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Erdogan Threatens Syria With Military Action If It Does Not Stop Fighting Terrorists In Idlib

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Erdogan Threatens Syria With Military Action If It Does Not Stop Fighting Terrorists In Idlib


The terrorism democracy is in a grave danger in Syria’s Idlib. So, Turkey is hurrying up to protect it.

On January 31, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that Turkey could launch a military operation into Syria’s northwestern province of Idlib if the situation in the region is not resolved immediately and ‘ceasefire violations’ do not stop.

In other words, Ankra demands the Syrian Army to halt a military operation against al-Qaeda-linked groups in the region because these al-Qaeada groups are deeply linked to Turkish proxies operating there.

“We will do what is necessary when someone is threatening our soil. We will have no choice but to resort to the same path again if the situation in Idlib is not returned to normal quickly,” Erdogan said arguing that Turkey wants stability and security in Syria.

“We will not refrain from doing what is necessary, including using military force,” he said.

Erdogan said that Turkey could not handle a fresh influx of migrants that are reportedly fleeing clashes in the Idlib region.


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He’s been saying these types of things for years. It’s unfortunate that the Turks are supporting terrorists. They’ve been doing it the entire war and need to stop.


Not only the Turks but the US, Germany, Saudi Arabia, UK, France, Israel and other Nato members all support Syrian mercenary terrorist groups like ISIS, Al-Qaeda and others! Syria and its allies should finish the job and liberate Idlib now.


You say things about the Turks as if they were rational. At least under Erdogan, we can see the worst characteristics coming to light: thievery, murderous, and criminal


They have issues. But the SAA wouldn’t have gained all of that SDF area without the Turk advance. So it’s a mixed bag.

Europa Erwache

F*ck Turkey.

Did you expect anything better from this people? Just because Erdy turned to Putin for protection because of the US-backed 2016 coup, it doesn’t mean Erdogan has ceased to be an Islamist of the worst kind. He is supporting the jihadists of the Muslim Brotherhood all over the place, from Syria to Libya to Somalia and Sudan.

Mustafa Mehmet

F*ck you to

The Man

The dirty turdy Turks are going to get their arses whooped! The ‘shit’ from you dirty turdy Turks will literally hit the fan.

Mustafa Mehmet

Who let the dirty filfy stupid dogs out again.,? ???


You didnt answer me.

Assad must stay

Nope, never have and never will trust him

The Man

Absolutely… F*ck Turkey and its filthy terrorist army and its filthy terrorist backers and f*ck @disqus_7U3q0juuPa:disqus, the pseudo-European retard!


All the way over to Burma, and the Arkan Army as well.


It would be fair, if you direct your anger onto Erdogan, instead of judging a complete country because of a part of its establishments actions.




What you think about Bektashism?

V. Mecki

Erdogan said that Turkey could not handle a fresh influx of migrants…

So stop supporting the head choppers, Shithead!!!

Leon Auguste


John Wallace

threatning ” Your ” soil ?? It is Syrian soil and you failed to control your groups to stop fighting which has resulted in this fighting. Just concentrate on getting crushed in Libya and put on dark glasses if your eyes are getting too big.

northerntruthseeker .

Is it not so obviously ludicrous that Erdogan comes out in support of real terrorists???

And threatening Syria from liberating its own territory from those same terrorists???

Has the world suddenly gone so coo-coo as we now have twisted logic here?


Yes :)

Rhodium 10

Turkey is the “Air carrier” of all Wahabi terrorist gangs…which aim North Africa, Europe, Central Asia and Russia Federation…it is very important that Al Assad and Gen. Hafter wipe off terrorist in Syria and Libya despite Erdogan words about migrants…..

klove and light

what a fucking surprise- sarcasm out!!!!


Erdogan can do that only if he has Putin’s permission. If he attacks and Russia does nothing, than that means, he has that permission.


Erdogan is smart. He knows how to play both sides!


Erdogan is a USA’s dog.


maybe too smart for his own good maybe the us and russia both decide to get tired of him


If he is so “smart”. Why his terrorist have lost so much territory?

Free man

In principle I agree. But this time, Erdogan might go too far.


Erdogan is playing with that risque every time knowing he might go too far. Because playing with the fire doesn’t depend only how he is going to react, but he also depends on his opponent reactions as well. And all depends on unpredictable circumstances, that can turn situation one way or another quickly. He is there alone (not backed by NATO) when he makes his threats. His usual “Otoman Empire” hubris story of Turkey great power targets local consumption above all. Bottom line is that Turkey have overestimated power of HTS and other terrorists in Idlib and are growing desperate for face saving situation.

Peter Jennings

It’s clear that Erdogan regards Syria as Turkish soil! Perhaps nato has had more of an affect on Erdogan than he is likely to admit?

