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Emirati Soldier, 2 Saudi Fighters Killed in Yemen

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One Emirati and two Saudi soldiers have been killed in Yemen.

Emirati Soldier, 2 Saudi Fighters Killed in Yemen

Photo: emasc-uae.com

Two Saudi fighters and one Emirati soldier have lost their lives during participation in the Saudi-led war in Yemen.

On Friday, the General Command of the Emirati Army announced that one of its soldiers, Sergeant Khaled Ali Gharib Al-Balloushi, was killed in Yemen, the Al-Manar TV-channel reported. The Emirati General Command did not disclose how and in which part of the country the soldier was killed.

Earlier this month, it became known that commander of Emirati troops in Yemen, Nasser Moshabib al-Atibi, was killed by a medium-range ballistic missile, fired by the alliance on Mokha city in Taiz province.

At the same time, it was reported about deaths of two Saudi fighters, who lost their lives in attacks, committed by the Houthi-Saleh alliance in various areas of Yemen.

As the Al Masirah TV-channel reported, one Saudi officer was killed by a sniper on the al-Karas military base, located in the southwestern region of Jizan, while a Saudi policeman lost his life in a rocket attack in Dhahran al-Janub, located in Asir region.

According to the Saudi Arabia’s Civil Defense Department, several civilians were also wounded in the second attack. As spokesman for the department, Colonel Mohammed Abdulrahim al-Asemi, said, the killed policeman was identified as Mubarak bin Saleh al-Qahtani.

Over the past two years of the war in Yemen, at least 128 Saudi soldiers lost their lives in the south of the country and on the Saudi-Yemeni border; some of them were killed in retaliatory rocket fire of the Houthi-Saleh alliance.

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Mase fah

Well no different between zionist to saudis or emaratis. Its disgusting how they pounding yemen. hope houthis send one rocket to dubia or uae for all the troubles they been making


This Saudi led coalition is already bleeding men and equipment. Sure, the Houthis are bleeding even more but they have a sense of purpose to fight, survival. This is definitely the KSA’s own Vietnam.


128 soldiers over 2 years is a Vietnam?


“Over the past two years of the war in Yemen, at least 128 Saudi soldiers lost their lives”

Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia has killed 100 times as many Yemenis.


Maybe i should elaborate why I equate this conflict with that of the US’s Vietnam or the Soviet Union’s Afghanistan experiences. Its a conflict between a powerful nation and a poor nation, where the former employs a coalition of allies (willing, bought or paranoid), against an army of people fighting because they have nothing to lose.

Yes, KSA is bombing and killing twice as many Yemenis, but did you realise that has made them want to fight the KSA even more? History shows, the Yemenis, like the Afghans and Vietnamese, are not easily subjugated through violent means.

You are right again, its only two years with only 128 Saudi deaths. But how long can you continue to fight against an enemy who is willing to lose everything to hurt you? Ten years? Will the coalition still be as unified throughout that time? Can the Saudi economy sustain such a conflict? Will KSA society be able to bear a constant stream of body bags, maimed soldiers. and video feeds of Saudi soldiers running away at the first sight of trouble?

There are only three ways, the KSA can get out of the quagmire and save face. 1)The utter destruction or complete surrender of the Houthi dominated forces. 2) A negotiated settlement 3) The US and Israel attacks Iran (Iran which was the excuse for this conflict in the first place.)

You have pushed the Yemenis to a wall, so don’t expect point 1 and 2 to matter. Only point 3 can truly save the KSA from the embarrassment the US and Russia had suffered.

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