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Escalation in Donbass: 4 LPR Fighters Killed. Ukraine’s Army Seizes Shirokino

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Escalation in Donbass: 4 LPR Fighters Killed. Ukraine's Army Seizes Shirokino

Military situation in Donbass

4 fighters of the Lugansk People’s Republic militia have been killed and 8 wounded as result of the Kiev forces’ fire yesterday. The Kiev’s side reportedly used anti-tank guided missiles and automatic grenade launchers.

“In the evening on April 14 from the ATGM (the antitank guided missile) there were made 10 shots from the direction of the locality of Novozvanovka onto positions near the locality of Kalinovo, the shelling also were carried out from the AGL (the automatic grenade launcher) – 300 shots. Four servicemen of People’s Militia died and eight were wounded as a result of the shelling.” DONiNews cites the report of the LPR Defense Ministry.

Meanwhile, pro-Kiev sources report that the Ukrainian military is in full control of the village of Shirokino located in the so-called “neutral zone” at the contact line. A month ago, Kiev troop controlled a half of the village. Recently, they secured it all following a series of firefights and advances. Donetsk People’s Republic withdrew troops from the neutral zone in 2015, but DPR reconnaissance units were operating there till April.

Escalation in Donbass: 4 LPR Fighters Killed. Ukraine's Army Seizes Shirokino

Ukrainian soldiers are at Shirokino

The Kiev side also intensified the activity of sniper groups and intelligence with use of UAVs along the contact line. On April 12, the LPR militia shot down 2 Ukrainian UAVs.

In March, SouthFront released an exclusive analysis of the strategic situation in Donbass which explains the ongoing events:

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Time for Ilovaisk 2.0 !!!

Mi6 has a free hand thus far, as they have been the brains and power behind the whole Ukraine uphevel.
Only when the terrorist organisation-Mi6 is targeted and arrested and punished, will the Ukraine crises resolve itself naturally. https://counterpsyops.com/
Make no mistake, SAS are actively fighting and assassinating people in Ukraine and the New Republic right now as we speak.

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