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Erdogan Is Not Going To Withdraw Syrian Militants From Karabakh – Monitoring Group

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Erdogan Is Not Going To Withdraw Syrian Militants From Karabakh - Monitoring Group

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Turkey is planning to keep Syrian militants in the disputed region of Nagorno-Karabakh despite the recent Russian-brokered peace deal between Azerbaijan and Armenia, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) reported on November 15.

According to the London-based monitoring group, several groups of the militants will stay in the region despite the end of all military operations.

“Turkey claims that these fighters are hailing from this region, particularly from Caucasus and other areas there,” the SOHR said in its report, revealing that these militants are actually “pro-Turkey Turkmen fighters.”

Around 2,580 Turkish-backed Syrian militants backed Azerbaijani large offensive on Nagorno-Karabakh, which started on September 27.

By the end of all military operations on November 10, at least 293 Syrian militants were killed by Armenian forces. The bodies of 225 militants were sent back to Syria, with the most recent batch of 30 bodies arriving on November 15.

At least two Syrian militants were captured by Armenian forces during the clashes in Nagorno-Karabakh. Both are still in the custody of Armenian authorities.

The permanent presence of pro-Turkish Syrian Turkmen militants in Nagorno-Karabakh may also potentially affect the regional demographics.


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Dick Von Dast'Ard

Looks like it’s going to be another bug hunt then for the Russian Special Operations Forces.


Putin is alot smarter than these so called speculators of heterosexuals weakness!

Al Balog

“The permanent presence of pro-Turkish Syrian Turkmen militants in Nagorno-Karabakh may also potentially affect the regional demographics…”

Not to be confused with the honorable Central Asian nation of Turkmenistan, which predominantly has a Persian-Mongol heritage. I have major respect for the real Turkmen culture, people, and leadership. Them being compared with moderate headchoppers is an insult.
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Zionism = EVIL

He was good man RIP:


BEIRUT — Syria’s Foreign Minister Walid al-Moallem, a career diplomat
who became one of the country’s most prominent faces to the outside
world during the uprising against President Bashar Assad, died on
Monday from long term heart ailment. He was 79.

Al-Moallem, who served as ambassador to Washington for nine years,
starting in 1990 during Syria’s on-and-off peace talks with Israel, was a
close confidant of President Assad known for his loyalty and hard-line position
against the terrorists.


He was a very capable man.


Of course the maniac is going to keep the Apes there,they have already started hacking heads off,next they will be attacking Russians like in Syria and spread the violence into Russia,people need to wake up.

Vox Populi

That is a certainty, US focus now is on the carve up of Russia and Turkey is the key NATO spearhead and the template is Afghan “Jihad” circa 1980s. Turkey is the new Pakistan in this new great game.


Us can’t control their people,what makes you think kweers are more intelligent than heterosexuals,particularly using their sht against them,never forget failed cia decoup!


One of the reasons NATO (and some other) countries had for deliberate destabilization and destroying of Syria, was to create conditions, that would lead to change of the natives (through poverty, fear and danger) into mercenaries that could by used just as Erdogan is using them now – as cannonenfutr, to fight wars for everyone who will pay..
Putin know very well what he was doing… If he didnt stepped in, Russia would be fighting them right now in Caucasus..

Lazy Gamer

He needs plausible deniability which he cant pin to Azerbaijan.


Wait, wasn’t their presence fake news according to Azerbaijan? Or Karabakh isn’t Azerbaijan?

Mustafa Mehmet

Fake news.only losers propaganda nothing else

Fog of War

– The God of Israel Is a Bloodthirsty, Vindictive Sociopath – Does This Explain the Misanthropy of the Jews?


John Brown

The god of Israel is Satan.

Jihadi Colin

They’re is no god or Satan. The zios are and always were fascist atheists using “god” as an excuse for wholly secular aims.


Just because you never cheated death countless of times,you need to rid the kweer factor and put some balls into faith,chances are you will realise there is a reason for everything,unlike you persoistyend try hard master whoms the spawn of swastika evil aka fallen angels whom all think they are smarter than the truth,well the truth as always will destroy their genders (period) wise up!

Jihadi Colin

I couldn’t understand a word of that. Try again in English, please?


That’s jens gone bonkers! Lol.


