Erdogan Says U.S. Has “Calculations Against Turkey, Iran And Maybe Russia” In Syria


Erdogan Says U.S. Has "Calculations Against Turkey, Iran And Maybe Russia" In Syria

On February 6, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan mocked the US operations in Iraq and Afghanistan and rejected the US criticism of Ankara’s Operation Olive Branch in the Syrian area of Afrin.

“When are you going to finish with us asking the question, when did you finish your operations in Afghanistan? When did you finish your operations in Iraq? It’s been 18 years,” the president said at a meeting of his AK Party in the parliament, according to Hurriyet newspaper.

Erdogan continued saying that the US has “calculations against Turkey, Iran and maybe Russia” in Syria and described the US presence there as opportunistic.

Erdogan also said that the US should to withdraw from the Syrian city of Manbij, which is now controlled by the US-backed Syrian Democrataic Forces (SDF), mostly consisting of Kurdish militias. He added that Turkish forces will return “to its true owners.”

The existing diplomatic tensions between Washington and Ankara have grown further since the start of the Turkish military opeartion against the Kurdish YPG/YPJ [described by Turkey as a terrorist group] in Afrin. The key problem is that the YPG/YPJ is the core of the SDF that receives arms and training from the US.



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  • Wegan

    Erdogan, please, just stick to the plan…Damn-it.
    Time to have a new strategic direction, you can’t keep the old one. Move on. We’re getting tired of this sh!t.
    Stop ondulating between strategic objectives, that accomplishes nothing. Your partners are committed and ready to commit further.

    • Mortal

      It ain’t so easy as you would like it to be. Turkey is caught between a rock and a hard place at the moment, Ru-Iran-Syria axis and NATO-US. You can’t just give up on one side and play with the others. There are consequences. As much as I would like to see Turkey aligned against US imperial views, this won’t happen soon. Turkey cannot express full initiative.

      • Wegan

        They don’t need to commit to an alliance. Just stop the Islamist support freak show. It will actually make him look good for the EU. They are scared sh!less of him because of who he is supporting. Supporting Al-Qaeda while outside the EU is an indication of what he will do when he gets his membership. Already the EU is having problems with Poland and Hungary and they are Christians. Imagine if you add Turkey.

      • Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

        why not? it would be a good lesson for erdogan, you cant have your cake and eat it too!

    • Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

      he is torn between wanting to restore the ottoman empire and double-crossing everyone for his own gain lol

      • Wegan

        We all know that’s never going to happen. Turkey can never be a leader.

      • Kira Binkley

        How do you know that?

        • Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

          I mean isnt it ovvious?

          • Kira Binkley

            Not really. Maybe to disturbed people.

          • Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

            well then it should be obvious for u lmao

          • Kira Binkley

            Right. And it’s ovvious as well. It is what it is now…

    • nshah

      Not sure about that (Erdogan) as Tillerson is coming to Ankara this coming week.. and next coming week will be another idiot/s to follow up..!

  • Hanny Benny

    erdoKhan the “genius Führer of turks” brings turkey a shiny future

  • Dr. Ronald Cutburth

    Hurrah. Need to label the US is the backer of the Atheist Zionist Nazi government of Israel.

    • JCS

      Atheist, Zionist, Nazi government of Israel. So what did u smoke or drink to make this ridiculous statement? It also has nothing to do with the topic under discussion.

  • Bjorn Metaal

    Turkey is like that kid on the block that wants to be part the group. But there are two groups: Russia,Iran and Syria and then there is NATO and friends. But turkey does not really like the USA or the syrians. So he does: ” I will just join both”. Don’t be like turkey.

    • dutchnational

      SDF in Afrin is having a Turkey shoot the last few days.

      Good hunting to them and keep on hitting.

      • BL

        ^ Kike Jew

        • matt

          BL stand for?? BULL SHIT

          • BL

            ^ Another kike Jew

          • matt

            Jew, jew…..hahahaaa

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  • Ivanus59

    Lol this statement… I am sure Russia and Iran were like “You don’t say? :O How astonishing, never would have guessed it.”.

    • Sadde


  • Dick Von Dast’Ard

    More Turkish-Russian cooperation and coordination required in defeating the common enemy. (despite his best efforts to sew the seeds of discord between the two powers)

    U.S. has done one coup attempt too many now.

    • Astar Roth

      Very true.

