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JUNE 2021

Erdogan: Turkish Army Is Ready For Its Next Mission Against “Terrorist Organizations”

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Erdogan: Turkish Army Is Ready For Its Next Mission Against "Terrorist Organizations"

By the Turkish Army, Click to see full-size image

On May 6, Turkey’s President  Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that the Turkish Army is ready to launch a new cross-border military operation against the “terrorist organizations” after the early Parliament and Presidential election that will be held in Turkey on June 24.

“We will not give up on constricting terrorist organizations. In the new period, Turkey will add new ones to the Euphrates Shield and Olive Branch operations in order to clear its borders … We shattered the terror corridor being formed on our southern border with these operations. Our soldiers, who lastly wrote an epic in Afrin, are ready for new missions,” Erdogan said during a public speech in the city of Istanbul in which he revealed the ruling Justice and Development Party’s (AKP) manifesto, according Reuters.

Turkey launched its first military operation in Syria, codenamed “Euphrates Shield,” in late 2016 and managed to capture large areas in the northern Syrian province of Aleppo from ISIS. Later, in early 2018 the Turkish Army launched its second military operation in the war torn country, codenamed “Olive Branch”, this time against the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) and successfully captured the strategic Afrin area.

Some analysts suggested that the next military operation of Turkey may be against the remaining fighters of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) in northern Iraq. However, Syrian observers believe that the upcoming Turkish operation will likely be against the former branch of al-Qaeda – Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) – in the Syrian province of Idlib.

The Turkish President vowed to clear the northern Syrian city of Manbij from the YPG on several occasions earlier this year. However, the deployment of the US-led coalition’s troops there forced Ankara to take a diplomatic path in order to solve the Manbij crisis.

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Something to consider; Turkey would never risk war with either the US or Russia. So it is very possible these are just idle words.


Not with Russia , you comics-figure, Turkey will have a clash WITH ISRAEL, because the IDF will bomb Erdogan’s troops to help the MOSSAD-agent Barzani and his Kurdish YPG.
And that in parallel to an attack on the IRANIANS in Syria… and PUTIN will sit and look like he always does when ISRAEL bombs somebody in Syria.

I guess PUTIN wants to marry Bibi…
Now go and ask your superior officer if I found out what will happen there

Alexander Lyapunov

Erdogan will do no such thing against his jewish masters. You dont attack the hand that feeds you.


Turkey has actually had relatively good relations with Barzani, barring the failed referendum in Iraq. I think you’re a bit confused about the geopolitics of the region. The kurds themselves are not homogenous and have splintered factions with different goals.


Turkey plays ITS OWN game there and ISRAEL doesn’t like that. Bibi asked PUTIN to stay out of the Israeli- attacks in Syria, that means that EVEN ERDOGAN’s TURKS will be bombed by the ISRAELIS to help their MOSSAD-crap, the YPG-leader BARZANI. I’m really sorry for that KURDS:L if they aren’t BS-ed by the Western “Democracies”, they are BS-ed by their own leaders, that sell them to ISRAEL.


“However, Syrian observers believe that the upcoming Turkish operation
will likely be against the former branch of al-Qaeda – Hay’at Tahrir
al-Sham (HTS) – in the Syrian province of Idlib.”

Somehow I seriously doubt this. Turkey has never fought against HTS and in fact has established “observation posts” in towns completely controlled by HTS in complete coordination with HTS.

Whoever these “syrian observers” are, they clearly don’t understand anything about what is going on in Syria.


Well actually u are wrong! AAsham is a turkish Proxy and they have been fighting against HTS for a very long time! Maybe u dont know all the different rebel clans and who they are backed by! In wars, people generally switch sides due to certain outcomes! The writing was on the wall after the SAA Aleppo Victory! The DeZ victory was the Exclamation mark!
Even Qatar who was the number 1 backer of ISIS switched sides! They bought 20%of Rosneft! Saudi Arabia licked Putin’s ass in Moscow (pay off)!
Turkey /Erdogan are interested in land! If u research Erdogan u will know he wants his Ottoman empire back! Idlib is a land grab and he may just get northern Idlib for his participation in this war!
U can take it to the bank! Turkey will combat HTS in Idlib via AAsham and Turkey’s own soldiers! Why in the hell do u think they set up “observation points” all over Idlib?
I cant believe u said “i seriously doubt this”! Its practically spelled out on the chess board!
Are u feeling OK?


What do you mean am I feeling ok? I feel fine, I just got back from work a few hours ago and my girlfriend cooked me some dinner. What about you? How are you feeling?

And what is AAsham? Is that a semi acronym for Ahrar al-sham? or are you referring to some other group?


Yes, AASham is a commonly used acronym that is used as much as HTS etc!

AASham (FSA/ moderate rebels) and HTS (confirmed terrorist group) have been competing for some time now and aligning when it was necessary!

HTS depends greatly upon turkey’s cooperation for re-arming via Turkey’s border, however, priority is given to AASham now that the tide of the war has changed!

So as turkey shifts towards alignment with russia, so too does AASham! Hence AASham fighting against the SDF and HTS not doing much at all against the SDF! (This is common knowledge)

So as for idlib there is currently infighting going on within some groups who are not totally loyal to HTS and have joined and split as time moves forward! These alignments occurring so as not to be swallowed up by the “top dog” so to speak. Once labelled “moderate rebels” now come under the umberella of HTS “terrorists”!

Common knowledge illustrated for about 1.5 years on almost all syrian war maps show the “light green and “dark green” colours of the 2 major players in idlib. AASham and HTS!

We know they have been fighting for 1.5 years (since the turn of the tied). We know only AASham participated in the war against the SDF! We know they combat HTS and compete for check points within Idlib province!

