTOS about 50% of the incommers has no descent jobs and the females are restricted and the women are not allowed to have a job. We also see a devatsting overcrime.


We never asked them to come. Danes creates advanced jobs. We have too many for non educated jobs.

So I dont care where those people live here, BUT THE CERTAINLY SHOULD NOT BE HERE BY MY TAX EVEN MONEY – MY MONEY – GET IT

I dont buy half a toruist camel for that family crap. Denmark is not based on families like that anymore because of its LIMITATIONS. By that we are selkular and for that raise children to be more independent and flxibele.


AND AGAIN: Moving around people like that slightly forced is because Danes normally do it themself, when they grow up and make their own independent small family.

So What many see as we are horrifying people almost deorting is normal here. We dont raqise people as obeying sheep to their Fathers and Grandfathers funny farm. Here we also see in those Ghettos, that so many firls and You8 womens are totally family controlled.

Half the vomen in safehousing in Denmark are muslims ones even less the 4% are muslims.

Those people show us no respect. They still get everything where they are spread out. No tents. Their women already has a tent:(

Pave Way IV

I actually feel a little bad for Denmark, Jens. De-ghettoization by distributed shitholiztion never works. Americans are experts at that massively failed domestic policy. How does Denmark figure it will turn out any different for them?

Jens Holm

Sure. We only has been succesfull for 50%. Thats much more then USA. And we try to improve that. We have to absorbe them.

They have to learn to be represented in all levels of education, income, housing and most kinds of behaving.

SUNNI also say follow the traditions, so You and Your children can have a good life. By taking their children to another place then says, they have to integrate in this as well as it goes.

The ideas are very easy to understand. If You are in a Ghetto in Our definition, You only some places hardly meet a single dane. If You have no job You dont meet a single dane. How can You integrate.

So we spread out, so they cant avoid learning how things are and Our good sides – fx how we can support them well by how we are -Some even think we have stolen Our kroner money from their countries:)

Several muslims in Copenhagen only new by a few lessons, that Denmark is not only one big City named Copenhagen and we have a lot of farmland and many small villages, where many incommers could do fine. Its chheper there. Many actualy are farmers themself and then could get a cheep house and grow vegetablkes and have some hens or something.

Its also cheeper for the country if unimployed lives, where the prices for houses are skyhigh as in Copenhagen.

It makes no sense to compare with USA unless You might compare with Sanders. Well actually Sanders has taken very releveant parts for USA as inspiration.

We invest in all people from birth and also after we are grown ups after 18 years old. We support it by high tax but many things then is free for any pay.

We raise people to be less dependent on family will and income too by financing most educations. Yu can be a lawyer, a doctor and enginieur withj no help from You parents. By that Your education and elvel is by own choise.

And yes, there is a waste by that. Not everyone are doing their best or choise their right level. But adding and subtracting You it pays off. More gets education, high income and ny that also pays more tax in better livingstandards.

We say we include everybody. You almost is OUT. By that people mainly has high responsability and trust and rely for the state.

We fight Covid like that. After the first chock we are now among the best in deatrates for Covid. Thats because people do, what they are adviced to. We also are among the lowest in corruption.

So we fight for Our own country in Our own way. We try hard. And let me remind You we do feed those people. If they dont like us, we love they go anywhere else. We never asked them to come.

If You want to live here, You has to be a part of us and as a minimum support Yourself as well as few in the statistics should be criminals.

Most mulsims here poor or not are not criminals at all. So the ones we move and spread out are those, which are in high criminal groups or gangs.

Some in the article above also forget that 2 of 3 crimes in Denmark as well as in the rest of the world are inside the families and their affiliated. Very much of the muslim crime is against muslims and muslims which has done nothing.

Finally we have tranlated the Choiran into Danish in a traditional and a modern version. Many muslims has never written a single line of the Choran as well as the haditts and they also have thrir own old mens Sharia treating women extra bad. But too often Young men are treated bad as well.

I take the Ghetto perspective again: Bad muslims threat other rmuslims bad more then they treat “old danes” bad.

Jens Holm

Thats right. I mainly write western oppinions and mainly mine but added facts.

Tommy Jensen

Denmark dont want it to turn out different. Denmark has the worlds biggest and most expensive public sector. 50 years of Liberal governance with lgbt laws, green environment, social engineering and equality projects have made the Danes into an extreme narrow minded people who make “scientific research reports” about the most tiny and simple matters in life that other people just know as basic conditions.

