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Erdogan Says He Has No Objection To Damascus’ Control Over Northeastern Syria

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Erdogan Says He Has No Objection To Damascus' Control Over Northeastern Syria

Recep Tayyip Erdoğan made his comments during a speech to AK party members in Ankara on October 26. Photograph: AFP/Getty Images

Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has announced that he will discuss the situation in northeast Syria with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin in their upcoming meeting on October 22.

“There will be a meeting with Putin in Sochi on Tuesday. Our aim is to identify an acceptable solution. We want the areas under the control of the Syrian government to be cleared of militants of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party [PKK] and the Self Defense Forces [YPG],” told a news conference in Istanbul on October 18, according to the Russian news agency TASS.

The Turkish President went on to state that he has no objections against placing the “safe-zone” under the Damascus government’s control.

On October 9, the Turkish military and its Syrian proxies launched a large-scale military operation to establish the “safe-zone” in northeast Syria. However, a breakthrough deal between Damascus and Kurdish forces allowed Syrian troops to enter the region, which limited the movement of Turkish forces.

Facing this unexpected development, Turkey accepted a US-proposed ceasefire which would force Kurdish forces out of the designated “safe-zone.” Less than 24 hours after its beginning, the ceasefire appears to be collapsing, with both side not fulfilling their commitments.

Erdogan’s new statements indicate that Ankara likely hopes to strike a deal with Moscow that would force Kurdish forces out of the “safe-zone” in exchange for the deployment of the Syrian military.

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Jacob Wohl's Nose

Was southfront down recently? Was it planned by admins for routine maintenance or was it result of cyberattack? If so the zionists or murican faggot americunts are desperate


It’s worked for me. Though for the past week or so I’ve had a lot of trouble using the comment section with my Galaxy S10e smartphone. SF is the only site that it’s had a lot of trouble with and it’s only the comment section. Though it has been a little wonky on some other sites. But nothing like the SF comment section.

SF and it’s comment section work fine when I use my 6 screen desktop work station.


Your ‘Galaxy’ smartphone was likely disrupted by some of the Inter Galactic Aliens you seek to track,Richard. :)

Blow back.


Richard bought the galaxy phone in hopes of contacting the Orion Nebula. The sky is very pretty there so I’m sure ET travels there. :) https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/8910c36f1d46450ce26c9bf0e26b7791f3e24d507c4c672ddee0af5a72c0bea5.jpg


Time for a reality check. Isis doesn’t hold any territory east of the river. They’re not preventing the Syrian government from recovering territory there. The Turks and Kurds are. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/fdb205242bd3518a0e836a07714bb331c0ab95180041ef4f96b31b6f1ccfc014.png


Jens Holm

Are = Might


Are you trolling me today? Did you know there was a very slight chance of a large solar flare taking out one of the Apollo missions to the moon? If it was pointed in the right direction, it could have cooked the craft and crew with radiation. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/f3c21be8c4c9627f4d4233155d073c0910993f5ed1e37ad326f201a5b1738607.jpg


You can’t have a rational debate with an irrational person. You have a repeat habit of becoming irrational. I don’t know what your problem is. But you’re making a fool out of yourself when you degenerate into irrationality and stupidity.


Richard, you have hurt my feelings :( I thought you would be interested in space travel history. Look up to the Cosmos, it is breathtaking !


The Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde act gets a little old after a while.

Jens Holm

I have had my old Galaxy 6 for years. Its still one of the best in the whole world for my use.

Maybee You should learn Turks to use it finding north and home:)

Lonesome Cowboy Burt

Lol he does seem pretty far out there at times. Blocked him bc he seems out of his mind, maybe smoking too much Cannabis? Hard to take him seriously.


I hope Elon Musk take a oneway trip there. :)


I wonder if that has anything to do with the ringing in my right ear? You’d think if it was tinnitus from trucking that it’d be in both ears, but it’s only in my right ear.

Jens Holm

When did You frequent Saudi Arabia :)

Somming home from some figthing all clothe is not well as well. Do You recognize them, its asked.

Well I have an ear in my pocket …


Never. I did spend 30 minutes in the central chamber of the big pyramid on the Giza plateau meditating before, during and after the 2012 winter solstice once every 26,000 years galactic alignment. Maybe I got a high dose of cosmic energy providing enhanced capabilities for ET/ED/non conventional lifeform contact work. I also was in Jordan and Lebanon.

Jens Holm

I hope You soon will use it for making peace in the world. Now go and meditate the rest and go on…


It was a CNN link, Richard. :)

Ceasar Polar

What a coincidence i do have tinnitus too, from both ears. I suspect it to be from radio antennas for phones, stupid 4G towers all over the city. When i go on retreats in the south desert of the african subharan, the tinnitus is greatly reduced almost to no tinnitus at all. I really have to go very far from civilization to get that. I also meditate daily and meditated heavily in the period of 2012 during the great planetary shift to adapt to the new earth’s frequency. Tinnitus appeared few years after that… i think it has to do with earth’s frequency shift that made some of us extremely sensitive to radio frequency blasts, that causes the tinnitus.

Jens Holm

Smartphones seemes easy to be disturbed. I am lucky having my table computer using only that one for the rest of the world and its unfamiliar parts.

But I do have free forewall and antivirus to my Galaxy and not the most common one. I only bets in strange mails now and then.

Douglas Houck

I too have had problems with Disqus (won’t let me log in) on my S10e and Chrome. No problems with Win10 and Chrome for some weeks.


I’ve tried different browsers and they’re all problematic.

Harry Smith

CCleaner is not a wise solution. I would recommend you the Tails OS run from DVD disk. But you should consult with your local IT security guys if it is legal in your area.


Thank You

After I posted the comment I received a notice today from Windows that Windows 7 support and updates will be discontinued January 20, 2020. And that upgrading old equipment to Windows 10 isn’t recommended.

I’ve been talking with the people at Cray, they use Linux, about a hardware upgrade for trading and disc craft R&D. And for some custom cabinetry and hardware for disc craft prototypes. They have a hardware/software hybrid integration program for work stations now that I’m researching to bring super computing capabilities to desktop work stations like mine.

I looked at buying a used Cray tower out of NM formally used by the US government. But the voltage and amperage requirements would need a machine shop type electrical service for running tools.

Until my trading provides a replacement income for trucking which only takes one good trading signal or automated expert adviser. I’ll probably just make some hardware changes on my current work station tower and upgrade to Windows 10 Pro.

I’m ready to scale my trading with the appropriate offshore companies, accounts, accounting and legal support. And it can go quickly once account builds are compounding quickly. I have independent autonomy with my trucking with all of the necessary heavy equipment, authorities, clearances, etc.. And am planning to replicate that with trading with brokerage and trading licenses for forex and merchant banking. And the computer hardware and software so that I’m not dependent on others.

Going from my current 6 figure net worth with almost no debt to 7, 8 and beyond figure net worth with no debt is what I’m trying to accomplish. The first million is always the most difficult. Once that’s done it provides the time and working capital to compound to it if you apply yourself.

Jens Holm

I partly can confirm that. I normally use Clean Space 7. A few times thats not enough, so I also use the world famous free C.Cleaner.

C.Cleaner takes too much away and my computer after that has to update older windows things and my own profiles sometimes are missing.

I can recommend C.Cleaner very much if you are aware of that updatings and some corrections afterwards.

But I use Cean Space 7, which sometimes dont take enough away.

For Malware I use Malwarebytes and always takes EVERYTHING it recommend away with no hesitations and even looking. I have no “good pups”.



Harry Smith

Man, you are maniac. :)


I’m 60 it’s either leave or die. I’m not planning on dying if I can avoid it. I wouldn’t put it in the maniac catagory. But I can see where some would consider it extreme. I consider it common sense.


For retail trading until I go commercial. I’m trying to stick with the OS that is most widely used and has the fewest incompatibility issues. My concern about the more advanced software is that there will be compatibility issues with programs designed to run on the most widely used operating systems. That’s the problem with Apple. It’s not compatible with a lot of the trading software and sites designed for Microsoft. Windows 7 Pro has been great. But it’s also insecure and hackable when dealing with high end intruders. Linux is more difficult to compromise.

