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Erdogan Does Not Object To Damascus’s Control Over Al-Hasaka: The Kurds Choose Between Loyalty To Syria Or Defeat By Turkey

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Written by Elijah J. Magnier@ejmalrai; Originally appeared at his blog

Following President Trump’s decision to withdraw US forces from occupied northeast Syria, the Kurds of al-Hasaka have for the last two days been negotiating with the government of Damascus on how to spare the province from a possible Turkish invasion. Syrian General Ali Mamlouk, the Syrian president’s special security advisor, says that “he is talking with the Kurdish delegation to find a way for the Syrian army to deploy its forces along the borders with Turkey and, in consequence, stop a possible Turkish invasion of Northeast Syria”, confirmed a decision-maker source in the Syrian capital, Damascus.

Erdogan Does Not Object To Damascus’s Control Over Al-Hasaka: The Kurds Choose Between Loyalty To Syria Or Defeat By Turkey

Members of the People’s Protection Units (YPG)

According to the Source, at the start of the negotiation the Kurdish delegation repeated their familiar mantra—asking for the Syrian Arab Army to protect Syrian borders from the Turks, while allowing the Kurdish YPG to maintain their separate military organization inside the province of al-Hasaka. Damascus rejected this proposal and instead proposed a special status for the Kurdish administration within Syria, opening the road for members of the YPG to join the Syrian Army in a special Kurdish and Arab contingent.

“There will be no other army on the Syrian territory but the national Syrian Arab Army”, were the instructions of President Bashar al-Assad to the Syrian delegation engaged in dialogue with the Kurds, according to this source.

On the possibility of Turkish forces advancing into Manbij and their massive deployment on the bordering province, the source confirmed that “Russia informed President Erdogan that it will not accept any crossing into the province, and that it will be up to the Syrian army to move in if the US withdraws its troops from the occupied area”.

It is clear that Erdogan, while gathering his own forces and his Syrian allies (Euphrates ShieldSultan Murad, Noureddine Zinki, Jaish al-Islam et al.), is keeping his options open. If the US fails to withdraw, Turkey will move into Manbij. Otherwise, the Turkish President seems in harmony with the Russian decision, unwilling to spoil the strong bond and strategic relationship he has constructed with both Iran and Russia in the last year. The Turkish President had agreed with Russia to wait a few months before acting against the Kurds. He made no objection to a Syrian army move into al-Hasaka, provided the Kurds be disarmed.

Erdogan Does Not Object To Damascus’s Control Over Al-Hasaka: The Kurds Choose Between Loyalty To Syria Or Defeat By Turkey

For some time now, the Kurds in al-Hasaka have been protecting the US forces- no more than 4000/5000 men in a region of some 5000 square km- from attacks by ISIS, Arab tribes, and allies of the Syrian state. The same Kurds now seem willing to allow the local Syrian army contingent to take over al-Hasaka and for their militants to become Damascus’s “loyal subjects”. They may have finally learned the lesson, that the US establishment is neither a reliable nor trustworthy strategic partner. Up to now the Kurds had been prepared to rely on any foreign country, including Israel, to provide them with independence, rather than remaining loyal to Syria, the country that has hosted them for decades. The Kurds have no friends but the mountains- and no loyalty to Syria.

Notwithstanding, the Syrian Army will definitely collaborate with the Kurds to quash ISIS –  the remnants of the US forces spread along the east side of the Euphrates – between two fires on each side of the Euphrates. There is little doubt that the Pentagon has deliberately pushed ISIS along the river to face the Syrian Army and its allies. The aim was to create an ISIS protective “buffer zone” between the US forces and the Syrian army. Moreover, the presence of ISIS along the Euphrates, on the east side, is itself an invitation to insurgency against any Syrian attempt to open the commercial land route between Syria and Iraq through Albu Kamal.

Erdogan Does Not Object To Damascus’s Control Over Al-Hasaka: The Kurds Choose Between Loyalty To Syria Or Defeat By Turkey

Today, the Kurds are weaker than ever and may well have lost the privileged position they had under US protection. If this US withdrawal is implemented, they will either fall into the hands of Turkey – their defeat in the Afrin enclave is still vivid in their memory – or they will have to accept the terms proposed by Damascus. The US establishment is once more confirming to its partners its golden rule: faced with US interests, all partnerships and alliances are dispensable.

Proofread by:  C.B. AND Maurice Brasher.