So lets do the math….
AASham fights and competes for land in Idlib against HTS!
AASham fights against SDF, HTS does not!
Turkey supports AASham with its own turkish military!
Turkey is coordinating with Russia on peace talks, agreements, weapons purchases!
Turkey has agreed with russia’s permission to infiltrate Afrin and Idlib (a deal made to help turkey and Russia’s interests)
turkey MAY HAVE ended its access to weapons transits for HTS!
Turkey sets up observation points within Idlib which can be seen as a peace keeping mission or a tactical move for a planned infiltration of Idlib!

So if turkey has set up these posts and AASham has begun fighting HTS, then one can presume that turkey intends to take over this province in order for Russian and Syrian forces to able to contend with other threats!

Turkey cannot be in Syria without Russian permission! We have seen this when russia created a no fly zone for a few days! Therefore russia is calling the shots! What kind of shots would Russia want to call?

Russia would want Turkey to either de-conflict Idlib or allow them to start an offensive against HTS to help tie them up for the SAA! Turkey takes northern Idlib (30km from Turkey’s border) and SAA takes southern Idlib!

In the mean time the SAA and allies contend with other pockets, the SDF and Israeli / USA threats!

Saying that turkey has never fought against HTS is just narrow minded! Of course these “rebels” fight for reasons, other wise why fight at all! Turkey is likely done profiting from HTS and now has switched to “plan B! Russia’s plan”!

Hope ur bitch is a good cook!


AASham is NOT a commonly used acronym. In fact, you’re like one of very few if not the only person on the internet that uses this so called “acronym”. A simple google search for “HTS rebels” references Hayat Tahrir Al-Sham on multiple search results across a wide variety of sources with more than 800,000 results. Other than some of your comments on SouthFront and a comment or 2 on some reddit threads, hardly anyone uses the term “AASham”.

The notion that Turkey would do Russia/Assad’s bidding and start an assault on HTS is highly unlikely. Yes, they have preferences for so called “moderate” (LOL) headchoppers like Ahrar al Sham and Jaish Al Islam, but it is pure delusion to suggest that Ahrar al-sham has “pivoted” towards Russia. More like they are just saving their own ass and repositioning themselves in a strategic location where they have a greater chance of resisting further assaults by the SAA in the future.

Turkey couldnt and cannot provide support to enclaves like eastern ghouta, Qalamoun, south Damascus, Northern Homs, or even Daraa. On the other hand, with the presence of Turkish troops dispersed amongst the rebel diaspora in Idlib, Afrin and northern Aleppo, the rebel groups + Turkey are likely counting on the fact that they will be able to portray Assad and the Russians as the “aggressors” in a public relations campaign and on the world stage in case of any future campaign by the SAA against Idlib, and have also made the calculation that Russia will hesitate to use its air force against rebels groups in the future in territories where Turkish troops are dispersed among them.

Turkey is looking out for its own geopolitical interests, which to this very day remain the deposition of Assad, or at the very least the preservation of the Salafist opposition groups as a sort of proxy against its adversaries while trying to extract geopolitical concessions from them (both the SDF and the Assad government), all in the broader context of its dream of restoring some of its Ottoman dominion over neighboring states. They are only using the Astana political process to gain some leverage and pursue their own agenda, not because they are “pivoting” towards Russia. Turkey is no friend of Russia, they are just partners when it is convenient to serving their own interests.

Just about the only thing Russia, Turkey and Iran agree on is the established of deescalation zones, which have been partially successful in putting a lul in the fighting and allowing the Salafist groups to coalesce into northern Syria, which Turkey can use as proxies against the SDF and as a bulwark against future SAA campaigns. However the notion that Turkey in any way sees eye to eye with Russia/Iran/Syria on how to resolve the Syrian conflict after the remaining smaller pockets have been cleared is pure delusion. It is not narrow minded at all to say that Turkey has never fought against HTS. This is just a simple observation of the facts on the ground. That Turkey favors some headchoppers over others doesn’t really change this fact. Unless Turkish backed rebels receive direct Turkish military support in a campaign against HTS similar to “operation Olive Branch” or Turkish troops directly engage in combat with HTS, the point still stands. I am willing to bet that this will not happen.

As for my bitch and her cooking, both she and myself are of Pakistani origin. She understands very well that in our culture if dinner is not properly cooked, a severe beating from me is on the menu.


your first statement “AASham is NOT a commonly used acronym”!

BULLSHIT!! We have been using this accronym here on southfront since this group appeared!

We use AN (al-Nusra) DeZ (DeirEzzour) HTS, SAA, IRGC, JAI, FSA, ISUS (Israel and US and be used sarcastically as Terror group isis)

These are just to name a few! So if u have only just come to this website in the last 12 months THEN YOU ARE A NEWBIE!!!! And Newbies dont get to say what is common or not! WE ALL KNOW WHAT AASham stands for so tell your story walking sweet heart!


It is NOT bullshit. Who is “we”? Its just you bitch. I am having trouble finding anyone who uses “AASham” when referring to Ahrar al-Sham other than “Justin”. And hardly anyone at all uses it outside of Southfront.

I am aware of the other acronyms you mentioned, and yes, those are all commonly used, by many people (although AN isn’t used as often as simply the shorthand “Nusra”).

And for the record, this group “appeared” well before Southfront even existed, and hardly anyone (probably noone) used AASham before summer of 2017. In fact, hardly anyone has used that so called “acronym” since. You seem to be the only one, and you yourself have only used it a few dozen times over the course of months.

“Yes, AASham is a commonly used acronym that is used as much as HTS etc”?


Let’s see here:

Google search —-> “AASham” site:southfront.org

comment image

Lets see… 30 results… and EVERY single of the links where “AASham” is used… its used by…. *drum roll*…. JUSTIN!