Lonesome Cowboy Burt

CCleaner? I thought it was for cleaning out junk, cookies, optimizing and the like? Never heard of it being used as a VPN?

Jens Holm

I take my reflexions about CCleaner back. I was normal fare for compters and androids only.

Looking at internet I see see CCleaner as a good VPN cleaner as well, but I dont have VPN.


Harry Smith

Well, Tails OS has nothing with VPN neither. It’s all about Tor. But the main idea is to launch the LiveDVD OS, which gives you a great option – nothing will be written to your OS while you’re reading SF or any other “suspicious” news outlet. Because your OS remains the same like it was before you started your computer. As for cleaning history of visited sites and other “junk” very useful for FBI, AFAIK, in some USA states it is prohibited. Look bro, I am not insisting. Just give a recommendation you are free to follow or not.

Lonesome Cowboy Burt

I give a good fuck what you are on about. I’ve never heard CCleaner used when speaking about going anonymous (approxiamating anyway) on the internet. Give a shit either way. Have a nice day.

Harry Smith

Well, will try to explain you other way. Mr. RichardD is using CCleaner for cleaning the additional junk his computer downloads while he is surfing the Internet. At my point, in this particular case, CCleaner is not the best solution, but Live DVD OS. I’ve recommended him Tails OS because it was built to be used as Live DVD OS. That’s it. Nothing about anonymity. The Tor was mentioned because you wrote about VPN, which is not related with Tails OS, by default.

Lonesome Cowboy Burt

My apologies for the ad hominem verbiage towards you. Been getting depressed with life in general. Just burned out. I don’t see Richard’s comments as I blocked him as he seems a bit silly or hyper, butting heads with him in the past. You appear to know more than myself about tech. I’m mostly into music, use certain apps to work with audio files such as iZotope Rx Advanced, dB Poweramp.

Harry Smith

Errare humanum est, stultum est in errore perseverare.

Concrete Mike

I was having issues with s9, i was trying to paste a link to show wohp that he is indeed antisemite and it would not work.

Its was supremely weird.


The S10e went from working perfectly to awful on the Disqus platform about 2 weeks ago. Copy and paste, editing, and other functions have frequently become inoperable with the screen becoming non responsive or errors occurring like the page will suddenly magnify 10x so that you’re looking at a tiny fraction of it. And it starts jumping around.

Jens Holm

If so, it must be Your local Leaders do that. Tiday I only know Turks should have taken away Internet from NE Syria. Our journalists there stillcan use phones from there to our radios.

I have a most irritationg commercial at the bottom of Syria Live UA byy conventional computer. I have to take it away twice, before I can open S.L.UA.


I don’t read most of your replies because you butcher the English language so badly. Try putting your posts into a translator and translate them into to your native language to get an idea of what the English speakers here are seeing.

Jens Holm

Go as Ypu please. My engliesh any time is much more advanced then Yours even Your spelling is better.

I even has tryed to integrate into You Lawyers pidgin version, which only doctorsm lawyers and ingeniors write.

I dont write for and to You as single person. I mainly write because the world then can see, that oppions of Your kind are not the only ones.

The language here mainly is arabic and turkish thinking tranlated into english. Thats very limited and not Your fault.

Mine is Danish into English and we are very close being neighbors. Several hundred words and phrases are even taken in as english by the vikings 1000 yars ago.

I am not academic upperclass but most danes read and write as me and we are understood very well in our hemispere, which are westerns USA/North America included.

Sure, Your culture is different, You never will understand us for real as long as You even are censured away to understand and learn the good things from us.

Did You think it came from heaven or is paid by Your oil??? Oh no, it has come by reading and writing well and educating ourselves working paid by hours and women do the same.

So our language is one very good reason for we makes good living standards as well as we can effort to make stupid and not stupid wars around the world.

When we get emmigrants as well as refugees from You, they not even know the Choran but has learned Sharia in old mens old version only. Cows and sheep has more rights then women.

What a waste You make them even more stupid the Yourself. Your kind cant adcance herem because You dont see our context and not even try to.

I stead You blame me for this and that not even seing Your own limitations not even able or allowed to clean Yourown house.

I was on danish radio yesterday and judt from north of Kobane. Not a single Turk has any qustion to the Turkish invasion. And when the journalists asked, all Turkish fases looked down and away.

Shame on You telling us our languge is bad. We are allowed to critiseize and change things even its not always to the better.

You are not., You are taxed or chop-chop.

I only can confirm my danish and allowed by human rights for free speach: A wall around all of You. It doesnt matter who gets killed. We have no friends in the quaqmire of Yours.

I also allow me to hope for You all can use a lot of free mainly muslim grown heroin, so You by that might calm down. You are th land of NO MIRRORS.


I stopped reading it after the first sentence. Your English is beyond lousy. You have some type of learning disability mental problem.

Jens Holm

None want this organ down as long as it behaves relativly well. Westerns are not like You´declare. They have free speach as a main part of our system almost whatever it is.

Jacob Wohl's Nose

begone, immigrant dutch boy :)

Sasan Jamshidi

And what about atafuck great turkish plan you liar? https://external-preview.redd.it/yOyUJAdIedypSwo7YR1US6zuy_yfgFk1s-5ZYkh9Wwc.jpg?auto=webp&s=6aaa99b795543af57feb0fe3e7c816ff9ed1f511



Tudor Miron

You should not forget taking you meds.


This looks like Turk version of the Mad Albright plan for Russia, it seems Gitler had similar ideas.

Jens Holm

More like China. You dont seemes to be All Bright…

Jens Holm

I think they still are disputed according to main DNA.

Several etnicities are in the Mede area too like Assyrians, Babylonians, close to Kurds look a likes and others.

You can be right or at least partiel correct in this.

Jens Holm

Funny version. But its forgooten the majority in the socalled “Turkmennich belts” wasnt Turks. They for a long period dominated wast areas well.

Even when they arrived in the time of Muhammed, they already were no 100% Turkmens.


Good idea, I hope it happens.

Saddam Hussein

Kurds and turks got cucked by President Assad.


The problem for the SAA is that the Kurds are heavily armed. The solution in my opinion is to assimilate them in the SAA, in mixed professional batallions for those subject to military service, and in local defence forces for the old and part timers. All under the SAA umbrella that would also include properly qualified NCO’s and Officers being assimilated into the SAA command structure as well.

The Kurds have to realise and accept that their security and prosperity is reliant on the Kurds accepting the primacy of the elected Syrian state, that the Kurds also have a vote and a stake in.

danjuma musa

Integrating the Kurds with Syrian armed forces will be very dangerous. I can’t see Assad or Russia agreeing to it. The Kurds have proven their treachery. A lot of them will spy for Israel or the west, I think. The best solution is to disarm them as soon as possible and let them live like normal civilians. This way the danger from the traitors will be manageable. Syria should always look upon the Kurds for the traitors that most of them are, and deal with them accordingly. I will suggest a permanent kind of surveillance on them. Assad is playing this game the right way. Let the Kurds get weaker by fighting Turkey. By the time they are sufficiently weakened, it will be easier to disarm then completely. Similarly, Assad is deploying troops to secure liberated areas surrendered by the Kurds to prevent Turkey’s National Syrian Army taking them, because it will mean another tough fight for Syria. If Syria allows Turkey grab a significant portion of the country, this war will continue for years to come, and most likely see America’s involvement.

Jens Holm

SDFs never should be in the in effective very bad military system with the Assads.

Tellig THEY are ILLOYAL must be a memorylack of the worst kind.

Assads left them and 2,5 million others and more to it, and those 2,5 million went to Turkey and not by any Kurds/SDFs which were not many and hardly armed as well.

Those areas are not liberated at all. Assads didnt take them as well as they will be hard to keep in lack of structure, money and education for it.

The areas was given more or less back,because the big ones again united against the populations living there and in Turkey. It like Pest and Colera.

