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Escalation: US Slaps Export Ban On Huawei’s Silicon Valley Subsidiary

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Originally appeared at ZeroHedge

Despite the first round of US-China trade talks reportedly reaching an “optimistic” conclusion as the two sides made progress on a number of issues – including China’s controversial officially-sanctioned IP theft – the Wall Street Journal reported on Thursday that the US is continuing its crackdown on Huawei Technologies by prohibiting a US-based Huawei subsidiary from exporting technologies developed in a Silicon Valley lab back to the mainland.

Escalation: US Slaps Export Ban On Huawei's Silicon Valley Subsidiary

The escalation comes as the US is warning its allies to avoid Huawei’s telecoms equipment due to concerns about its vulnerability to infiltration by the Chinese government, to which Huawei reportedly maintains close ties (though Huawei insists that it is an independent company cooperatively owned by its employees). The US is also in the process of extraditing Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou over charges that she knowingly lied to banks to try and conceal violations of US and EU sanctions against Iran.

Commerce has handed down an ‘export ban’ to Futurewei – the name of Huawei’s US subsidiary – by signaling that it intends to deny Huawei’s application to renew its license. And while most of the technologies developed by Futurewei don’t require a license to export, the export ban will severely restrict its operations.

The license covered the export of telecommunications technology and software, including high-speed data-transfer technology, according to the documents. The technology had an operating budget of more than $16 million and involved more than 40 full-time-equivalent personnel.

The Commerce Department’s move isn’t a death blow to Futurewei because the majority of technologies the unit exports from the U.S. don’t require an export license, according to people familiar with the matter. The company continues to operate in the U.S.

Futurewei is contesting the decision, but the ban will remain in effect as the appeals process unfolds. The company is threatening to move its R&D division outside the US.

Wilbur Ross stressed in a statement that the Huawei export ban is “independent” of the trade negotiations (we imagine Beijing will see it that way, too).

“The process for granting export licenses is independent from our ongoing trade discussions with China,” Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross said in a statement to the Journal.

The ban comes after Futurewei was accused in a lawsuit filed by CNEX Labs of trying to steal CNEX’s semiconductor technology.

Huawei maintains a modest presence in the US with some 1,200 employees despite being banned from selling its telecoms equipment in the US since 2012 due to being labeled a national security threat.

Huawei has been effectively blocked from selling its telecommunications equipment in the U.S. since a 2012 Congressional report labeled it a national security threat. Huawei has long denied that it is a threat, saying it is owned by its employees and operates independently of Beijing.

The company maintains a modest presence in the U.S., where it employs about 1,500 people. Many are involved in sales of telecom equipment to small carriers servicing rural areas. But the company has scaled back its public-relations outreach and curtailed efforts to communicate with Congress and federal agencies, people familiar with the matter have said. It has redirected its fight to the courts, hiring additional law firms to deal with potential challenges.

As a delegation of senior Chinese trade officials prepares to travel to Washington next week, the ban raises the question of whether the US’s treatment of Huawei will be a factor in trade talks going forward (will Beijing retaliate), or whether the Chinese will object to the US giving them a taste of their own medicine – after all, many suspect that the US’s scrutiny against Huawei is partly motivated by the race for dominance in 5G, where Huawei is facing off against Verizon and US carriers to become the preeminent purveyor of 5G technology.

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Xoli Xoli

Huawei is taking over all telecommucation jobs in Africa were African leaders used them as secret financial income on corrupt basis.Citizen are told to give jobs to Chinese or China won’t release loan moneys.Promoted by shithole leaders.

You can call me Al

It sounds like a good plan; go China.

You can call me Al

Christ, I (a Brit) has had enough of this, the Chinese must be furious (in an Asian silent way). If I was a Chinese leader now, I would dump 750 Billion of US bonds and see how the US like true capitalism.

Master Oroko

It’s not IP theft if the corporations willingly give it to the Chinese. Just saying.


China has overtaken the US technologically.
These American bans are like primitive tribes saying that a cigarette lighter is a devil because they don’t understand the thing.

In my lifetime the US has gone from being the most advanced nation on earth, to sh!tting in the streets.
Huawei should give the Americans some bananas to pacify them.

Zionism = EVIL

Correct, and China is already #1 economy with India at #2 by 2025. The simple fact that even a complete dolt should understand is that the Americunts are in a losing situation as their deadbeat economy is declining, they are being bled by Jew wars and their military and police state spending is more than the whole world combined, and nothing to show for. The Americunts see China as a rising power and along with their little poodles like Canada, UK, Australia etc are trying to stem China’s rise, but it is too late. China is even ahead of Americunt losers in R&D, modern infrastructure and even HDI and quality of life for majority of its citizens now. While US has no health care, declining life span and Jew bankrupted economy that only fuels wars and terrorism.

Pave Way IV

All electronic communication equipment and chips used in the U.S. must have Israeli backdoors built in and some weaker exploits the five eyes boys can use. The U.S. is pissed at Huawei because it won’t tell our intel guys how its equipment can be used to spy on U.S. (or any other) citizens.

What good is communication equipment if the government can’t listen in?
Hell, people could be talking about ANYTHING!


This is just Madison Avenue Propaganda…. The technology is in China already and the People of Huawei are just pulling the tail of the US State Department to test its reaction


China should Sanction the US with some Psy War propaganda of its own !! …Rattle US Society promoting MSG as the ultimate health food…then deny visas to MSG rejecters !! :) :)

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