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Erdogan Labels Iraqi Popular Mobilization Units “Terrorist Organization”, Part Of “Persian Expansion Policy”

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Erdogan Labels Iraqi Popular Mobilization Units "Terrorist Organization", Part Of “Persian Expansion Policy”

Turkish Presidential Press Office

Turkish President Recep Erdogan labeled the Iraqi Popular Mobilization Units, also known as Hashd al-Sha’abi, as a “terrorist organization” and a part of the “Persian expansion policy” in an intervew to the Doha-based news outlet Al Jazeera (Its Baghdad office was shot down by the Iraqi government for promoting secrarian divisions in the country).

The Popular Mobilization Units have been playing a key role in the Iraqi government campaign against the ISIS terrorist group. However, Erdogan is not happy with this.

“Who are the Hashd al-Sha’abi? Who is backing them? The Iraqi Parliament supports Hashd al-Sha’abi, but, honestly, they are a terrorist organization and should be known who stands behind it,” he said arguing that the group is a part of  a “Persian expansion policy.”

Last November, the Iraqi Parliament approved a law, recognizing the Popular Mobilization Units as part of the Iraqi Armed Forces.

The Iraqi Foreign Ministry summoned the Turkish ambassador over Erdogan’s interview.

“The foreign ministry has decided to summon the Turkish ambassador in Baghdad to hand him a formal protest note regarding recent remarks by the Turkish president on the Hashed al-Shaabi [Popular Mobilization Units],” a spokesman for the Iraqi Foreign Ministry, Ahmad Jamal, said in a statement.

A spokesman for the Popular Mobilization Units, Ahmad al-Assadi, also issued a reposne, saying Erodgan had clearly targeted the Arab country and its leadership.

“Who has given Erdogan the right to intervene in Iraq’s internal affairs? Iraq is a democratic country with institutions elected by its people. No one has the right to intervene in Iraq’s domestic affairs,” PressTV quoted him as saying.

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Who cares what Crazy Erdogan thinks? If he’s to believed everybody is a terrorist whom he happens not to like. The PKK, the YPG, the Syrian government, the Russian Air Force, EU countries like my own, basically anyone who disagrees with him. Guess what, Tayyip, if you stick that label onto everyone it becomes meaningless. Like how fascist has lost its negative connotation because the left uses it to tar everyone with it.

Dustil schmit

I wish he would try stirring things up in Iraq he needs to be dropped from his high horse. He worried about tal afar poor little erdogan.


Yeah, and the groups he supports are ‘freedom fighters’, this guy is sooooooo 1900’s.

Rodney Loder

Erdogan is anti-Shi’ite when it’s an advantage to his immediate prospects, Macron the new French President will give his anti-Shi’ite rhetoric an out of place feeling, Russia interests will be advantaged, although they will think otherwise, so will Erdogan, he might be fooled into making a stupid move since his emotions rule his planning.
The Pentagon will now feel greater incentive to push Trump as the extreme globalists leader with more credibility, that will work against Erdogan’s plans for US expenditure in the ME theatre as it would undermine their real need to cut China down to size.


He has already made all the stupid moves. He’s gotten the EU, US and Russia against him.

Rodney Loder

He changed the structure of Turkish development post 1928 the most radical reforms know to man and animals, except for one other, it doesn’t matter much if his​ popularly is down in the US,EU and Russia he controls the streets US and EU envy that Putin thinks why the hell did we deliver Poland, Ukraime, East Germany and the Baltic States into the hands of the swastika why did we let Yugoslavia get swallowed by Christan Franciscans make the comparisons if you dare.

Rodney Loder

Least we Forgot, too bad about that, no Soldier fought for what we got.


Of course he does not like the Iraqi’s beating his ISIS troops , who he openly supports . Who has invaded Iraq ? , Who has invaded Syria ? Who is the terrorist ?


Another day and another distraction from Uncle Erdie. Trying to divert attention away, and play up the Sunni unity card, from fact his constitutional reforms for increased power has bare minimum electoral support and there are significant protests about political direction the country moving.




Give him a cigar and a rifle then you’ll immediately see who he resembles.


USA and Israel are mobilizing their minions against Iran… Erdogan being one of their most slimy minions is of course eager to obey, he is promised a piece of the cake after all.

Real Anti-Racist Action

Putin saved the Mossad puppet Erdogan against all logic saying to otherwise.
Russia’s days are numbered as Russia has failed to defend a single ally.
Libya is in ruins and conquered. Syria is in ruins to where it no longer matters who governs, Syria is weak and needs 100 years to rebuild a population of any meaningful numbers.
Best-Korea stands alone and because of this they stand to loose. NK will be dust in less then four years.
Iran could have been a powerhouse, but it takes time to develop defenses against the UK’s invisible planes (no I am not just talking about stealth, I am talking about actually invisible to the naked eye and using ion engines).
Russia has waited to long, never helped anyone with real assistance.
Russia sold China S-400 system, and China does not even need them. China is not at war. No one would invade China, or bomb them. US economy is dependent on China’s trade.
Syria and Iran and Lebanon have been under attacks, and still no S-400 systems or anything meaningful.
No 5th generation fighters, and no nuclear-engine subs to speak of for Iran or Syria or the people of Yemen to fight off Saudi Arabia’s fleet which is attacking civilians.
Iran will fall like dust blowing off of a relic.
When the Jews come for Russia like they did in 1919 and wiped out 45-million Christians in the jew created Holodomor, Russia will stand alone once again. And they will reap what they have sown in failure to act against the aggressors.
Tel Aviv commands the US and UK militaries. End of story.

Mr. Costelol

As a Serb, I feel, rolled up in salt “Crucified” and held to the Sun to burn – waiting for the slightest sign of Russian support (30 bloody years essentially alone). Until 2011 some economic involvement for the silovniki to squeeze out money, yet after 2011 (Libya) we saw operational support for anti-Serb and anti-Russian elements??? WTF!

Mr. Costelol

All we need is air support (air defense), a national government (not quislings as today – supported by Russia of all things) and a few credits to stand up. General Ivasov said we bought 15 years of time for Russia and humanity – help us against NATO.

Mr. Costelol

I just saw this video – the methods mentioned, were used systematically against my people in WW1 and WW2.

Hanny Benny

why this morthers-feetssucker try to make “peace” with russia and iran and from the other side he wan’t stop to support jihadism and wahhabism-shit !!
This asshole are responsible for the terrorism in Syria and Turkey!!

Mr. Costelol

Why are we not mentioning Abdullah Öcalan, has this man no HUMAN RIGHTS?


Of course he is against Persian expansion, because it’s against his plans of Ottoman expansion!

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