Assads has no troops ro prevent anything Turks want even some along Eufrat might not be needed.

Maybee the only ones, whcih can fill out the vakkum, might be a colony of unimployed Iranian men and they can get married with the many ISIS war wifes. hip hip.

danjuma musa

Assad did not abandon the Kurds and 2.5 million Syrians. This is a war, my friend. Assad was forced to leave when his forces were defeated in that part of the country. To be honest with you, Assad did put up quite a fight for his country. I remember a time when Assad held less than 30% of the country and everyone was convinced that his fall was just a matter of days or weeks. But despite the odds, Assad kept fighting until the Russians and Iranians offered to help. Assad has no option now but to defend the Kurds. If he did nothing about the Turkish invasion, the Kurdish forces will be crushed (which would have been a good thing). But then Rojava would be in the hands of NSA=ISIS and NATO. In my opinion, the Kurds of today are a great danger to the Muslim World. See how much the world of Islam hates them now. Turkey says dismantling the Kurds is a religious duty, and I totally agree. There have been many horror stories about Kurdish seizure of land and properties from the Arabs of the fucked up Rojava. You can only have Rojava in Hell! President Assad. Do not fight for these people. Let them reap the fruit of their betrayal. Just concentrate, like you are currently doing, on preventing Turkey taking a significant portion of Syria.

Jens Holm

I didnt write Assads did not fight.

During many many years I have written Assads has a lousy country inclusive its armed forces and which changes has been needed.

During that time from Jom Kippiur in 1983, there has been none even You easuy can find well made desctibtions and even as yutubes about it.

The devasting for them are its the same all over. If You want to have a good army, You have to improve Your income and educate all over incl. the military forces.

How can 50% unimployed men support an army or anything else sitting on their hands. Females might be up to 90% doing nothing but raising children in a wrong obeying way and make good food.

I am sure many of those unimployed joined Jihadist of any kind to remove Assads. They should have supported Assads – shouldnt they.

More the 5 millions has left Syria and hardly has given a single soldier. Thats the whole point. A country includes its population and they gets rewarded being proud and productive citicens as well as good taxpayers.

I see none of that. I see a lot of unimployed urbanized but no new jobs. To tell people willingly take jobs a couple of 100.000 Turkmen has left farming in Azas and Afrin, but they went to Turkey because advanced and not an´dvanced jobs in the modern sector was created.

I finally allow me to write, that the main parts of the SDFs are not Kurds at all. but it was the well organized Marxistic structure by YPG(PKK) which could fight back and join so many.

It unites people in a very productive way and anytime much better then Jihadisme and Dicatorship in military units as well as raising and educting kids to become responsible tax payers rewarded in wellfare for their own money and hard work paid pr hour and not incompetent family relations.

The differences are easy to see. In Denmark 80% work for others. In Syria 80% worked for family.

We are paid pr hour, qualifications and hard work. We try to improve us selv and thats the way for more advanced jobs and pay.

Yopur systems seemes to be hiring low qualified family members for the top, and them payi men with cars and the few women in jobs gets some flowers for doing exact the same job.

But of course what Suuni also say. Keep things are they are according to the tradition.

But the world is not like that anymore. If You have to handle advanced systems armies included, You have to have more independent self thinking people in all levels.

Thats why Kurds has been so strong. They are in very small units each having a leader or two and being small and often out numbered You have to good, well trained and smart leadership.

Syrian Assads hardly has that. I have seen several good Generals being direct in the frontline. They were killed, because they should have been close to the troops, but close to the front making fast and well prepared decissions.

The other kind are the one, which hardly know, whats going on, and dont care. Commands from him are totally random and he never listen to messages from any at the fronline far from fx Damaskus. In the middle of that system You have others being semilar. Commands dont go up as well as down in the system. It made on purpose making hopes for advancements by lying a lot as well.

Jens Holm

Finally its not Kurds being a danger to You but Yourself. Several relative sober organisations actually has been in the SDF terrain. They dont see the horror You describe even vital ancient things are changed and has to.

SDF could not fight ISIS having no contacts among Kurds and even having ISIS in the next houses.

The same goes for ancient schoolbooks written for nationalisme of the worst kind making Your neigbors outisde Your countries as the only evil ones and Yourself into teadring victims sitting on Your hands.

Almost all refugees in Turkey has left before Kurds by SDFs became something. So dont blame the for 2,5 million refugees as well as looking extra at the many, which did not leave. Many of them actually has been ISIS, FSA and Assads and even the most stupid Assadist think he is Master of the Universe even compared to a “King of Kurdistan”.

So the terrible thing mainly are to learn, that mammy and Assad as well as teachers and Imams are not the deciders – at least for now.

The same goes for recruitments. Why should those, which deny to be soldiers stay being protected by SDF. I dont see that. I could see that, if they instead payed tax. There is no real money in SDFs unless You are smugler in fx drug or fuel.

I see Islam in crises all over Your area. Most refugees are muslims attacked by muslims. You are upside down. Islam has to be modernized and a few things has to be taken out.

Your latest Sharia is 100 years old. Nothing has happend in the whole world in the last 100 years ?

For good reasons I see more sekularisme in Your world. You cant handle that, if You are in totaly deniel. and only accept a few commas has to be changed.

Our western world changes a lot too, but it seemes a lot more flexible, bacuse we are learned to be responsible from birth


Exactly, SAA is thinly stretched, now thanks to Pentagon aid to Kurds, SAA will be better equipped!

Jens Holm

No, they wont. Assads as well as Eredo dont need light weapons apart from replacing older ones. But of course they save money.

Concrete Mike

No i dont feel that the kurds have alot of heavy weapons, ill disagree with you for once.

The have lots of atgm’s mortar , but i dont think they have heavy guns,or any real armored vehicles, thats why the marines came in to flatten raqqah for them in 2017.

Jens Holm

Kurds hasnt many heavy weapons at all. Its more Turks and fx FSAs cant become heroes catching unarmed SDFs anymore.


They have 400 military vehicles from the US, many of them armored. Including heavy armored trucks. And they have what the SAA left behind when they withdrew that Isis din’t get. And whatever they got from Isis when they defeated them.

Jens Holm

Parts of what SDFs has taken are used against FSA, Turks and even Assads long time ago.

I will say, they only will get armed vehicles and technicals of ay value, but of course those are new or relative god old ones.


I agree, Mike. In another post somewhere I wrote that the Kurds were a ‘Heavily armed Light infantry’ and quantified that IF they had artillery etc it was on a small scale.

In my opinion the US intended to keep the Kurds as light infantry with US logistics, artillery and airpower etc. This of course was to prevent the Kurds being an independent all arms force in their own right, and to therefore make them dependent on the US.

Whether the US ‘betrayal’ was planned or not, we will likely never know.

What we do know though, is that the dynamics of the Syrian conflict have radically changed.

The only tank I have seen that was operated by the Kurds was a German WW2 vintage StuG3/G4 assault gun that the SAA captured from the Kurds in rolling farmland during the race to liberate Deir Ezzor from Aleppo. I have a picture of it somewhere.

A SAA soldier was on or by it was photographed in a wheat field. It was painted in sand coloured paint and looked to be in decent order.

I want it :)

Jens Holm

None from SDF want to soldiers in the Assad army. If Syria should have strong armed forces, Kurds and SDFs should be their Leaders. Assads dont understand modern warfare.

And let me remind You, that a strong army is not needed, if You are friends or ar least non enemies to Your neighbor.

The needs for all Syria are structures, which only are among SDFs . That goes for anything, because it the same ineffective systems all over in that “hardly a country”.

