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Erdogan Confirms Turkey Plans To Create Security Zone In Syria

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Erdogan Confirms Turkey Plans To Create Security Zone In Syria

IMAGE: AP Photo/Burhan Ozbilici

The news agency TASS reports (source):

After talks with US President Donald Trump Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has confirmed his country’s intention to create a buffer zone in northern Syria. Erdogan was speaking on Tuesday at a meeting with parliament members from the Justice and Development Party he leads.

“In yesterday’s telephone conversation US President Donald Trump reaffirmed his decision to pull troops out of Syria. We’ve decided to go ahead with our contacts on all issues involving Syria, including the security zone Turkey will create,” the daily Sabah quotes Erdogan as saying.

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Mustafa Mehmet

great leader god bless you


you suck his tiny willie also?

Mustafa Mehmet

How do you know his got tiny w…. ih re nigitakis

Jens Holm

He has a microskope :)

You can call me Al

Most of you decent military men are locked up, all you have are little virgin boys. If Putin blew his nose, 30 % would cower and collapse with a heart attack.

The US despises Turkey, Russia puts up with them now, China does not take kindly to stupidity and arrogance and the Zionist play with you, whilst the Saudis want you gone.


Mustafa Mehmet

no prop

Jens Holm

He is forced to. Else he has to attck with all his tanks and Firtinas. Turks can effort making war or even driving around spending so many soldiers in stead at being on normal jobs.


Create a “security zone” in your own territory, you twat.

Carl Cox

Jews took Golan heights and now the turds want their piece, bloody vultures…

Jens Holm

Thats not comparable at all.

Zionism = EVIL

That was the Turkeys agenda all along, to get hold of the best agricultural lands in Syria, just the Zionist scum grabbed Golan. It is also an indictment of Russia that is working hand in hand with both. Unless Syria imposes a cost for both Turkish and Zionist occupation it will lose more land and will be permanently dismembered.


It’s 20 miles and could go an extra 20 miles. So in total 40 miles buffer zone

Tommy Jensen

When we are at work, make the zone 60 miles.

Jens Holm

Fine with me if Turks only was west of Ankare :)

Jens Holm

Its a fictive. So far its mainly a qestion about a zone or not with which addings.


Well done Erdogan. No body can compromise their own security for Zionist agenda. That response was expected. That will create enough pain in Zionists stomach.

Jens Holm

Which article in South Front is it referring to ?


This was planned with Trump some time ago otherwise Erdogan would have attacked the Kurds months ago. What makes this interesting is that Erdogan may have stabbed Putin in the back again considering that they had agreements made at Astana and Sochi with Iran. Assad wouldn’t be happy about Erdogan yet he may welcome Erdogan’s move because Syria have a lot to settle with Turkey over the war.

You can call me Al

I doubt that you can stab Putin twice.

Jens Holm

Obama had the opinion years ago making some soultion for a retreat. USA only came there, bcause ISIS came out of hand, but by that also are bound by Turks and Assads for defending their very ood feet on the ground.

I see a lot of stabbing all over. I see none try to make a good future for any there. I certainly dont trust Trump doing it compared to someone like Óbama and even Hillary.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Confusing spin from Erdogan that’s just parroted by the media with no helpful explanation analysis or opinion, just parroted news only, but I’m afraid when that’s the case, you always get mine instead.
What does this really mean?

“In yesterday’s telephone conversation US President Donald Trump reaffirmed his decision to pull troops out of Syria. We’ve decided to go ahead with our contacts on all issues involving Syria, including the security zone Turkey will create,” the daily Sabah quotes Erdogan as saying.