Court cases about taxation of 1 pastry a company gave to functionaries lasting 5 years without conclusion, Bus driver fired, receiving 2 soda pops and appraisement from 1 customer, as all the other bus drivers had not received the same thing, therefore it could not be allowed 1 driver got it. Laws about children to be fined for throwing snow balls, more money to lawyers. Denmark recently raised ground schools to 9 years x 35 hrs/week because 20% left school without being able to multiply 7 x 8. The extra hours allocated to social engineering where they learn half of what they learn in Africa and ME, thus making the problem even worse. Refugee children arrive and come home, “Mom, we dont learn anything in the Danish school, the Danish children hate to go to school and say its because their teachers can get more public funding for ‘children with school tiredness’, “children with pain in their stomach”, AHDH and other diagnoses. It all comes down to occupation, reports and research and funding of the enormous public apparatus who are fed with endless self invented liberal “problems”.


I agree, and a Danish policy to dissipate the various ethnic groups into other groups will only cause discord with all the groups.

This is the government intention of course.

The only exception will be the Village Idiots who will have a special ghetto. Jens is already booked in to that :)

cechas vodobenikov

racist jens receives respect only from LGBT American, night porters on LSD

Jens Holm

We try to respect all in the same way.

Jens Holm

https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/b8866f70aab87e98ec997b383260b28631b94c562dd21f92f9dfb87479076ee5.jpg or drummer

Trap Is Not Gay

The Jews/USA and their sole job.

I bet the media in Denmark shows the black and the white woman stamped in every corner and ads.

Jens Holm

Thats stupidisme. Dont You have internet.

Why dont You check up Yourself Barbie.

Jens Holm

Yes, of course. All ae included.

1000 probatly are praying extra for You.


The UK is doing the same thing. I have never really cared where people are from, but I switch off to any advertising, TV drama or news that is Woke. I often get sent company sales brochures and as most these days display blacks and browns in about 80% of the images, I just bin them.

IF I was living in Africa I would have no problem with blacks being the prominent face’s there.

Trap Is Not Gay

It’s a disgrace.

Lazy Gamer

The author encourages ghettos then. He seems to miss the point that integration is needed when one immigrates. Breaking up the ghettos is one way of doing this. Though language of the law could have been better.

If I were immigrating to a moslem country and I put a dozen pigs on a poke stick and roasted them so that the crispy smell rose to the high heavens, im sure the natives “would accept me as I am”. lol Another one, if i immigrated to a monarchical country and I shouted on the streets as an exercise of free speech that the king or emperor or dear leader is a corrupt, lazy son of a bitch, im sure their policemen “will accept me as i am”.

If i accept strangers in my house, id expect them to share in the household expenses, and bills. Not see them socialize only amongst themselves(ghetto), or settle in the couch all day(social security drain), or steal from me(criminals) or bring their obsolete ideas and corrupt my household.

Tommy Jensen

Unfortunately most immigrants do it for a variation of good reasons. In Denmark they seek “ghetto” simply because Danish “culture” is idiotic. In Barbados the 3% whites among 97% blacks seek together because there is so few of their own. Other countries poor, immigrants, free people seek together because they find cheap low price community where they can better survive. M.m. Why not?? What are people afraid of? The poor??

Lazy Gamer

If they believed that, then Denmark is the wrong place for them. They should have chosen a less “idiotic” culture. While ghettos are indeed low priced real estate, it is however not the only cheap priced land. Furthermore, the immigrants are given housing by the host country. The desire to band together in ghettos is less of an economic decision but rather a product of their inadequacies, and attitudes which they dont improve on despite help given to them. These attitudes and habits are opposed to the proper attitude of an immigrant desiring integration.

Far Right

Islam is an evil religion it shouldn’t be allowed in the west !!!

Tommy Jensen

Muslim women shower and brush teeth and tongue 3 times a day, rub well smelling oil into their skin, use a scarf for sanitary and practical reasons. They write poems, practise sport and exotic dance, and are not afraid from time to time to raise up and give men a verbal roasting. Their children are happy to go to school, learn math, physics, astronomy, and without Western “diagnose children”. Their civil sharia is 10x quicker and cheaper than the heavy Western hippo system.

Far Right

Yeah then their executed. Haven’t you seen the videos?

Arch Bungle

All Abrahamic religions, including that tool of Satan itself, Catholicism, are evil and should be banned.

Buddhism is about the only rational, humane way to live.

Lone Ranger

Neither should be liberalnazis..

cechas vodobenikov

all Denmark declared ghetto by official BLM declaration

Arch Bungle

Nothing changes.

The Dutch have been pushing their way into the lands of brown people for 400 years or more.

They deserve to be turned into a mixed nationality state to the maximum such a thing is possible.

It’s only fair given their past actions in Asia and Africa.

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