There were no zios during the first millennium BC.

Jihadi Colin

Modern Zionism is a thoroughly 19th century invention. Jewishness is only a convenient tool to it.

Rhodium 10

The purpose of Syrian terrorist living there is 1º to avoid that Armenians civilians return to NK because they can fear be attacked by these terrorist. 2º to supply weapons to Al Qaeda/ISIS branch inside Iran and Russian caucasus…therefore and accord some Armenian media…Russia will provide with Russian passport to Armenians who want to live in NK…

Willing Conscience (The Truths

All of Erdogan’s recent victories and ongoing wars have now culminated in one huge threat to Europe, so watch as the EU and US media begin to change the narrative now, I think they’re just about to go on a war footing with Turkey.
Erdogan and the Muslim Brotherhood organization are now doing exactly the same thing Hitler did before the outbreak of WW2, his/their rhetoric and demeaner are exactly the same, his/their political maneuverings are exactly the same, his/their capturing of natural resources in disputed territories is exactly the same, and his/their overall ambitions are exactly the same, for them it seems to be – Islamic Ottoman Empire – or nothing.
Is it my imagination or is this EXACTLY the same type of scenario we had just before WW2 started, I can’t tell the difference anymore except for the names, dates, and change of countries, but there is one other important difference, at least Hitler had a few reliable allies, Erdogan and the Muslim Brotherhood have none, just lots of powerful enemies.
I’m going to make some predictions, I think pretty soon many EU countries will reassess their political stand on the Muslim Brotherhood and begin to designate them as a terrorist organization, Trump wanted to but the Democrats and bureaucrats stopped him, but now with recent developments in Azerbaijan and the failure of Russian/US cooperation to stop Erdogan, I think Biden will also have to fall in line and place the MB on the terrorist list.
I’m beginning to see a real opposition to the MB/Erdogan/Turkey in the EU now, soon they’ll start their own political maneuverings and try to stop Erdogan in his tracks, and if that doesn’t work we’ll probably find out what a real proxy war is, and I don’t mean a proxy war the likes of Syria, Yemen, Libya, Azerbaijan
The Europeans have been doing this sort of thing a lot longer than the Ottoman Empire did, and combined they have a lot more money to spend on proxy fighters, and more weapons and equipment to give them, so next time Erdogan starts a war near Europe he’ll find out the hard way the Europeans are a lot better at fighting proxy wars than he is.
I used to think he was nothing but a deranged fanatic at the start of the Syrian war, now I realize he’s a very intelligent deranged fanatic, and he has the same determination and willpower all religious zealots have, it’s either do or die with nothing in between, which means the US and EU only have one choice in the end, put the mad dog down before he bites anyone else.

Ryan Glantz

erdog has been advised by his cunning reptilian overlords. what else is new.


Hitler opened too many fronts. The British/French treaty with Poland that required war with Germany on the occasion of the German invasion of Poland has no parallel in Turkish expansion, if he stays focused eastward. The correlary, if one exists, is Turkey membership in NATO which requires a defense of Turkey by Europe. So EU will not tangle with Turkey. An invigorated and expansive Turkey will draw Islamic immigrants to Europe back to the new Ottoman Empire.