Does it mean the Turks will create the zone, man it’s infrastructure, and operate freely in the security zone, I bet not.
Does it mean the Turks get to just jointly operate in the area in either coordinated patrols or similar operations but not actually man any infrastructure, highly doubtful.
Does it mean the Turks get a say in how it operates but don’t actually man the OB posts or operate in the area at all, possibly.
Or does it most likely mean Trumps only agreed to make sure someone else enforces a security zone that keeps both the Kurds and the Turks safe from each other, like say the SAA and Russia perhaps, and with some help from an unbiased neutral party [from the US’s perspective], perhaps someone like the French maybe, they might be a good go between for all of the 5 different parties involved, and also man the newly built but soon to be abandoned US infrastructure, I think I’ll bet my money on that one.
Trump just said he’d destroy Erdogan’s economy if he dared to touch even one hair on Trump’s Kurdish mates heads, and now Erdogan comes out with this statement, mmmmm. I think he’s just trying to save face for his domestic audience, in the conversation he had with Trump he probably said something like this, ‘Please Trumpy, even if you don’t give me any say in what happens, please make it sound as if I did, I don’t want my people back home knowing you just stood all over me, please just make your next tweet sound nicer, but in the end, he’s going to cop whatever Trump gives him, whether he like it or not, and he wont.
Articles like this used to confuse me one time, but not anymore, now I see straight through them, I recognize them for what they really are, just more confusing spin, but it does serve one purpose though, it tells me just how desperate Erdogan is to change the narrative Trump got going with his last statement/threat, that alone is the story I took away from this article, not one other thing. His statement changed nothing that was said yesterday in reality, just confused a few people in the media, and some of their readers. Nothing’s changed except for some peoples opinions.

Jens Holm

I fully agree. Erdogans are like that. Others there are semilar to that, like blimps full of very dirty air for internal keeping in power.

Tommy Jensen

Not keeping his promises at the Astana talks, blaming Assad and Putin for his own Idlib mess, back to the old duffer idea of grabbing security zone inside Syria.

Putin has still now allowed Assad his long time paid for S-300, which could strengthen SAA´s position and normalise Syria quicker, and avoid a lot of casualties. O boy o boy.

The world never learn.


Just what USA-NATO-Turkey wants, a real partition of Syria land. Russia is just tolerating Turkey behavior because of commercial-economical interests between Russia-Turkey. My guess, Russia will stop Syria to try to get back these territories.

You can call me Al

You are an illness, a bad apple, a troll amongst us.

Jens Holm

You might be right, but the Syria of today is a very artificial made country made for, what its not today.

Northe never belonged to the Syrian RFegion and never was administrated with it. It instead was more south having Jordan and most parts of Israel in it as well as the deserts close to Palmyra wasnt there.

In about 1939 it was 3. Having an Aleppo State, an Allawite state and a Damskus State. Several places in those had partly selfrule. I onlty remeber Druse nor far from Al tanf.

If You back to 1855 Aleppo and Raqqa was their own as well only resposible to Konstantinople.

The same goes for the Turkish part incl. the ones in Turkey and Iraq of today, where Turks by strange reason got half of Aleppo, Raqqa, Diabykir a.s.o.

By that its much more like going back, where those parts again should join the Turkish and Iraqian parts. Unfortunatly parts of that has no realisme because of strange Leadersship prefering everlasting confrontations not having learned.

Even the many killings by several genosides seemes to have learned none enough.

You can call me Al

hahahaha – try it erdy.

Brother Ma

I wish America cared about fellow Nato member Greece’s head of hair when it planned and allowed Turkey to run roughshod over Cyprus.

I guess Kurdish hair is more valuable than Cypriot’s hair; oil and waterways make it more easily cut and styled?

Jens Holm

Greeks forget to behave well themselves. We see it for Macedonia as well as their Economy and economical madness too. People even support madness in those matters.

Both Nato and EU is about joining.

I dont comapre ISIS and Cyprus. ISIS as well as Qaida has spread terror over many countries and financing of them too.

Cyprus is local. Greks there treated the Turks very bad and by the Junta in Athen even worse. By that You greeks choose Your self. You did exact the same in Izmir in 1918-19 as well as the seond Balkan war in 1913 almost taking Istandbull.

As a minumum, You are guilty in Your own problems too as well as You make them bigger in stead od f deescalating.

Thats my private oppinion telling You should start with cleaning Your own house. Danes even send You a very Young and innocent Queen. It was the second for support of Your Kingdom.

You blew her too making Konstantin into car salesman in London.


So, Erdogan is gonna expand his small ottoman empire?

Ice Icegold

I don’t think so!
He is probably going to destroy his country.
He has already destroyed the economy.

