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Energy Security Crisis May Boost Political Extremism In Germany

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Energy Security Crisis May Boost Political Extremism In Germany

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In situations of crisis and instability, radical ideologies tend to become stronger.

Written by Lucas Leiroz, researcher in Social Sciences at the Rural Federal University of Rio de Janeiro; geopolitical consultant.

The current Ukrainian crisis could lead to a significant increase in extremism in Germany. In a recent interview, a leading German official expressed concerns about the rise of radical views as a result of the country’s gas crisis. In fact, as long as there are sanctions against Russia, the European energy situation will be unstable and will generate serious social risks.

The Minister-President of the German state of Bavaria Markus Soder was interviewed by the Bild am Sonntag newspaper on 16 October. On the occasion, Soder warned about the worrying situation in Germany today, which accumulates the negative effects of two major crises – the pandemic and current gas instability. According to him, this scenario tends to expand the risks of extremism. Soder also states that the solution to prevent the advance of radicalism would be to strengthen the posture of democratic parties, which should make their positions clearer and act more incisively in defense of democracy.

“Fear and uncertainty are the fuel for extremists. And before the coming winter, people are experiencing such uncertainty as they have not experienced for a long time. The mix of crises, such as energy and coronavirus, can lead to overstrain and destabilization of democracy. Therefore, democratic parties should take a clear position, argue less and encourage citizens”, Soder said during the interview.

At another moment of the interview, Soder also provided technical advice on how to overcome the energy crisis and its political consequences. The minister suggested that internal disputes between government sectors be immediately stopped. For Soder, there must be a greater commitment on the part of German politicians to protect democracy and defeat the existing social problems, which is why domestic frictions should be avoided.

He also demanded that Olaf Scholz begin to act more enthusiastically to win these challenges, including by extending the production capacity of nuclear plants until 2024, in addition to implementing public policies for an immediate reduction in energy prices. For this to happen, Soder said that it is necessary to mediate the conflict between Economy Minister Robert Habeck and Finance Minister Christian Lindner, who have different plans on how to solve the crisis.

Among many other disagreements and a clear dispute to assume a leading role in the German government, the ministers also fail to reach an accord regarding the nuclear program. Habeck believes that two nuclear plants are enough to solve the German crisis and wants to have them fully operational by March 2023. Lindner, on the other hand, argues that three plants would be necessary and plans to complete production targets by 2024. The differences between the two have caused many complications in the pro-government coalition. Soder believes that these conflicts are harmful and fuel the rise of ideological fanaticisms as well as prevent government’s policies from advancing, which is why he encourages Scholz to resolve the situation as quickly as possible.

In August, Stephan Kramer, chairman of the Thuringian Office for the Protection of the Constitution, had already warned about the rise of extremism in Germany. According to Kramer, the crisis is about to generate a “winter of fury”, with violent protests organized by militant groups to demand changes in the energy situation. At the time, Kramer also emphasized the risks of rising unemployment in the winter season, as gas becomes even more scarce and expensive.

As we can see, the possible rise of immoderate positions has become a frequent concern in the speeches of German officials. In fact, this is a correct analysis and one that should be a topic of discussion throughout Western society. Fascist groups tend to grow precisely at times when crises indicate failure on the part of democratic institutions to solve social problems. So, in fact actions must be taken in order to control the situation.

However, apparently, German officials are refusing to understand the evident reality that the solution to the European problem does not lie in institutional changes or long-term planning, but in incisive action in foreign policy. What Germany, as well as the rest of Western Europe, needs is to stop adhering to suicidal sanctions and immediately resume pragmatic diplomacy with Russia. Only this attitude will prevent Berlin from going down a path of crisis, self-destruction and extremism.

Even if European countries begin energy development policies to overcome their dependence on Russian gas and oil, these projects will certainly not be completed in time to prevent social problems from arising, including extremism. Therefore, the path seems simple and clear: sanctions must be lifted.


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Karl Pomeroy

How come these “leaders” never think of the obvious: end the covid hoax and stop sactioning Russia.

Manly Hall

Their grand masters in the hierarchy that controls them will not allow them to speak freely. They are bought off and corrupt and the epstein network ensnared many more politicians than they ever dreamed of: none but a few dare to express a difference of opinion from the all powerful hidden agencies of the police state they now live in.


A few complete changes in elections will be the solution, as it is amazing how being voted out of office gives them a reality check.

Karl Hemoroy

Lying dumbass. Even my stupid dog understands it. Stop playing dumb, sodomy lover.




German politicians are shutting down nuclear plan, dont care about NS1 & 2 sabotage. Dont try to stop sanction against Russia, what is extrem about calling out their traitorous policies?


The extremists and radicals are already in power, desastrous for Germany


The extremists in Natostan sink hole Brussels, seat of the evil EUSSR run by the Hairstylist-In-Chief, Uschi Van Der Lyin’, are starting to feel afraid, very afraid. The covaid$ death squirt caper from their Drug Cartel honchos scared the crap out of the sheeple and the attendant covaid$ death squirt has slaughtered millions more. However, the rump Ukropper caper and the willful collap$€ of Urupp and Al CIAduh terror is obvious to even the brain dead or indeed will be when they are living in the gutter and freeZing to death this winter. The political filth destroying Urupp seem to be under the delUSion that the masses are there to serve them and their globo elitist scumbag owners. They are in for a very big surprise when General Winter and Marshal Frost storm in from the East ready to melt any and all Natostanner snowflakes on the way to Berlin (again) and BrUSsels should the need arise.

In the real world Odessa awaits liberation and reunification with Mother Russia. The volcano is ready to blow and the end of Natostan posturing and USSAN terror is only a motion away.


Last edited 7 months ago by Martillo
Kev not kiev

German masonic lodge thugs dressed as cops… With big ass targets on their treasonous heads, against all of the pissed off and betrayed German public, hmmmm what could go wrong? I wonder? Perhaps they’ll have an epiphany when farmers are running their asses over with tractors to the glow of globalist bank fronts ON FIRE. Hey, at least they’ll keep warm before the crouds bash their fucking heads in.


The downfall of the EU has started. People are now finding out the criminal plan orchestrated by the blood dollar and zionists. I hope the people will cut the heads from the zio puppeds who are betrayng them.


Germany should go AlQaeda-Bushido on commies and take their natural gas and oil resources.

Fascistant is always the best response to jewry and commiery.

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