We heard the same rhetoric over the Turkish bases being constructed around Idlib. They have morphed into play areas for trapped Turkish servicemen. Quite how he is going to succeed in a war with Syria, being supported as they are by a Russian partner, is anyone’s guess.

Maybe Erdogan wants to annex Syrian land with which to reward his terrorists currently murdering in Libya? He promised them a life in Turkey yet probably wants to keep them in Idlib instead, but call it Turkey.


Turkey is not acting by itself, whatever others are saying. Its actions are planned by USA_NATO-Israel.


Exactly! U$, Nato, Saudi Arabia and Israel are behind these verbal threats. It is time to liberate Idlib!


Wow .. Since when was Idlib a part of Turkey? SAA needs to start an attack from north of Aleppo heading west and an attack from north Latakia towards north east until the two points of attack meet and close the Turkish border in the region once and for all. It will be very difficult but worth trying. If this border can be closed then there will be no more Idlib people fleeing to Turkey and the terrorists in Idlib have two choices, surrender and be sent to Turkey through a corridor that is opened and guarded by SAA or die and become fertilizer to fertilize idlib land. And one more thing, if Turkey attacks Idlib on a large scale. Russia will not be able to tolerate it, Russia will intervene, this will be hell for them, we will see how it develops.


Strategically Russia CANNOT tolerate a Turkish military invasion of Syria in Idlib.


We know what Erdogan’s true intentions are. Erdogan wants Turkey to be seen as the strongest country and to have as much influence in the Islamic world as it did during the Ottoman Empire, but the way to do it was wrong, he supported terrorists and illegally invaded Syria, a legitimate country. He should develop Turkey by increasing the economy, improving the standard of living of the Turkish people, improving education and health, establishing friendships with all its neighbors, building good trade unions with developed countries, and doing other positive things that will make Turkey respected by other countries. And if he really wants to show the strength of the Turkish Armed Forces he should be on the right side, the one who wants to fight and stop the imperial dream of countries that want to conquer the whole world by destroying other countries that disagree with them.


I completely agree with you.

The US and Turkish leaders are stuck in the swamp of their own actions and the more they thrash about , the deeper they sink into the swamp.

The Man

I think if you swap the word “swamp” with “shit”, then it becomes more accurate ?


There are Turks who want to make the transition that you write about. A good place to start would be to stop supporting terrorists in Syria and to join a regional coalition to remove the Jew pedophile mass rape cultists from the occupied territories.


Erdogan is not that kind of person. He is the worst kind of politician that any country could have. He has no scruples at all, and to reach his goals he is able to do anything. On top of that he is a pathological liar. And look at his henchmen. Exactly like him. He is no different than the Americans, the Israelis or the Saudi Arabians.


You write with much common sense. The problem is many leaders are psychopaths.

AM Hants

Is Erdogan all talk? Looks good on the domestic front. Then you have the fact they have Turkish support, but, no relevance to Turkey. So, erasing the problem, whilst saving face, with a few quotes, does not harm Erdogan on the home front.

Or am I being cynical?


What we are witnessing is ‘ Realpolitik ‘ from Erdogan and President Putin.

In my opinion though , Erdogan is not a new Otto von Bismarck, whereas President Putin probably is.

I would never consider you to be cynical, AM, although some scoffer’s may do so. Husbands for instance :)

AM Hants

Laughing, with regards husbands. Cured me of my love of wedding cake, haha.

Shame I was not a cynic on a couple of dates in the 20th century.


Relationships are akin to finding gold. The glittering seam is hypnotic and to touch the seam is erotic. It is always a sad day if the glittering seam is in fact Fools Gold that is the cruelest of all realities.

On the plus side though, a ton of gold is not worth an ounce of real contentment.

AM Hants

The first marriage, did not marry for love. Married for son’s sake. It was a nightmare. When you go on your honeymoon, to separate countries, without each other, you realise the marriage will not last. Enjoyed the honeymoon though, haha.

2nd marriage, turned into the glittering seam being fools gold. We have been estranged for 12 years, but, do not like solicitors and have not bothered with a divorce. Marriage in limbo, believe it is called.

Although I do not do marriage well, have so much respect for those in long term marriages. The ones that are happy, united and full of respect for their partners.


I cannot even begin to understand the stress that you have been under. The legal profession as a whole has always taken maximum advantage of marital breakdowns and are best avoided, I agree.

Long term marriages and relationships are indeed a rarity these days, however, are they relationships where one party is happy or willing to be the Rule Taker for a plethora of reasons? If it works for them, bravo to that I suppose.

AM Hants

If a long term relationship works out, whatever the reason, nice for the couple.

If I was to go into either of my marriages, you would think it was a series, not episode of Jerry Springer. Will not go into it, apart from a good sense of humour came in handy and relish learning curves.