If people are learned to control themselves less control is needed. No men are needed to protect soters and wieves against someone raised like Yourself.

danjuma musa

Whichever angle you look at this, the Kurds are still traitors. They understand well what is going on in the Middle East. They know that there is war albeit a cold one, between two camps in that region. The shiite camp vs the American/Israeli Camp. Their leaders know very well that the collapse of Syria is one of the major prerequisites for a war with Iran. And they decided to help the Americans achieve this goal. How? Their cooperation was key to America’s occupation of Syria. By siding with the Americas the Kurds gave their approval of the attempt to destroy the Shiite Muslims of the Middle East. They were ready to have Rojava in exchange for the blood and sufferings of millions of their Muslim brothers in Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Iran and Yemen. I want you to understand you Kurdish hypocrite that this war is not about Syria. It is about the Muslim World. I pray to Allah that you should never have any Rojava till the end of time. I believe it is the prayer of most Muslims today, and God willing, it will be answered. I am glad Turkey invaded your Rojava. I wish Assad and Russia did not intervene on your behalf. However, their intervention is not out of love or sympathy for the traitors. They intervened because they could not trust Turkey’s intention for Syria. Rest assured that after this war is won, you will not be looked upon in Syria as before. The government’s attitude towards the kurds will change greatly, because they now know they are dealing with a lot of snakes.

Ceasar Polar

I pray to God for the same. To cleanse the world of the zionist snakes and sent them to their Maker for a trial. They are asked to be sent to meet their Maker. It s on our hands now. If we dont send them, we will suffer greatly, until we united and purge the earth of the zionists/freemasonic snakes.


I think it’s the Kurd leadership that is the problem. Starting at the top down with a political overhaul as part of the constitutional process is probably the way to address it. My view is that the SDF should be decommissioned and disarmed. Leaving an armed secessionist force in place is a recipe for ongoing instability and friction. Both internally and with the Turks.

Jens Holm

The strong side of the Kurds and SDF are the advanced and effective Leadership. If not they could not have expended and was defeated long time ago even well supported with weapons at the ground woth no USA.

True the political overhawl is much different. Assads has an ancient one stribg dictator-Emirate structures for only smaller areas like Emirates.

Very cheep You kind of expect all Kurds and others should leave and be refugees in Turkey and make ISIS and others take all Syria.

Thats what You write. SDFs not even uprised. If they were Assads were gone too. SDFs choosed to be a kind of neutral defwending where Assads dint carem because they were unimportant spendables.

Where are the main parts of the refugees in Turkey from???? When did they arrive. Well the calender say it was before YPG helped by PKK and USA was anything at all.

I dont have estimated for that but a kind of might be Kurds by SDFs has made around 50.000 refugees of the 2,5 millions from that area. Many of those are Kurds. But that of course dont bother You.


The YPG leadership are staggeringly incompetent – they brought this result upon themselves through sheer hubris. They failed to negotiate and maintain lines of communication with Damascus, despite fact it was obvious from 2015 onward that the Syrian leadership would prevail.

Jens Holm

There was no negosiations NONE. It was give up or we will kill You.

I dont see any obvios in those matters. It was an agreement with Obama as well as with Trumps, that USA and the coalision would not leave until there was an agreement for the SDF part with Assads and ISIS was gone.

The whole world says so and even the majority of the americans.

Adrin is well documneted. We open our old offices right away, You close Your and we hardly will har´m Your leaders. Some few of Yours for a period can keep Your weapons as a kind of temporary police.

And that after defending the area from Turks,Turkmens, ISIS, Al Kaida, FSA and even PKK.

You lie a hell or are not allowed to know facts about those non negosiations.

Russians did their best and was the only negosiaters but Assads as well as YPG was very stubbern. Finally Russians gave up and gave the kurdish problems to Turkey.

And the reason: A smaller an more homogene Syria is fine for Russia and not a expensive as well. Now Turks have their problems in stead – hasnt they?


‘We open our old offices right away,…’

Are you claiming to be a Kurd today, other days you’re Dutch, but then again seem to recall you claiming to having been a Bosnian refugee in past posts as well.


I agree with the caveat that as long as the Kurds are citizens of Syria, they should play their part in all aspects of Syrian life, including military service to protect the whole nation.


But are they trustworthy or a subversive 5th collumn in the SAA?


Untrustworthy I would think. The options are essentially to assimilate them with supervision or keep them in a gated community.

In my opinion the former would bring fewer problems in the long term.

Jens Holm

I dont expect them to join any Assad military unit. Who should the fight against ???

Assads has the ISIS prisoners unless they have left their tents and buildings. I am sure YPG+J only will protect themselves. Some few might be possible to rent, if Assads has money. Assads has no Syrian pounds if that kind of cheep currency exist anymore.

I just write my oppinion. My T´V seemes out:)

Jens Holm

Be a 5ths colonne Yourself. They wont join SAA being volunteers and most of them are not even recruited.

SDFs are not compatible to Assads at all as well as Assads are like sheep, which hardly are able to eat grass, even if they starve unless some commander says it from a local palace in Damaskus or Latakia.

YPG are trained by PKK and in the beginning had an almost only PKK. They after that guerilla part has been trained as very mobile and well coordinated infantery.

Thats why they have done things relative well against ISIS even they are few.

The none trust ´worthy are the Assads and Turks.


There is conscription. But the Kurds are like Jews with loyalty to themselves not the nation where they live.

Jens Holm

Thats not correct. Kurds has changed a lot and mainly are respected and not feared in the SDF area.

People there still worried when YPG also was needed at Manbij. But after that people there knew YPG+J wasnt kurds of old days as You think, they still are.

So many arabs dont join SDFs if Kurds are anywhere near, what You learned in old days by Erdogan and Assads.

Kurds also didnt leave when Assads left and ISIS grew. Eve hard headed and mo´ving parts of the population and mainly arabs, they went to be respected as they are now.

Assads are not. They are feared.

Putting in Jews in that make no sense at all. A lot of Kurds also are less tribers then most arabs in the region.

Jens Holm

That make no sense, if Syria is not attacked.

Kurds are abandonned from doing any devellopment in Syria by building structures for it. You really deny to see only a Counsil structure like theirs or semilar can make progress.

The Syrian military services was made to protect thé Baathists against the rest and not for anything else and even filled up with secret police in many versions for control and much more.

Assads has learned nothing aprt from being better in military issues, which even in peace are more expensive then trust.

TRUST. You give people responsabilty but also they get, what they produce. Syrians are very ineffective, because anything the make are taxed too much and the rest (oil and gas and a few things more) are drowned in devatstaing corruption.

jim crowland

Mr Putin & Mr Assad, why don’t you do your Gas Magic to all ottomans and their allies now in Syria?

MeMad Max

Doesnt have the balls to take on the mighty SAA huh?

Fuckin pussy.

Jens Holm

The point is escalation or not or anything from the outside making changes as well.

Maybee You should remove some curly hair and see pussy better. A morror would be fine too.


Er-dog-an has nothing to say about what to do in Syria land. Turkey (NATO member) must get out of Syria since SAA does not need genocides to get rid and solve the Kurds issue (ex-USA-Israel puppets). Syria does not need to please Turkey at all but Russia. Turkey invaded Syria because Russia allowed it (the so called joined operation against terrorists).

Icarus Tanović

That was Russian bait for America, and they catch it. Now, SDF is with Syria, SAA will took control of the border.

danjuma musa

The Turkish invasion is good for Syria. For one thing, it drove the Americans from the country. For another, it spares Syria the blood and treasure that would have gone into liberating a part of the country. We all know that SDF would never surrender to Syria willingly. The Turkish offensive destroyed any hope of Rojava, probably forever.

Jens Holm

Americans are not drown from. By whome.

They retreated because You are of low or none importance according to Trump. Obama had the same plan but in a more sophitycated wayu making a balance for it before that.

Assads by that has taken empty space as using someones elses bed, whwn they are gone.

You really makes me laugh confirming Allah made Your area dark and try to keep it like that having severl nations of non learners. Even Sharia is more then 100 years ago.


Yes, that’s perfect. Restore the situation to how it was in 2010, before Obomber, the Hildabeast and “Austin” Powers decided to destroy Syria to advance ZioNazi interests.

To the million that died in the meantime: “Oh well, sorry guys, but you know, that’s how the Evil Empire rolls”.


