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JUNE 2021

Erdogan Asks Putin About Meeting

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Ankara does not want to spoil relations with Moscow, the President of Turkey reported

Erdogan Asks Putin About Meeting

Photo: REUTERS/Umit Bektas

Orignially appeared at Izvestia, translated by Carpatho-Russian exclusively for SouthFront

The president of Turkey Tayyip Erdogan announced his desire to meet the Russian leader Vladimir Putin at the climate summit in Paris on November 30, reports Reuters. According to him, Ankara does not want to spoil relations with Moscow.

“I want to discuss the current situation with the Russian leadership. There will be a forum in Paris soon. The president of Russia Vladimir Putin, I think, will be there personally. We can discuss all our questions. I want us to conduct negotiations”, said Erdogan.

According to the head of the Turkish Republic, despite the fact that the damage is imposed on only two countries, a crisis in relations can please some others. He also called unacceptable Putin’s statements that Russia did not expect an attack from an ally, which had been made after a meeting with the President of France François Hollande, reports TASS .

“Interstate relations are not children’s toys. And I expect that Russia will demonstrate a position appropriate to its power”, he said.

Earlier it became known that Erdogan tried to make a phone call to the president of Russia Vladimir Putin 7-8 hours after the attack on the Su-24 . Nevertheless, there have not yet been contacts between the heads of state. As the press secretary of the Russian president reported, no meeting is planned in Paris on November 30.

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This about sums it up. -lol

Zina Ciceklic

Tayyip Erdogan is a servant of the US and Israel, but is he a psychopath, and it’s really crazy, a lunatic who thinks intimidate Russia and behaves like a miserable, and uncouth.

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