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Erdogan Says Turkey Will Work With Russia On Jet Engines, Warships & Submarines

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Erdogan Says Turkey Will Work With Russia On Jet Engines, Warships & Submarines

Erdogan file image, via CheckPoint Asia

Turkey will work with Russia to jointly produce jet engines, warships and submarines, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan told journalists who accompanied him on September 29 to the Russian resort city of Sochi where he met with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Erdogan told the journalists that he mainly discussed Defence and military issues with Putin during the summit in Sochi.

“We discussed steps to build a second and third nuclear reactor,” the Turkish President said, according to the Middle East Eye. Russia has already built the Akkuyu nuclear reactor in southern Turkey.

Erdogan also confirmed that Turkey will not change its plans to purchase a second batch of Russian-made S-400 long-range air-defense systems despite US pressure.

“We even comprehensively talked about the steps we can take on [manufacturing] jet engines,” the Turkish President said. “Another topic, we can take joint steps in the construction of [war]ships. We will, inshallah, even take joint steps on submarines.”

While Erdogan didn’t talk much about the situation in the northwestern Syrian region of Greater Idlib, which was supposedly one of the main topics of the Sochi summit, his officials claimed that Turkey and Russia has agreed to keep the situation as it is in the region.

“There is no change in Idlib. We will preserve the status quo there” a senior Turkish official told Middle East Eye.

Dmitry Peskov, a spokesman for the Kremlin, contradicted the Turkish official remarks. The spokesman said that Russia and Turkey are on the same page when it comes to fighting terrorism in Greater Idlib.

“Erdogan and Putin reaffirmed their commitment to previous agreements to clear the area of ​​terrorist elements that pose a threat and could carry out attacks in Idlib,” Peskov said.

The situation in Greater Idlib, where al-Qaeda-affiliated Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) is in control, remains unstable. The ceasefire brokered by Russia and Turkey last year appears to be collapsing.

Putin and Erdogan have apparently failed to reach a new agreement on the Syrian region. Yet, Turkey, which maintains a large, heavily-armed force in the region, didn’t make any threats. This suggests that Ankara may be willing to tolerate a new operation by Syrian governorate forces against HTS.


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so turkey basically is leaving nato and at the same time erdogan is losing which means politically turkey is a mess


he’s got no money……upto his eyeballs in debt. Literally enslaved by the EU/ US.


How do you know unhuman idiot ?


in the history of the ottoman state children of neighboring christian countries were kidnapped enslaved tortured in a military cruel training into murderous machines the same thing terrorists in africa are doing the same thing daesh is doing its your history you are proud of it arent you terrorist inhuman scum


I have been told by someone who says dollars in Turkey will be rising up to 18-20 lira


Hope they find a solution for Syria as well


Erdogan love jihadist they cant find a solution for Syria when Erdogan is alive

Chess Master

Idlib ‘problem’ is for poor people with no life. Great leaders do business.

Peppe il Sicario

Merdobegone will lick Twattila’s (Attila to most of you) crusty balls if he feels he can get something, even insignificant out of it. The biggest two-timing opportunist on the world stage today.

The Objective

B-b-but Russia only make crappy stuff thats inferior to our stuff, we make da best military hardware in the universe, why does Erdoggy want to cooperate with Rushah?

*cognitive dissonance ensues*


erdogan is scared of iran aswell as the resistance because it just took us one telefon call to bring erdogan from iran couped out of turkey back into his office and all the advices iran gave him brought hi to the power he has and now he challenges the hand who fed him and believes russia will help him to get armed well enough to pass the hurdle of iran he doesnt care about islam he just cares about turk turk he will bite russias hand soon after and everyone else who tried to help

