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Erdogan Claims That Turkish Invasion In Northeastern Syria Would Allow Millions Of Refugees To Return

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Erdogan Claims That Turkish Invasion In Northeastern Syria Would Allow Millions Of Refugees To Return

President of Turkey and Chairman of AK Party Recep Tayyip Erdogan delivers a speech during the meeting of local mayors at ATO Congresium in Ankara, Turkey on September 13, 2017. (Turkish Presidency / Yasin Bulbul / Handout – Anadolu Agency)

A Turkish military operation in northeastern Syria, which is controlled by Kurdish forces, would allow millions of refugees to return to the war-torn country, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan claimed on January 26.

“We are determined to save our region from disaster in cooperation with Russia, Iran, the U.S. and especially with Syrian people,” Erdogan said at the ruling Justice and Development (AK) Party’s presentation of mayoral candidates for the southeastern Gaziantep province, according to the Anadolu Agency.

The Turkish President went on to claim that the Turkish invasion in the northern Syrian cities of Jarabulus, Azaz, al-Bab and Afrin has allowed 300,000 Syrians to return to their homeland.

A day earlier, Erdogan said that the 1998 Adana agreement between Ankara and Damascus justifies a Turkish attack on northeastern Syria. However, Syria slammed Turkey for not respecting the agreement.

“The Turkish regime since 2011 has been violating this agreement through supporting terrorism and financing, training and facilitating passage of terrorists into Syria or through occupying Syrian territories,” a Syrian diplomat told the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA).

The Anadolu Agency said that Turkey has completed all preparation for a possible military operation in northeastern Syria. The operation will likely begin once all American troops leave the region.

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SFC Steven M Barry USA RET

Is Erdogan a Jew? That POS sounds like one and acts like one. Just wondering.

Turkish Greywolves

4-5 million syrian in Turkey, does US t ake refugees, does iran take refugees? hm? ask yourself that mother fucker


Turkey is to blame for the refugee shit so clean it up urself bitchboy. Besides, those refugees deserted their country when it was attacked so they can stay away in Turkistan


Turkey should have considered this years ago; when it was allowing arms, aid, and terrorist to flow across it’s border to the Jihadist, to help fuel the conflict in Syria.
Don’t you think. ?

alejandro casalegno

Erdogan was the main supporter of the swarm of jihadists in Syria…..with KSA, USA and Israel money and weapons, And remenber the Su-24 shotdown………but Russia Iran and Syria defeated the assault………

The failed Sultan make a gamble…………and lost!!!!!!!!!

Jens Holm

You forget all the millions we already has taken before Syria, and the millions which we are the feeders of as rich contributers to UN/UNHCR and enough is enogh for many of us, when You blame us for the main parts in the whole world are muslims.

You also forget the problems in it and even blame us for our right wings dont like You and any strangersd and by that our left wings attack and demonstrate against them even they mainly accept but mainly not ask for any.

And Estimate say we have close to 500.000 muslims of all kinds from many countries being. Up to 20.000 from Syria during time then is and addiction to 480.000.

Furthermore half of our prisoners in jails are muslims as well as our safehouses for women has half muslim women needing protection even muslims here are only just above 8% and many are well integrated. Only few crimes are related to the differences among gender even inclusive.

Thats whar we see only can be changed by You stay where You are. We dont have need for more criminels – We already has our own even we by hard working and tax has reeduced it to much lower then from parts of Yours.

We see 95% of the old danes are not criminal at all. We see muslims being 90, so 90% er fine people even they stay poor. We prefare those 90% if we can choose, but we cant.

From several areas such as Syria, Palestines as well as Somalis we see total overcrime, where those each make 10 more times then hardly any dane to. Keep them. Unfortunatly we cant keep all out and just jail them and put fences, guards and cideokameras around them.

Why should we. You also dont allow any change even we see You treat each other bad and has no stopping. Here again – All is our fault too. We are American, westerns, Jews, Zionists, enemies of Islam. If so why pay anything to someone like You. I dont see that.

I always has welcommed almost any, we have asked for. But we never has asked You to
insist in chaos and those many comes here. Never.

Some right wings now even have a plan for an Island almost isolated from the rest of Denmark like a detension center. And why ? We dont know what else to do. Most of those has been years in jail for hard crimes done here and are demanded out of the country. But they will not. You as the good muslims wont have them as well. We do enderstand the last part, but they certainly is not ours. They never were apart from supporting them down to toiletpaper level and for 33 billion kro´ner a year – thats 6 billipon dollars.

And USA take in refugees as well as emmigrants and many. Those mainly are not from muslim countries. But those are refugees as well. Strange You havnt heard the good and bad reasons for that by TRUMP.


turkish bullshit


He is selling his desire for “Lebensraum” the best way he can to the Russian and hope they will buy it. He makes them believe that without his ethnic cleansing, lotting, raping and supprsion there can be no returning from Syrians. The inventor and supporter of IS thinks everybody els is retardet. To know the distorted mind of Erdogan and his love for IS terrorist: of all so called locked up terrorist in Turkey, 70% are Gulist, 27% are pkk and ONLY 3% ARE IS terrorists.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

“The Turkish President went on to claim that the Turkish invasion in the northern Syrian cities of Jarabulus, Azaz, al-Bab and Afrin has allowed 300,000 Syrians to return to their homeland”.
Yes be he doesn’t go on to say he had to ethnically cleanse 300,000 Kurds from the area to do it. He forced 300,000 Kurds out of their home and made them refugees, and then he shipped in 300,000 Turkmen refugees to take over their homes, magically turning 300,000 Turkmen refugees into 300,000 Kurdish refugees, the overall refugee numbers stayed the same though.

Benoit Balderacchi

The neo-ottoman sultan openly say he will change the ethnic composition of north-est syria to solve the kurdish matter ! By the way he explain the world why Turkish invasion will be a crime.

Xoli Xoli

Even devil laughs at Erdogans insanity. Because it have arrested him into his mother’s bosom.Erdogan armed terrorist,shelter,train,harbour and allowed to destroy Syrians and Syria to steal Syrian oil with his son.Until Russia.destroy oil convoy and Erdogan order downing of Russia jet.Since then Putin and Erdogan please each other on the expense of Syrian civilians suffering in their own land.Erdogan down few Syrian jet for apparently violating its airspace.Now what immunity does Erdogan have to roam in Syrian territory without Syrian legitimate government approval. Putin can have illegal biased agreements and meetings with Erdogan but can not please Erdogan
By allow him to enter sovereign soil under that useless time waisting Astana Putin Erdogan conspiracy agreements.Only Syrian government can allow terrorists Erdogan to enter Syria n soil.Because Syria is not Astana or Russia.The same principle which Putin apply on Syrian government just to please Erdogan to do as he wants in Syria with Israel.is the same principle which Trump applies in Venezuela.Erdogan is not a power of Turkey but the civilians are the power of Turkey.

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