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Erdogan Threates To Continue Military Operations In Afrin To “Clear” Turkey’s “Southern Border”

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Erdogan Threates To Continue Military Operations In Afrin To "Clear" Turkey's "Southern Border"


Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan claimed that Turkish forces may soon carry out an attack on the city of Afrin, a stronghold of the US-backed Kurdish forces in northwestern Syria on January 14.

Turkey says that YPG and YPJ militias that control Afrin are terrorist groups with links to the PKK, a Kurdish separatist militant organization opearting in Turkey’s southeast.

“In coming days, we will continue our operations in Afrin to clear our southern border,” Erdogan told a meeting of his party in Tokat province on January 14.

The president added that he’s waiting for backing from allies, without elaborating. A meeting of Turkey’s National Security Council, which advises on military actions, is scheduled on January 17.

Previously Erdogan threatened US-backed forces in Syria on January 13.

“If the terrorists [the SDF] in Afrin don’t surrender, we will tear them down,” Erdogan said during a meeting with member of his Justice and Development Party (AKP) in the eastern city of Elazig.

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Is US coalition going to help the kurds?

Ryan Glantz

By my estimation, if not overtly, covertly, certainly. I know a Special Forces Lieutenant Colonel who believes the Kurds are USA’s allies.


No the US has no commitment to the Afrin Kurds , that’s why Erdogan attacks them not the Kurds east of the river .

Ryan Glantz

True. Erdog also talks about reclaiming Manbij. I gather the Kurds will rally to any front if needed, or at least open supply routes.


An all out attack will get an all out answer.

TFSA will opt out as soon as lossess mount.

TSK might reconsider too when their lossess mount.


Turkish land thieves stealing Syrian land from Kurdish land thieves. With luck they’ll kill lotsa each other.

Jim Martin

This is just one obscenity followed by another as Erdogan sends up another “trial balloon” to both the Americans and Russians to see if it is OK to kill our SDF/YPG/YPJ Syrian allies who hold the only real future, post Assad Regime for 23 million Syrians. Last year he said Americans may be killed by his forces in his operations in Syria. Maybe he would only” kill the little ones?”

The SDF/YPG/YPJ is not becoming more Kurdish; rather but more Syrian dominated and its growth speaks for itself. That is a fact on the ground by the Syrian people of all denominations that you just cannot spin. The operative word here is inclusive

Sadly, we are talking about a Turkish President who hijacked the democratic process after he lost his majority in the June 2015 elections and then lit the match to tragically get it back as he pitted Turks against Turks for personal gain. Now he is turning Turkey into an oppressive state against its own people and destabilizing the region, and now one of the few stable peaceful, inclusive areas in Syrian in Afrin Canton. How does one “drive that concoction” into the EU, let alone stay NATO?

This is not the act of a stable NATO ally with a leader like this who for years years backed ISIS on a common boarder, and traded in stolen Syrian oil only makes a bad situation worse. Erdogan ordered the Turkish Army to roll into Syria only when SDF/YPG/YPJ took Manbj from ISIS, and made Erdogan look like an uncooperative Jihadi. He then wanted to run the Raqqa operation and exclude the SDF/YPG/YPJ who expended their blood for all Syrians with American support, only to then set up local councils to represent the people of Raqqa & other areas after the battle. We wonder why the more and more Syrians flock to the SDF/YPG/YPJ, both politically and militarily?

Erdogan’s moves and many “trial balloons” remind me of one of the planet of the Apes movies with Gorillas on horseback chasing humans up trees to build a unstable Mugabe style Erdogan dictatorship


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You are here! thanks!

Jonathan Cohen


Angelo Cinarelli

Fantastic!! A NATO coutry fight against another NATO country. I’m sorry for the Kurds they have choosen the wrong ally. GO Erdogan GO!!


what Turkish operations?he means vacations in SYria…they havent fired a single shot…..only some artillery rounds years ago…….they are just there for propaganda reasons….to prove turkey is allmighty….because of the Sultan half-mad’ erdo….


Talk, talk from Edrogin…Who is afraid in Turkey to ask him question?

Travis Kelso

blah, blah, blah. Say the same thing over and over again. Everyone on here knows it bull!

Robert Guttierez

Any possibility that’s why Turkey was upset with the SAA going into Idlib? I imagine he doesn’t want to get Turks killed and they rarely get their hands dirty. That would leave the heavy lifting to the terrorists in Idlib and they’re busy trying to slow the SAA and it’s allies down. Turkey would rather the terrorists fight the SDF but the manpower was diverted.


Nah. Turkey’s concern for Idlib is refugees. As a person from Turkey, let me tell you that economy is going down and its going down fast. If entirity of Idlib becomes a battlefield and Turkey receives 1 more million refugees, or 500.000, we will become Greece.

Erdogan is very concerned about economy because the sleeping sheeps, i.e., AKP voters, can only be awaken with a strong realisation that economy is in shambles. Other than this, nothing can wake up the masses of sleeping sheeps.

This news though; barking. Thats all. Erdogan has no balls.

Astar Roth

This statement is such a crapy one, such a bullshiit. Do you even know what do you talking about? This is clear example of blabbing nonsense and trolling.


As a person living in Turkey with almost 20%~ inflation, yeah, i know what i am talking about. Push Turkey alittle bit more and its gonna end up like Greece.

I had enough of you fucktards that doesn’t know jack shit about Turkey and keep talking utter BS everywhere they go.

You tards believe Erdogan has some kind of “ottoman empire” ambitions. Fucking what? Erdogan is probably the worst president Turkey has ever seen since 1923. Just because you see a couple of AKP fucktards running havoc doesn’t mean entirity of Turkey agrees with Erdogan’s dreams.

He literally LOST TERRITORY TO GREECE AND TO PKK and you believe he is thinking of “invading” somewhere? You probably don’t even know that opposition in Turkey is getting crazy over the fact that Greece literally invaded 13 islands of Turkey and AKP is covering it like a boss because God knows what agreements they made with Greece and US-Israel.

Astar Roth

Hey tard, you really believe that crap coming out of your mouth? Ever SINCE 1923 Turkey haven’t had better president than this one. I can only conclude that you may be jelaous to Turkish success last years. You say that you live in Turkey. But you ain’t Turk, aren’t you?


U.S. State Department official said on Friday.“We do not believe that a military operation serves the cause of regional stability, Syrian stability or indeed Turkish concerns about the security of their border,” ” They are destabilizing. (the region ” Colonel Ryan Dillon, a spokesman for the Operation Inherent Resolve said that the world owes the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) forces in Syria “a great deal of gratitude for their efforts,” saying the force in the past years has done “a remarkable job” in liberating areas from the jihadist group. If the Turkish attack against Afrin distabilizes the region as the US State Department said WE HAVE TO STOP THE TURKISH ATTACK AGAINST AFRIN IMMEDIATELY! If the the world owes the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) forces in Syria “a great deal of gratitude for their efforts,” THEN NOT ONLY USA BUT THE WHOLE WORD SHOULD SUPPORT KURDS TO CRUNCH TURKISH ATTACKERS AGAINST AFRIN.

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