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Ethiopia VS CNN: Video Of Horrific Executions In Tigray Spreads Online

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Ethiopia VS CNN: Video Of Horrific Executions In Tigray Spreads Online

Screen grab from the execution video that was shared by the CNN

The Ethiopian government has denied committing war crimes in the northern region of Tigray, where its forces have been carrying out an operation against local fighters since November of last year.

The government said that “social media posts and claims cannot be taken as evidence” in response to an investigation by the CNN and Amnesty International.

The investigation, which was published on April 1, verified footage of soldiers executing a group of at least 11 unarmed men near the town of Mahibere Dego. The bodies of the men were later disposed.

“The Ethiopian government has indicated its open will for independent investigations to be undertaken in the Tigray region,” the office of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed told CNN in a statement on April 2.

The statement adds that social media posts and claims cannot be taken as evidence, noting that the Ethiopian Human Rights Commission together with the UN Office for the High Commissioner of Human Rights are already to carry out a real investigations.

Ethiopian government forces have been battling the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) and other local forces in Tigray for nearly five months now.

The CNN claims that Mahibere Dego execution was not an isolated incident. According to the channel, a number of mass killings have been reported over the course of the conflict.

The conflict in Tigray will not likely end anytime soon. The TPLF is in control of up to 40% of the region. According to the International Crisis Group, thousands were killed in the fighting. More than two million others were displaced.


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Peter Jennings

So the only sources are CNN and Amnesty International. Maybe cnn aranged this as they have arranged so many other ‘reports’ before. Amnesty International can’t seem to stop tripping over their feet. Some of their past decisions have been a joke. They fall right in line when they are told to.

Tommy Jensen

The problem is CNN and Amnesty have lost any credibility. Who believe them?? I dont.

Next UN, no fly zones, Obomba leading from behind, wmd’s not found, Putin, Ethiopia’s President must go, chemical attacks on civilians, moderate rebels, sanctions, bla, bla, bla, bla bla………

John Wallace

They have fighting and killing each other here in Ethiopia and Eritrea for decades. Wars in Africa are brutal with no rules. CNN reporter talking as if she cared pulling on the emotional strings of the viewers. Their actions are so APPALLING … no attempt to hide the bodies but the families can’t find them . Only one man was able to watch the video and identified his brother. Lucky I have a box of tissues.

Fog of War

At least now we know what side the Zios support.

Kaz M

who cares, im sure its true. the saddest part of this video is the neration.. trying to make it a sob story.. i never heard cnn report like this when the video emerged on line of the 12yr old child being tormented and beheaded in syria with a white helmets member looking on.. or when the video if isis child soldiers running through caves executing bound men from close range with 1080p high definition footage that was edited better than a hollywood movie trailer.. nope.. nothing there.. so why would they point to this small 1 in a thousand executions that are being regularly conducted?? to sway public interest.. usa dropping a bom on a school or wedding is an execution also, dont hear cnn doing the sob story there. they are not allowed to

Peter Jennings

The US neocon admin need a way into Africa. They need an excuse to in send troops to keep the peace while the US and nato stitch up the place. The US or nato countries haven’t done much for Africa. Now the Chinese want to have a go at updating Africa with infrastructure and technology, the US and EU countries see their future extortion plans are under threat unless they can send in the troops to ‘secure’ the oil & gas, and anything else they fancy


I must email CNN and suggest that their snuff movie camera crews wear White Helmets in the future :)


Well said. There is also the US military murder video in Iraq, that brave Private Manning exposed to the world.

Potato Man

Ethiopia is growing stupid and is one of the best country in Africa, thanks to China and Russia. Do I have to say more…also, the fuking “reporter” sound like fuking who-re, ohhhh how much I care about these men…bla bla bla ask that bitch where is Ethiopia…LOL.


“UN Office for the High Commissioner of Human Rights are already to carry out a real investigations.” Too bad the Saudi’s aren’t still leading the HRC, then we could really trust the outcome. These guys should do stand-up comedy for their ability to spew total horseshit with a straight face.


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