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Erdogan And Putin Find Understanding On Libya Conflict, Call For Ceasfire

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Erdogan And Putin Find Understanding On Libya Conflict, Call For Ceasfire

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On January 8, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and Russian President Vladimir Putin released a joint statement in which they called for reaching cease-fire in Libya by midnight of January 12.

The announcement was made by Minister Mevlüt Cavusoglu following a bilateral meeting between the two leaders in Istanbul.

During the meeting, Erdogan and Putin discuss the conflicts in Libya and Syria, the Iran-US tensions, the Russian-Turkish ties, and other developments.

“We have decided to take the initiative and, as intermediaries, call on all parties in Libya to stop hostilities as of 00.00 hours on 12 January, declare a sustainable cease-fire, supported by the necessary measures to be taken for stabilizing the situation on the ground and normalizing daily life in Tripoli and other cities, and immediately come together around a negotiating table with a view to putting an end to the sufferings of the Libyan people and bring back peace and prosperity to the country,” a joint statement issued by the two leaders said.

The joint statement emphasized the worsening situation in Libya and its negative impact on “the security and stability of Libya’s wider neighborhood, the entire Mediterranean region, as well as the African continent, triggering irregular migration, further spread of weapons, terrorism and other criminal activities including illicit trafficking.”

“We reaffirm our strong commitment to the sovereignty, independence, territorial integrity and national unity of Libya. Lasting peace and stability in the country can only be achieved by a Libyan-led and Libyan-owned political process based on sincere and inclusive dialogue among Libyans,” it said.

Turkey and Russia also declared their support for the ongoing Berlin Process, which “aims to create a conducive atmosphere to revitalize the U.N. facilitated political process, and remind that the Process can yield tangible results, with the involvement and commitment of Libyans and neighboring countries.”

It should be noted that Turkey and Russia support rival sides in the Libyan conflict. Turkey supports the Government of National Accord that controls Tripoli, Misrata and a smalll area around the cities, while Russia supports the Libyan National Army (LNA). The LNA controls most of the country and also receives support from the UAE and Egypt.

The joint Russian-Turkish call for ceasefire in Libya indicates that the sides found a kind of understanding and possibly agreed on the division of spheres of influence in the conflict. If the Russian-Turkish effort helps to de-escalte the situation and put an end to the terrorism threat and violence, it will become another success of the practical approach emplyoed by the both powers in their cooperation regarding the Middle East question.


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Another “Success”? Another Appeasement more likely. No side in Lybia wants a true ceasefire. Hafter is on a roll now finally, this only serve and protects the Jihadi GNA and gives time for the Turks to build up, JUST LIKE IN IDLIB! This only serves Russias business interests in Turkey, and Erdogans, and not that of Lybia.

Xoli Xoli

Putin has come with his puppet agendas of ceasefire to destroy the capability o LNA just like in Syria.Fuvk Putin with his face buying tactic and make most powerful Russian army look powerless.

Xoli Xoli

Ceasefire of Putin means for Turkey to mobilise and reinforce.No No No not that Syrian hidden agenda.

Mehmet Aslanak

Fake media tells you that Putin & Erdogan are bad guys. Perhaps yes, but at least they are honest, sit & talk while supporting opposite fractions fighting with each other. On the other hand Trump is heinous that you can’t trust his single word & fake media tells you that he’s a good guy.


We have neither a problem of analysing Erdogan or Putin; And neither have we a problem understanding who you Turkish trolls are, that magically post here only when it is about your rais. Turks and Hasbara methods. A pretty obvious scheme.

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

I am so sick of putins lovefest for erdogan, who always plays every side, I really used to respect putin more and hope someday I will again


Lol friend! Just follow Putin’s daily schedule over two weeks and try to think of yourself doing the same and your respect will return with interest. Here’s an attempt to see through the fog. Syria is of vital strategic interest to Russia and resolving Idlib is a high priority. Allowing Erdogan to transfer some of the takfiri forces to Libya looks like the lesser of two evils. (Libya is not of vital strategic importance to Russia, although the Russians ARE taking a strategic interest in Libya). Perhaps the endgame is better settled in Libya in a desert somewhere. To us it may look like it will never be settled, but think about it. The transferred terrorists are slowly starting to get the message that no one wants them actually and that the promise of riches or land etc. is starting to look hollow as years go by with no great result. Here’s hoping.

Assad must stay

i agree transferring the rats over there is the better option for SAA, i just wish he would have also met with iranian leaders, especially now more than ever, to show to the world iran is not alone in US’ bullying and threats


I understand the sentiment, but the reality is that foreign events/commitments/dealings/whatever never stops, deaths or no deaths, and neither can we, or Putin. Every country has vital interests whether they are shafted or not, it literally never stops.

Assad must stay

In other words they value money and business deals more over their own people it seems to me, but US is the same way, trump sold all those weapons to Saudis even though they had a hand in 9/11


Another sell-out-exactly what happened in Idlib- more time for Turks to deploy into Libya and re-inforce defenses in Tripoli and Misrata, oh guess what-TODAY Turkey flew in another group of proxies, jihadis ex-Syria, this time 250+ Faylaq ash-Sham well trained and equipped – add in Sultan Murad now over 1 250 already deployed to save Wefaq regime from defeat. So nothing will change, possible “Green Line” along 3rd Ring Rd ? Then usual suspects groupings Tripoli Revolutionaries Battalions/Brigade 301/17 Security Unit/Tajoura & Nawasi Battalions etc.. continue to control “their ” turf and positions in Sarraj regime. LNA should continue until these MB gangsters are driven out but I fear appeasement. Heavy rain has been falling for days over northern Libya including Tripoli districts , now would be the perfect time as wadis flow from escarpments SW to NE across the critical highway to Misrata for LNA to set blocking positions from Qawaa to Qarabouli stretch – terrain is boggy between highway and shoreline in that sector – another opportunity https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/10c8ee673e3d461b6a9b1b066c30e80fa563ca86f31d1fd87e63fe322a5ea2cb.jpg missed ??


keep calm and trust Putin. He knows what is he doing.

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