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Real Face Of Pro-Kiev Forces: Estonian Killed In Eastern Ukraine Referred To Ukrainian Soldiers As “Pigs” Who Need “A White Master”

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Real Face Of Pro-Kiev Forces: Estonian Killed In Eastern Ukraine Referred To Ukrainian Soldiers As "Pigs" Who Need "A White Master"

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On July 18th, screenshots of conversations of the Estonian citizen, Mikola Ilin, who died in the Donetsk People’s Republic, were released.

Ilin was killed in a failed attempt to enter the territory controlled by DPR self-defense forces near the village of Zaitsevo.

Another pro-Kiev fighter was killed, and one was injured.

The conversation shows how faithful he actually is to his Ukrainian comrades.

Messaging his contacts and calling them “Ukrainian pigs”, surely out of love, and saying that they need “a master.”

He also showed a photograph of a group of people holding a “White Lives Matter” and him saying that “blacks should be faced down,” meaning that he, at least is in line with the major narrative of Nazi infestation in Ukraine.

Real Face Of Pro-Kiev Forces: Estonian Killed In Eastern Ukraine Referred To Ukrainian Soldiers As "Pigs" Who Need "A White Master"

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Hey, listen to me. There is a herd of Ukrainian pigs, which need to be put in the stable. They are fucked up degenerates. They do need a white master.

Real Face Of Pro-Kiev Forces: Estonian Killed In Eastern Ukraine Referred To Ukrainian Soldiers As "Pigs" Who Need "A White Master"

Click to see the full-size image

Earlier photos released from his phone showed a coordinated deployment of a large number of US troops in the conflict zone in eastern Ukraine. According to US officials, US forces are not deployed on the frontline with the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics and conduct training and advice missions only.

So, not only is he covertly working with other foreign ‘defenders of democracy’, and assisting them in their “non-existing operations”, but he is also clearly disrespectful of the Ukrainians on behalf of whom he allegedly fights, and he is clearly a Nazi.

DPR forces are evacuating bodies of the killed pro-Kiev fighters:


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Exposing degenerate scum for what they are in addition to killing them = good job LPR/DPR! <3

Brother Ma

I have never met an Estonian i have liked to this day. Insecure ,cruel , violent and not very progressive. Perfect for neonazi type units. Good riddance to bad rubbish. When will those Russian tanks roll in again?

Potato Man

ohhh scary American+Israeli gay wants to be new Nazi 2.0comment image?format=mp4&s=031f3469a7469ccdf1cf7b0c57215b9361db0b74


What happens when a 4ft11 midget like hitler ,thinks has the power to control others not so inclined to be brainwashed nowadays,oh well!

Jens Holm

There was reasons for Hitler. Blame the ones which make those contrasts. I fx see France and the winners of WW1 not making stability.

And the contrast to that is Totalirisme being same kind by Bolshevics replacing Tzars making zero and collapse again.

Russians are no learners. As the only ines, they lost WW1 3 times. Plundering East Europe showed the big USSR empty ballon well.

The solutions for Ukraine and the rest there is making a productive well educated and well paid middle class.

The only middle cladss there was the Jews. They didnt raise their children as Putin and the many Priest there prefared to control and plunder them.

So progres by Jews was the same kind of scapegoat as the one most mulism try to unite arabs with. Putins in that are a version of arabs as no learners payin the wrong people to make wrong things and we see the result.

Unfortunatly its spread out in Ukraine and same thing or maybee ewven worse.

The wrong thing was what the Tzars did as well as the WW1 wionners didnt finish the job well, because so many were dead.

It like corona. If You only partly follow the old well knoiwn rules, it will regain and the first expensive treatmenets is a waste.


:))) automatic google bot triggered.. Way to go with translation google..

Stephan Williams

What is it about you low IQ clowns that allows you to think any sensible person could believe your non-stop horse poo masquerading as fact?

What you know about Hitler wouldn’t fill a thimble. As a matter of fact; judging by your comments here, you know little or nothing about any of the subjects you insist on offering your opinions on.


Hitler was taller than Putler

chris chuba

If this is true then the U.S. is taking a massive risk. What if we push Russia too far and they launch a quick artillery strike in one of these gray areas where U.S. forces are not supposed to be located? Are our commanders that incompetent or believe we are untouchable.


It could be natos call,not trumps!

Jens Holm

Yopu really dont get it. Do You. USSR collapsed because of the economy systems made by unrealisme driven by fairyttales.

The opponent is EU as economic Superpower and a very good thing for most of Western Europan and Western Economies.

It seemes You also not even know the Nato structure.


Sry but i have to laugh :))) For your information: Rusian and USA special forces have been murdering each other since USA planted a boot on the Ukrainian soil and since Russian help to Syria. NATO special forces are deployed on the front line in Donbass since day 1, and were and are mixed up with ISIL terrorists groups in Syria since 2012. Many of the USA soldiers coffins have arrived from those 2 fronts and many have been killed by Russians.

Russians already leveled several places where no USA soldiers supposed to be… USA did kill Russian soldiers to.. They even assassinated Russian general in Syria..

USA government will do what it always does – they will admit only 1 dead soldier from 10 and say he died by accident in other part of the globe (eventually will stage some terror attack somewhere else in a few weeks and say they died there)..

Jens Holm

I partly agree. I think the level is lower then You write.

Brother Ma

I liked your logic although im not sure if it is all true. How do you know us Nato forces killed the general? I know natoists are in cells of head hoppers but most are still geqd hopper moslems ,right?


Killing of the general Valery Asapov was a clear special forces operation using special tactics and weapons. Only 2 mortar shels were fired, both on the target – killing Russian general and 2 high level officers. Regular headchopers doesn’t have that level of professionalism, accuracy and most of all recon capability to determine such high value target.