Congratulations, bitch, you made up an “acronym” that virtually noone else uses, used it a few times on one site and now proclaim to me how “pervasive” it is “just like HTS”.

So let’s google HTS, shall we?

Google search —> HTS site:southfront.org

comment image

Hmm… 3130 results, just from southfront alone.

Now let’s broaden our search a little.

Google search —-> HTS rebels

comment image



Google search —-> AASham rebels

comment image

Just a few thousand results, and by browsing the first few pages of the results, most have nothing to do with the Syrian civil war, and “aasham” isn’t even used as an acronym. Except of course by some fucking nobody named “Justin” on southfront, a few mentions on reddit, and less than 5 relevant hashtags on twitter over the course of the past 6 fucking years.

And by the way, I have been on this site since sometime Spring of 2016, a little over 2 years. It was around the time Erdogan apologized for the shootdown of the Russian plane and started sucking Putin’s dick, and have been on this site to keep up with the latest details of the course of the war and territorial changes since. You’re the ONLY person on this site that I have ever seen use the so called “Acronym” AASham, and you’ve only done it a few times since last September.

No mention of AASham since 2015 till the end of August 2017

comment image

First results are from September (mentioned 3 times that month, and only by you).

comment image

News flash, moron, if your “acronym” is 6 letters long and only reduces the full name by 5 characters in length, its not much use as an “acronym”. This is precisely why its not commonly used, and has not been adopted by anyone else. You’re apparently the only one using it. Pathetic!

And you say I’m the one that’s going to be embarassed?

Get the fuck out of here.


nice how u avoid my question on “why do u even care”?
AAsham (or as other use “sham”) is far easier to write than 13 (yes 13) keyboard strokes (which in clude hitting the space bar and the hyphen)

So how does one COMMUNICATE the group “Ahrar al-Sham” by using an acronym?

Is “sham” ok? How about “AAS” i choose AAsham and it fucking works! Even u understood it! and ur life is sooo pathetic that u attack people for their acronyms? Is this who u are? U want to then go on a google search to see how often the wordis used and then say “bullshit, only YOU use it therefore na na naa.na .. na naaaim write”!


Are u a fucking child?

What exactly is your problem with me using AASHAM????

Have u search Syria.liveuamap? (u fucking stalker loser)

Exposing people for their secret support of ISIS or their hypocrisy on racial slurs when they themselves have been guilty of it is ONE THING….. but to go on a rant about someones use of an Acronym is just fucking insane! You competely dropped the original discussion on AASHAM vsHTS upcoming war! U dropped it so fast that now i suspect u have a fear of “being wrong”!

Did ur mother hug u as a child?

U have literally exposed urself dude! u will completely ignore the path u just went on! U were hell bent on proving that an acronym wasnt commonly used anywhere on the internet (and u didnt show proof on liveuamap) AS IF IT FUCKING MATTERS!

U urself understood he acronym right? Yes u did! So am i wrong to use it?
Howmany keyboard strokes in AASham? how many keyboard strokes in “Ahrar al-Sham” can u count? 6 vs 13…..

are u telling me i should use “sham” instead? would it make u happy u fucking word Nazi!

Dude u are a piece of shit!






“honey, there is this guy on south front who really annoys me, he was using this acronym “AASahm” that isnt commonly used! He says it is so what i did was search on google and the only time its used is by him. then he tried to escape my investigation by saying its used on liveuamap so i did a full google search and i cant find it therefore proving my point i am right and he is wrong! He then threw a curve ball at me stating that most people use “sham” and of course this is much harder to search because the word “sham” is apart of the full word “Ahrar al-Sham” thus making more search much more rigorous! so hat i did was count how many letters the word “AAsham” uses and thus belittled the person y stating that an acronym is no good if it uses this many letters! his acronym uses 6 letters honey! YES 6″

Wife” WHOAAAA OMG 6″???

Hamster: Yes 6! and the full word is 11 characters! Tell me why on earth would someone use an acronym that is more than half the full words letter account! It just doesnt make sense honey which proves even more so of how right i am!”

Wife: Did u get your endorphine fix sweety”?

Hamster: “Yes i did just as soon as i hit enter! I slept like a baby after that! But then something happened”

Wife: “What sweety”

Hamster:” he stated that letter cunts do not matter and that keyboard hits do…. therefore including the sace bar hits and the Hyphen there is 13 keyboard hits compared to 6. this COULD ARGUABLY give him the justification to use this acronym”

Wife: ” so what will u do now”

Hamster: “ill do some reasrech on acroyms and their uses and if its legal to make ur own! If they are allowed under free speech ill research on logical uses and letter counts! If i cant find anything on that ill revert back to his “common use” statement because i think ive got him on that one”

Wife:” well whatever u do honey just do ur best. just dont forget to kiss the kids good night and try not to let it get to u”

Hmaster” oh, dont worry honey, its not affecting me at all. im just trying to make a point! We cant allow people like this to get away with making up false allegations! its my duty to police the internet and call people out on these kinds of things”.

Hamster….. told u most people use “SHAM” and that most of these acronyms are made on the most popular board syria.liveuamap.com

I use AAsham!


Newbies like you dont somethimes dont get what Sham is! they may think someone meant shameand didnt quite hit the “E” on the keyboard!

But i care Hamster, i truly fucking care! So i use AAsham(which i have seen people use on liveuamap)

i did not invent the fucking acronym! I just use it because it makes the most sense cos i hate typing these arabic words!

YOU yourself understood it!

Im curious about ur psycology!

U actually took the time to state that this acornym i was using was an issue! U really pushed on it LIKE IT MATTERED! You completely dropped the HTS vs AAsham war! Why? Why did this word mean so much to u? U pushed and u pushed hard! u invested time and research and passion! u tried to mock its 6 letter usage! Why does this matter to u so much?