Hanny Benny

turkey = REAL ISIS !!! (500 years of devsirme childabduction)


Russia MUST STOP Erdogan for good. Putin must stop pleasing Erdogan, POINT. .

Toni Liu

So why not kick all your terrorist to libya, thats more better for turks and syria when they die or run to europe is not turk problem anymore


Was an Erdo supporter, but now with Erdo single handedly continuing the civil war against the Greeks in Libya, I’ve been done with Erdo for a while.

Erdo and Turkey are a mini-USA, promoting terrorism in the world.

Before this Libyan civil war involvement, Erdo was simply following the US, as a puppet. Erdo is now doing this on his own. This erases any good will.

So much for nukes for Turkey and so much for S-500s. Who is going to trust Turkey…



Xoli Xoli

Turkey is flooded by its ISIS flee terrorists. Syria has the right of self defence beyond proportionate.Bark Erdo Dog bark.Any Syrian retaliation will be fully supported by allies.

Xoli Xoli

Erdodig camouflage of terrorists behind civilians and harboring must be dealt with accordingly.Everyone can be arrogant just like foolish Erdogan. Rudeness does not have a specific owner.

Jim Bim

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan warned Friday that Ankara may start a military operation in Idlib if the situation in that troubled region was not immediately resolved.

According to the 2018 Astana agreement, Turkey agreed to free the DM zone for its backed terrorists latest mid 2019. Turkey did nothing, except supplying the terrorists with weapons and intelligent data, while the terrorists from the DM zone kept on attacking civilians and the Russian base. The Russians and the Syrian army finally had enough and are cleaning the DM zone for terrorists….that`s why the are Turks pissed

Assad must stay

Your little torki soldiers will meet the same fate as any other rat that was, is, and will be pulverized by SAA hahahaha

Avraham Goodman ✡✡✡✡✡✡

i applaud erdogan courage and strength to stand up to evil syria regime and evil russia. however he must cease all hostilities towards israel and become friendly again


how about you stop being enemies with syria and see that your true enemy is turkey little israel boy?

The Man

Get lost Jew… You’ve lost a goyim dog in Turkey and think this POS erDOGan will come back to you. Think again Jew boy… By the way, the reason you applaud him is because he is a violent murdering f*cker like the Jews. “Two shits in the same pair of undies” is a great and apt Arabic proverb for you!

John Wallace

Hey what has happened to all the real Trolls. Away on holiday or something and we have to put up with you now. We want real anti Assad comments coming from real fuckwits not some left over street bum that struggles to copy his cue cards. You know the worst thing about your comments. Yes your photo , now that is revolting.

Erdogan says Trump’s Mideast peace plan ‘absolutely unacceptable’

Turkish leader warns that in granting Jewish state the right to Jerusalem, proposal is ‘legitimizing Israel’s occupation’.


Keep applauding and licking Erdogan’s butt, another proof how utterly clueless and imbecilic you are Jacob Wohl ?

The Man

So this Yid Avraham (FFS Jew, it’s not spelt with a V, but with a B!), so this Yid is none other than that dirty Zionist, Jacob Wohl?! He’s like a cancer, spreading its nasty Zionist tentacles everywhere… so typical of Jew behaviour!


Then Erdo and Turkey should have nukes. They are brothers with the jews, and worthy of nukes.


Willing Conscience (The Truths

All pro Erdogan Turks alway praise Erdogan Mustafa, that’s a fact, another fact is no Jews ever aplaude Erdogan, none at all, especially the die hard Zionists, they absolutely hate Erdogan, and they never ever praise him, but you do don’t you Mustafa, I wonder why. LOL.


It seems Erdogan is having a “Trump” moment…. I do hope Erdogan will not open a Twitter account….

AM Hants

Lol, regards twitter account.

albert ayunda

Erdogan wants the ottoman territories back


If this were about territory, then it would be excusable.

Turkey want headchoppers in Syria and Mauritanians in Greek-Arab Cyrene.

Better to annex these territories than to poke and torture them.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

The SAA didn’t manage to find the sweet spot, that Goldilocks zone which would’ve kept Erdogan right on the cusp of making this type of announcement, but not actually doing it, oh well it was great while it lasted, but now the SAA and Russia will have to adjust track just a little try to find the sweet spot again.


Go on Erdogan. Commit your troops to a war in Syria in large numbers. It’ll be political SUICIDE for you.


How can Erdogan do this if he doesn’t have air cover? He can only do this if he has Russia’s consent, which I doubt he’ll get. The Russians have invested too much in driving terrorists out of Idlib to accept Turkey’s coming and ruining the whole thing. The other possibility is that he is doing NATO’s bidding. Even so, Syria’s skies belong to Syria and Russia’s air forces. Without air support, Turks will be roasted once they become a threat to the good guys.

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