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Erdogan: Turkey Will Launch Military Operation Against US-Backed Forces In Syria Within Few Days

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Erdogan: Turkey Will Launch Military Operation Against US-Backed Forces In Syria Within Few Days

Turkish Army tanks manoeuvre during a military exercise near the Turkish-Iraqi border in Silopi, Turkey, September 25, 2017 © Umit Bektas / Reuters

Turkey will launch a military operation against US-backed forces in northeastern Syrian in the upcoming few days, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan revealed during the Turkish Defense Industry Summit on December 12.

“We expressed that we will launch an operation in east of Euphrates in a few days to save it from a separatist terrorist organization,” the Turkish Anadolu Agency quoted Erdogan as saying.

The Turkish President also criticized the US-led coalition plan to build observation posts along Syria’s border with his country. At the same time, he stressed that the Turkish military will not attack U.S. service members deployed in the region during its upcoming operation.

“It is clear that the purpose of U.S. observation points [in Syria] is not to protect our country from terrorists but to protect terrorists from Turkey,” said Erdogan.

The coalition’s plan to establish several observation posts on the Syrian-Turkish border was revealed by U.S. Secretary of Defense James Mattis last month. Mattis claimed that these posts will address Turkey’s “legitimate” concerns about “terror threats” in northeastern Syria, which is controlled by the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).

The Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) and the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) are in fact the core of the SDF. Both groups are designated as “terrorists” by Turkey.

The Syrian border cities of Ayn Arab, known as Kobani, and Tell Abyad will likely to be among the main targets of the upcoming Turkish operation. U.S. forces are reportedly conducting patrols in both cities on a regular basis.

The U.S. has not commented on Erdogan’s announcement so far. However, local observers believe that Washington will not tolerate such an operation as it would jeopardize its partnership with Kurdish forces.

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Turkish Greywolves

These terrorists are going to die

Concrete Mike

No need for that, keep your bloodthirsty hordes at home.

Reconciliation with the legal Syrian government is the only way forward.

You guys keep barking like you are…your doing a necessary and great job, push the amerinazis out, and your pkk problem will go with them.

Question for you?
Didnt turkish greyolves claim responsibility for a terrorist bombing in turkey in…2015 maybe?? What are you guys anyways?

TC Kutay Metolar

nope it is syrian grovment agents did that.


Your comment is so stupid that is even funny :-)

Len Zegelink

you lie .erdogan slave.

Concrete Mike

Just like syrian governement was behind 2013 sarin gas attack?

I find that hard to beleive. At that time the government was on its last straws…what logic would compell them to bomb in turkey?? I doesnt.

This is more strawman accusation fomented by NATO and friends.

Next thing you guys will blame syrian government for global warming???


Concrete Mike

Thanks for the answer but I wanted the other guy to reply to me. Way to stay on script.

Pave Way IV

“…Washington will not tolerate such an operation as it would jeopardize its partnership with Kurdish forces.”

Wait… didn’t the US already stab the Kurds in the back? Or was that the Arab tribes in the SDF? I’m losing track, here. ISIS leaders still seem to get plenty of helicopter rides, so they must be OK for now.


I thought the US was too busy shooting itself in the foot to stab anyon in the back.

Daniel Castro


Promitheas Apollonious

translation turks have make a deal with the americans to sell russia and all their agreements so they get the oil fields the americans and kurds already have under their control. This will be a very interesting turn of events.

viktor ziv

Hopefully once Turks launch attack on SDF, SAA will start liberating Idlib.
Also remember who saved Erdogan. Once YPG&PKK move south, there will be no reason for Turks to stay up north. Just hope Trump admin will not sacrifice their foot up north.


Even if so…With all you imply…
How on Earth they would menage that situation?
Like Russia, Iran and Syria would sit back and let them take over control over half of the Syria including richest oil fields?!
They already control quite big chunk of Syria and do not fulfill what they have promised.
I don’t think what you suggest is possible for Turks to pull out…
Russia needs badly U.S. – Turkish conflict over YPG for Russian chess play geo-strategy.
But once they achieve that, Russia will stop Turkey from executing their plans, which is grabbing even more territory under Turkish control…

Promitheas Apollonious

already the americans control that and americans will trade kurds with turkey coming back in the fold, in a heartbeat. Why you think have been threatening as far the gas pipe and the S400s but did absolutely nothing?


