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Engine’s Smoke Generating System Saved T-72 Tank from Missile in Syria (Video)

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The Russian T-72 tank’s efficiency has been once again proved on a battlefield.

Engine's Smoke Generating System Saved T-72 Tank from Missile in Syria (Video)

Photo: RIA Novosti / Said Tsarnaev

The Russian T-72 tank has once again proved its efficiency on a battlefield. Another confirmation has come from Syria. A video, showing terrorists, trying to destroy the T-72 tank of the Government Forces, was published online.

The video, lasting only 40 seconds, clearly shows the Konkurs anti-tank guided missile system. Then the T-72 tank of one of the earliest modification appears in the frame. This is evidenced by the lack of a launching system of the 902 Tucha smoke grenades and the Kontakt explosive reactive armor. Then a rocket launch is carried out.

However, the tank crew has noticed an anti-tank guided missile, flying in their direction, and activated an engine’s smoke generating system. This system works on the principle of supply of diesel fuel into the exhaust manifold of a running engine: evaporating, the fuel and exhaust form an aerosol as a white cloud. This ‘camouflage’ should close the aiming line for a gun-layer of the anti-tank guided missile, weaken fluorescence of the missile to a level, which would not allow the operator to accompany it to the target, and worsen the conditions of observation.

As a result, by the time when the missile approached, a white cloud has hidden the tank, and the operator made a mistake. The missile hit an exterior slope, located next to the tank. A massive explosion occurred.

According to military experts, the fact that the footage does not show the burning tank and ammunition, exploding inside it, allows to state that the T-72 remained unharmed or suffered minor damage.

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John Whitehot

love how the trained monkeys cheer anyway all the times, even if the missile hit the ground meters ahead of the tank. It’s clear that their vids are made to secure funding and support from third parties, and in this way they obtain what they want. If there were a real anti-terror effort at world level, the utmost priority would have to be given into snapping the spines of those third parties, without which there would be no jihadism anymore. Of course, folks like Killary would lose their campaigning funds as well.

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