Erdogan will not favor Russia by warring with Europe. Instead he will serve NATO by embarrassing Russia over and over again, knowing Russia can’t respond due to NATO. He will focus eastward and the land bridge that now exists through the Azeri territories from Turkey eastward along the Iranian border is a victory for Turkey. Iran and Russia both lost. Turkey marches on to the east. NATO benefits as well. If an Islamic Empire emerges run from Ankara right up to the Chinese border, and all along the Russian border, China, Russia and Iran lose. Not NATO or Europe.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Erdogan’s also got way too many open fronts, there’s Iraq, Yemen, Syria, and Libya, and I hate to say it but Azerbaijan may not be done and dusted yet either, and there’s also a few sub Saharan African Nations getting loads of military help from Turkey, which is causing concerns.
And his problem with Greece and Cyprus isn’t going away just getting worse, and that also annoys Israel, so that old saying “biting off more than you can chew” comes to mind.
Erdogan does whatever he thinks necessary, if it means poking Putin in the eye he does, if it means blackmailing NATO he does [it backfired though], and if it means getting on the bad side of the Arab league he does, and if it means breaking the agreement he had with Trump concerning the Turkish annexation of northern Ar Raqqah and Al Hasakah, he does that too, so I nonger put anything past Erdogan, anything.
China’s warned Erdogan many times they’re getting fed up with the Muslim Brotherhood and the Uighur problem, so Chinas already put Erdogan on notice, remember they offered to send Chinese aircraft to Syria to help Assad get rid of the Uighurs, that was a threat not a diplomatic message, and what do you think Putin thought about that threat/offer, China threatening to go to Syria and do what the Russians hadn’t been able to, mmm.
If Turkey creates a new Ottoman Islamic Empire the Iranians will be the ones to benefit the most, no one else, most people don’t keep a check on who’s hanging out with who but I do, especially who the Muslim Brotherhood hangs out with, and for the last 20 years it’s been Erdogan and his AK Party, but for the last 2 years the Iranians have also joined their disco party.
The Muslim Brotherhood has solved the biggest problem the Islamic Nations have ever had in their attempts to form a huge Islamic Caliphate, the merging of Shia and Sunni into one harmonious Caliphate.
They’re no where near their goal yet but the baby steps they’ve already taken are setting them solidly on the right path, so far.
Iran is supposedly fighting Turkey in Syria but the only fighting I’ve seen Iran do since august 2018 is at the end of last year when they took back western Aleppo, in between there was no fighting between Turkey and Iran, and there’s hasn’t been any more fighting between them since Turkey ended all imports of Iranian gas, mmm.
Erdogan’s done nearly everything he’s ever said he’s wanted to do, so I suspect a lot more things he’s proclaimed he wants to do/achieve will come to eventuate as well, and his big picture scenario scares the hell out of me.

Vox Populi

This should hardly come as a surprise to anyone. Turkish agenda is to fan Salafism into Russia and destabilize the whole region. This new breed of Syrian, Uighur, Tajik, Kazakh and other Caucasus terror groups now operate under Turkish MIT directions. Russia will face a magnified Afghanistan on its own soil in a few years. Turkey has yet to even the score for Ottoman defeats going back to Czarist era.

Jihadi Colin

Shouldn’t come as a surprise to anybody except the people who are paid to not know about it.


Your vile kweer isis are getting smashed left,right and centre besides cis will crush cia/soros!


That’s what I’m trying to explain to the blind Putin followers. What happened in Artsakh is nothing but terrific strategic defeat for Russia. Now the Syrian terrorists are in the country which shares its border with Dagestan. The major problem with Russia is that so rich country is poorly managed by its cleptocratic elites. Russian corrupted oligarchy has robbed its own country and sent its money and children to London.


The Russians are going to systematically destroy these Left over irregular forces as they did in Syria. Sniper meat.


putin caused this

Davide Herzog

Yes , also climate change .

Jihadi Colin

Of course he isn’t going to withdraw them. I had repeatedly said that he wouldn’t. The so called Azeri victory is only on paper, it’s an Ottoman victory. And the Ottoman Empire isn’t going to let these new territories go. Just like Erdogan used headchoppers to colonise North Syria, which he now openly claims, he’s going to station them there. And with the aid and encouragement of the Zionist entity, those headchoppers are going to be a primary and ongoing threat against Iran.


Headchoppers of soros/biden/cia/4th reight can’t fight for sht,not in the sick fascists(period)
They will be destroyed so you can wipe out that failed cia doctrine (period) CIA ALLREADY LOST!Of course they will cry like dumb slutty little fascist bitches on the soros payroll too:


Aliyev promissed he will build Paradise. I don`t wat to see the guy’s face when this moderate guys will knock down his door asking where is our paradise, bitch?




Take your pills jimi


lgbtq 4th reicht movement in tatters now that their isis are boxed in hell,DRAINS THE SWAMPS!


Erdo=genius:no exit I ponder how many were destroyed by iran revenge not too long ago too:

cechas vodobenikov

if true what benefit is there to Azeris?


Who wants to bet that they will try to establish a caliphate in NK, in a few years time? Ilyev will regret his support for these militants down the road.


look at this map u think this is finish by the Azerbaijani “victory” u all are “idiots”!!! this is Ukrainian x 100 the Turanik dream will turn to disaster and devastation

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