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Erdogan Says Turkey “Will Not Accept Harassment In Syria”

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Erdogan Says Turkey "Will Not Accept Harassment In Syria"

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On May 4th, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that Turkey “will no longer tolerate harassment in Syria safe zone.”

Terrorist groups are trying to exploit Turkey’s preoccupation with the coronavirus pandemic to step up attacks both within Turkey’s borders and beyond, Recep Tayyip Erdogan said in a televised address following a Cabinet meeting in Istanbul.

“This attitude alone is enough to show how far the terrorist group is from humanity,” he said.

He further added that the Turkish Armed Forces “are pursuing and neutralizing terrorists non-stop,” both their operations with and outside of the borders continue without stop.

“We closely monitor every step of members of the terrorist group operating in a wide area in northern Iraq and Syria.”

He further said that “countries that have influence” essentially refusing to simply name Russia have an obligation to assist it in implementing agreements.

“We invite countries that have influence in the region to comply with our permanent agreements, to keep the terrorist group outside the determined borders, and to prevent regime attacks,” Erdogan added.

Erdogan stressed that unfortunately no country is “fully fulfilling its promise” in this regard.

He entirely refuses to admit that the militants in the Idlib de-escalation zone continuously carry out attacks on the Syrian Arab Army and their Russian support.

As such, he simply entirely shifts the blame on President Bashar al-Assad’s government and forces, for responding to the continuous ceasefire breaches by the Turkish-backed groups in the area, as well as from those which Turkey allegedly doesn’t support.

But they regardless, somehow, use the equipment Turkey deploys, since in the middle of fighting, there’s no way to separate who’s a terrorist and who’s not – everybody simply wants to fight against the “bloody regime.”

As such, in Erdogan’s view, “harassment” and “ceasefire violations” are very loose terms that are only applicable to one side in the situation, and the rhetoric seems to be shifting back to the situation before the Turkish-Russian patrols in Idlib. As in, Turkey’s not fulfilling any of its agreements, while it simply disregards that fact and claims that the other parties are also not fulfilling their parts, but also not doing anything to cover for Ankara’s slack.


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Zionism = EVIL

The goat fucker ErDOG is getting desperate, as expected the Turkeys inept military is literally stuck in Libya and Syria with no tangible results or even an exit plan and the costs to the deadbeat bankrupt Turkeys is rising. Even their own headchoppers are taking pot shots at the Turkeys and running off to Europe from Libya.

comment image

Mustafa Mehmet

Sio no need to worry about Türkiye we are doing fine.. you are nothing but a dirty filthy Cockroaches bastard.. you don’t say anything nice about anyone.. go back to your cave and carry on f****** your mama..


Not everyione ar like you…

Free man

Evil old Zio is a supporter of the mullahs regime, they are the only ones who want the war in Syria to continue endlessly. He is a disgruntled grumpy old man.
I hope Turkey, Russia and the United States reach an agreement very soon that ends the bloody war in Syria.

Xoli Xoli

Erdogan is a democracy and peace rapist.Powergry Turkey rapist.

Mustafa Mehmet

How do you know he raped your mama too?


great,an erdoganist inbred

Xoli Xoli

Sorry man when did he rape your toothless grandma.

Mustafa Mehmet

He can have her .. if he can bring her back to life ?

Xoli Xoli

You are mad man.Sorry man I will ignore all your criticism. Because you are fuckin mad man.

cechas vodobenikov

I suspect he was misquoted—he really stated” I love harassment of a certain orientation”


@Erdogan: Giauru mӑ !

Mustafa Mehmet

gamadu banayasu


Surprise, surprise Turkey was just wasting Russia and Syria’s time. An offensive by SAA and it’s allies must come in june to remove the invaders and terrorists, but this time, instead of trying to minimize turk casualties they should work to maximize them!


Correct,i don’t know why it didn’t happen a long time ago,launch a massive attack and crush those bastards,then the next move should be East of the Euphretes to give those other bastards the same treatment


Erdogan is essentially attempting a land theft similar to the Turkish annexation of a part of Cyprus in 1974.

Cyprus was annexed from the Ottoman empire by Britain on late 2014 , as Turkey was fighting against the British side in WW1.

The land in Idlib was also part of the Ottoman empire.
The ‘game of thrones’ continues.

Mustafa Mehmet

2014 ? ok……


Well, Erdogan, buddy, there’s one way to make sure those Turkish troops don’t get fired on. Just have them march back to Turkey and they won’t get fired upon.

Rafik Chauhan

this is all bcuz of Russia giving time to this Erdogon thugs. bcus of him war has dragged for long and now ISIL attack has increased in Syria and Iraq. israeli are attacking everyday. and in daara SAA airforce people are assasinated everyday. look like now Russia is incapable to stop turkey or israel.this 2 are colloboraitng to destroy Syria. and Iran cannot response israeli attack then iran should not give false hope to ressitance


Responding to Israeli attack will increase the trouble in Syria…
That is what the Israelis are looking for.
You ppl should get that in your heads…
The aim is to form a Hezbollah type of army on the Golan…this army will entrench and prevent the Israeli expansionist agenda. And finally through liberate the golan through a guerilla style fights.
That to a larger extent have been achieved.

The isreali will keep crying…never give them the attention…

The so called attacks on Iranian targets have achieved nothing

Icarus Tanović

Absolutely nothing.


Why is Turkey in Syria? Is Erdogan following orders from American to foment trouble? Does he want to seize territory like Israel in the Golan Heights. Is it all of the above?

Icarus Tanović

Suprise Erdogan’s regime, there are alreadu today two of your bulldozers both worth a 1,5 million were destroyed in Idlib.
So you’re about to catch good beat up.
This can easily turn to Erdogan’s Vietnam.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Erdogan’s only complaining about Putin because his new found friend Trump won’t do anything to help him, he’s probably hoping the Russians can help him do what the US won’t, LOL, but Putin’s done more than enough for Putin, there haven’t been any SDF/YPG attacks against the Turks or their forces in Al Hasakah for months, only opposition attacks against the SDF.
And Russia has no control over what Turkish/Kurdish PKK or Syrian/Kurdish YPG do in Iraq, that’s the Iraqi government and KRG’s responsibility, so I’m not sure what Putin could do to help him anyway, unless a new Turkish proposed UN resolution is on the cards, maybe Erdogan needs Putin’s help for something like that.
The YPG and PKK are giving Erdogan a really hard time in Iraq now, even the KRG have been critical of some recent events, and the PUK have threatened to become involved too, which would pit them against their fellow Kurds in the pro Turkish KDP.

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