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Erdogan: Turkey Is In Syria For Humanitarian Purposes

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Erdogan: Turkey Is In Syria For Humanitarian Purposes

Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. Source: AP Photo

Turkey is not planning to occupy Syria and it is the only country operating there for humanitarian reasons, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on January 24.

“Our homeland of 780,000 square kilometers is enough for us … I’m saying this clearly, Turkey is the only country in Syria with a humanitarian cause,” the Turkish President said during a speech in the at the Turkish Military Academy in Ankara, according to the Daily Sabah newspaper.

Erdogan also stressed the importance of the Adana agreement with the Damascus government and said that the agreement should be placed on the table again. The Turkish President discussed the agreement with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin during a meeting in Moscow a day earlier .

Ankara and Damascus signed the Adna agreement in 1998 when the two countries were on the brink of war. Under the agreement, Damascus committed to prevent terror activities against Turkey. The agreement also included terms on cooperation in the fight against terrorism and establishing a monitoring committee.

“Ankara and Damascus can open dialogue over this security agreement and make cooperation against terror groups,” Putin said referring to the Adana agreement after his meeting with Erdogan.

Local observers say that Erdogan may be planning to use the Adana agreement as an excuse to resume relations with Damascus. In this case, the formal pretext will be to counter influence of Kurdish armed groups in northeastern Syria.

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I never knew Erdo was a stand up comedian!

al quaida

Perfect delivery too. The look on his face…

Mustafa Mehmet

You all love him you just jealous about him ????


He missed his vocation in that regard. Think of how highly he could have been regarded as a comedian, instead of the joke that he has become.

Brother Thomas

Why does the phrase “for humanitarian purposes” seem so ominously Orwellian?

Pave Way IV

Turkey is not planning to occupy Syria and it is the only country there for humanitarian reasons, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on January 24.
comment image

You can call me Al

But, but…..
comment imageer.com/KMsY.mp4

Mustafa Mehmet

, nice picture of yourself


comment image

Prince Teutonic

He is a great humanitarian worker prime candidate for this year’s Nobel peace prize…

Mustafa Mehmet

Why not


He is delirious, hilarious and Hitlerious , drunk of himself or he had a vision like mohammed, he mixes up inhumanity and crualty with humanity and love. But one thing is certain he was lectured by Putin and he must deliver now. Bad boy!


Erdogan sikterlan!!

Mustafa Mehmet

ibne push pezevek ha siktir

Jens Holm

Twist and shout by Erdopedia again.

Xoli Xoli

Very funny killing Syrians are humanitarian aid according to Erdogan.I hope he gives food and water medicines to fake coup soldiers that Erdogan arrested in Turkey.

Xoli Xoli

Erdogan will make a good Halloween Hollywood movie.Apperantly he is de-escalating ishumanitarian killings in Syria.

Rob G

ER-DO-GAN looks like a sneaky hitler….

Xoli Xoli

Funny face President.Maybe he will get Nobel prize for being ugliest dictator.He declared his invasion of Syria humanitarian aid.


All politicians lie. But some tell lies that are so blatant, so obvious, they make you gasp for air. And…….. they get away with it. Again and again and again, and you get used to it. So they start telling even bigger lies.

Maybe subconsciously they want to be caught?


Erdogan is a supporter of population control as long as it’s someone else’ population. And, he means to start with the Kurds the same way his dream of a new Ottoman Empire dealt with the Armenian problem. It’s called Genocide.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

With everything he’s done over the last 12 months to piss everyone off, there’s only one possible outcome for Erdogan in the end.
Before the coup attempt 40% of the Turks at home disliked him intensely, after the coup attempt that 40% who disliked him began to hate him [10,000 locked up and tortured], just a little swing in popularity at home gets him a rope to tie around his neck.
When things start going wrong for Turkey, and they will, Erdogan’s popularity will fall accordingly, when that 60% support base for Erdogan starts to decrease to a 50% popularity, he’s in big trouble, when it falls to below 50%, the 40% who hate him will hang him from a tree.
I wonder how many of our world leaders look at Erdogan the same way I do, do they also wonder how long Erdogan could last if things blew up in his face.
All it would take is one doublecross from either Putin or Trump, and things could change for the worse concerning Erdogan’s future.

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