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Eric Zuesse: “The Biggest Threat to US National Security Is the US Government”

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Written by Eric Zuesse; Originally appeared on strategic-culture.org

A dictatorship does not represent the public but only the aristocracy that, behind the scenes, controls the government.

Jonathan H. Adler, Professor at Case Western University School of Law, noted, regarding George W. Bush’s secret policy for the NSA to access everyone’s phone-records, that “The metadata collection program is constitutional (at least according to Judge Kavanaugh),” and he presented Judge Kavanaugh’s entire published opinion on that. Kavanaugh’s opinion stated that the 4th Amendment to the US Constitution could be shoved aside because he thinks that the ‘national security’ of the United States is more important than the Constitution. Kavanaugh wrote:

The Government’s program for bulk collection of 2 telephony metadata serves a critically important special need – preventing terrorist attacks on the United States… In my view, that critical national security need outweighs the impact on privacy occasioned by this program…

The Fourth Amendment allows governmental searches and seizures without individualized suspicion when the Government demonstrates a sufficient “special need” – that is, a need beyond the normal need for law enforcement – that outweighs the intrusion on individual liberty…

In sum, the Fourth Amendment does not bar the Government’s bulk collection of telephony metadata under this program.

Kavanaugh said that since the 4th Amendment excludes only “unreasonable” searches and seizures (such as seizures of all of this private information from everyone), it doesn’t exclude the “bulk collection of 2 telephony metadata” (collection of both phone numbers in each phone conversation from and/or to anyone in the United States), because a “critical national security need [“preventing terrorist attacks on the United States”] outweighs the impact on privacy occasioned by this program.”

Eric Zuesse: "The Biggest Threat to US National Security Is the US Government"

As a consequence, for each American, the US federal Government knows everyone whom you call, and who calls you — it knows all of your phone-contacts — and it does so because everything in the US Constitution can be overridden by any “critical national security need” such as “preventing terrorist attacks” such as occurred on 9/11, which attacks hadn’t at all been enabled by the then-existing lack of such police-state measures here. Kavanaugh’s opinion simply ignored that fact — didn’t even discuss it. Instead of that’s having produced the ‘intelligence failure’, the US Government — especially the US President — prior to 9/11, had refused to allow its agents to inform the US President of the actionable information that they had found and that they were struggling to get to him prior to the attacks. Bush didn’t want to know, until the attacks had already occurred. He demanded deniability.

As regards the reason why this police-state procedure which Kavanaugh backs is needed now, after 9/11 — though it had nothing to do with the 9/11 attacks (except for the latter’s having served in far-right-wingers’ propaganda such as Kavanaugh’s opinion, as being the alleged excuse for the ‘intelligence failure’), and though martial law hasn’t yet even been declared in the US — no one has publicly said anything. But is it really “reasonable” that the Government permanently stores all of this telephone-data from everyone, even if a given citizen does not, and in many instances doesn’t get to see it even on the phone-bill? Who actually benefits from this? It’s a severe situation that isn’t seriously being publicly discussed; such discussion is effectively banned in at least all of the major ’news’ media (which pretend to be concerned about protecting citizens’ most-basic rights — and not only about their own).

Judge Kavanaugh was appointed to the US Supreme Court by a President who has threatened to go to war against Russia if Russia follows through with its announced plan to exterminate the Al-Qaeda-led forces in the only province of Syria that is at least 90% in favor of Al Qaeda and/or of ISIS — the province that is well over 90% jihadists and their pre-war supporters; it’s by far the most-jihadist province in all of Syria. Consequently, this alleged opposition to “Radical Islamic Terrorism” on the part of candidate and now US President Donald Trump, the President who appointed Judge Kavanaugh to the highest court in the land, is entirely and blatantly fakeTrump and his allies support Al Qaeda in Syria, just as Obama did.

Three nations have been prominently alleged to have been the secret cause of the 9/11 attacks. One of them is Shiite Iran, which is the only Government that is accused by the US Government, and which the US Government has fined billions of dollars as having been the cause of the 9/11 attacks, even though there’s no credible evidence that Iran had planned those attacks, nor that Iran had financed either the planning or the execution of those attacks. Iran is instead a Government which the US Government had controlled during 1953-1979 and whose US-installed regime of torture became overthrown in 1979 during the Iranian Revolution against the US-installed Iranian regime, at which time both the fundamentalist-Sunni Sauds — the royal family who own Saudi Arabia — and the fundamentalist-Jewish aristocracy who control Israel, declared Iran to be an “existential threat” against themselves; and the US Government has both of those Governments as allies to overthrow this post-US-stooge Government of Iran.