“that’s how the Evil Empire rolls”. :DDD

Jens Holm

Do the 550.000 dead ones have coffins with wheels or not.

Facts are, You dont care bout them as well as the ones being alive. You are even worse then “Oh well, sorry guys…”.

Your kind are the ones, which should be refugees in Turkey, Syria, Iraq a.s.o. and a good example telling that evilness too often win.


If not, You should not write here at all.

Icarus Tanović

Solution is cleraly identified, so Erdogan regime forces aka NSA Wahhabi head choppers move from Syria, or else. And you don’t want that else.


Okay, IF Erdogan hold true to this, THEN all is well. But how Trump expecting Erdogan to replace US with Turkish occupation of N Syria does fit into this? One side will be fucked by Erdogan. Trump or Putin? We will know soon i guess.

danjuma musa

Yes. Syria must not allow turkey capture a significant portion of the country. If they do, rest assured that the US will come back to take it from there. Syria will then be divided between sunni arabs on one side and Assad and the Kurds on the other.


True. Turkey now officially been made the NATO force in Syria and in charge of “Anti-IS” operation by Trump. As Trump and Erdogan want to restore good relations, one can expect this is just the beginning.

Jens Holm

Thats far out just as “danjuma”. Why dont You make Your own country somewhere far from here.

Most Nato countries incl USA condem Turks as well as many partsof the rest of the world.

I see no sign of Erdogan as well as Trump are able to restore anything aprt from fx slloecting money and power for own use.


Jens, while your small Danish shithole may believe, that you got anything to say in NATO..

The US is calling the shots. Its been so every since. And the US President has decided to prefer the Turks over the Kurds, and has given Erdogan his and NATO backing. He even put Erdogan in charge of the Anti-ISIS operation. Just read the damn PR release, and dont make yourself look even more of a fool then usual.

Jens Holm

Without Nato, EU, UN and other orgnisations we have even less to say. We make ourselves stronger having friends and aquintens which help us, because we help them.

Armies actually starts with one soldier, dont they.

And we do exist and are in the high end in peace as well as wellfare, not much crime being world champion in no corruption. Even muslims prefare us for someone like You … For good reasons.

Its even said we and you all are runned by Zionists. If so they for good reasons treat us well.

I see nothing better for the neext many years as well.

It would be nice, if You at least culd recommend anything better. We are changeable and might be able to implement the few good parts of Yours:)

Jens Holm

That makes no sense at all. You hardly know where the country is too.

Jens Holm

You think its about You being center of the world. Trump just simple think, You are of no importance. Obama also wanted to retreat but in a more well organized way.

Things are upside down in Your world. You un many ways are of low importance. No need to waste troops and lodistic there, id Assads can be kept down from the outside.

Fx USA now are deploying soldiers and airprotection in Saudi Arabia(in stead). Syria has no oil to protect unles You are a sniffer.

ISIS is in a low level level there as well. Assads might have themselves a growing honny there having no money for anything else.


Wow Jens, what triggered you? But i always get a good laugh about your famed level of foreign language education in your small NATO bitch country called Denmark. I still have some hope, that someday in the far future, you will be able to write understandable sentences, so one could understand actually what you mean, besides your usual “Evil Assad” “NATO is the savior” hypocrisy bullshit.

Jens Holm

Apart form the spelling here and there my English is perfect for all the European German and affiliated groups.

Its not perfect for the less advanced languages and in ME the arabic and Turkish parts. Kurdish too. You blame me for something You as well as I have nothing to do with.

But the blame mainly must be for You. As long as You have not even language for complicated things in langueage as well as You dont run cars better with better hay, You are behind things – and I am not.

We see many emmigrants comming in from Your area. The educated ones and the ones only thinking in their old language, cant get up in ranks and income, because they only have mind for a very limited part of our world and in this also are added in a quagmire of tabus.

Its like normal danes cant understand Shakespire because the importance is behind the lines.

Most of You in the ME Region hardly ever has been reading in the Choran but only Sharia in the local long beard old men version.

Muslims comming here all learn The Choran in a traditionel and a modern version in danish translation. And they suddenly can read and understand most of it, because they can read and write in danish. Many muslims at least get their rights at home, because they are not limited by “Its written” – BECAUSE ITS NOT.

Everýbody can say to an amalfabetthic that things are written, and they have to believe.

danjuma musa

sift your comments through grammarly before posting them. Most of us on this forum are not native speakers, so you won’t come off as uninteresting if you don’t sound native. However, it is important that people understand your point otherwise they wont read through your comments.

AM Hants

Meanwhile the US believe they have pillaged the natural resources of Syria.

Trump Boasts The US “Has Secured The Oil” In Syria… https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/trump-boasts-us-has-secured-oil-syria

Funny how Syria knows nought about this?


US has held the Syrian Omar fields since 2016. This is going to be one of the tough bolts to loosen.

Jens Holm

Double incorrect.

1) USA and SDF only has had it from oktober 2017. 2) They didnt take it from Assads but liberated it from ISIS having it and 3) If SDF/USA wasnt there Assads probatlly have not had it today having the whole Hajin pocket against them as well.

The strong bolt are people like You biasing everything as You wish as if You are westerns being drunk all the time, and all of us…


Seems a part of US+Erdogan deal. A present to Trumps Israeli/US donors.

Jens Holm

The ususal crap. Trump is not brught enough in those matter to do things like that. Hard to see Israel in this too.

Trump and Erdogan in senior Bar Misfa and next Fiesta del Jom Kippur :)

Joining Russia as well, they can export beer, wine and vodka to the one billion muslims as well.

AM Hants

They can dream on.

Ralph London

AM, why are you not keeping me properly informed? And why do I have to do the research, that’s YOUR job: The Letwins, Jewish-American intellectuals from Chicago whose parents had fled persecution in Kiev. oliver’s father was at the lse.

AM Hants

Haha, perhaps it is because I had forgotten about yesterday’s politicians. Oliver Letwin, seems so last century and was so boring I just assumed he had slithered back down some drain. Wasn’t he good friends with Common Purpose Members Chris Patten and Francis Maude?

Now kind Sir, best I have a peek and find out more about yesterday’s man, trying to control tomorrow’s future.

Just went to check him out, believing that he was long gone and not understanding why he had so much power in Westminster, for a hasbeen. Funny how he was Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster from 2014 to 2016. The job Michael Gove now has and doesn’t the position look after the Sovereign of the day’s personal accounts? Considering the Duchy of Lancaster funds go direct to the Queen? Also strange, that so many Common Purpose Members are also members of the Privvy Council. I wonder how that works, loyal to Common Purpose, which demands loyalty to the EU, yet, members of the Privvy Council as well?

Being lazy and going to Wiki, to find out he has gone down the Cambridge/Princeton route and how many corrupt politicians and journalists, came out of Cambridge, as memories of the old spy ring, come flooding back. Cambridge 81-82, Conservative MP from 83-86 and allegedly it was Letwin who pioneered the Poll Tax, up in Scotland?????? Broadwater Farm Riots, again Letwin, was heavily involved with the chaos and that is a memory from the past. The poor policeman that lost his life, PC Keith Blakelock, courtesty of Letwin and his big mouth.

‘…Born 1956 – Letwin is the son of William Letwin (14 December 1922 – 20 February 2013), emeritus professor at the London School of Economics, and the conservative academic Shirley Robin Letwin.[5][6] His parents were “Jewish-American intellectuals from Chicago whose parents had fled persecution in Kiev”…’

Soros – London School of Economics. Adolf ‘Ralph’ Miliband – London School of Economics. Letwins – London School of Economics. Kiev – Chicago??????? Wonder if they got safe passage, courtesy ‘Operation Paperclip’?

