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Erdogan Stuns By Saying Turkey May Need Nuclear Weapons


Originally appeared at ZeroHedge

This is a first: Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Wednesday suggested Turkey should seek its own nuclear weapons in comments sure to gain Washington’s attention at a moment NATO’s most controversial member is busy deploying Russia’s S-400 anti-air defense system.

During a televised speech in which he ranted against rivals and moderates within his own Justice and Development Party (AKP) Erdogan said, “They say we can’t have nuclear tipped missiles though some have them. This, I can’t accept,” according to Turkey’s Ahval news.

“I don’t accept this,” he said. “The US and Russia have them. Every developing nation has them.”

Erdogan Stuns By Saying Turkey May Need Nuclear Weapons

Image via Express UK

He pointed out that Turkey had in the past been unfairly denied weapons deals by allied nations, which led to Turkish ingenuity in producing its own weaponry.

Erdogan also reportedly invoked Israel’s ‘unofficial’ or undeclared nuclear stockpile during his speech, saying that because Israel has nuclear weapons, “no one can touch them”.

Turkey is a signatory to the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty of 1980, and further signed the 1996 Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty, which bans all nuclear tests for any purpose. The country does store US-supplied NATO ‘tactical nukes,’ however.

His comments were part of a broader theme attacking “rebels” within AKP who are seeking to possibly establish new political parties as “weakening” and splintering the nation.

In reference to Turkey’s deeply controversial reception of the first round of S-400 components, and with the second procurement currently in process of delivery, Erdogan said, “This of course adds a completely different power to our defense system. Whatever we have done in the past 18 years has been for the people of Turkey.”

Ironically Erdogan had previously been on record as blasting nuclear armed countries as unjustly “threatening the world” with their powerful weapons. The past comments were made as he reacted to the May 2018 White House withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal.

“Those who have more than 15,000 nuclear warheads are currently threatening the world,” he said at the time. The vast majority of the world’s nukes belong to Russia and the United States.

Though not verified, over the past years there have been occasional reports from Turkish journalists alleging Erdogan has sought to expand Turkey’s arsenal to include atomic bombs.



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  • Barba_Papa

    Crazy fuckwad Erdogan with nukes?


    It will seriously piss off the Yanks and Netannutjob, but I’m not sure if its a price worth paying.

    • NWOD

      Yeah, it’s almost as crazy as the Evil US, the Savage Brits or the ZioNazi Israelis with nukes … but actually not nearly so.

  • Saddam Hussein

    You cant trust the Zionist regime or Turkey with nukes.

    • goingbrokes

      Zionists already have them, trust or not. Why shouldn’t Turkey?

      • Ron Paul Fan

        Only hasbata trolls,CIA trolls, mossad troll, FBI trolls and other Zionist trolls hate Erdogan.

  • Brother Ma

    Greece should have bombed the Turks in the water in 1996 and actually fought back in 1974. This is what happens when you listen to your allies and friends; you will always get sacrificed as the weaker party.

    Erdogan has gone from US whore to US bogyman back to U S whore again and little loyal trusting nations like Greece get fucked everytime.

    Take note ,stupid vassals France ,Germany and UK . Your turn will come soon and Uncle Sam will ditch you too for the love of his Turkish mistress.

    God you are fools or traitors!

    • verner

      comeon now – greece, sure a dominant factor 2500 years ago, today, tourists and nothing else. bet your money on turkey.

  • Tiresia Branding
  • Boycott-Israel!

    It indicates Sultan Erdoğan would order more weapons from Emperor Putin.

    • Dušan Mirić

      Why? There are a vast arsenal of US made nukes in Turkey.

    • Dušan Mirić

      There’s no reason to ask/buy for nukes from Russia. There’s vast arsenal of US made nuclear weapon

  • verner

    if the slimebag jared kushner, trump’s son in law, thus married to the babyfattish ivanka, can promise the clown prince of saudi arabia, mohammed bin salman, of fake leonardo da vinci buy at 450m$, real value 1.5m$, nuke technology and quite a few other tidbits (titbits!!!) from the unhinged states of A’s most secret stash, so can and should erdogan wish for some nukes as well. both turkey and Iran are well advised to have a private chat with kim jung un and/or the pakistani PM or even India’s modi to fill that requirement. otherwise it will be just israel and saudi being nuked up in the middle east and that would be totally unfair.

  • You can call me Al

    Listen you fucking nutter, when you can use a toilet and wipe your arse with toilet paper and not your hand, the World will contemplate nuking Turkey – OK ?

  • Assad must stay (gr8rambino)