In 1996, Saudi Prince Bandar bin Sultan al-Saud and his friend FBI Director Louis Freeh managed to blame the 1996 bombing of the Khobar Towers in Saudi Arabia not on the fundamentalist-Sunni US-and-Saudi-created Al Qaeda, which were widely thought to have done it, but instead on Iran, which both the US and Saudi Governments hated; and the retiring Freeh then recommended Robert Mueller to replace himself, and the retiring Robert Mueller recommended James Comey to replace himself, and thus all three FBI Directors endorsed the Saudi accusation against Iran, that Iran was behind the Khobar Towers bombing, even though no reliable evidence has yet been supplied that Iran had had anything at all to do with it. Mueller himself had a long history as the aristocracy’s master of cover-ups designed to misdirect blame either sideways or else downward but always away from the actual culprits and especially away from the culprits at the very top of the given criminal or traitorous operation. He’s the master of ‘investigative’ deception, serving the aristocracy, not the public. Wherever there are aristocratic conflicts to be resolved by lawyers, it’s almost never good guys versus bad guys but almost always monsters versus monsters. The US and its allies are simply bullies who lie, psychopathically.

All recent US Presidents say that “Iran is the top state sponsor of terrorism”, even though (other than against Israel) all or nearly all Islamic terrorism has been perpetrated by fundamentalist Sunnis (such as Saudis), and virtually none by any Shiites at all.

Many Americans who oppose the US Government, but who aren’t intelligent, say that instead Israel caused the 9/11 attacks, even though no reliable evidence has been cited for that allegation, either, and much of the ‘evidence’ that is cited for it is fraudulent or otherwise disprovable. Israel (like the Sauds) is an enemy of the American people, but (unlike the Sauds) it didn’t cause 9/11. Osama bin Laden’s financial bagman, when asked where the money came from to pay the “salaries” of all Al Qaeda members, said “Without the money of the — of the Saudi, you will have nothing” of Al Qaeda.

The evidence is overwhelming that the Sauds financed the 9/11 attacks and that George W. Bush and some of his friends were also involved in it but were careful to make sure they had deniability — ignorance of the advance details — so as not to be able to be nailed for their advance involvement in the arrangements that had been made for the attacks. Bush, of course, relied on a close staff that included not only FBI director Mueller but Brett Kavanaugh, the current Supreme Court nominee by Donald Trump — and Trump had been elected after a Presidential campaign in which he had pretended to loathe the Bushes and their — and Obama’s — policies. Trump overturns the least-bad of Obama’s policies, but is otherwise simply an even bolder fascist than those two Presidents had been.

This is entirely a bipartisan matter — the same US aristocracy controls all American political Parties that have any chance of ruling the nation. For example, the opinion by Judge Kavanaugh was the only opinion that was published from any of the 11 judges though the ruling by the Court was unanimous. Among the ten other judges was the Chief Judge, Merrick Garland, whom President Obama subsequently appointed to the US Supreme Court and the Republicans blocked from being considered by the full Senate. President Obama was a defendant in this particular case, and all 11 judges on it ruled in his favor. If the Chief Judge had been the lone one to rule against him, then perhaps the Chief Judge (Garland) would not have been appointed (exactly four months later, on 16 March 2016) by the President to the Supreme Court. Garland was rejected by the Republicans because the President who appointed him labeled himself with the competing brand. The minor differences between US Supreme Court judges nowadays are the differences that separate the two political brands, not actually differences in basic beliefs or values, though the propaganda by the competing brands pretends to basic differences between them. Anyone who opposes the existing secret rule by the aristocracy won’t even be appointed, much less confirmed. This is today’s American ‘democracy’.

So, clearly, just as the US regime and its ‘news’ media had lied to say that Saddam Hussein needed to be eliminated because he possessed and was building up “WMD” and even nuclear weapons; and just as Muammar Qaddafi was similarly slaughtered on the basis of US-and-allied lies; and just as those and other US invasions — such as in Syria and in Yemen — have made America and the world vastly worse-off except for the US weapons-makers such as Lockheed Martin and the other US ‘Defense’ Department’s contractors and the US extraction firms such as ExxonMobil and Halliburton which gained new sources of lands to strip of their natural resources by means of such military invasions, the biggest threat to US national security is the US Government itself — and especially its military, which spends around half of the entire world’s military budget each year.

