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Ethiopia Fills Its Dam Without Reaching Agreement With Sudan And Egypt

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Ethiopia Fills Its Dam Without Reaching Agreement With Sudan And Egypt

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On July 22nd, Ethiopia’s foreign minister caused outrage in Egypt after he tweeted that “The Nile is Ours”, just days after it completed its Great Ethiopian Renaissance Dam [GERD] project on upstream Nile.

Gedu Andargachew tweet read: “Congratulations! It was the Nile River and the river became a lake. It will no longer flow into the river. Ethiopia will have all the development it wants from it. In fact the Nile is ours!”

On July 23rd, Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed confirmed that his country had achieved its target of filling the reservoir behind the dam with its first 4.9 billion cubic metres of water – days after its neighbours Sudan and Egypt raised objections against doing so.

“The completion of the first round of filling is a historic moment that showcases Ethiopians’ commitment to the renaissance of our country,” Ahmed said.

It comes amid reports that the US is considering sanctions against Ethiopia over its refusal to enter into a final agreement with Sudan and Egypt about the future status of the Nile.

Egypt has been dependent on the Nile’s water for thousands of years and 85 percent of the water reaching it originates from the Blue Nile tributary, where Ethiopia has constructed the GERD.

Tensions have increased between Ethiopia, Egypt, and Sudan after Ethiopia rejected signing a binding agreement regarding the use of the Nile’s waters and it unilaterally started to fill the reservoir of the GERD.

The unregulated filling of the GERD’s reservoir could potentially cut off essential water supplies to Sudan and Egypt, causing drought and famine.

In the first governmental reaction, Sudanese Prime Minister Abdullah Hamdok said on July 24th that the Nile “belonged to all the downstream countries” and that a “carefully calculated accord” had to be reached.

Sudanese newspapers quoted him as saying:

“Sudan is working seriously with its partners to reach an agreement guaranteeing that the interests of Ethiopia, Egypt, and Sudan will not be harmed, so that a carefully calculated accord will be reached which will include all aspects [of dispute] including the filling and operation [of Ethiopia’s dam].”

On July 23rd, the US journal Foreign Policy reported that several officials from the Trump administration commented that the Trump administration could cut aid to Ethiopia if negotiations stalled again.

There is yet no official response from Egypt, but it is expected not to be positive.

Ethiopia Fills Its Dam Without Reaching Agreement With Sudan And Egypt

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Egypt is too corrupt and weak to do anything and its teeming millions will be left without water or food as the Nile dries up.

Kenny Jones ™

Still, they should not let Turkey make use of the situation

Zionism = EVIL

Zionist cunts are fanning the flames of conflict here, Turkey is not involved with Ethiopia, it aim is Libyan OIL. Turkey has enough water as it controls the Euphrates and Tigris head waters. It can technically kill off both Syria and Iraq.

good american

But didn’t come out recently that Turkey is making military deals with Sudan, of which the Nile flows though? Though no one mentions the impact of the dam on Sudan, there must be some if Egypt is so worried about it. Or did all the Sudanese get killed in Yemen and there is no one left to complain?

Jimmy Jim


FANFARONE ? Year of the Pig ??

well before the nile dries up, sickly ethiopians will be facing their next famine LOL

Zionism = EVIL

Ideally Egypt, if it had an independent government should have acted. This will be a major catastrophe for already impoverished Egyptians.


Which is why i’m thinking, Egypt might be desperate enough to launch a ‘Dam Busters’ style air assault to destroy the dam. Sisi would be a fool to just give empty threats to Ethiopia and watch his 102 million population unseat him when food and water become scarce.

Tommy Jensen

If Sisi and Egypt make just one wrong move, 100 million Ethiops will piss in the Nile river until they have got it. THIS will teach Old Pharao to let my people go!!

The Objective

That’ll start a war. the dam cost nearly $5 billion and took almost a decade to complete. Busting it will be an act of war, to which Ethiopia will retaliate. And the moron is threatening to send forces to Libya.


what about flood?

The Objective

Good for them to suffer a bit. Maybe this will knock some sense into them and make them remember Allah. I like what’s happening to Egypt. A well-deserved punishment from Allah.


Well done Ethiopia. One of few civilizations that have had an independent policies and 0 f-cks given on reaction to policies. I think Ethiopia will be one of main regional powers in 10-15 years time.


Ethiopia has a population of 115M, Egypt has “only” 102M. Even if they go to a war, i don’t see how Egypt can win Ethiopia militarily. The conflict is one sided, Ethiopia is the rising power in Africa.

Zionism = EVIL

Stupid Jew cunt, yesterday the PUNK was all about supporting Sisi. Hasbara teenagers are confused as always.

Jimmy Jim



anda a chuparle el ano a tu vieja la zionista caliente

Tommy Jensen

Congratulations to Ethiopia and neighbours for this great achivement and victory. Be careful of envy and dark usury forces from London and Washington.

The Objective

London and Washington squarely support Ethiopia. Were Egypt to destroy that dam, the U.S will react sharply with sanctions or even military strikes. Egypt wouldn’t dare. Sisi knows this.

When the West truly condemns something, it doesn’t do that only by words. It always takes military or economic warfare measures.