Jens Holm

I only see the long term version. When Erdogan resignes or die, so much power is his hands and in the AKPs, that there is no replacements.

Even the army is not there = Big problems.


Where Turks come, safety goes

Carol Davidek-Waller

Is Erdogan Wilmington fight the SAA, the Kurds, Daesh, Russia, Hezbullah and Iraq for a US security zone. Me thinks not.


just as planned from day 1……Turkey will occupy with troops on the ground and the us airforce above………….
all These bs Agreements, eg.idlib Agreement, turkish-russian Agreement on afrin, and the ongoing “talks” in MOSKAU between syrian government and kurds…..all bs and worthless from day 1…….go further south and look at the bs Agreement of “peace” between the houthis and saudia arabia/UAE on hudaydha…..all bs from day 1…… wanna get rid of occupation Forces????? there was and is and will be ONLY ONE OPTION attack attack atttack attack attack……..everything else as best seen in idlib is worthless, not to say RIDICULUOS…….but then again most Folks have not the slightest idea what for example it states in ther idlib Agreement 1. it is TURKEYS responsibility to actively fight HTS(alqaida,al-nusra) if they do not abide by a 20 km “no heavy weapons no fighters safe Zone”………a fucking joke of the russians to sign such a worthless bs Agreement knowingly that Turkey will never ever ever fight their BROTHERS of HTS…..afterall where do u Folks think HTS gets arms,logistics,healthcare,chemicals,drugs from??????? harrods? it all Comes in through Turkey and FROM Turkey.ofcourse i understand the bigger big Picture, the Agenda, most Folks here are changing their stance day in and day out, just as the elte want u to be .. a sheep doing as told, or as the satanic jews says.. ” the gojim has to obey our orders”

The Agenda
A one world governmnet with Jerusalem as ist capital under satanic jewish Leadership.All nations that RECOGNIZE the illegal evil satanic Entity named Israel are part of the Agenda, including russia,uk,usa,uk,china,eu etc….

there is no good russia or bad russia or good uk or bad uk or good USA or bad USA……there is only the AGENDA, the elite, and they all serve to fulfill their thousands old Agenda, wether one likes to believe it or not., it will happen because 99 % still believe in good and bad, black and White, and cannot imagine that there is a Group of elites that CONTROL 99 % of our daily life…..

Jens Holm

I have written it. No comments.

Ice Icegold

Syria is ready for war , are you ?
comment image

Ice Icegold

comment image

Ice Icegold

comment image

Jens Holm

Turks dont plane. The are forced to by USA and others.


BEIRUT, LEBANON (9:45 A.M.) – On Tuesday morning, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced that a 32-kilometer deep safe zone was going to be established in northern Syria.
According to Anadolu Agency’s map measurement, the safe zone will have a 460-kilometer (286-mile) long presence along the Turkish-Syrian border.

The safe zone will include the settlements in northern Raqqa and Hasakah; it will pass through Sarrin from west to east, northern Ayn Issa, northern Suluk, Ras al-Ayn and Tal Tamer along with Darbasiyah, Amude, Qamishli, Tal Hamis, Qahtaniyah, Yarubiyah and al-Malikiyah.
All areas, including towns and villages of Shuyukh Tahtani, Ayn al-Arab (Kobani) Tal Abyad, Darbasiyah, Amude, Qahtaniyyah, Jawadiyah and al-Malikiyah districts will be included in the safe zone.
The line starts in western Syria, near the Sajur River in eastern Manbij. Manbij town center will remain out of the safe zone.
Among the areas declared under the safe zone were the Syrian Arab Army-held areas inside the Al-Qamishli District of the Al-Hasakah Governorate.
This will likely cause an uproar in Damascus as this has not been agreed up by the Syrian government or military.

TOLD u all sooooooooooooooooo often!!!!!!!!

The Agenda. a one world government with Jerusalem as ist capital under satanic jewish Leadership.
ALL NATIONS THAT RECOGNIZE the evil satanic Entity named Israel are part of the Agenda, including RUSSIA;USA;UK;EU;CHINA ETC….

All These steps were planned years ahead………

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