He was also a member of the Fabian Society, which is heavily connected to the Tavistock Institute. Funny, how he wanted to privatise the NHS, yet, wishes to align with the EU rather than the US? Did you know, he was the one who decided it would be a good idea to get the ‘Poll Tax’ up and running in Scotland, in order to see how it would work? Remember the ‘Poll Tax’ riots and not forgetting PC Keith Blakewell, losing his life in the Broadwater Farm Riots. Not nice, what young Oliver had to say, back in those days? Learning a lot from Wiki and bringing back so many memories. He came through Cambridge, and funny how so many of them came through Cambridge, when you think about the old Cambridge Spy Ring. Isn’t Brother David Bell, of Common Purpose, Chair of the Syndicate of Cambridge Univeristy Press? ‘…British Prime Minister David Cameron appointed Letwin to the newly-created office of Minister of State for Government Policy in the newly-formed Conservative-Liberal Democrat Coalition government in May 2010…’ David Cameron, another member of Common Purpose, who decided to share 10 Downing Street with his Common Purpose friend Nick Clegg, leader of the Lib Dems. Now is there any Lib Dem politician who is not a member of Common Purpose? Did love the fact, that they were left with only 6 seats in Westminster, following their stint with Cameron. After the 2016 United Kingdom European Union membership referendum, the new Prime Minister Theresa May put Letwin in charge of the “Brexit unit” on 14 July; and he ceased to be the Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster.

Basically, he has never held down a job. One of many academics, who have spent their lives in the classroom, going from school, to Uni- graduation – return for MSc and then stay on for a PhD. Never gaining any experience in their chosen subject. Perfect ‘think tank’ mentality.

Thanks for making me go and have a look. How on earth does one go from Kiev to Chicago???? Seriously mobster undertones so come to mind.

Ralph London

There you go again, AM, doing the heavy lifting. Yes, I also looked at wikipedia, and yes, fabian society is VERY bad.

AM Hants

Wiki, is not heavy lifting. However, cut me down with a feather, what an interesting article. What a waste of space and yet, he gets away with it all. Fabian Society, even Max Mosely was a member of the Fabian Society. In fact, aren’t members of the Fabian Society also members of Common Purpose?

Have you seen the latest, Letwyn, has managed with the help of Berkow, to get his bill passed, stating we have to start all over again?

What I want to know, is why the Benn Bill, has not gone through the Queen’s Consent, owing to it being based on sovereignty. The Queen’s Consent (not Royal Assent) is required, for any bill that affects the sovereignty of the UK and handing it over to the EU, surely comes under the Queen’s Consent. Which means it needs to go through Parliament three times, in order to be passed.

With the MPs declining Boris’ Bill, and Article 42 of the Lisbon Treaty states, even with no deal, after two years, we are out. Plus, the EU have stated they will not extend. Less then a fortnight and hopefully we are out with a Hard Brexit.

Ralph London

Both jews, as is Boris. Farage thinks we need a GE soon.

AM Hants

Boris – the Lost Tribe, so comes to mind. I want to know if his agreement with the EU, where he has stated close Security co-operation, means handing over our Forces, weapons and systems to Brussels?

I seriously do not trust him, however, at least he wants us out for Halloween. Do feel a lot will be happening in November, and not just in the UK.

Jens Holm

You after yeärs still dont get it. This boycut is about local Syrian small pissant needs – not the rest of the world.

Syria has no oil of importance for any in the rest of the world. And how can it come out from Fx SDFs.

I have asked You in person several times. By Blimp, Internet Zipfiles, by aorplanes, Barrels down Eufrat.

But again the same stupidieme with not a simple answer to a simple wuestion. How dos stoeln oil by USA and SDF come aout ans make money for USA and SDF???????

I have asked several here about the lack in transportation.

And NO ANSWER apart from You might be in jail right away if you even try in Your UNITED ARABS or KURDS only are ok, if they Assimalate and forget, they are Kurds or some kurds as well.

utt Turks of course are Turks even DNA ansd a lot of other thigssay, they are 80% Europeans or Indoeuropeans.

AM Hants

Sorry can you translate that. I do find it entertaining, when things are not going your way, how your rants, owing to not being in your native language, make absolutely no sense.

Syria has no oil of importance????? Is it oil or gas those behind the Greater Israel Project is after?

The Energy Consulting Group Management consultants for upstream oil and gas producers and service companies… Syrian Oil and Gas

‘…As this map (updated late Oct. 15, 2019) illustrates, it increasingly appears the Turkish invasion, which started across a 300 mile front along Turkey’s southeastern frontier with Syria, has been blunted and contained by swapping out US forces with Syrian and Russian forces. Increasingly, the question now becomes what to do with the many Syrian oil and gas fields in the southern part of the Kurdish territory, especially the fields in the productive Deir Ezzour area (see map) and to which US forces have been repositioned. This link is to a map showing prewar production capacities in barrels per day of the main Syrian oil fields…’


Which is why the Greater Israel Project is freaking out, that they cannot have control of the non-resources of Syria, I guess.

You have never asked me in person, how it can come out of Fx SDFby Blimp, internet, zipfiles, aeroplanes, barrels down, EUfrat.

Lack of transportation?????????

Where is Syria located? How close is it to the Med Sea and shipping lanes? Who wants the Med Sea closed to Russia? Who was in control of the main transport system in Syria, including main highways?

Jens Holm

USA dont. You say for internal matters even its the must stupid agumentation made, normal people in the rest of the world are able to understand.

Oil and Syria is only the boycut. This is not USA believing but Trump knowing hardly anything deciding You are of none importance again.

AM Hants

Sorry can you translate that please?


the turks are well behaved and won’t do anythingto anger the russians and they will soon be back behind its border with syria and the unhinged states of A won’t hanker after the syrian oil fields and and and. all is well that ends well and from what is visible today there is prosperity and a future for the syriansand the only party that shoud be worried is israel since it’s the tooth that is rotten and will be pulled out the hard way. no way israel will be allowed to exist in the future in the middle east – must be terminated.

Jens Holm

Any normal will recommend You going back to your menthal hospital.


Once in a while one can even understand your English, AND also agree with you..

Jens Holm

If you sont understand and ask, Iwill try to see and write things in a diffrent way, so You might understand.


Checkmate. Timber Sycamore had a good long run. But now it’s game over, man.

Saso Mange

Everyone seems to accept reality of Syrian war. Some slower than the others, but it’s good road to take. Syrian government is the only authority in Syria.

Jens Holm

What a joke. Hard to see Assads as the only authority unless You are more then blind.

Saso Mange

This is not 2014 anymore, Assad is now in position to make demands but he is smart enough to first work on social issues and amnesty etc. After consolidation and after certain prospect for calmness within Syrian nation is reached – he will then take over every inch of Syria, as he said, by force or by diplomacy.

danjuma musa

Who else is there? the Kurd? the SNA? ISIS? You are the one who appears disconnected from reality. Without the US, both the Kurds and any other terror entity in Syria has been defanged. It is only a matter of time before Syria is reunited under the strong leader, Assad. You may assume that I am a shiite for supporting Bashar Al-Assad, Iran, and Lebanon. But I am every inch a Sunni. Even though I disagree with the shiite ideology on many issues, I strongly agree with them politically. The Middle East needs a balance of power to keep aggressors in check. Iran, Lebanon, Syria and Iraq are emerging as this long needed balance. A nuclear armed Iran, as argued by one American analyst, will bring stability to middle east. And I agree with him 100%. All this war in Syria is actually aimed at Iran. But it appears that the Iranians will not be brought down so easily. They are giving the west two options – both of which are bad. (1) Either maintain your sanctions and get a nuclear-armed Iran, or, (2) Lift sanctions and get a conventionally so powerful Iran as to make regime change impossible. Because America intends to attack Iran some day, it cannot accept either of the two options. Should sanctions be lifted on Iran, the country will have enough money to invest in its defenses. It will strengthen its network of proxies with bad-ass conventional weapons. It will develop stronger ties with other countries and experience an economic boom that will further prepare the country to deal with any future threats. President Trump is currently in a precarious position in his political career. He has pulled out of the nuclear deal and imposed sanctions on Iran. Iran responded by reducing its commitment on the nuclear deal in such a way that if Trump maintains this sanctions, before November 2020, Iran will be closer to a bomb than it was when the nuclear deal was made, probably less than a month. Trump is faced with a number of challenges: (1) Iran has refused to come back to the negotiating table (2) Trump cannot afford to bring the US back into the deal for fear of losing face (3) Trump cannot attack Iran now for fear of losing the election (4) If the sanctions regime is maintained, Iran will be just a couple of weeks from a bomb by the time Trump is elected for a second term. In which case, a military strike to destroy the nuclear program will be too late. The US cannot destroy Iran within a couple of weeks unless it resorts to nukes. Right now, the only way Trump can get out of this mess is to offer sanctions relief in exchange for talks. But the problem with this approach is that Iran cannot be obliged to honor its nuclear commitments during the negotiations, because even if the US offers sanctions relief, America still remains officially out of the deal. While negotiating and reaping the benefits of a sanctions relief, the Iranians will be foolish not to continue building their nuclear program. They will spin out the negotiation process so that an agreement will not be reached before Iran has a short breakout capability. This will also give them a greater leverage during the negotiation. With the way things are going, I really think Iran will soon become a nuclear armed country, unless Trump does something about the sanctions or returns to the deal. It was a big mistake to have pulled out in the first place. What do you think will happen if Iran becomes nuclear armed? It has warned several times that if Iran is not allowed to sell its oil, no country in the Middle East will. Backed by nukes, they can make good on this threat.