  • Pave Way IV

    Erdogan: “U.S. to remove kebab from premises!”
    Everyone Else: [stifled snickering]
    Erdogan: “What is humorous, sneaky little Hobbitses?”

  • Bulgarian God

    Erdogan plays mind games and soon Turkey will be kicked the fuck out of NATO. :)

    • Barba_Papa

      Not. Going. To. Happen!

      Turkey is too strategically important to the US. Its straddles too much strategically important real estate, its bases are too important to hand over to the Russians and to give the Russians unfettered access to the Bosporus and deny it to the US would be strategic suicide. The Americans maybe stupid and have underestimate how far Turkey would go against the Kurdish Peoples Republic its creating, but when the chips are down and the Americans have to chose between either Turkey, or the SDF, they will kick the SDF to the curb. It’s just that the Americans still haven’t realized that they have to chose now, before the damage becomes irreparable.

      • Astar Roth

        Bulgarian low-life got to say something? You explained this vwey well, but his brains are too small to understand.

    • Astar Roth

      You’re an utter fool!

      • Bulgarian God

        You are 100% debil !

        • Astar Roth

          Speak English, pls…

          • Bulgarian God

            english is not my native language, so get the fuck off gypsi submuman !

          • Astar Roth

            What’s “submuman”? 😂Stop mumbling, I’d appreciate that.
            If you wanna talk here, learn English then.

          • Bulgarian God

            I mean subhuman! You are gypsi subhuman !

          • Astar Roth

            Look who’s talking.

  • Davki

    Afghanistan has been called the graveyard of nations… Northern Syria will be Erdogan’s. Of course, he’s right about the US… but the same applies to him. Those defending the towns and villages invaded by Turkey’s military are mostly its inhabitants or their neighbours.

  • Lupus

    Mad dog Erdocunt needs to shut up and mind his own business and those aint in Syria. He has supported jihad terrorists, commits ethnic clansing and genocide in Syria and is a murdering dictator in his own country. This clown lost the right to speak and should be brought to justice.

    • Astar Roth

      Argh, shut the fucck up.

  • Starlight

    Turkey is 100% an asset of the Empire of the West- 100%. When Turkey shot down that Russian jet, then ‘made-up’ to Russia, it was following to the letter a very standard Deep State plot.

    Turkey, Egypt, Israel and KSA are all 100% within the sphere of influence of the Empire of the West- always have been and always will be. The clue is Ancient Rome. Look at the map, guys. That Empire is the same then as today.

    Russia is on the outside looking in- subverted by jews who promise Russian leaders that they have real influence in regions owned by the West.

    Turkey, like Jordan (a direct British possession) were the main conduits of ISIS terror and supplies. Now Turkey is engaged in giving the local kurds one of their periodic ‘spankings’ – with the direct approval of Russia and indirect approval of the USA. And the Turks are using the SAME terrorists on the ground in Syria to assist them as arranged the Turkish ISIS pipeline in the recent past.

    Putin calls this being ‘pragmatic’. Anyone with a brain calls it being subservient to the same jewish movement that crafted the ‘Kremlin List’ a few days back. Turkey, like KSA, is a VERY public blood-brother of Israel- because the so-called ‘Young Turks’ responsible for modern Turkey were crypto-jews. Never forget Istanbul (Constantinople) is the capital of the Eastern part of the Roman Empire.

    Turkey has ZERO justification for operating in Syria. The kurdish groups in Turkey are far too insignificant to use as an excuse. But what you really see is the ORTHODOX islamic church stomping potential rivals before they have a chance to get started. Organised religion once again proving itself to be a pure cancer on the soul of Humanity.

    PS Putin has declared himself to be a big fan of all organised religions, and supports their desire to continue enslaving Humanity.

    • al quaida

      The full moon has passed, you should be calming down by now. Increase your meds.

      • Astar Roth

        Hahahaha. He’s not on meds, he’s crazy, just like that and he loves it.

    • Bob

      On literally any given topic you’ll find the same ‘Starlight’ response – a series of ill connected statements intended to lead to same destination, every-time and without fail, of anti-Putin intent. Spot the anti-Russian genda troll.

  • Kira Binkley

    A message for you Yanks:
    Never take Erdogan’s statements at face value.

    • Astar Roth

      Now kinda do take.

  • Rob

    President Erdogan have created so many problems for his own country that its look impossible that in future any body gonna cost vote to him. Erdogan have not defeated Kurds in his own country so how he gonna defeat them in Syria.