OK now I understand.
So “Kurdistan” is about to becom part of new Osman Empire?
And all in the name of “Assad (and Iran and Russians) must go”.
OK that is quite strong argument.
But in that case how can Erdogan trust Americans?
They have already tried to kill him?!
And without S-400 and Russian support he will be vulnerable …exposed to NATO intervention (on behalf of some new Turk puppet dictator).
And he will be exposed to “color” and all other “revolutions” and new putch or asasination against him maybe?
You think Erdogan is suicidal?

Promitheas Apollonious

I think if you give an idiot enough rope will eventually hang itself. ertogan think turkey as a super power and himself as the new sultan that will re establish ottoman empire.

As for russian support, tell me exactly where turks and russians beside the gas pipe line they building have in common. If you see the national interest of russian and the turks and compare it you understand that they are in direct collision. And as the time goes by it be impossible to over look.


They are not everywhere in collision.
Keeping Syria united and Kurds down and U.S. out of Syria is their common objective.
Also their common interest is sustained support and protection of mad dictator Erdogan as long as Erdogan respects basic agreements with Russians.
Turkey role in U.S. NATO domination of the region is irreplaceable.
Russians have huge interest in taking Turkey out of NATO.
Specially because of all the pressure & isolation on Western border U.S.-NATO trying to put on Russia lately.
Russian domination of the Black Sea and even East Mediterranean would be confirmed if Turkey is out of NATO….
And because that would also totally ruin U.S.-Israeli plans about division of Syria by newly created Kurdistan .
If Turkey abandons NATO, Russia would dominate Middle East unhindered.
And that would not necessarily mean Iran’s victory also because Russia respects Arab (Sunni) interests as well (Egypt and other Arabs)

Promitheas Apollonious

jako you are focusing only on syria and even there their strategy dont go hand in hand. Take a look on the policies of turkey in the balkan area, Mediterranean and ukraine and re think what you think. Looking and concluding in one pixel of an image does not give you the full picture.

Yes russians have a huge interest to take turkey out of nato but that will not happen, no matter how much they want it to happen. As for the rest you saying that be a very big IF. As for the russians dominating east mediterranean, via turkey that will cause a war with greece and cyprus that will spread in all the balkans.


I deeply regret recent discord between Greece and Russia (which are natural allays )and I hope they will find the way to resolve their differences.
When I say “Russian domination in East Mediterranean”
I didn’t mean for Turkey interests and against Greece and Cyprus at all.
Russians would NEVER do that.
I meant Russian domination against the NATO in the region.
Specially on Syrian coastline region
You are focusing only on your dislike of Erdogan and Turks.
Liking or not liking somebody is not at all important in geopolitics.
Absolute priority for Russia is not Balkans (unfortunately ) or even Mediterranean region.

The priority for Russia is Ukraine, Syria and conflict with U.S. & NATO.
The U.S. are the only important terrorist force left in Syria today.
The U.S. and NATO are the only important neo-NAZI forces in Ukraine.
They are the only force with aggressive posture directly on Russian border.
With fresh memories of Hitler invasion for Russia that is perceived like EXISTENTIAL threat.

For “Turkey not going out of NATO ever”…I would never say “never” possible…
Turks will try to kick Kurd’s on the other side of Euphrates …
Will the U.S. even now sit and watch them doing that without reaction?!
If so, that will alienate Kurds from U.S.
In that case Assad will probably have his agreement with Kurd’s of autonomous region of Kurdistan in UNITED Syria and U.S. will be OUT !!

Promitheas Apollonious

I dont dislike or like turks just consider them an enemy of mine and have grown up fighting in many fights between my people and theirs. When I write and offer how I see things emotion is not in the equation of my thinking. So you know. Just global reality and where each of the players stand.

The russians always been a brother nation to the greeks I can not say the same for the governments that ruled greece since the revolution and alleged freedom of them from the ottoman empire they changed one master for another, but they never been free. The population of greece in their majority are pro russians there you are right. But all the governments of greece since the so called allies installed their king in greece as well what followed always been the puppets of UK/US and done exactly what they been told, with the exception maybe of the military junta, that in the 7 years they been in charge have rebuild greece from the bottom up for the benefit of the people.