Jens Holm

Its very easy. I expect Syrians cant be controlled by Assads and Turks will get their problems too.

None of them can effort that.

One part of it will be in Iraq as well. USA and others has predicted the old main ISIS/ISIL/Daesh territory will become a kind of vakuum.

Its the same area where shammers emmigrated to from Saudi Arabia and Ottomans had to work hard and give land to the beduin of theirs.

I see resistence in bigger towns as well as in areas where no hard troops can operates.

Of course I hope for peace but also Assads soon has to resign.

Its not about outside countries but A COUNTRY. Is Syria a country. Idont think so. Its not runned as such. Assads dont include people. A country does or at least try to.

I also dont see there are no money for rebuilding and oil and gas will drown in nepotistic corruption. By that not even qualified outsider can take that up.

Agriculture sucks and need vital reforms. A lot is from very old days in equipent as well as structure. Syria also doing as now will get less watre from Turkey as well as more salty fields.

In terms of populisme its many times better 10 hektars gives 40 times back then 40 hektars gives 10 times back. Thats only possible with vital reforms. Only Kurds has(had) plans for that as well as the devellopments.

By that Syria could feed many more and store food for years with hardy no water. Even not first class products easy could be exported to other countries nearby by cooler trucks.

I see Syrians as bums in tents and ruins with no income. Before the fightings began the Syrian un implyment was 50%, but that % only covered men. It was much more for women.

I am sure Assads have no structure for devellopments taking up the population by their own hair from the quagmire.

Thats my oppinion only. I expect no investments from west apart from oil, gas and maybee asphalt.

Saso Mange

You write so much but say little. There is poverty in every nation, there are jobless societies, whole towns too, destroyed by lack of, well, everything. So that is not good of a reason to start war and destroy everything which was hard earned before. First of all Syria under Assad was secular and advanced society and his support is high among people, as elections showed while Kurds have expanded much over their prewar territories, like in Iraq – the same scenario. Some of the most recent events prove that natural order starts to win against militant anarchy and Assad is part of that natural order in Syria. His father was one of the best Syrian sons so there’s that too. Syria is not Libya, Libya was filled with western operatives after Gaddafi made deals with USA. That was his downfall, Assad realized that long time ago and has worked to prevent the similar outcome. Libya today is graveyard, thanks to western intervention.


YPG is now cleaning out the small pocket of turks and mercenaries east of Serekaniye. Soon the full force can concentrate west of that city.

Jens Holm

If so, they are creating a total bombarsment field. No SDFs should be there, if they wish to be allive. The cleaing is ok apart from, its not agreed.


According to Liveuamap, Ras Al Ayn and east of there is the only active area in NE Syria. NSA may have taken some heavy loses there. GOOD

Jens Holm

NSA probatly has. When the civilians has left, there soon will be no building above the ground and more to it as revenge.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

The Turks have hit every single building in the town with air or artillery strikes, even the one hospital they have.

Mustafa Mehmet

prove it. how much will pyg paying you for their propaganda

Willing Conscience (The Truths

How can I prove it, I can only read and repeat the news, and I have no reason to believe they’re lying, and I can see with my own eyes [on my TV] just exactly how mad dog Erdogan treats the civilian population. Take down that poster of Erdogan you have on you your wall and replace it with one of Assad. “A cadre of the “medical team” in “Ras Al-Ayn”: the pro-Turkey factions targeted the city’s hospital”. http://www.syriahr.com/en/?p=144518 “The Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) told CNN that shelling by the Turkish military and the Syrian rebel proxies supporting them has hit a number of civilian areas in Ras al-Ain, including a hospital” https://m.cnn.com/en/article/h_c46f0ccf00b2518344d6ff9a096b57cb “Despite the agreement to halt the fighting, air and artillery attacks continue to target the positions of fighters, civilian settlements and the hospital” in Ras al-Ayn” https://www.vox.com/world/2019/10/18/20920806/syria-turkey-ceasefire-trump-kurds-pence “The hospital got partially destroyed. The small medical team inside the hospital is still doing their best to save the lives inside. Also Free Burma Rangers Organization tried to reach Ras Al-Ain to rescue the injured, while writing this report, we have no update from them” https://anfenglish.com/rojava-syria/current-medical-report-from-north-and-east-syria-38579

Go troll someone else, you’re too dumb for me.

Mustafa Mehmet

How much they pay you.? Brainless dumbo

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Read and watch the all the news except for Turkish versions and you’ll see for yourself what the truth is, it’s a bit hard to fake the video footage the news is playing for the whole wide world to see. https://disq.us/url?url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.amnesty.org%2Fen%2Flatest%2Fnews%2F2019%2F10%2Fsyria-damning-evidence-of-war-crimes-and-other-violations-by-turkish-forces-and-their-allies%2F%3A_PviOtCRP1yoKotKwosD7V5ewFU&cuid=3606370

Mustafa Mehmet

Typical Dutch way of thinking want happen don’t get excited

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Looks like the Russians will have to rehash that old pre war Adana agreement somehow, try to breathe life back into that dead decaying corpse to get it up and moving again, but it’ll be hard to do, because Assad’s already said due to Erdogan’s deplorable actions in Syria he no longer feels that agreement is workable. And does Assad really want a safe zone filled with 3.6 million anti Assad refugees that will eventually help to vote him out of office, all those Jihadists that happily killed SAA soldiers and Syrian citizens alike, I can’t imagine Assad being too happy at all about accepting Turkey’s proposed safe zone, hopefully he just gives Erdogan the middle finger to that idea, but only after he’s uses this 120 hour pause in fighting to replace the SDF with his own SAA.

Jens Holm

I think we dont know. Assads as well as SDFs and Russians only seemes to be able toblock for the Turks.

I see most of the refugees in turkey as the passive ones and not in opposition to Turks, Kurds, ISIS, Russia or Assads.

Some migth gosouth and come back to their ruins or less. Voting about anything in assads makes me cry and laugh. When did they ever vote in Assads having a choise. I dont remember and being rather old.

I cannot see Assads has any troops to replace SDFs at all. Assads has a great lack of troops and SDFs are small. Most of that must be of the symbolic kind and only make sense against the FSAs.

Its only true, thaton paper Assads can arrive with some heavy stuff as supplement. It might be totally ignored by Turks.


The 5 day pause is good, allows more time for SAA to move in and stabilize the situation. I agree that SAA is spread out a bit thin in the north east. But if agreement can be made to move SDF forces south and no forward movement by the Turks, that’s a possibility.

