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JULY 2020

Erdogan: Turkish Army Is Ready To Take “Necessary Steps” Towards Referendum In Iraqi Kurdistan


Erdogan: Turkish Army Is Ready To Take "Necessary Steps" Towards Referendum In Iraqi Kurdistan

FILE IMAGE: aa.com.tr

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has announced that the Turkish Army deployed on the border with Iraq’s Kurdistan Region is ready to take “necessary steps” towards the region that holds an independence referendum.

Erdogan added that the separatist movement as “unacceptable at this time” and political, economic, trade and security steps will be taken over the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) actions.

On Monday morming, voting started at polls in the area controlled by the KRG’s military forces, Peshmerga, in northern Iraq.



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  • Zainab Ali

    actions speak louder than words … kurdistan is doomed before it ever started

    • Barba_Papa

      Unless you have means to receive resupply, like Israel did in 1948, its probably not smart to start your path to independence when completely surrounded by hostile states. And pissing them off!

      (Samuel L. Jackson voice) Diplomacy, motherfuckers! It’s more then just a word with a high wordfeud letter count! (/Samuel L. Jackson voice)

      • Rodger

        Much more difficult to resupply if you’re a landlocked country.

        • cortisol

          USA and Israel are resupplying with air supply, but Turks and Russians could place a no fly zone over the new US puppet, after the rest of Isis is driven off to mama Langley and papa Pentagon.

          • Dicksonrp

            Plus…hopefully the Russian base in Deir Ezzor can be fully operational with a few S-400 batteries for protection…when these americunt/jhouish resupply planes comes in…

        • Barba_Papa

          My point exactly.

      • Terra Cotta Woolpuller

        Yep, only 4 countries can make that decision and the US is not one of them. They could unless the US decides to give them Alaska they can be included on that discussion on …. Alaska. But then again it would include other countries like Canada and Russia another lose lose situation for the US.

    • MD Ranix

      illegitimate entities are always in the lose lose situation – it is a matter of how deep in hell they go – the only win will be entry to hell

    • Freespirit

      Why was it ok for Europeans to occupy North America, many parts of
      Africa ( most notably South), Australia and PALESTINE ( Yes those
      European Jews are White) BUT NOT ok for the Kurds to do the same in an
      area of their choice ???

      I am not saying I agree but to disagree with the Kurds you must also disagree with Europeans AND those European JEWS ! One must be CONISTENT

      I do, by the way, disagree with anyone or group OCCUPYING another land and claiming it

      It is called INVASION not settlement

  • Freespirit

    If the Zionists don’t back down, there WILL be all out war and they WILL lose. It, fortunately will mean the END of ISRAEL, THANKFULLY and that is the GOOD part.

    The terrible part will be DEVASTATION for mankind , if Israel is stupid enough to use their Nukes. because NUKES will come back to them, also