Hamster…. u need to see a head doctor! truly u do! u are spending too much time on ur computer and u have become what is known as a keyboard warrior! U are basically exposing ur extremely bad traits!

U may think this is a personal attack but its not! i am actually concerned about people like u! A FUCKING WORD … HAMSTER! A WORD!!!!!!!!

Take a step back and look at the bigger picture!

You have an ego problem! u think u are exposing something big? u exposed nothing other than yourself! you dropped the real discussion for a fucking word!

Now u are gonna get angry again and explain why! then u will blame me for pushing it and explain why u needed to prove me wrong!NO!!! u needed a fix! u needed an ego fix! u are no different to those damn youtubers who attack peoples gramma in the comments section instead of arguing the topic of the video! Some do it because they have a superiority complex!

People like u dont even bother finishing what the other person wrote because they want to look the other way!

Hamster im gonna troll the fuck out of u now!!!

AASHAM makes sense!
Sham is used and i prefer AASHAM
AASHAM is 6 keyboard hits
Ahrar al-Sham is 13 keyboard hits
AAsham is not mine i got it off liveuamap (go stalk there and get back to me hahaha)

And yeah, when the AAsham war vs HTS war ramps up, im comming for ya buddy! u can run but u cant hide! im gonna screen shot ya, im gonna belittle ya! i gonna call u a newbie! im gonna get ya hamster! im gonna make ur wife leave u! hahahaha

Ure a coward! u switch arguements when someone has more knowledge than u! u went straight to “word nazi attack” hahaha! youre a liberal lefty arnt u? yeah? hahaha
Do u have a preferred pronoun Hamster? hahaha

u made my day u crazy nazi troll! i so loved this!

over a fucking word hahahahahahahaha!

u are such a loser!


OK i didnt even read ur comments because i know how wrong u are! We will see AASham fighting with HTS soon! I will scree shot all u have said and then when the war between AASham and HTS goes big (because they are already at war) i will post YOUR COMMENT with some annotations saying “What a fuckin moron is this Hamster guy”!

Let me show u the people i have embarrassed in the past!


comment image

This fool below thought the SDF would arrive at DeZ first. Deleted his own comment! Will do the same?comment image

In the following 2 photos, this moron accuses people of slandering other races yet forgets that he said “Death to all kurds”!

comment image comment image

So u think AAsham isnt a common Acronym huh? You sure about that?

Are u sure that AAsham and HTS arnt fighting a war or that the war between them wont Escalate?

Are u saying that AAsham is not a proxy of Turkey?

Make ur points clear! dont make a fool of yourself because those that do usually dissapear from this forum due to shame!


Okay, please screenshot everything. I will gladly embarrass you a few months from now when things do not turn out to be quite what you claim.

And here I catch you throwing out a strawman:
“Are u sure that AAsham and HTS arnt fighting a war or that the war between them wont Escalate?”

For the record, I am fully aware of the inter-rebel conflict that took place months ago between Ahrar Al-Sham and HTS, where Ahrar al-Sham was largely routed in Idlib by the HTS. And this was prior to operation Olive Branch or the Turks setting up observation points throughout Idlib (with HTS’s permission). I am certain that interrebel conflicts will continue, such as the current spar between HTS and the SLF coalition, or again between Ahrar al-Sham and HTS at some point in the future.

What I am saying however is that the degree of animosity that you claim exists between the Turks and HTS is grossly exaggerated. Turkey supports a wide diaspora of Islamist rebel groups (not just Ahrar al-Sham), including HTS. Do they have some favorites? Sure. Do some of these rebel groups occasionally engage in interrebel fighting? Absolutely.

However this notion that Turkey will arm some headchoppers and betray other headchoppers in some massive military operation similar to operation Olive Branch and Euphrates shield is just nonsense. It is also nonsense so suggest the because Turkey has been a willing participant in the Astana process (which they kind of have to in order to save face and to at least claim some degree of diplomatic leverage on behalf of its headchoppers later down the road) that all of this suddenly means Turkey has “pivoted” towards some warm partnership with Russia and that savage groups like Ahrar al-Sham are also subsequently on board with Russia’s desired end goals in Syria. These are gross exaggerations and overstatements. There are still significant, insurmountable differences between the SAA+Allies and Turks+Allies, arguably far more so than between the SAA and SDF.

Maybe Turkey will occupy parts of Idlib, but at the expense of HTS? Highly doubtful. HTS will likely invite the Turks into its areas of control for protection when the SAA starts smacking them around, with the calculation that the SAA is unlikely to directly start attacking Turkish troops, just like they are unlikely to attack Americans at al-Tanf.

There will not be an operation against HTS by the Turks. Either the SAA/Russians will take over Idlib with Turkey standing on the sidelines, or the Turks will occupy Idlib alongside HTS, which they consider a useful, if not necessarily stable proxy group.

Btw, even in the off chance that I am wrong and you turn out to be right, I am not going to “disappear” or start deleting/editing comments. I’ll just admit that I was wrong. Really not a big deal. Admitting that one is wrong is actually a good thing, and would benefit me in my search for truth and attempts to expand my knowledge and critically evaluate my own ideas. It would really take far more than some stupid shit like that to “embarrass” me.

If there’s anything to be embarassed about, its where I caught you lying about “AASham” being a “common acronym”. You’re literally the only person on this forum that uses an acronym like that for that specific group and there’s only a few dozen instances of it being used on Southfront over the past 9 months, with you being the only one. A “commonly used acronym” my ass. Embarrass yourself some more.


You still dont understand!

