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JUNE 2023

End of Truce: Russia Says Unilateral Ceasefire Observance by Syrian Government Forces Is Senseless

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End of Truce: Russia Says Unilateral Ceasefire Observance by Syrian Government Forces Is Senseless

Lt.-Gen. Sergey Rudskoy seen during a video call with Russian and Syrian officers © AP Photo/Alexander Zemlianichenko

The head of the main operations department of Russia’s General Staff, Lt. Gen. Sergey Rudskoy declared during a press briefing on Monday that there is no reason for the Syrian government forces to observe the ceasefire, unilaterally.

“Taking into account the fact that militants are not observing the regime of cessation of hostilities, we believe its unilateral observance by Syrian government forces is senseless,” Rudskoy said.

The Russian military official emphasized the United States and US-backed opposition groups have not met any of the commitments of the agreements.

The United States and the groups of the so-called healthy opposition controlled by it have not met any of the commitments undertaken as part of the Geneva agreements. No separation of the moderate opposition and Jabhat al-Nusra has taken place.”

Rudskoy added the US has failed to provide the Russian military with precise data on the deployment of the US-controlled armed groups while the data, handed over to Russia on September 13, did not meet the bilateral agreement – it was merely a general list of the militant groups agreed to join the truce.

There are no coordinates of the areas where these groups operate, no data on the militants’ numbers and no contact information of the armed groups’ leaders.

In other words, the Russian military has declared the end of the truce and the United States’ inability to fulfil the commitments of Geneva deal.

Experts believe that one of the reasons why the US is sabotaging the agreements is that they will show the US’ links with terrorists groups in Syria. In this case, ingoring the deal and bombing the Syrian army, Washington is just attempting to save its political future.

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Please no more cease-fires from now on, it makes Russia and its allies look weak and stupid.


Annihilate the neoconservative armies. Let Aleppo stay under siege, if the populous wants to escape the siege, there are safe zones of extrication. Let the jihadis starve, maybe the populous enclosed in the siege are jihadist relatives or sympathizers.

Peter Jennings

I agree to a point. However 26 or so civilians were murdered the other day by the fake jihaids whilst trying to flee through one of the safe corridors. They were women and children.

888mladen .

Stop those nonsensical cease-fires or cave in and go back to Russia and leave Syrian people alone. They have suffered more casualties thank to your alliance then ever. Russian leadership is mean and corrupt. They are not willing to protect even their own people in Donbas.

Temístocles Delgado

usa is itself the terrorism in Syria.


History has shown that militants backed by organizations like the United Nations or United States connected to the banking Cabal anywhere in the world take advantage of ‘ceasefires’ to rearm and regroup. I was shaking my head that the Russians would agree to another of this stupid ‘ceasefires’ when past ceasefires have been a total failure, as was the case with Aleppo.

Peter Jennings

The Russian and Syrian forces are playing a waiting game so as to give their allies chance to get prepared. They will have had a contingency plan for such events and i don’t think they are under any illusions that the US/nato would not stab them in the back at some point.

There is support gathering for Syria that we are not privy to and they will make themselves known quite soon.

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