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If Kurdish SDF dissarm then the will be no threat against Turkey or Syria.If every ethnic groups make his own army there wont be peace but distabilisation.SDF knows when ever Government forces used to encircle ISIS=SDF always two way SDF used to defeat none existant ISIS.Attack locals and claim it is ISIS.USA generals and Kurdish terrorists Strategy was to annexing lot of Syrian provinces and resources to enable them to pressure Government on negotiating tables.Leaving the USA oppressed Syrian government to give the free Kurdish state with all oil and gas fields and international transit roads.Putin must stay out of Syria Turkey decision making.Both Syria and Turkey must attack SDF positions just for them to surrender and lay down arms.


SDF/YPG will allow SAA to move in……..after the disarmmament there will definetly be a “small” piece of payback time by SAA, especially in those areas where SDF practiced “FORCED RECRUITMENT”, and for those kurdish pricks in Hasaka which on several occasions “trapped” SAA members and killed them……………any other SDF/YPG decision, will lead to the utterly destruction of the kurdish people in syria, be it by the hands of the turks(they r horny already) or by the SAA itself.But then again, i somewhat doubt the intelligence of SDF , which on jewish ORDERS could well look for some kind of confrontation.


I reckon, if this were to happen, it wouldn’t be the first time this would fall apart due to Kurdish stupidity, that all good things happen to those who wait.

Why start WW3 to regain Eastern Syria from the US when you can use diplomacy and guile instead? All traits that have atrophied with US politicians due to their addiction to use military force first, second, third, fourth, fifth and basically every other turn as well.

Promitheas Apollonious

been what they been all their history the whores of another it is hard to change now even if their existence is threatened. A whore it is a whore, always and above all.


It’s in the Kurds best favor to disarm and join the Syrian government in Damascus.We will see saw how the acted in Afrin dumb and to blind to see clearly.

Bigaess Wangmane

It’s funny how the Kurds expected the Russians to act as their personal airforce while denying the SAA entry, only to lose the entire region to Turk Terrorist/Military forces and chased off to the Euphrates. Foolish people.

Tommy Jensen

The Kurds believed in the Russian, US and Israel bs about democracy and freedom.

Tommy Jensen

You think the Kurds will surrender after US provided them with 300 trucks of modern weapons and equipment and the Kurds rule over the best oilfields?

If US withdraw their troops, the Kurds still have Israel, France and UK as allies, with US deep state leading from behind. America always win because America is a winner nation!


Whit that allies enemy’s no needed.

Bigaess Wangmane

Indeed, America has won every war they ever engaged in, such as Korea, Vietnam, Lebanon or Syria today. Complete victories, all of them.

Tommy Jensen

US occupy S.Korea plus own the financial controle of that area. US destroyed 1/3 of Commie Vietnam who pay war compensation even today. US dont have interests in Lebanon, its Israel´s area. US occupy 1/3 of Syria, plus own from behind the best oilfields of that area.

We always win, you just dont realize it because we win from behind………LOL.

Robert Ferrin

Stupid tell that to the 58,000 dead from Nam and the millions we killed in the process as we tucked out tails and beat the retreat.!!


Except Israel can’t do shit any more over Syria thanks to the S-300, and France and the UK barely have militaries that can do anything on their own anymore. That’s why they cling so desperately to the big coat tails of America.

As for 300 trucks of modern weapons, we saw how well that worked in Afrin. As in not. The Turks will just let their FSA headchoppers act as cannon fodder to soak up those weapons while they pound the Kurds from a safe distance with artillery and airpower. Modern light weaponry with American air support works well against a foe like ISIS, which has slightly less modern weaponry, and no air support at all, but against the Turks those roles will be reversed. Worse as the Kurds will be facing a foe with both heavy weapons AND air support. My money is not going to be on them.

Tommy Jensen

The Turks will do the dirty work for us. If they withdraw we will make another do it. If Assad rebuild he need usury loans. US always win one or the other way


lnao …….. you are so full of it man. Who do you work for?


“300 trucks of modern weapons and equipment”… Let’s say, 80% of that are trucks with ammunitions. For military unit size of division this is enough for, about, one week of fight. What after that, throwing a rocks? “America always win because America is a winner nation!”… With what kind of shit they feed you there in America!


Yes Tommy like you are winning in Afghanistan after 18 years or that Vietnam mess you also won lol

Tommy Jensen

Taleban banned opium in 2000 low to 8000ha. US invaded 2001 and increased that to 250000ha in 2017, 7000t heroine funny money, but its money. The smartest we did was that you dont know it. You believe Taleban who banned the heroine, are the drug dealers. You believe it like a donkey man……..LOL. You dont even know why we still are in Afghanistan……………LMAOL. We won!