AAsham and HTS have been fighting in Eastern Ghouta for the last 1.5 years! In fact, year a go, the fighting was soo bad that everyne thought that Syrian Military Inteligence somehow managed to create this fight! They were literally shelling each other every day and many were dying! and just when we thought things calmed down, some leader was killed and it started up again! Which i why i question ur knowledge! How long have u actually been following this war? U seem to have a memory of 6 months or less! Do u know about their fighting history? they’ve been alligned when certain matters came up that required a cease fire (usually an SAA advance).

Since the Fall of Aleppo (the writing was on the wall that Russia would prevail) Qatar bought 20% shares in Rosneft (preferring to profit from Russian gas pipes to europe instead of the proposed pipes from Qatar through Syria) (the whole reason why Ukraine crisis occurred). AAsham and HTS started infighting! WHY?? Well we are told that its all due to war profiting! Check points, taxes at check points, control of regions, eir sponsors having different interests!

Turkey’s interests have shifted! you should know this!

AASham (canon fodder for turkey) will be fighting HTS in Northern Idlib! his has been stated a year a go and is looking obvious! 30km from the border from turkey! in the mean time, Russia asked Turkey to move their PROXY FORCES into Idlib (which are already there anyway) and take care of this pocket! Whats Turkey’s reward? 30km land grab of Idlib and Afrin which is a ong time kurdish region of Syria! Syria’s reward? They dont have to fight a huge war whilst being attacked by Israel or the SDF!

Syria’s Kurds live on the border with Turkey! Turkey making good with Russia allows them to infiltrate this land and take the Kurdish regions for themselves! The Area will be annexed and will become apart of turkey! Thus Turkey has more control over the Kurds since they are now apart of the Turkish nation!

Land will be granted to Turkey! Turkey will deal with and help Syria against the SDF and Kurds in Iraq! USA will do nothing because they will risk losing the most important NATO who controls the access to the black sea!

take it to the bank!!! AASham is going to be at war with HTS! Lock it in! AAsham attacking from the north and SAA attacking from the South, East and West!


OK smart ass! Tell me what acronym people use For “Ahrar al-Sham”!!

Ive seen 2 kinds! “AASham” and “Sham”!

And if u dont know what AASham means then how stupid are u? U got ur knickers in a not over this??
People use it end of story! i didnt invent the damn acronym either! i saw it being used and went with the flow! Whats ur problem with using AASham? are u a “word nazi”?

Are u one of those people who try to win debates by accusing people of mistypes, bad grammer or poor spelling?


U argue like a women! Suddenly its not about the acronym but its about lying! now we are in a different room!first it was about AAsham and now its about lying!

Stick to the topic bitch!! AASham….. do u understand it? yes or no?
Is it used on this forum Yes or no?
Is it used on other forums? yes or know (e.g syria.liveuamap.com)
how the fuck would u know?? u just checked every fucking post? U dont even know the history of war between AAsham and HTS!

You have no fucking idea! Lets leave it at that!

Now what u gonna come back with? My swearing? U gonna move into another room now?


you posted this
“”Yes, AASham is a commonly used acronym that is used as much as HTS etc”?


Let’s see here:

Google search —-> “AASham” site:southfront.org”

Is this supposed to prove something?? Have u check syria.liveuamap.com?
This is where most of the talk occurs! I dont make the acronyms! i just use them!

List me the acronyms for these please or do u prefer to type out the entire names?!
-Liwa al-Sanaded

– Ahmad al-Abdo Forces

– Jaysh Usud al-Sharqiya

-Liwa Shuhda’a al-Qaryaten

-Ahrar al-Sham

-Jaish al-Islam

-Faylaq al-Rahamn

How about the names of locations? u want to type out the whole name or use the acronyms people created?

DeZ, AQ or qaim (al-qaim), Tanf (al tanf), AMay(al-mayadeen)

Do u understand that when people talk they dont want to use the full names! AAsham is used a lot and nobody says “Ahrar al-Sham” except for the blogger! But u want to make a storm in a tea cup over my use of AAsham and that i am lying? u think i am lying over this? are u serious? u think i dint have better things to do!

this discussion is about YOU! u brought up this crap about AAsham because ure a fucking word nazi with no life! and the main discussion is about HTS vs AAsham and its war!

Disagree all u want on the HTS vs AAsham war! But to seriously go to the level of calling someone out about an acronym that is literally self explanatory!

People say ISIS not “islamic state”
They say FSA not free Syrian Army”
they say JAI not “jaish al islam”
and people also say AASham OR Sham not “Ahrar al-Sham”!

i PREFER “AASham” over “Sham” because its less confusing for dumb people like u!

If ure going to be a word nazi, let me see u get all hot and bothered over Sham! Because thats the MAIN Acronym people use in forums! Mine is a copy of others using it on liveuamap where there is 10 times the discussion on syria!

Yet everyone know what AAsham means! So whats ur problem Hitler?


Oh shit…. more evidence of how WRONG you are!
Looks like ure about to be schooled!


Also notice how the southfront blogger used “sham” you fucking idiot!!!
i told u people use Sham and aasham!
AAsham better for newbies like u! Because u understood! 6 keyboard strokes vs 13! DEAL WITH IT!

haha i love this little play i wrote:

Hamster: “honey, there is this guy on southfront who really annoys me, he was using this acronym “AASham” that isnt commonly used! He says it is so what i did was search on google and the only time its used is by him. then he tried to escape my investigation by saying its used on liveuamap so i did a full google search and i cant find it therefore proving my point i am right and he is wrong! He then threw a curve ball at me stating that most people use “sham” and of course this is much harder to search because the word “sham” is apart of the full word “Ahrar al-Sham” thus making this search much more rigorous! so what i did was count how many letters the word “AAsham” uses and thus belittled the person stating that an acronym is no good if it uses this many letters! his acronym uses 6 letters honey! YES 6″

Wife” WHOAAAA OMG 6″???