Last edited 19 days ago by farbat

russia is ruinous still to this point i cant say that russia today is much better than it was during the soviet union it is advancing into both directions which is worrying and at the same time giving hope that russia will work towards the logic of truely pure and righteous god worshipping people distancing themselves from weapons of mass destruction and the slavic identity of mass murder and mass oppression and starting a new chapter but what to say its unclear how it will all work out over there in russia still but i have hope that islam will have atleast some christians as allies against the dajjalic powers


turkey will betray many more aslong as such a power is in place in turkey which doesnt have any dignity its just not going to be expected that they will behave in a way which shows backbone they immediatly collapsed infront of zionists that is why iran is an enemy for them instead of working towards strengthening the islamic ummah they weaken it because they are only as a facade part of it and obviously i dont talk about the populations but their elites and the centers of power the same people who did spread the zionist different flavors of cancer in this region like daesh and are to this day plotting these fools together with the enemies of islam behaving themselves all the way unislamic which is why islam today has such a bad taste to the world after people say the word its the fault of them ottomans daesh worshipping nonsense they are about its always the same barbarism and strangely the turks and the jews work together now for centuries behaving like daesh in the name of islam utter insolence the descecration of all what is good in the world happened during the same ottomans all over again when they managed daesh its utter insolence may they be cursed and rot away

Last edited 19 days ago by farbat

i understand you always in your secterian nature attack us iranians because of us being shia but again we are extremely shia which means we are extremely islamic and we seek to follow the guidance of islam as good as we can but what i dont understand is your support of ottoman turkey the turkey which kidnapped as ottomans little christian children and like daesh brainwashed them into suicide indoctrinated terrorist machines the same turkey which instead of protecting a place of christian worship as muslims should do destroyed it all mostly and converted what was left of some of it again its daesh and ottomans were the original barbarism the same as its in the nature of turks they cant create good for this world but only destroy and plot to destroy all the good its the sultans nature to do so and aslong as turkey is conceptually driven towards sultans it will be that way


what does erdogan understand of islam to challenge ahl ul bayt and to let his lapdogs insult and threaten the lives of our akhoonds who ever they may be and the zionists are only putting like always fuel on these idiot turks but iran today is more powerful than it ever was in its entire history so te turks and many others are mistaken about iran in many ways so i atleast hope that there will not be serious fitna garii among turks because it will just bleed the region after victories for islam when it should enjoy prosperity after such victories

The Objective

Where do you take the time for this?

Icarus Tanović

No, the question who is paying you. And another is how someone be that stupid.


they dont understand islam they dont know nor do they care why turkey is wrong in what it does why hagia sofia situation for example is an eyesore for islam its a total insolence the fact that the descendent of janissaries are lied to and they behave as if there are white european turks its all just disgusting the lies the crimes its all very much anti islamic and dont have a wrong view of islam because of the likes of turks so specially greeks balkan south and east europe should not mistaken turkey for something islamic this isnt done in the name of islam what they did was an insult to living and thinking beings and innocence what those kids where and it was an insult to god and since there isnt any other god than one when you are christian than they insulted our god which means i feel as much insulted as you dont think because there are these idiots worshippers of ottomanism and ertugrul gollum fake stories lies and larping we will one day sooner or later have the injustice fixed as much as it can be fixed

Last edited 18 days ago by farbat

once upon a time during sassanian era the romans did their best to support turkish nomadic tribes against the sassanian empire in fact roman power at the time was weaker than the turkish large amounts of hordes which were a huge trouble to deal with more so than romans and it all ended up with those nomads destroying rome just as rome once sought to use german nomads against iran and those also ended up destroying rome its just idiocy to use “terrorists” as such nomadic groups were no different than what we consider today as terrorists it will always backfire that is why iran just allies with either resistance or revolutionary groups these days which is why taliban is still not viewed well in iran because to make us think to the opposite they have to bring alot of deeds with merit to the discussion to prove the opposite

Last edited 18 days ago by farbat

lol……’inferior to our stuff’…..?…….motherfucker yous a somali jihadist Al-Shabab refugee in the EU…..What inferior to your stuff?…..lol


stop behaving so shamefully its just filthy like a pig you sound like one of these british filthy pigs are you in one of their countries mate

Last edited 18 days ago by farbat

are you maybe in canada?

Dick Von D'Astard

RT Russia-Turkey.


Get out of Syria first…then expect your carrot.

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