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MAY 2021

Energy Security Plan In Ukraine Did Not Live A Year

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Ukrainian authorities must bury their plans to get rid of Russia in energy sector. Royal Dutch Shell considers stopping the shale project in Ukraine.

Working conditions have changed significantly since then, as the contract was signed with the Ukrainian state-owned company “Nadra Yuzivska” said in Shell on June, 11. Shale gas fields are located partially in the Donetsk region, where battles are conducted, as well as very close to the front line. Ukraine made high bids on this gas, as they planned not to buy gas from Russia. For now these plans are dead.

US company Chevron also refused to continue working in Ukraine at the end of 2014. They referred to the increase of geopolitical risks. So, it seems it can be all Ukrainian future – high risks, nobody wants to deal with country, people live in poverty, hating authorities, planning new Maidan. When the country will be torn to pieces, Shell and Chevron will come back and begin gas or oil production, as they did in Iraq. Coming soon…

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