This dam is here to stay.

Lazy Gamer

That is a great source of energy and water. Egypt and the rest will now find that water is worth its weight in gold. It is understandable that they would threathen to go to war as the lack of water will doom all the old riverway countries. Demand for water will only get worse

Zionism = EVIL

Water wars are next cause of conflict along with food security.

Tommy Jensen

“You dont have to be concerned about food and drink, because this I have already prepared for you. You only have to obey my few demands”.


Trump could sell Egypt US bottled water after its been used for fracking. It would stop the US environmentalist’s whinging so much and make a profit as well. A simple message on the bottle saying ‘US Water Aid’ would ensure confidence in the ‘enhanced water’.

Zionism = EVIL

Egypt is in a mess and the cunt Siisy is a Zionist and Americunt stooge and can not lift a finger unless his CIA handlers approve of it. The Egyptian cowards should have bombed the site before even a singe earth mover had moved in. 80% of Egyptian Fellahin live near the Nile all the way to the delta and they will lose their lands and water. Egypt already has bread riots and things are about to get worse.


i would rather blame hosni mubarak that big cunt is the reason for all this mess today and anouar essadat before him, im sure they had intel back then of the dam construction but the corrupted fucks did nothing about it …sisi on the other hand doesn’t have the ressources to go to war, it’s a logistical clusterfuck for egypt to go to war in ethipoia the supply routes are way too long …egypt national security is at big risk 1/turks from the west and north 2/isis and israel from the east 3/ethiopia from the south …they realy need to act the fuck up the saudi’s won’t do sh*t for them when the noose thightens ..i will always have support for the egyptian army and egyptian arab people, arab countries need to wake the f up we ‘re facing national security threats as a whole from turkey, israel and their tools in the region kurds, terrorists, ethipians etc… we need an alliance fast from morocco to oman !

The Objective

Sisis is to blame for this dam. He could have stopped it a long time ago. But he and his gang of thugs were busy plotting coups. Building of the dam started in 2011. The devil staged his coup in 2013, scarcely a year after Morsi was voted into power. Egypt is fucked and they deserve it. Some of you will soon realize the Mistake you did siding with Sisi. You are a Muslim country and will be better protected by your brothers in Turkey and Pakistan. But some of you choose thugs instead of more competent leaders. Enjoy your Sisi. You haven’t seen anything yet. And stop blaming Turkey.

Rafik Chauhan

Ethopia should not do that .Any war will just invite zionist/whabhis scum terriost. and it want benift Ethopia to go for war with sudan and egypt. Ethopia should understand they are surrounded by Egypt/sudan Dijibouti and somalia. if all decide to attack at one go it want surrvive. Al the party should talk and resolve .


Maybe Ethopia has a border with Egypt but Ethiopia doesn’t.

Fog of War

Stupid Siisy is caught in a trap. Go into Libya or attack the dam ? Can Egypt even attempt both at the same time. Stupid Egypt doesnt realize there’s a certain tribe that wants revenge against it. Egypt is being setup to get really hurt.

The Objective

Those Egyptians who supported the coup made a terrible mistake. now even they can’t speak up for fear of Sisi. Egypt is one of the most dangerous places for any government critic right now. Free speech is dead. The Christian world will NEVER side with Egypt over Ethiopia. Do not expect any meaningful action from America or Europe against Ethiopia. They could have stopped Ethiopia long ago if they wanted to. Sisi thought they’d support him for serving as a CIA stooge. But he’ll soon realize. If the position of Egypt and Ethiopia were reversed, the uproar in America and Europe will be deafening. Egyptians will soon realize that their true friends and helpers are the Muslims they are fighting in Libya, Turkey, Sudan, and others. As long as Sisi rules Egypt, don’t expect Sympathy from majority of the Muslim world – not even from Shiites. Foolish people who’ll never learn. May Allah punish the evil among you until you get back to your senses. My only worry is the True Muslims of Egypt who are suffering the consequences of their Munafiq neighbors. But Allah will vindicate them one day.

Fog of War

” If the position of Egypt and Ethiopia were reversed, the uproar in America and Europe will be deafening. ”

I’m sure ZioAmerica would pull out the racial component also, accusing evil Arab Egyptians of attacking poor defenseless Black Ethiopians.

Fog of War

I assume everyone has noticed how all the possible challengers, to Israhell’s domination of the middle East, are being setup to:

disintegrate internally, go to war against each other, or are being prepared for an attack from ZioAmerica. I hope no one thinks this is a coincidence.

Hassan Ghonem

Barlev line was here to stay and boom gets destroyed

The dam will also be destroyed but when that happen; Ethiopia will take a fatal blow and will never hear from that shithole again. Unity of the 80 ethnicities is not easy as mighty Soviets failed to do that. I expect the Ethiopian losers to concede territories in the future.

Master game is being done by Egypt. It consists of multiple steps. 1st is to get Sudan on line and 2nd to evict the Turks from Somalia as Somalia will be a perfect springboard to launch mechanized and armored blitz through the Ethiopian flat heartlands and finally the 3rd is to get Eriteria and maybe also Chad to Arabian league

Wait and see

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