Hamster: Yes 6! and the full word is 11 characters! Tell me why on earth would someone use an acronym that is more than half the full words letter count! It just doesnt make sense honey which proves even more how right i am!”

Wife: Did u get your endorphine fix sweety”?

Hamster: “Yes i did just as soon as i hit enter! I slept like a baby after that! But then something happened”

Wife: “What sweety”

Hamster:” he stated that letter counts do not matter and that keyboard hits do…. therefore including the space bar hits and the Hyphen there is 13 keyboard hits compared to 6. this COULD ARGUABLY give him the justification to use this acronym”

Wife: “so what will u do now?”

Hamster: “ill do some research on acronyms and their uses and if its legal to make ur own! If they are allowed under free speech ill research on logical uses and letter counts! If i cant find anything on that ill revert back to his “common use” statement because i think ive got him on that one”

Wife:” well whatever u do honey just do ur best. just dont forget to kiss the kids good night and try not to let it get to u”

Hamster” oh, dont worry honey, its not affecting me at all. im just trying to make a point! We cant allow people like this to get away with making up false allegations! its my duty to police the internet and call people out on these kinds of things”.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Turkey doesn’t fight HTS but their proxy army the SLF do.
Erdogan and Putin’s agreement to de-escalate the situation in Idlib, which allowed the Turks to build their observation posts, also involved an agreement between Erdogan and HTS. The agreement was this, no Turkish backed FSA fighters would be allowed to contest areas of Idlib under control of HTS forces and they didn’t.
Then Erdogan overstepped the agreement he made with Putin and erected 2 extra OB posts right between where the SAA and the rebels were fighting in southern Idlib. This halted the SAA and Russian operations against the rebels which had been extremely successful, and forced the SAA and Russia to cease operations and pack up and go to Ghouta.
Then Erdogan consolidated a lot of those smaller rebel factions sympathetic to Turkey, into what is now called the SLF, and they resumed fighting the SAA in one coordinated force. Putin and Assad were furious at this development, but HTS who may have been aware of Erdogan’s intentions to form the SLF, didn’t attack them at all in the beginning. For a while both the FSA and the SLF complied with Erdogan’s agreement not to attack HTS, but eventually hot heads in the SLF, [that have no love for the Saudi backed HTS], began attacking HTS in both Aleppo and Idlib, now it’s an all out war between the 2 groups.
I think there’s a good chance Erdogan will begin operations against HTS. Russia’s sending HTS heaps of reinforcements in those green busses, and despite bombing them relentlessly after they get there, there’s still enough left alive to swell HTS’s ranks, Erdogan might have to do it to even the numbers.


I’m not sure what’s in his mind.. but I know he’s using the same method of Anglo-Saxon and also using the fake democracy that the whole world being force to do so to achieved his and Turkey’s longterm plans.. Anyway, as long as he eliminates those ungrateful traitors of Syria., I’m fine with it..
Long Live Erdogan.. God protect him always
with all he’s Islamic advancement in making Turkey a Muslim country..!
And I’m not talking about ottoman here as many pundit accused or predicted him..!



Syria’s New “Law Number Ten” Devastates Sunni Refugees

[Lamb’s thoroughly untrustworthy but some of this might be true.]

by Franklin Lamb

Just seven days remain until the 5/11/2018 deadline for 12-13 million Syrian refugees fleeing the continuing carnage in their country to prove property ownership and hopefully avoid the current regime auctioning it.

These millions, the majority of whom are Sunni and many suspected of wanting a new government, stand to lose their homes and property under a new property registration law signed by President al-Assad on 4/2/2018.

Law Number 10 sets in motion a massive political and legal overhaul of the government land registry and gives Syrian refugees, whether inside the country or abroad just 30 days to prove ownership of their houses and property. All Syrian refugees must present their deeds to local council offices in the country. As of today, 5/4/2018, they have one week and if they fail to do so the state will liquidate their titles and seize their holdings. Once the registration window closes, “the remaining plots will be sold at auction,” according to Article 31 of the law.

An estimated 5.7 million Syrians have fled the country as refugees, and a further 6.8 million people are displaced inside Syria. Consequently, more than 12 million Syrians risk losing their homes. The UN estimates that only approximately 9 % of Syrians who fled the slaughter even have in their possession access to documentation showing ownership. Most Syrian refugees lost them Deri during the war before fleeing. Various UN and Human Rights Organizations have urged Syrian refugees not to try to return to their homes at this time given the high security risks of doing so and likely having to repeat, countless near-death experiences and perhaps not being as lucky this time.

Between 2015-2018, volunteers with the Meals for Syrian Refugee Children Lebanon (MSRCL)
conducted an unscientific poll of Syrian refugees we became friends with in Lebanon. We asked
why they left Syria and what dangers forced them to leave. Below is a list of reasons that MSRCL were given by fleeing Syrians seeking refuge in Lebanon.

Some refugees forced to flee Syria experienced more than one war crime or crime against humanity from the list below. But all experienced at least one.

