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Erdogan Is Liar. Damascus Slams Turkish Remarks Regarding Situation In Syria


Erdogan Is Liar. Damascus Slams Turkish Remarks Regarding Situation In Syria

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Damascus has slammed the recent threats of Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, accusing him of lying and misleading the public.

A source in the Syrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates told the Syrian Arab News Agency on February 5, that Erdogan lied when he claimed that his troops entered northern Aleppo as a part of the 1998 Adana agreement.

“Syria stresses that the Adana agreement requires coordination with the Syrian government as it is an agreement between two countries, therefore Erdogan, according to the requirements of the agreement, cannot act separately,” the source said, adding “the Adana agreement to ensure border security between the two countries is indeed aimed at combating terrorism, but what Erdogan is doing is protecting his tools, the terrorist groups, which he provided and still has with various forms of support.”

The Syrian diplomat concluded his statement to the SANA by saying that Erdogan didn’t respect any of Adana, Astana or Sochi agreements.

Earlier today, Erdogan called on the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) to retreat from the vicinity of all Turkish observation posts in Greater Idlib, threatening the army with military action.

Tensions between Damascus and Ankara have never been higher over the past years. Erdogan’s threats, if Ankara really wants to employ them, has put the countries on the brink of an open war. The Turkish President appears to be determined to support his “allies” in Idlib.

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