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JUNE 2021

Epic Footage: Afrin Liberation Forces’ Deadly Attack On Turkish Proxies

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Epic Footage: Afrin Liberation Forces’ Deadly Attack On Turkish Proxies

Screen grab from the ALF’s raid footage.

On May 20, the Afrin Liberation Forces (ALF) claimed responsibility for a recent raid that targeted a position of the Syrian National Army (SNA) near the town of Bosoufane in the southern part of Turkish-occupied Afrin.

The Kurdish guerrilla group shared footage of the daring raid, which took place early on May 19. The footage, that was filmed with a thermal gun sight, shows Kurdish fighters infiltrating the SNA position then clashing with Turkish-backed militants.

The ALF video also includes footage of a successful attack on a pickup truck of the SNA with an improvised explosive device.

According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, five fighters of the SNA’s al-Sham Corps were killed in the ALF’s raid.

In the course of the raid, ALF fighters captured three AK-type assault rifles, a PKC-type machine gun as well as a night-vision goggles.

Epic Footage: Afrin Liberation Forces’ Deadly Attack On Turkish Proxies

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The Turkish military responded to the raid by shelling Kurdish-held areas south of Afrin, where government troops and Russian forces are present. Four Syrian soldiers were reportedly injured.

Bosoufane attack highlights the incompetency of Turkish-backed militants, who are yet to address the threat posed by the ALF and other Kurdish guerrilla groups.


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that was a thermoscope with recording capability showing somebody shooting on nothing its not epic at all


it was really a small assault but the amazing thing about it is the fact that they were quite professional compared to most kurdish militias they usually are quite the mess in the field

Pro Terrorists -> Zion yankees Wahhabi Kurds

SF grow the fuk up and tell the true story, what of it was “Epic”?
How was it different from their other attacks…?
Kurds are fuking problem in Iraq-Syria even in Iran get that your fuking heads.

What you saying is, it’s okay for Kurds terrorists to kill Arabs terrorists – The End.
You want to see what is “Epic” Turkey uses this event as a reason to kill more Kurd civilians in Iraq and Syria and take more control of N-Syria and Iraq.

Kurds terrorists WORK WITH ZION, you fuk morons.

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