Jens Holm

Sure, they as well as Turks will send anything they have. Why only destroy Kobani once…

Maybee it will get its Ottoman name back as well.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

The SDF has managed to retake a few villages so they can on the odd occasion beat the Turks, not just block them, but it’s not very often I know. I’d suspect the vast majority of refugees in Turkey are anti Assad to varying degrees, but I’ll agree not all of them are, but they would be the very small minority that aren’t anti Assad. You don’t remember Assad being involved in any of their negotiations because he hasn’t been invited to participate even once, it seems the most important players in Syria, the Syrian president and it’s people don’t get a say in Syria’s future, well at least they didn’t before the UN made the new deal with Assad, now because of that agreement Syria’s territorial integrity is assured, now they just just have to convince Erdogan to accept the new reality as well. Assad has 200,000+ SAA and another 100,000+ in pro Syrian militias, and now possible another 100,000 SDF as well [I doubt that official SDF estimate and think it’s way lower], so I think he has the manpower to spare, it’s just the old obsolete equipment that he has to use that holds him back, but he doesn’t really need spanky new equipment to occupy and protect the towns, just manpower which he has plenty of, and speedy transport to get them there in less than 120 hours. Turkey less than 400,000 soldiers Assad with possibly as many as 400,000 soldiers now, pretty even manpower I’d say. You’re right about the Turks not being too concerned about the SAA’s capabilities on the ground but the SAAF could present the Turks with some real problems, Assad himself could declare a no fly zone if he really wanted to and enforce it with his AA systems of which he has many, Assad has S-300’s now.

Mustafa Mehmet

Who? assad who’s he. Russia do the talking Mr.


willing conscience is quite a bit on the wrong part of the forward curve and lacks the most functional and fundamental analytical ability so don’t worry about him – he’s bogged down in the quagmire and can’t see the wood for all the trees!

Willing Conscience (The Truths

You’re such a simpleton aren’t you, I’ll just repost a comment since you didn’t bother to insult me to my face,

Not anymore they don’t, remember that UN resolution Assad just accepted, that’s already proven you wrong, the UN is also talking now. With Russia’s help the Turks and their Syrian opposition parties got to chooses 50 of the opposition constitutional delegates and 25 of the independent delegates according to Russia/Iran/Turkey’s version of the resolution, but not anymore, now Assad’s worked out a new deal with the UN he gets to choose them all. And Assad did that deal with the UN all by himself, not one Russian or Iranian in sight, and of course you do know that the UN is more or less the same thing as the US, so that means Assad’s now dealing with the US as well. The UN and the US are now also dealing with Assad if you hadn’t noticed, and the whole rest of the world is saying Erdogan should get out of Syria and let Assad take back the country. LOL, Assad got his voice back when he accepted the UN amended version of resolution 2254, the best thing he ever did, look what Trumps done just a few weeks after that deal was done, no voice hey, but I can hear Assad shouting in Syria from here in Australia, and I can also hear the UN and the US shouting back to him, can’t you? LOL.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Not anymore they don’t, remember that UN resolution Assad just accepted, that’s already proven you wrong, the UN is also talking now. With Russia’s help the Turks and their Syrian opposition parties got to chooses 50 of the opposition constitutional delegates and 25 of the independent delegates according to Russia/Iran/Turkey’s version of the resolution, but not anymore, now Assad’s worked out a new deal with the UN he gets to choose them all. And Assad did that deal with the UN all by himself, not one Russian or Iranian in sight, and of course you do know that the UN is more or less the same thing as the US, so that means Assad’s now dealing with the US as well. The UN and the US are now also dealing with Assad if you hadn’t noticed, and the whole rest of the world is saying Erdogan should get out of Syria and let Assad take back the country. LOL, Assad got his voice back when he accepted the UN amended version of resolution 2254, the best thing he ever did, look what Trumps done just a few weeks after that deal was done, no voice hey, but I can hear Assad shouting in Syria from here in Australia, and I can also hear the UN and the US shouting back to him, can’t you? LOL.

Mustafa Mehmet

country matters Assad god not saying at all anymore.. RUSSIA. doing the talking…

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Turn your hearing aide up, I can hear the UN and Assad talking so why can’t you, you must be deaf, and amnesty international.

“Turkish military forces and a coalition of Turkey-backed Syrian armed groups have displayed a shameful disregard for civilian life, carrying out serious violations and war crimes, including summary killings and unlawful attacks that have killed and injured civilians, during the offensive into northeast Syria, said Amnesty International today.

The organization gathered witness testimony between 12 and 16 October from 17 people including medical and rescue workers, displaced civilians, journalists, local and international humanitarian workers, as well as analyzing and verifying video footage and reviewing medical reports and other documentation.

The information gathered provides damning evidence of indiscriminate attacks in residential areas, including attacks on a home, a bakery and a school, carried out by Turkey and allied Syrian armed groups. It also reveals gruesome details of a summary killing in cold blood of a prominent Syrian-Kurdish female politician, Hevrin Khalaf, by members of Ahrar Al-Sharqiya, part of the Syrian National Army, a coalition of Syrian armed groups equipped and supported by Turkey.

“The Turkish military offensive into northeast Syria has wreaked havoc on the lives of Syrian civilians who once again have been forced to flee their homes and are living in constant fear of indiscriminate bombardment, abductions and summary killings. Turkish military forces and their allies have displayed an utterly callous disregard for civilian lives, launching unlawful deadly attacks in residential areas that have killed and injured civilians,” said Kumi Naidoo, Secretary General of Amnesty International”.


Erdogan will be in jail soon, he won’t even make it to the next election.


Everybody, except the Imperial banana republic Moronikans will benefit from peace, once the rat packs are wiped out or made more or less irrelevant, of course some pockets will stil be there but even they have lost the war, and as far I know from inside Turkien, there is an lot of Syrian refugees, millions in fact and not an bad word about them, but they put tremendus strains on the turkish society, from housing, crimes to work. I dont think most of them cares that much, about whom in Syria runs the Gov because this people are just like me and you, did what even I would, take the family and fled, just to make shure you and yours survives, and then of course hope to return, where the official papers on property hopefully stil is intact to make shure at least people have something to return to and start building up whats been destroyed, and start all over again.

Erdogan and Turks will winn great on this, and so far, I cant see anything else, and to then say Assad is an castrat is partly true, but that have to do with the fact Syria have been hammered for soon 8 years, from the Al-CIAedas merc armys, and then we have to move the entire ttheater up from local level to international cenery, where others take over, aka Russia and UssA, etc. The oil fields, well, lets foocus on whats going on up in the north and north eastern corners first, then when this regions is stable or more or less cleaned of the scums, the focus can shift. Then the eastern parts is more open, and Golan is in the cross hair, that have to wait.

Its is as far I can judge an way of coming to an end, and Erdogan is expectly what I hoped He was, depsite the past, its now the future is desided, and then we have the only loose cannon left on the deck, the insane Moronikans aka DemoCrauts, makes you wounder, all this so called liberalists, humanists, eh…. is so rotten, the propaganda is ramping up, do notise the Red cross scumbags, the HRW whom is an org wth sub-zero credibility, the SOHRs, the Amn, In all of them we know are ZATO backed scums and SoreAss NGOs, witch the western/Moronikan MSM uses for what they are worth, I dont even bother to read anything they claim when I know they have been fabricatin, lying and been general scums and openly backinged by the west to justify whatever agenda they have, like the massive amount of lies about and during the war on Libya, nothing of their claims where true, they lied about everything.

But, again, I hope the best for the Syrian people, that, should be the mayore goal, nothing else. The rest will come after, and I dont doubt the abilitys of an army that have been fighting for 8 years, that expirience is making the SAA to an formidable force, IDFs are there because they have the backing of Uncle Scam, period, when that is reduced due to the present reality regarding weapon systems, I see Golan as not that difficould to get back, and the oil fields, well, the problem is how deep do the comitment of the banana repiblics impisses go, regardeless of the insane amount of propaganda thrown in all directions as we speak.



Practically unintelligible.


excellente news! thanks erdogan!! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/9b970b03a5b49656a7511226b9a071ebea2b2be4a06b7eee5f27946b2aafca6b.gif


So this leaves Idlib. I’d say they better git while the gittins good.

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