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Escalation: NATO Member Turkey Enters/Marches in Iraq

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The Turkish Army has entered Iraq with more Panzers/Battle Tanks, Artillery guns and soldiers. The government of Baghdad calls the NATO-State for immediate withdraw. This infringement is a clear encroachment of the international law.

Escalation: NATO Member Turkey Enters/Marches in Iraq

Turkish tanks

Originally appeared at DWN, translated exclusively for SouthFront

Iraq has ordered Turkey to immediately evacuate its troops from the North of Iraq. The transfer of Turkish forces was done without the approval of the government, said the prime minister of Iraq Hader al-Abadi in his statement on Saturday. It was the “first infringement of Iraq’s sovereignty”. The stationing of troops and more tanks and artillery guns was done, “neither at the request nor by approval” of the Iraqi government in Baghdad. According to Guardian the Turks should have invaded Northern Iraq with a regimental strength. Ankara, according to information from the Turkish news agency Anadolu, had deployed in Friday some 150 soldiers as well as up to 25 tank vehicles in northern Iraq, close to the Iraqi capital of the Islamic State, Mosul. It had to do therefore with a troop-rotation as part of a training mission of the Turkish army for possible Kurdish Peshmerga-fighters. Turkish soldiers have been stationed for two and a half years in the autonomous Kurdish region of Northern Iraq, in order to train the Peshmerga for their struggle against the I.S. military.

Iraq demands the immediate withdrawal of the Turkish soldiers(hyperlink).
Actually it clearly is about an encroachment of a clear international law, by a NATO-state. A deployment of troops is therefore possible, only when done according to the explicit request of the respective government. Turkey has been operating for a long time, in Syria and Northern Iraq with so-called military-counselors along with the Turkish secret-services, MIT.
The deployment of regular troops had however another quality(?).

It is therefore assumed, that NATO has been informed about the troops’ entry in Northern Iraq. In the alliance all strategical decisions would have been, of course, previously discussed. The shooting of the Russian airplane by the Turkish air force was approved by NATO, and characterized as a rightful intervention.

Russia said in her fight against the I.S., that air force attacks would be made against ISIS when an official Iraqi request was made.

Turkey, which was long suspected of supporting and arming radical Islamist groups fighting the Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad, hat joined the Anti-IS-Coalition in July, under pressure from her allies.

Watch to know more about the ongoing escalation:

Foreign Policy Diary – Escalation in Syria leads to a global war

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Turkey acting on the go-ahead of Israel and the JewSA. Israel is the parasite, Jewmerica is the host. These two are behind all of this. The rest (NATO traitors) are nothing but lap-dogs of the parasite and its host.

The day is coming when the JewSA, Israel and Britain will be standing there, oiling their killing machines, look up and everone has guns in their faces. They’ll be all alone because the world is growing tired of them and their 150 plus years of continuous, world-wide slaughter.

I didn’t include France – not because of that sold out, Jewish proselyte Hollande, but it’s possible that Marine Le Pen will turn that country around one day.

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