As part of this growing US police-state, every phone call that anyone in the US participates in is information that this regime has (since 9/11) been collecting on that individual. We are all ‘national security’ suspects, now. The US Government isn’t only the chief enemy of Iraqis, and of Libyans, and of Syrians, and of Iranians, and of Yemenis, and of Afghans, and of Russians, and of Chinese, etc.; it is also the chief enemy of the American people (though it doesn’t cause us hell like it causes the residents in those target-countries). And it is the chief enemy of Europeans, too. More recently, the US Government has, in effect, even declared economic war against Europe.

President Barack Obama said, and repeated many times, that the United States is “the one indispensable nation” — meaning that all others are “dispensable.” Adolf Hitler had said essentially the same thing about Germany; and, like recent US Presidents, he acted accordingly. Today’s US Government is the enemy of FDR’s US Government, and is not only the enemy of America’s Founders, in these and so many other basic matters. Today’s America is the fascist United States Government. All “dispensable” countries deal with that top fascist one, in whatever way the given nation’s aristocracy chooses to deal with it. Most aristocracies choose to share, however they can, in the Empire’s (the US aristocracy’s) loot from this military, propaganda, and extraction, system. But some other “dispensable” nations resist the US aristocracy. And some others are quiet, on the sidelines, for as long as they can be there, to avoid their becoming targets themselves. Dealing with such a bully is difficult for everyone.

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The whole Kavanaugh/Ford circus was an effective smoke screen to prevent those rare few US politicians and public figures from pointing out the fact that the guy that is suppose to protect US Constitution and rights and liberties of each and every US citizen is the very same guy that crapped on that very same Constitution and wiped his ass with The Bill of Rights. And those actions were then applauded by both Republicans and Democrats. Both voted for Homeland security Acts, wars with Iraq, Libya, Syria, tolerated and defended torture, rendition and concept of “illegal combatants”…And every other conceivable war crime that Kavanaugh tried to embellish with a thin and transparent veneer of legality. And now the politicians are paying him back the favor, with a life long opportunity to keep decreasing what’s left of personal liberty in the US. In a normal country Kavanaugh wouldn’t be let within a mile of a serious Judaical post. Then again It is America we’re talking about so…


Switzerland is a haven of black money account holders i.e. of International corrupt politicians. They are the notorious banksters of all times of Switzerland.


Benjanyahu want to visit Moscow. Due to his aggression on Latakia Russia lost IL-20 and 15 servicemen. Now the question is that Putin will allow the US and UK this stooge Benjanyahu to cross the border of Russia to visit Moscow.

A child butcher and a terrorist will now negotiate for other countries. His existence in this world is also a big question.


I don’t agree with article author that no evidence exists implicating Israel and Jews in 911. I’ve posted a lot of it here on these threads for many months. If you go to the link that he uses to support his contention. It’s an article by him about the dancing Israelis which is a minor side issue that I’ve never even addressed. That does nothing to disprove all of the evidence that Zionist Jews were up to their eyeballs in what happened.

Hisham Saber

The author is a ‘ gate-keeper ‘ Zionist shill.

Val Shadowhawk

Obviously the Author of the Article is another zionist gatekeeper.


Hmmm..so it is only the unintelligent anti-government people that believe that Israel is responsible? What a load of propaganda horse-hockey. Never mind all the intel that was ditched, permanently, along with the careers of several FBI investigators that thought they actually worked for the security of the US. Yes, dancing Israelis with cameras (for documenting) and Israelis with vans full of explosives, Israelis jamming radio signals, infiltrating FBI, NSA comms, Israelis back in Israel remarking just how good this will be for Israel. All this is BS according to this author(who uses links to his own articles). Yes, it was all GW and the Saudis. That all this was laid at the feet of a dead man, who had to be re-killed later, is also a non-sequitur. I say where there is smoke, there is likely to be a fire…and Israel looks like a smoking pre-eruption volcano. That he brings out info about Kavanaugh is only to look sincere…then states that Israel is the enemy of the US, while promoting the Israeli Zionist agenda of their ‘innocence’ regarding 9/11….

S Melanson

Well said and spot on. You have captured the essence of common tactics used in writing a psyop plant. The author makes little effort to conceal his apologetics for Israel – like you, the absolving of Israel of any involvement in 9/11 set off the red flags like a screeching dissonant chord in the middle of bedtime lullaby – which is a psyop no-no… unless done intentionally and this seems intentional.

