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Explosion Rocks Qamishli City In Northern Syria. Casualties Reported (Videos)

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Explosion Rocks Qamishli City In Northern Syria. Casualties Reported (Videos)

By ANHA, click to see the full-size image

On February 18, a booby-trapped car exploded in the western part of the Christian city of Qamishli near the Syrian-Turkish border, according to the Kurdish Hawar News Agency (ANHA).

A source in  al-Hasakah governorate police told the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) that at least five civilians had been killed and 7 others were injured in the explosion. The source added that most of the injured civilians are in critical condition and suggested that the death toll could raise.

Local sources believe that the booby-trapped car was likely planted by ISIS cells. However, the ISIS-linked news agency Amaq has not yet confirmed this.

Most of Qamishli, including the local airport, is under control of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA). The northern city witnessed a series of brutal suicide attacks between 2014 and 2016 which were conducted by ISIS cells. On July 27, 2016, over fifty civilians were killed in a single suicide attack in Qamishli.

Several local activists blame the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) for the lack of security in Qamishli. Some activists even claim that the SDF is ignoring ISIS cells around the city on purpose because it views these attacks as a pressure on the SAA inside the strategic city.

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Warning Graphic video:
Reportedly, this is the Russian convoy attacked by the US in Syria. Troops are Russian https://twitter.com/i/web/status/965310270380937222

Deo Cass

The US was responsible for this aggression. The US invasion and occupation high command which invaded Syria has made it clear that it wants Syrian government presence on the Eastern shores of the Euphrates river out. These attacks will only increase especially after Russia has been proven to be a worthless power when having to face the US.


SAA needs to expand its garrison in Qamishli to cover the whole city and its air port , finding Christian volunteers within the SAA will not be a problem .


Hate to say this, but it looks like while the US and it’s ally Turkey are busy carving up Syria, the Russian bear has chosen to hibernate. I sure hope I’m wrong about this.


Probably your are right. In addition, Will Russia protect Syria from Turkey attacks ? Turkey wants the north part of Syria by itself (Afrin area). War is becoming more complicated (thanks to USA and Turkey, both are allied) for Syria, and Syria people must defend their country.


I’ll be more confident in my statement if Turkish and Syrian troops start exchanging serious fire in Afrin. So far, we don’t really know what the agreement is between Damascus and the SDF. The Turks have said that if Syrian troops enter Afrin, they’ll halt their offensive. If this comes to pass, it would mean that they are still in the Russian, Syrian, Iranian alliance. I would feel more comfortable though if they began to clear Manbij of SDF on their way towards the Iraqi border.


Turkey said it will stop the Syrian army if it moves in to protect the YPG.

But if Syria moves in to take over from the YPG and disarm them, Syria will probably take back it’s own territory.

Lets see.



Russia has given the US notice to leave Al Tanf. . . After it’s people were attacked in the oil fields the other day.

I suspect that you will see some movement soon. Putin is nothing if not patient and then decisive when he moves.


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Car bombs are the favourite terror method of the depraved demonic racist state of Israel. This will be a jewish bombing, planned by Israeli experts with gear from Israel, even if locals were used. Before Syria was destroyed, as Putin sat on his hands for years, the jews regularly detonated car bombs in Syria- pretty much the only terrorism it suffered from in those days.

Anyhoo, its all part of the DEATH FROM A THOUSAND CUTS strategy the West is currently deploying in Syria.

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