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Erdogan Vows New Military Operations In Syria

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Erdogan Vows New Military Operations In Syria

Source: anadoluajansi.com

Turkish President Recep Erdogan has announced that Ankara is now preparing new military operations in Syria.

“We have completed the first phase of the Euphrates Shield Operation with the cleaning of Syria’s al-Bab from terrorists. It is now over and there will be [operations] from now on. Right now, we are preparing for new operations to walk all over terror organizations in other regions. We will give new names to new operations. We have very good surprises for all terror groups, including the PKK [Kurdistan Workers’ Party], YPG [the People’s Protection Units], DEASH [ISIS], FETÖ [Fethullahist Terror Organization], waiting for the spring. With God’s will, the upcoming months will be the dead winter of terrorists while it will be the spring of Turkey and the Turkish nation,” Hurriyetdailynews quoted Erdogan’s statement on a rally in the province of Trabzon on Monday.

Erdogan’s statement clearly shows that Turkey is not going to limit its military involvement in the Syrian crisis, even if Ankara has already announced that its Operation Euphrates Shield is finished.

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Trustin Judeau

And I think some of them will be proxy operations . Turkey and the other countries are creating some new moderate army .

Jonathan Cohen

Turkish controlled areas will only have abortion rights if they are annexed, and certainly not if they are left under the control of proxies like Al Qaeda allies, so I don’t know what to make of the green map areas; Southfront needs multiple colors to replace green because green means too many different things at this point, especially relating to likely abortion rights.

Daniel Castro

The fact is everything that isn’t under SDF and Syrian Government control should be black, they are all DAESH, including and specially places controled directly by USA army.

Solomon Krupacek

go to the hell with abortion rights! here and now is not place for your masturbation!


Abortion rights? And color coded maps? Err, is this some sort of a logic puzzle?

Brandon Thompson

They will go after Tel rifaat.

Bill Wilson

Tayyip will quit once his forces start experiencing heavy losses. That may happen within the first days depending where his forces decide to enter.


This guy doesn’t know where stop. I think that he want war in his country. He believes that they still have a powerful army. He think like his ancestors Sultans. He will destroy his country. May God have mercy on his soul because people ho will fight his army they won’t have any mercy on him. I hope he will think twice before acting.

Hanny Benny

many turks prefer the civilwar to get “TURKEY BIGGER AND STRONGER”…
let us see what’s in the end ;)


Time for Turkish regime change and partition!?
What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.


The US will then face decision time. ‘ Oi vey, Vot to do , Vot to do ).

Does the US allow the Kurds to be exterminated of does the US attack another NATO member?

If the US does not stop Turkey the assault on Raqqa is dead in the water unless the US puts thousands of its boots on the ground and even then the US would be viewed as an occupation force by the Kurds.

If the latter scenario played out the US would need lots of body bags and I would need lots of popcorn.


Hopefully Erdodog is just making a lot of noise for the home audience.
What good surprise does he have in store for Daesh?
Maybe to help them out by diverting SDF forces away from Raqqa!

gfsdyughjgd .

USA/Nato Judas Lucifer Erdogan wants another destabilization with siding clearly with terrorist.He destroys every gains of the Syrian army.Which God is he serving my God is Jesus.Written in shura 19 Koran that Jesus is the son of GOD.kORAN chapter 10 verse 94.Nobody likes this stupid pork Erdogan.


Are you ok? Or just a retarded reader, Or a Troll??? You have not read the Quran , have you? It is surah not Shura and Quran states, God does not and never did take a son, Glory on to him, He has neither been begotten or beget….. Stop eating pork, it has been forbidden from Abraham to Moses to Jesus to Muhammed …


And most pork is produced with then ‘help’ of lots of added testosterone to the day it is slaughtered.. think about that one.. makes for plenty of Cialis and Viagra sales.. aggressive females and half sterile balding males.


Ignorant fool of an imbecile nation you are , and a very evident one at that..
You have been watching too much porn and drinking too much flouride, while vaccinated for hepatite i bet…
Or did you write yourself new “bible” too…
Think about that…. Foul mouthed troll !
As my christian brothers would denounce the likes of you..

Learn manners


Darling, you have a rather mean temperament, perhaps you should reassess what is being said, I just pointed out another aspect of the pork situation that is mind changing. Impurities come by many forms and have many affects.

gfsdyughjgd .

In the begining was it word and the word was with God and the word was God.Jesus is God.God send his only son to the world so that who ever belief in him must be safe.

gfsdyughjgd .

I dont care whatever hell you call it but Jesus is God.Read Qur’an 10 verse 94.


But i do agree, erDOGan is a follower of devillish games, he is totally going against Quranic sharia law, by murdering innocents and stealing, lying hourly, daily, weekly, monthly. . He will be punished with Hell that is promised on to hypocrites stated in Quran..


notice how he said he will go after all those groups except HTS, al-Nusra, and jaish al-islam


These are his terrorists, so their (quote) “good surprise” is a check in the mail and more munitions shipped to them across the Turkish border.
Erdogan is a lying snake for sure!


True. But history is full of examples of one man’s terrorist is another man’s hero. It’s also full of the enemy of my enemy is my friend. It’s also full of dictators and oppressors labeling their opponents terrorists. And of governments themselves resorting to terrorizing their own civilians, of those of their enemies.

It’s a murky world out there.


Erdogan made the decision to wage war on Russia, de facto


Na.. The Syrian Air Force will do.. They gt better every day and those thermo-barics are awesome. The TOS systems also make for some mighty fine hits.. https://www.liveleak.com/view?i=550_1491335420


Russia responsibility is to stop this guy immediately ! do not make excuse (cooperation against terrorists, no more jokes !). If Russia wants to make busines with a member of NATO, who shut down one of his planes, who still help terrorists…well, there is something to think about.

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