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Elon Musk Says Pyramids Were “Obviously” Built By Aliens, Gets Invited To Egypt To See They Weren’t

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Elon Musk Says Pyramids Were "Obviously" Built By Aliens, Gets Invited To Egypt To See They Weren't

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On July 31st, billionaire Elon Musk made the grand statement, that’s part of more than one conspiracy theories: the pyramids in Egypt were built by aliens.

In addition, he made the statement that Ramses II was … an alien, presumably, or probably just “chill” or “cool” while the pyramids were being built by aliens.

He linked a Wikipedia article to substantiate his claims, saying that the only way that the Great Pyramid of Giza was the tallest structure for thousands of years was if it weren’t made by humans.

And that an article from 2011 by the BBC summarized it well enough.

As has been proven more than once, common sense often cannot reach any beliefs such as this one.

Regardless, the Egyptian government did respond to the tweet saying that they were, in fact, built by the ancient Egyptians.

Rania A. Al Mashat, Egypt’s minister of international cooperation even invited Elon Musk to visit so he can get a tour and evidence that they weren’t built by extraterrestrial life.

“I follow your work with a lot of admiration. I invite you & Space X to explore the writings about how the pyramids were built and also to check out the tombs of the pyramid builders. Mr. Musk, we are waiting for you.”

Separately, on August 2nd, the crew of the Dragon returned to Earth successfully.

NASA astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley completed a crucial test flight of SpaceX’s new Crew Dragon spaceship.

If they saw aliens anywhere in space, or during their flight up to the International Space Station or while they were landing, they will definitely share the news with Elon Musk, so he can rest assured that the Egyptians didn’t build the pyramids, and it was the aliens, who presumably visit to admire their creation every now and then.

Approximately two weeks earlier, Elon Musk, once again, stirred controversy on Twitter, but this time he deleted his tweet.

He simply summarized the US foreign policy in one tweet, which he them removed because it was probably too much.

His history of attempting to return Tesla workers into factories despite COVID-19 and numerous other examples are evidence of how much the great humanitarian, in fact, cares about humanitarianism and how big of a fan of profit and imperialism he is.


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Concrete Mike

The truth is somewhat in the middle.

Sure the ancient egyptians built the pyramids, but dragging giant stone like it is claimed is nonsense.

The pyramids are made of geopolymer concrete, they were poured in place. Thats why they are so perfect.

How did the ancient egyptians know about geopolymer concrete? I dont know, no one does, even Elon dont know.

Natron salt is the key.

Decatur Guy

Watched a show about the “Mayan” pyramids in central America. The host interviewed a village elder who stated what I’ve long believed about them. He said we didn’t build them. They were here when we arrived.


Agglomerated (reconstituted) limestone concrete built onsite in molds? Sounds interesting, they might harden pretty quick in hot weather.

cechas vodobenikov

Elmer “elon” Fudd is a cartoon character

Concrete Mike

Elon Fudd LOL love it!

Damien C

I don’t know who built the pyramids i could be swayed either way with force of argument and reason. What I do know is Elon Musk is a complete cock!

Lone Ranger

It was either built by aliens or with their help. The Great pyramids of Giza were built in 10,800BC. The Sphynx is at least 25,000years old probably older. There are tons of supressed info… All the pyramids on Earth fit into a star map, the Great pyramids of Giza are modeled after the Orion constellation. The Nile is one of the arms of the Milky Way(our) Galaxy. South American pyramids fit into the same star map. Some mummies found in Egypt were analyzed on a molecular level, they had cocaine, nicotine and antibiotics residues in their tissues. Cocaine and Nicotine were only avaible on the American continent. Antibiotics werent invented till the 1930s. There is also the problem with construction… It cant be done they way the say it was built. Pics displayed in the Temple of Ebidos… Granite obelisks made out of granite… Neither their size nor their material was managable with the tech of that era. No hierogliphs or mummies were found inside the great pyramids. No smoke residues from torches were found, the mirror lighting hypothesis was proven to only work in small constructions not the size of the Great pyramids. Aside from that the Pyramids deflect X-Rays, they shouldnt do that… Infrared anomalies are also present. The base structure emits a lot more heat than it should… I could go on but everyone should do their own research.


If you have the chance to visit the egyptian museum in Cairo, head for the vases section. There you find granite vases with smal top openings and a wide body, which hade been made in the thousands, and which have wall thickness over the whole height of barely milimeters. Copper tools would not allow that to be made, nor would any technology of today would make it easy. Similar are the objects carved out of shale. You can read the most stupid explanations and descriptions about these objects done by egyptologist ever seen.

Lone Ranger

Thanks for the tip.?

Wayne Nicholson

I can’t say one way or another that they were built by aliens but they sure as hell weren’t built by Egyptians 5000 years ago. Anyone who thinks so should try carving granite with a copper chisel and report back.

FANFARONE ? Year of the Pig ??

could you cite herodotos on the pharaohs going back 250.000 years or being undead for 30000 years ?

Codenamed 'Gordon'

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elon_(name) There’s nothing more to say.


Seems like Rogozin still upset with Musk.




Because of SpaceX. Rogozin was saying SpaceX will never make it. Musk proved him wrong, plus trolled him after successful launch. And suddenly an outlet that usually writes about geopolitical topics, writes a non-news story about Musk and Aliens, as if its a tabloid.