*Among the war crimes and crimes against humanity committed in Syria against refugees seeking
safety in Lebanon, and which Syrian refugees risk re-experiencing if they return to their country before a just political settlement is achieved, include but are not limited to the following:

*Attacks on medical personnel and rescue workers

*“Double Tap” bombings and shillings of family and neighbors engaged in rescuing victims

*Conscription of child soldiers

*Government Attacks on Civilians

*Starve or surrender sieges

*Theft of civilian’s property and homes

*Kidnapping of civilians for ransom

*Indiscriminate Use of Weapons against civilian housing

*Arbitrary Arrests,

*Enforced Disappearances,


*Deaths while in the custody of Government forces

*Sexual violence and slavery

*Ethnic cleansings

*Sectarian population transfers based on force

*Kidnappings & executions

*Deportations and other forcible transfers of population

*Use of chemical weapons

*Poisonous substances including Sarin, Chlorine and Mustard gas

*Violence against civilian activists

*Use of captives as human shields

*Attacks on media and journalists

*Attacks on local Christians, Yazid, and other minorities

*Use of cluster munitions in violation of United Nations resolution 2139 of 22 February 2014,

*Use of white phosphorus against targets in Raqqa. Idlib, and elsewhere causing civilian casualties

*Shelling of civilian area

*Air strikes on densely populated civilian areas

*Dropping of barrel bombs on civilian neighborhoods

*Indiscriminate bombings of Schools, Churches, Mosques, markets and public gatherings

What will become of the property of millions of Syrian refugees who cannot and will not be able to meet next week’s deadline set by Law Number 10 or who may be wanted by the regime or have a relative who might be? Several million former homes and properties will almost certainly be sold by the Syrian authorities.

But to whom?

The buyers will be among the most trusted family members and business associates of the Assad and Rami Makhlouf families who are not on the US Treasury Departments, Office of Financial
Assets Control (OFAC) Terrorism and Specially Designated Nationals (SDN) lists which would render them radioactive for foreign banks and business given their US and often EU sanctioned status.

A new clique of businessmen has been forming under Bashar Assad’s control and are benefiting from the regime’s crony capitalism, while maintaining close family, political or social ties to the al-Assad’s. This select group has begun concentrating ownership of major telecommunications, energy and Construction industries and according to the Financial Times they number fewer than 170 businessmen led by President Assad’s cousin, Rami Makhlouf, who the FT estimates owns more than sixty percent of Syria’s national economy with other members of the al-Assad family owning approximately fifteen percent of the kleptocracy. Reported to now be part of this group is Mr. Samer Foz, until recently a largely unknown businessman in Syria and who so far has ducked under the radar of the US Treasury Departments OFAC sanctioning juggernaut. Mr. Foz has also to date avoided various SDN and “terrorist” designations while working on maintaining a ‘clean’ image away from politics.

To date he has not been stung by targeted sanctions, asset freezes and a travel ban by the United States and European Union on the Assad regime’s business partners who are leveraging
financial assets to assist the regime in perpetrating violence against civilian protesters.

According to sources inside Syria, the regime plan is for Mr. Foz to buy up hundreds of millions of dollars from Baath Party controlled Property Registry Offices “undocumented” property belonging to millions of Syrian refugees who could not meet the 30-day deadline to prove their ownership or are suspected of being sympathetic to rebel groups.

Samer Foz has become one of Syria’s most powerful economic players, to the extent he is now dubbed the “new Rami Makhlouf”. In the last couple of years, Mr Foz’s business interests have rapidly expanded beyond importing and trading grains and building materials. His ascendancy into the upper echelons of Syria’s business elite is attributed to his close ties to the Syrian president, He specializes in the acquisition of distressed assets of Syrian businessmen that are no longer in favor with the regime. Mr Foz also owes his rise to the new business activities and networks that have risen with the war such as the “forfeited” property of Syrian citizens who cannot return with acceptable documentation to claim it.

If there is serious competition on the horizon for Mr. Foz and other regime allies to vacuum up hundreds of millions if not billions of real estate dollars in Syria which is rightfully owned by Syrian refugees, it is Iran.

Since 2013 the Islamic Republic has been ravenously buying up high end real estate and buildings in Damascus as well as farm land in certain rural areas, since 2014 giving Tehran a considerable amount of power over its neighbors in the long term. These investments appear to be done not only with regime loyalists but also with many Shiite militia groups. Portions of the real estate are located near Shiite religious sites, such as the Sayyidah Zaynab and Ruqayyah shrines in Damascus. Tehran is also reportedly changing Syria’s demographics by repopulating some areas with Shiite families from Hezbollah and other militia groups to consolidate its influence in Syria for the long term, as well as to bolster Assad’s rule.

With respect to Iran ‘legally’ buying up Syrian real estate, it can do so freely under the terms of Syria’s Companies Law established by Legislative Decree 29/2011. This law permits the
establishment of certain business entities without foreign ownership restrictions. They can be 100% owned by foreign nationals. Iranian companies formed in Syria possess Syrian nationality and can buy as much real estate as they desire regardless of the nationalities of their shareholders. And Tehran has been doing so for several years.

The Iranian Embassy is currently buying a fair bit real estate in the Old City of Damascus, specifically in the area extending from behind the Umayyad Mosque to the Bab Touma area, and in the western region of al-Maryamiyah neighborhood. One chagrined fellow from Tehran who works at al Alam TV near his embassy, advised this observer that the real estate profits might help payback the more than $ 125 Billion Dollars his country has, as of the first of the year, lent the Assad regime to keep it in power. Normally the money is transferred in 20-30 million-dollar monthly allotments.

Many hotels – including the Caldah, Iwan, Asia, Damascus International, Venice and Petra – are now owned by the Iranian Embassy in Damascus, in addition to holding shares in the Samiramis Hotel. This observer has often stayed at the Venice (Venetia) hotel in central Damascus and was struck by the number of Iranian men who seem to inhabit most of the rooms. At breakfast they introduce themselves as “Pilgrims” visiting religious sites and I kid them about forgetting their Korans and Wives back in Iran but not their weapons. Anyhow, being the only American frequenting the Ottoman era hotel they always give me a discount and they love to talk politics. Often with views that differ from their Al Quds Force leadership in Tehran.