Even some western journalists were questioning that strike..


My bet is on the US special forces – as it happened in Deir Ezzor which appears a USA military “playground” (not long before that USA have bombed and killed around 100 of Syrian soldiers – presumably by “mistake” – so that headchopers could attack immediately after that and tried to overran SA positions in the city)


and all other players that could pull that of (Turkey, Israel) would be very careful – to not piss of the Russians too much..

Of course i dont have a direct evidence (and apart from maybe few men in the world on both sides) and we never will.. That is the modus operandi of the US forces, they promised – sry warned Russians that they will be loosing soldiers in Syria (i thing US secretary said that – thou i cant find it now) and is very much in accordance of USA goals regarding Russians in Syria.. There is no doubt in my mind..

Brother Ma

Thank you for that. What irritates me is that the Russians have still not killed the leader of the turkmen who shot and killed the russian helicopterman. He was a salafist turk pig whose father was a politician in Erdo’s gov. Russia publcly said he would be punished but it seems it was all conveniently forgotten once Erdo and russia are friends again. He needed to be “accidented or hearattacked” as happened to so many Russian ambassadors.

Also the pigs who decapitated three Christian bishops in Syria on video with Turk secrwt services also need to be punished.

I wish the russian military and intelligence read some of these posts we make and actually actualky acted on them to send a signal to their supporters.


Justice is a noble notion – but near impossible to impose in a war like this.. But i wouldn’t worry about that Turkmen (if i remember correctly he is in prison in Turkey no?) – Russians have a long memory.. Even after 20 years he will get what he deserve and Erdogan will not be there forever….

Brother Ma

I could be mistaken but I think he was arrested in Turkey at a cafe by joint Russian amd Turk police and jailed ,but for what crime? Also I heard he was out anyway. I could be wrong and hope someone here can give us the correct details.

Jens Holm

Of course its a matter of level. So what if Russia is piushed less.

But I maninly dont see any push. USSR mainly collapsed themselves guided by Engels, Marx and in a stupid version of old mens totalirisme.

To me we are back in Eatsren and Western Europe now are united and also back in, the Empires is not there Tzars, Osmans, Austria-Hungary, France, UK. Here USA as well as USSR partly has replaced them but the USSR version was not permanent and USA has their problems as well.

So my hopes and help is small countries reagain more or less united fx by EU in a more light version. Denmark lost the very good copntacts to the Baltics and Poland by the Communists.

Russia(by Ukraine) even are named after Viking were there as traders and guarantie for safety all the way to Byzants(once upon a time ago).

Thats what I am prepared to prefare. I only see the USA troops has moved East because of constant threats from Russia and they by that help Russia into it correct level.

Why should Eastern Europeans join the Russian collapse and its many systematic mistakes. Their solutions is to be open for implementing the good parts of Our world. They make less progres then I and many others hope, but thats mpre or less their decission.

Here we again see many comment as if we in west west should prefare Fascists. We prefare no Russian Communisme as well as Fascisme by Nazis and are tired of that as well as Jews run everything and do all the mistakes there too with homos and like that.

We see people dont learn responsability and by that cannot not get the productive rights for a descent life.

Raptar Driver

I can’t see Putin doing that.

Lone Ranger

I hope real Ukrainians wake up one day, they are being used as cannonfodders by the west.
And they even despise them.
Same as nazis did.

Jens Holm

Its their decission and not Yours. They have big problems because the Russian Neicolonialisme has collapse and there is no regaining.

Lone Ranger

Never said it was that’s why I said hope…
Swap Russia with the U.S. and it’s legit.

Harry Smith

The reality is not what you are trying to draw little Ukrop. :)
Ukrainians are not solid nation neither ethnicity. Only about 10% of population are supporting European course and anti Russian hysteria. 90% would be extremely happy when Ukraine will disintegrate. Romanians want to join with Romania, Hungarians with Hungary, Poles with Poland and Russians with Russia. Ukraine is counterfeited state with counterfeited nation using the counterfeited language.

Jens Holm

Those % are creations of the worst kind.

Your joining fairytales are not true.They want good relations to their neighbors.

There also are not as many as You insinuate because most of the minorities systematicly was killed or displaced by Stalins, Hitler and then Stalin again. If You speak about minorities, You of course dont mention, that bog towns like Donetsk, Kharkov and Rostov has 30% Jews. There also were many Romans and some Germans.

John Vishnevskaya

I see in all of your posts lots of words that make no sense. I want to hear you and understand but I think you have an inability to remove all of the “noise” and create some meaningful dialogue. Keep trying. I will keep reading.


With all the noise at least he says something, you don’t.

Harry Smith

Oh yeah. Go and tell this to some guys in Bucovina somewhere in a mountain village. At least there will be one bright moment in your life – you will fly last second of it.

Raptar Driver

They are NATO Captive nation they decide nothing.

Jens Holm

Thats very incorrect for Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan, if You have heard about it and know where it is.

johnny rotten

It would be interesting to know if there are black or Jewish American soldiers in the departments stationed in Ukraine, I imagine that they will have kept them apart, just to say that there is no racism in the US Army.

Jens Holm

Why dont You look it up. Black soldiers are all over the american forces all the way to the top and over reresented. The US has soldiers, which join by themselves.

In Your world they maybee painted General Schwartzkopf white:)

Jens Holm

Its an upgrade naming each other for pigs compared to many other things there. Most of us really like pigs apart from Muslims and Jews, which are lower, because most of them are polited and not healthty as food.


He never met a black person and he talking like that. Poor Estonia they become nothing since the end of USSR.”white master” lol if they go to the west they are seen as Slavic savage .

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