    Its so easy to deal with Kurds because they are not only in Turkey but also in Syria, Iraq and Iran. To control Kurds then Turkey need to stop supporting different terrorist organizations in Syria and sincerely join forces with Syria, Iraq and Iran. In this way they can solve the issue of Kurds without any casualties both sides. Both sides are humans in Turkish army and in Kurds. They should not die but they should live in this world like normal citizens. God have born Kurds and not Turkey and God will protect them.

    • Kira Binkley

      The Kurdish people need to have patience. No lasting and fair peace can be accomplished while in the middle of a civil war. This means: The U.S. needs to voluntarily depart, or else be thumped out of Syria;

  • Lumen

    Erdogan should retire and/or stop his madness before its too late. He betrayed the alliance by attacking the main Force of US in Syria.

  • Ronald

    “Described the US presence there as opportunistic” , that was well put .
    “Calculations against Turkey , Iran and maybe Russia ” must be a poor translation , his meaning is not clear .
    “Its been 18 years”, is certainly valid criticism of the US , regarding Afghanistan and Iraq .

    He knows he has the US by the balls , he can say anything . He can take Kurdish held territory all along his southern border , and the US will let him do it , because they can not loose access to the Black Sea.

    Castro in Cuba survived hundreds of CIA attempts on his life , Erdogan must feel lucky .

    • Astar Roth

      You mean the coup?

    • M60A2Patton

      Means US has conspiracy plans against Turkey , Iran and Russia.

      • Ronald

        M60A2Patton ; Thank you for your translation .

  • Real Anti-Racist Action

    Turkey is the only nation in the whole world with the guts to actually fire and do bombing runs against US military personal.
    No one on earth has the right to criticize Turkey right now. I do not see China or Iran or Syria or Russia have any manliness to launch bombing ruins on US and Mi6 special forces embedded in Syria right now.
    Go Turks go!

    • Terra Cotta Woolpuller

      Problem is they already have and shown the US up as a Paper Tiger, just like the Kurds shown up Turks as more Paper Tigers, oh what a tangled web we weave when we practice to deceive.

    • Astar Roth

      Yes, that’s very true.

  • Xanatos

    Did erdogan hint that some Turkish commanders are still rogue ? Serving American interests in idlib without his approval? That suggestion does not sound very credible given his purge of the military.

    Maybe he meant something else by…Turkish forces will return “to its true owners.”

    • bonami

      I think his plan is to clear out the Kurds and then move all of the Syrian refugees now in Turkey into the cleared area. Solves several of Turkey’s problems; ends the refugee problem and makes sure Kurds are not on his border. Russia/Syria/Iraq/Iran probably see this as a win-win for their own efforts to unite Syria and end the dream of a multi-nation Kurdistan.

  • Feudalism Victory

    Put up or shut up.

  • shayan

    its funny you know. all things america and isis did in syria and iraq was impossible without help of turkey and saudi arabia.

  • Redadmiral

    The below is something I posted 8 hours ago and has again been detected as spam, wtf is going on at SF?
    The situation in Syria continues to become more and more complex as some
    alliances cool or appear to cool while others warm or appear to warm.
    The Yanks have obviously picked, trained and embedded assets across the
    terrorist and political spectrum. What makes the unfolding situation
    super difficult to understand or analyse is that these assets have in
    many instances come under the influence of other “human factors”,
    splintering, fracturing and eventually breaking their commitment to
    Uncle Sam; however, this does not necessarily mean a gain for the
    opposition. Erdogan was without doubt the Yankeeman anchored down in
    Ankara with Gulen his Boogeyman back in the US helping to keep him
    coiled and ready to strike. In the end Recep’s forked tongue became an
    embarrassment to the yankee deep state(MIC, NSA, CIA, FBI etc..) and he
    had to go. RYE was not shown the script and decided to stay, realising
    he could collect another $20Billion if he rolled the dice half right.
    And this is what he is trying to do today against the backdrop of Yankee
    snakes and ladders. While almost everyone is half-expecting to hear a
    loud report from that game of Russian Roulette, he entered into

  • Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

    i dont understand how people can support this guy, he says one thing, does another, says another thing, does something else. one day says how the US and allies are terrorists then he says assad must go. i mean what he is saying here is very true but other times he spouts bullshit, kinda like trump