While it is accurate to argue that the Iranian regime is hemorrhaging billions of dollars on the Syrian regime, Iranian leaders’ calculated measures and policies are, in fact, making Tehran profit from the conflict in both the short and long term. Tehran’s political opportunism in Syria continues to serve the Iranian regime ideologically, economically, geopolitically and strategically.

Tehran is also reportedly changing the demographics, for instance by repopulating some areas with Shiite families from Hezbollah and other militia groups to consolidate its influence in Syria for the long term, as well as to bolster Assad’s rule. Among its central Damascus embassy neighbors as well as locals in the North West of Syria and elsewhere it is buying up real estate, Iran is accused of wanting to facilitate its “Shia Crescent” route from Tehran to Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon to the Mediterranean. Many Syrian businessmen resent Iran’s land grab partly because they believe that Iran has no intension of ever leaving Syria, Lebanon, Iraq or Yemen.

The Syrian regime is not the only one transferring people inside the country for political purposes and military purposes although the scope of their ethnic cleansing and forced transfers dwarf’s others involved in the civil war.

Another offender is Turkey and various militia. The UN and other human rights organizations regularly reports cases of Kurdish residents not being allowed to return to Afrin. They are being blocked amid ongoing home thefts and property redistribution to Arabs and Turks have sparked fears of demographic engineering and reignited bitter memories of the Kurdish people’s troubled history in Syria. Forced population transfers were a legacy of Bashar al-Assad’s father Hafez, who as President settled thousands of Arab families onto confiscated Kurdish lands in the 1970s.

The local council estimates that approximately 50,000 people have taken refuge in Afrin from other parts of Syria, and they expect these numbers to increase in coming weeks amid renewed violence and evacuation negotiations of Sunnis in north Homs and Yarmouk Palestinian camp. This will result in more pressure to distribute empty Kurdish houses throughout Afrin.

How to recoup Syrian refugee’s property wrongfully confiscated

Historical cases reflect a now discredited acceptances of population transfers may serve as an option for resolving various types of conflict, within a country or between countries. For the transfer to comply with human rights standards as developed, prospective transferees must have an option to remain in their homes if they prefer.

The tide started to turn when the Charter of the Nuremberg Trials of German Nazi leaders declared forced deportation of civilian populations to be both a war crime and a crime against humanity. That opinion was progressively adopted and extended through the remainder of the century. There is now little debate about the legal status of involuntary population transfers. Where population transfers used to be accepted to settle ethnic conflicts, today, forced population transfers are considered violations of international law. No legal distinction is made between one-way and two-way transfers since the rights of everyone are regarded as independent of the experience of others.

Article 49 of Fourth Geneva Convention, adopted in 1949 and now part of customary international law, prohibits mass movement of people out of or into of occupied territory under belligerent military occupation.

There are to be two possibilities for Syria’s refugees, Kurds and others caught up in the maelstrom that engulfs Syria to retrieve their confiscated properties. Both depend on a political solution to Syria’s civil war.

One is for the achievement of a new democratic inclusive government that will cancel Property Law Number 10, return all the refugees property and pay them compensation.

Another is that the Special Tribunal for Syria STS), once it begins deliberations, will doubtless follow the lead of the Nuremberg Tribunal and return seized property to the rightful owners.

Until then, the global community must apply economic and political pressure to the current regime in Syria to comply with international law and end the crimes against humanity that underpin Property Law Number Ten. Unfortunately, the UN Security Council has been neutered by vetoes and can do little more than remonstrate objections to what is happening to Syrian refugee’s real estate and personal property.

SFC Steven M Barry USA RET

So, what that Muslim Brotherhood dung-eater Erdogan is saying is that Turkey is so incompetent that it cannot defend its own borders, therefore it has to invade Syria and Iraq.

Would someone please pull the plug on that Turk cesspit?


Yes Sergeant, but first let him f*ck Mossad’s assets there, let him keep the Bosporus open for the Russian navy and pound your CIA-g@rbage around ALEPPO.

BTW Dubya-jr motivated the attack on AFGHANISTAN by FIGHTING AL-QAEDA.. And now they are your BEST FRIENDS in syria ;).. What? No exp0lanation for that? ..
I have one for you: Al-Qaeda is a CIA-joke, Osama Bin-Laden was CIA-agent known as TIM OSMAN and was even in Fort Hood -Texas to get weapons from your US-Army comrades..
And the show with killing him was BS. And the SEAL-team was send to death in an ambush to sh’t-up, after that.
Interesting that you DON’T HAVE something against the MAIN-GARB@GE and Camel-dvng there, the SAUDI-ARABIA with their WAHHABISM that is even WORSE than that Muslim Brotherhood.. The MA)IN-BASE for the Muslim Brotherhood is SAUDI-ARABIA, even the mother of HUMA ABEDIN are there big-number in the Muslim Brotherhood.
Your beloved Teflon-Don even SOLD the Saudis WEAPONS for over 150 Billions ;)..
Double-standards, don’t you think?


Erdogan, yet another one that nobody invited to Syria

… But maybe it’s good that the “Turkish Trump” stick his nose there: the YPG -Kurds are MOSSAD-assets __ at least their Commanders__ since the ’70s (the Kurdish-leader BARZANI, can be seen in pictures with the MOSSAD-Boss and Vice-BOSS)..

Well, maybe ISRAEL bombs Turkish troops around the Kurdish positions… and that pUSHES Erdogan eben MORE on Russia’s site ;)..

Real Anti-Racist Action

My hat is off to the Turks for bombing away the USA’s and UK’s terrorist allies occupying Syrian land.
Turkey must bomb Syrian city of Manbij, I know many NATO solders will die in Manbij, and Turkey should deliver the death-blow to what is left of occupying terrorist.

Travis Kelso

Yea not going to do that.

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