So what is the agenda behind this propagandist peice? With psyop plants, one looks at how the article starts – conditions the reader to have the ‘right’ mental disposition for vulnerability to the articles tricks to remould opinion – the title of the article is often used to accomplish this and set the tone which is the US government is the enemy of the United States citizenry.

Then look at how the article ends (final paragraph). Usually the ending is to reinforce the thesis introduced at the beginning of the article – the US government is the enemy of the United States (citizenry) – and this the author does but extends the thesis – the United States is the enemy of the whole world since all nations, including allies of the US are dispensable as the US Is the ONLY indispensable nation – the ultimate expression of exceptionalism.

Given that the enemy is not the United States, it is the government of the United States specifically with all other nations and the US citizenry under threat from the ‘bully’, it is literally the world against the US government.

The author does make clear that the US government is controlled by an aristocracy but who these people are is left vague – the focus is the power of the US government and its military. Basically, destroy the US government (military- the author makes the point US military equals rest of world in expenditure) and you destroy the source of power and thus remove the destabilizing force in the world. The aristocracy is left vague I think because it could be any elite group, the problem is supreme power in the hands of any one group – such power is dangerous and needs to be destroyed.

Note that while not explicitly stated, Israel is also ‘dispensible’, meaning the US will turn on Israel should it suit US interests. This is unacceptable to Israel and so the author, if an Israeli shill, appears to be attempting to marshall the world to rise up and oppose the US government as it is the one true enemy. But there is a clue that this article has a particular audience. Certainly the equating of US exceptionalism with Hitler was no accident as this would hit a nerve in countries trampled under the boots of Hitlers soldiers. And it is Russia that suffered more than any other nation. Considering the suffering of the Jews, it implies Israel and Russia have common cause here.

To me, the author is warning Russia that it is the US government that is the enemy and not Israel. Importantly, the author makes clear enough that the US government is also the enemy of Israel and so Russia and Israel have a common enemy that presents the greatest threat to their security interests and therefore, they have COMMON CAUSE to oppose this threat together as the threat supersedes by far their own differences.

Why should the Russians trust Israel given the close relationship between US and Israel. No doubt there are serious trust issues recently laid bare but the author uses his best two by four over the head to make the point that Israel can be trusted to oppose the US ‘nazis’ shoulder to shoulder with Russia.

Too bad Israel so blatantly supplied the nazis in Ukraine with weapons.


Thank you for the rather succinct reply. As usual, you laid their BS wide open. I wish there were more that questioned so-called ‘friendly’ articles that are nothing but more meme control. But that is their way…war by way of deception.


I notice here that a lot of the reader-commenters haven’t even cared enough to click onto the links here and check out for themselves the overwhelming evidence that 9/11 was an inside job by George W. Bush and his friends, especially Prince Bandar bin Sultan al-Saud and the other Saud Princes, each of whom had donated over a million dollars to Al Qaeda. Apparently, the readers here don’t care about evidence and are willing to be deceived, as my link showed that the believers in the “Israel did it” narrative on 9/11 all are. As I’ve said repeatedly, Israel is an enemy of the American people. But it didn’t do the 9/11 attacks.


You may have said it repeatedly, but that doesn’t make you right. When you can explain all the issues raised in connection to Israel, you might have an argument. Until then you convince only yourself. The author cites his own articles, not exactly a professional approach. He does not fully explain anything, other than to say ‘they didn’t do it’. Many of the things he dismisses are documented, yet he dismisses them anyway. Israel has facilitated operations with the KSA since the 80s. It is you that are ignoring the facts of Israeli collusion. The ‘evidence’ that KSA did it is not overwhelming, as it is a red herring. Is it your opinion that Israel did not purposely attack the Liberty as well?

S Melanson

Your post shows you understand the approach to examining articles with a critical eye. What I like is how you are to the point and offer a clear explanation – citing own articles as evidence for their opinion is unprofessional (and lacks objectivity and rigour), lack of rigour – just states opinion and ignores documented facts that might contradict the author. This is how public opinion is manufactured.


“However, this is changing as the public wakes up.”….god, I hope so. Wait until you run across NWOD’s posts. You’ll have to learn to control your gag reflexes.


“Today’s US Government is the enemy of FDR’s US Government.”
Today’s US Government is the RESULT of FDR’s US Government.


Zuesse does great work but the Israel is innocent of 9/11 sentence thrown in there proves he is indeed a liar and shill after all.

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