The priority of the russians in the balkan area are the serbs and they have shown it in many different ways as well to stop what ever it is happening there and not only ukraine. Follow the events there you see what I mean between the serbs russian supported and the albanians turk supported, who now trying to establish the greter albania with the full support of uk/us not to mention what they trying to do with the issue of macedonia that will blow the areas there sky high.

When I said they never leave nato I mean now what happen in 5-10 years none of us knows.

Assad does not want an autonomous kurdistan in his land and he said so in many different ways. Beside the fact kurds any where they are minus turkey are a minority and an enemy of all the lands they have given hospitality from, and case in point is iraq and syria, not to mention that zionists puppets.

Tudor Miron

I have a different view on this one. I agree that Turks should not be trusted but they will not sale itself to loosing side by now. America has little to offer at this point. But time will show.

Promitheas Apollonious

For turkey, america has everything to offer. With out their support they can not claim the gas-oil from the deposits of Cyprus or Greece and can not expect the russians to support them in their claims there or on the Macedonian problem and generally on the Balkan area and their pet project albania.

90% of the weapons are either american made and the ones who build in turkey also are western technology. To make a transition to another country to supply them with the technology they need to sustain their armies may be they can do that in 10-15 years.

See what is happening not in syria but the whole area including the Balkans and Mediterranean and we discuss it more in depth if you like and with the next step they make it will become very obvious to the ones who have yet to see it.

Tudor Miron

Lets agree that we should see how it unfolds. You points have merit but lets wait and see.

Maciek Gutkowski

Theoretically all true except Erdogan like most world leaders knows that the US economy could collapse at any moment and any leaders/countries betting on their help in any way would be foolish … even the Israeli’s are preparing for a post-US controlled world … there is an escape operation being planned that would have 3 million Israeli Jews come to Poland and another 3 million go to Ukraine.

Promitheas Apollonious

what you saying will happen eventually yes about US economy. For the moment the reality is not there yet. Also you telling me what you think it happen not what is happening right now.

What I said is reality. What you saying is what it may happen in future.

Jens Holm

Its not like that at all. Not a single world about the strong rubel, lira, Syrian pounds being 10 grammes and like that.

USA for the moment is doing more then fine and has the highest BNP ever – ever in its a little bit lowered dollar.

You seemes to know almost nothing about western economies. We help each other because we invest in others. China cant effort themselves to loose that much in USA at all and by that cant sell to ones, which cant buy.

The dollar might lower, but certainly wont collapse.

They do have budget problem, but thats a political and non finaciel one. Others has their own problems.

No offense, but Russia just have lowered the very low pension for old people. and Turks has to sell any dollar under the carpet, if they have.

The world market also say, that if we got recession, it would be all. It might be so, but its an all.

Concrete Mike

Hey crawfish, when i told you kurds were going to be defeated without an SAA shot, I wasent joking.

Your outta your league noob, got bet on basketball instead!


Yawn. They’ve said that for what, 3 years?

SFC Steven M Barry USA RET

Once again Turkey admits they are so fucking incompetent that they can’t control their own borders, so they will conduct yet another wholly illegal invasion of Syria. (Not that I have any love for the Kurds.) I wonder how much of Syria Turkey will loot and plunder this time.

Moshe Dummstein

way less than what your jew ass kissing administration has been plundering for nearly 20 years. btw, you should be ashamed to talk about incompetency. give me the name of a single campaign other than the Spanish war in the late 1800s for which you did not need a coalition. you failed in all others. if it were not the Russians in the eastern front, you wouldn’t be driving your shiny F150 in front of your “dream” home and probably speaking german today.

R Trojson

Not a lot of Love for Erdogan back in the good old US of A. Let’s all pray Erdogan is forced out of Syria after he attacks the US. Erdogan must believe Allah will deliver him victorious in a battle with the US.


Absent US airstrikes, there’s not much that the US can do to stop a Turkish anti terror operation in northern Syria. Good bye Israelistan, and good riddance. Of course the Jews are going to try to co opt the Turks to replace the Kurds as their partners in their partition effort. So arrangements need to be made to insure that that doesn’t happen.

Romeo Pesiao

Let’s wait and see when the mil operation began, and the gravity of the aftermath…


this will be to bad..but yes after the war is won all borders MUST go back to before the war

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