You just declared victory over ISIS so that’s one. Then there’s Iraq which counts for three ….. Vietnam which was technically a tie but you killed more of them so that’s the tie breaker. Grenada, Panama, world war 1,2 and any other world war in the future cause you called it first, the civil war (technically a win no matter who won). You beat the Russians in hockey in 1980 ….. that’s a war. The war of the sexes in 1970, the war on drugs ….. that was a tie but once the border wall is up it’s a win. Ummmm ….. did I mention Grenada? Technically you beat Napoleon at Waterloo because you beat the British in 1776 and they beat Napoleon. You beat the Russians in every war they ever fought because you always beat them in the movies and the movies don’t lie. You beat the Aliens in Independence Day then there North Korea in Red Dawn 2012. Neo was American and he beat the Matrix so that’s a win.

The score is like USA 20000 Universe 0 ….. USA USA USA!!!!

Tommy Jensen



Who wouldn’t


Not me. I tend to like my peace and quiet.


“You think the Kurds will surrender after US provided them with 300 trucks of modern weapons and equipment and the Kurds rule over the best oilfields?”

You think that’s going to buy them their own state? A military victory without achieving a political objective is meaningless. What does anyone gain by simply holding oilfields?

Americans might not be smart enough to figure this out but I’m sure the Kurds are smarter than that. They know exactly what their role was now, they aren’t stupid enough to sacrifice themselves for an ally that just threw them under the bus.

Tommy Jensen

US victory by a thousands cuts.


Yes but time will tell just who is the one being cut to pieces. Two years into the Dear Cheeto’s presidency and debt is piling up, interest rates are rising and the markets are crashing. He’s created an unnecessary trade war and isolated the USA from her allies leaving just Great Britain, Saudi Arabia and Israel. I mean yea there’s also the Ukraine and Poland too for what that’s worth to a world power. With friends like that I’d be watching my back.

Robert Ferrin

Lol what a load of BS that is with the stock market tanking lay-offs all over the place it likes like depression 2 is headed our way/!!!

Peter Williams

Tommy is a Danish (AFAIK) troll, who trolls both sides in any conversation. Just ignore him as he thrives on rebuttals.


The Kurds are traitors and have accepted every opportunity to bite the hand that nourished them. Of all the Kurdish population, the Syrian enclave has been cherished and cosseted since the inception of the Syrian state. Something they forgot very quickly when Uncle Sam, IsraHell and all the other Zionists Nations, which includes FUKUS were offering them glass beads and false promises. Let us not forget they make up slightly more than 2% of the Syrian population and yet look at the amount of Syrian territory they control with their re-branded ISIS and Al Qaeda terror squads. OK, a deal has to be brokered now, the Syrian people know this. However, they are also aware that sometime further down the line justice will have to be done.

John Whitehot

Erdogan does not object?

since when Erdogan has a right to object about Syrian territory being under Syrian control?

Floyd Hazzard

I sense a lot more refugees will be heading to Europe and Canada. America created them but doesn’t want them.

Tommy Jensen

US Blackwater and Academi are helping tens of thousands of refugees over the mediteranian and pay local authorities in Europe to turn the blind eye on, as part of the Globohomo plan.


It is better for Russia to side with the kurds than with Turkey and repect their right to self-determination. To surrender to the brutal Syrian regime is not an option. But you may dream about it if you wish waste your time.

Bill Wilson

We just found out the agreement hammered out by Assad and the Kurds! Sounds sensible since the Kurds and Damascus have been co-operating with each other since the fighting started. The SAA lacks the troops to replace a disarmed SDF nor does Assad care to hire any more Iranian militias (Iran hasn’t been helping out Assad for free!). Damascus also lacks the personnel and financial wherewithal to re-establish Syrian government administrations and civil services east of the Euphrates so makes sense to allow the Kurds to continue doing it on their own with Yanqui Dollar assistance.

jim crowland

Difficult times for the great Kurdish people. they have the right to create their homeland. Turkish genocides must lose the southeast to a new Kurdish nation. Turkey mus be reduced by Armenia, Russia, Greece and perhaps Syria taking chunks of the genocidal state. Erdogan and his wife must be put in jail in the Hague for 40 years.


The US establishment is once more confirming to its partners its golden rule: faced with US interests, all partnerships and alliances are dispensable.

It’s not like the Kurds lack experience in this dept.


Give them an air defence and they will stop Erdog.

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