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Escalation Around Gaza Following Infiltration Attempt And Another Rocket Attack

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Escalation Around Gaza Following Infiltration Attempt And Another Rocket Attack

Israeli military. Photo: IDF

Late on August 17, the Israeli military foiled an attempt by a group of Palestinian gunmen to cross the separation fence around the Gaza Strip.

“We just identified a number of armed suspects from Gaza approaching the security fence with Israel. We fired towards them,” the Israeli military said on Twitter.

Lt. Col. Avichay Adraee, a spokesman for the Israeli military, said that a battle tank and an attack helicopter targeted the group eliminating all of its members.

Anna Ahronheim, a journalist of the Jerusalem Post, said that the gunmen, numbered five, were all members of the Islamic Jihad Movement and the Hamas Movement.

The failed infiltration coincided with the launch of three rockets from the Gaza Strip at the nearby Israeli settlements. The Israeli military said that the Iron Dome system intercepted two of the rockets.

According to the Times of Israel, fragments from one of the rockets struck the yard of a home in the town of Sderot, causing material damage only.

This was the second rocket attack in the last 48 hours. Israel responded to the first attack by destroying a position of the Hamas Movement east of the Gaza Strip.

The situation in Gaza is apparently heading towards another military confrontation between Israel and Palestinian factions. The Israeli military may launch another wave of airstrikes on the Palestinian region very soon.

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northerntruthseeker .

“Infiltration by Palestinian gunmen”??? I call bullshit on this one, and smell a Mossad rat…

The Palestinians holed up in that hell hole called Gaza know better than this, and therefore this one is definitely a Mossad led “attack” to get the bullshit Jew spew media onside to call for another brutal “crackdown” on the poor Palestinians in Gaza itself.

klove and light

satanic degenerate fucking jew Monsters…


klove and light

movement should be started worldwide….

Kill all jews….no matter what age…no matter Woman or man….kill them where you spot them!!!


Klove, you are a racist hateful idiot. Comment is flagged.



The European Jew told the world that he was not stealing anybody’s land but returning home that his ancestors left behind 2000 years ago. The European Jew had the nerve to make such a claim and he looks completely alien and completely out of place in the Middle East because he is alien to the Middle East


Palestinians are by far the primary decendents of the original Hebrew tribes. And they rejected Judaism long ago. As the world should so that it goes extinct.


You are absolutely correct Palestinians are the spawns of the Jews, their rejection of Judaism was half assed, they still keep many traditions which are rooted in the Talmud Palestinians are parasites who feed of the blood of the Ummah


Your comment doesn’t make sense. –



I would see that how US and UNSC preserve the self determination and human rights of Palestinians.


Isisrathell terrorists crossed into Palestine every single day!


and concentration camp gaza inmates, palestinians that the are, tried to cross into palestine, homeland for palestinians, and were killed by the concentration camp guards – says something about the amount of crimes against humanity the squatters are guilty of. that and much more but the fact that the squatters are allowed to operate a concentration camp (in broad daylight) a la dachau with not a peep from any outside government is just shamefuland the only difference between dachau/treblinka/auchwitz and gaza is that there is no IG Farben Zyclon B poisonous gas at work in gaza, that we know of – they shoot them instead, quicker and better.

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