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JUNE 2021

Erdogan Claims Turkish Army Is Ready To Clear Syria’s Manbij From ‘Terrorists’

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Erdogan Claims Turkish Army Is Ready To Clear Syria's Manbij From 'Terrorists'

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The Turkish Armed Forces are ready to clear the Syrian city of Manbij from “terrorists” [i.e. the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces de-facto dominated by the Kurdish People’s Protection Units], Recep Tayyip Erdogan claimed on March 5, according to the country’s media.

He went further and said that Operation Olive Branch, which is now ongoing in the YPG-held area of Afrin will continue throughout northern Syria to the border with Iraq. Erdogan also accused the YPG of displacing Arabs from Manbij.

Meanwhile, the Turkish Armed Forces’ general staff claimed that at least 2,777 “terrorists” had been neutralized since the start of the operation in Afrin on January 20.

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andy l

Sultan Erdogan & his delusions of grandeur.


Cry us a river PKK rat.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

You mean ” Cry me a river” you Neo Ottoman Rat!!


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Richard M

Bring it on, ya Ottoman Orc! US Army will twist your Devil’s tail into a pretzel!


Yanks will not tango with the Turks. So, we have a very interesting situation developing here


If the Turks offer themselves as the proxies they’ll immediately dump the kurds or at least trying to convincingly appears to do so. Most likely after they cut a deal with Turkey the Kurds would be sent up to Golan or Jordanian and Lebanese borders. That or Al tanf camps to the Iraq Syria border to link them with peshmerga.


“The city’s residents are now mostly Kurds since the Kurdish militias earlier chased out Arab Syrians using force or threats.”

– Battle of Afrin reshuffles the deck –


– US Backed YPG Kurds Are Ethnically Cleansing Arabs From Raqqa, and the World Is Silent –



What a load of bull. Many refugees have already retuned and more and more quarters are being demined, opening up to return of refugees. The camp in Ain Issa has already been reduced with over 50% of refugees there already returning.

Compared to DeZ city, the rate or return is much higher while the devastation of Raqqah is much larger than in DeZ city.

If one compares this to say Al Bukamal, than the difference becomes even more visible.


I’ve provided proof of Israelistan Kurd ethnic cleansing, and there’s a lot more where it came from. The Jews have been ethnic cleansing Palestine for 100 years. What proof do you have to refute these crimes against humanity?

Omer Cayirli

dutchnational is here for propoganda so you don’t need to take him/her seriously. Just ignore.


Exposing the shill’s disinfo weakens it and makes the trolls look bad. Not that some of them need much help looking foolish.

Ivan Freely

This is Erdogan’s opening salvo for the coming meeting with the US.

John Whitehot

it may be ready, but doing it is another thing


Mandjib is not kurdish. Expell the american and kurd invaders.

If Turkey has to do it, go Turkey. Russia seems not worry about kurds and americans ruling the city.


Knowingly lying also shows you to be a troll.

Manbij has been mixed for over a century and whole villages are completely kurdish there.


Mandjib is an arab town as well as Raqqah, Deir Ezzor. We all know that you are a terrorist supported by USA.

Conrad Hunte

Manbij is 85% Arab you zionist scumbag.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Stop the Lies dutchnational really don’t know wtf you are talking about as the Manbij Council had ordered the YPG out of the region after they expelled the ISIS themselves as the YPG hid behind Big Daddy US.


People in Mandjib didn’t vote for SDF.


turkeys vietnam


not really so far…..they have lost many mercs which is of minor importance and a small number of turks.


If Turkey is going to invade Afrin, they will have less problems with the landscape.

On the other hand, as Manbij is accessible to the whole of SDF, SDF can deploy many more forces there and there is also the stationed US soldiers to consider.

Even more important is that the turkish airforce will have to tackle a much larger surface, which will come at the expense of much reduced air attacks on Afrin.


do you think they wil try to invade Manbij as well?a huge gamble there….will have the us nerves at red indication.


They wouldn’t really go as far as firing into US forces location. At least not intentionally however they can launch long range ballistic missiles/airstrikes into area of interest such as roads, ammo dump storage, Kurds personnel homes etc along with the warning. US forces over there have very limited Air Defense hardware so stopping an airstrikes/artillery defensively would not be easy.


they have zero air defence since there was no such threat in Syria. In my opinion if the Sultan desides to go for Manbij noone can stop him…he has issued warning that anyone helping Kurds in their fight against FSA is an enemy and a ligitimate target..so he will put US in the corner, test their limits. how far will they go to protect the Kurds?are they so important?in my opinion US has answered already. Us left the Kurds to be slaughtered in Afrin. they are just Puppets that are not useful any more….Turkey on the other hand will eventually occupy half of SYria…and taht is a very good ‘idea’ for US ….a good bait


Why kurds and americans have killed Arabs in Raqqah and take over the city ??? It’s not their business.

But, they are terrorists. That’s why.

Moshe Dummstein

well, he may have meant by ” terrorists” the US , not its proxies…


Turkey is very nervous in the Cyprus sea since there are ongoing efforts to establish oil-natural gas drills there. Turkey recently denied an ENI (Italian company) drill platform access to the field. In a while a Us drill platform is on its way. it will arrive this weekend. all eyes are there. will Turkey try to stop a US (exxon-mobil) vessel? Turkish newspapers have mentioned that a US helicopter carrier is on its way to the area. So is this SYria-Manbij a huge bargain?will the SUltan try to exchange Kurds for money-oil?

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Time is running out for the Kurds and they must be starting to realize it by now. Instead of them getting a self determining autonomous state like the US promised them, they’re all going to end up as vassals of a proxy Turkish administration, but that’s only If the US and Turkey win the war in Syria.
A lot of commenters have no sympathy for the Kurds because of their treachery, and that old biblical saying, “you reap what you sow”, seems very appropriate for this situation. But If they go down so do Assad and Putin, which means Syria and it’s long suffering people have no light left at the end of the tunnel, and all this death and suffering has all been for nothing.
The Kurds need to quickly renegotiate a new mutually beneficial deal between themselves Assad and Putin, which will then allow them to fight on the Syrian Governments side, but still allow them to retain some semblance of a relationship with the US. The Kurds then have to exclusively fight the Turks and their 2 proxy armies, the FSA and the SLF, leaving all the other terrorists to the SAA, Russia and Hezbollah. The government militias can help the Kurds fight the FSA and the SLF, but only if they avoid direct combat with the Turks. Even some of the Arab militias that make up sections of the SDF will happily join up with the Kurds and fight the Turks proxy armies, but sadly I also suspect a lot of them will switch sides to Erdogan, but hopefully that won’t happen in too large a numbers. The Turks are counting on US and NATO retaliation if anyone in Syria other than the Kurds attacks them, but I’ll bet a million dollars the US won’t attack the Kurds on behalf of the Turks even if Erdogan blows a fuse over it. After all the Kurds have been US heroes for 7 years now.
The Kurds will never get MANPADS from the US to help blow Turkish jets out of the sky, but I’m sure a boatload of them will be delivered very soon. The delivery won’t come from Russia, and no one will be able to be trace them back to Russia, but when it does arrive, we’ll all know where they really came from. The Turks and the US administration will make all sorts of allegations about Putin’s involvement, but Putin will just calmly deny it and smugly smile at them, while their all having their well deserved heart attacks.
The Kurds better hurry up though, the longer Erdogan’s troops are there taking more and more territory, the harder it will be to remove them.

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