Haha thanks for the info. I didn’t find the article with Rogozin saing exactly that. I think it’s about the trampoline joke, which is the dame thing.


https://www.voanews.com/science-health/egypt-fact-checks-elon-musk-who-really-built-pyramids https://www.usatoday.com/story/tech/2020/08/02/spacex-ceo-elon-musk-tweets-aliens-pyramids-egypt-responds/5568089002/ https://www.bbc.com/news/world-africa-53627888

Yeah, Rogozin controls Voice of America, US Today and BBC, and Musk is an alien (from Uranus). Keep spamming worthless garbage you braindead imbecile…

Ivan Freely

Musk is losing it. Maybe he’s worried about Ghislane’s trial? LOL

namulit emperor

Again too much cocaine, Mr. Musk?


The weed also brought by the Aliens. Too good to be from this planet. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/9275562ed79e8c48533f1d4c30a80437d68e2c1645882a32ec5fe497dd89a65e.jpg

Tommy Jensen

Come on. We are making the most splendid weed here on earth…..self-hating Jew.

Porc Halal

In his own way, Elon Musk is atypical for a member of the globalist elite … you don’t even know what to think of him …

Porc Halal


Joke aside, I think he meant that the pyramids were actually built by the jews, because they were nothing but aliens to the ancient egyptians …

American english – alien = coming from a different country, race, or group…

Concrete Mike

They were built by skilled craftsmen, wether there jews or not is irrelevant. They possed knowledge that we are just scratching today.

They used something similar to concrete, except they had an acid as catalyst . Natron salt is the key.

Porc Halal

I agree on the fact that the technology was mind blowing regardless of who had hold that technology …


Global elite will never put their faces on the first pages of magazines and newspapers.. Musk is just that – someone to occupy first pages.. nothing more.. And this tweet was made exactly for that reason..

Monte George Jr

Elon is someone who put a passenger automobile (convertable, no less!) in orbit, with a dummy (some speculate it was a corpse) behind the wheel, with the top down. You expect predictable behavior from someone like that? Not a normal guy, sometimes full of shit, but definitely cool!


There are no aliens.

Porc Halal

Well, there are so many evidences that leads exactly to the opposite idea..at least those evidences can’t be explained otherwise


Name one.

Porc Halal

Oh, there are many… only if we limit ourselves to the megalithic constructions of antiquity spread all over the globe and whose construction cannot be explained in the light of the supposed technology that humanity had back then and it would still be a long list …

Porc Halal


Check on internet about books or any material about these topics…

– Proof of alien presence in medieval paintings – Proof of alien presence in ancient megalithic monuments – Proof of alien presence in prehistoric cave drawings – Proof of alien presence in religious and ancient texts – Firsthand accounts of alien encounters – Alleged alien bases…etc


What can’t be explained?

Porc Halal

The megalites or big constructions fabrication and erection…I don’t know what you expect me tell you..

Porc Halal

Well, they are many worth mention…but ok, say Apollo 11 mission…


What about it?

Lazy Gamer

obviously ?

johnny rotten

Even if it were true, what the hell does elon musk know about it? the guy has two problems, one who wants to advertise himself, two who, feeling like the bosses’ class, thinks he is saying and doing whatever he wants, the best thing is to always ignore him.


Saying any ancient wonder is done not by inhabitants of that land but by aliens from outer space is an insult to the memory of the ones who built it in particular and the human ability in general.

But aliens and attributing anything which our small minds can’t grasp to them are a multi-billion industry, as far as I know Von Daniken started this industry and it’s going full speed with a lot of “experts”.

Ancient Egyptians made a thriving civilization, we owe a lot to them but there is a spectrum of people to deny them and give credit from sub-Saharan Africans to Aliens.

PS. Whenever you believers accepted from your employee (or subordinate or whomever works under you) that he or she didn’t finish their work because aliens didn’t let them, I’ll consider maybe aliens had something to do with old buildings on earth.


The worst part is how many here actually share this ignorant and arrogant thinking. Maybe its because of being part of a nation/culture a few hundrets believes to be the highest of the world, while thinking civilications with histories of 1000s of years are “unciviliced”. Pretty sad for people who claim to be freed of MSM propaganda. It seems one delusional thinking follows the other, from MSM to Alt Media. Black and white world views never breed something good it seems.

Wayne Nicholson

“Go to a remote village at southern Egypt and look at their faces.”

It’s not their faces that gives me doubt about their claims on building the great pyramids but their skills, population size and tools.

Make yourself a chisel out of a piece of copper and go in your back yard and make 2 perfectly flat, perfectly square blocks of stone that mate so well you can’t get a razor blade between them. You can even use nice soft limestone.

Now consider that it takes 10 men to equal one horsepower and the cranes, saws and earthmoving equipment have motors that produce hundreds or thousands of HP. The pyramids have 2.3 million blocks of perfectly fitted stone weighing on average 2.5 tonnes each ….. some were much smaller but many were in the 70 to 100 tonne range and many of those were granite which is much harder than limestone.

The energy to move blocks of stone is the same today as it was for the Egyptians …. we use fossil fuels to do the work …. they used bread.

How did an agrarian society produce enough EXCESS to feed the builders of the pyramids? How did an agrarian society develop the engineers, architects and planners to build these structures? I can understand farmers producing enough to feed themselves and having excess to be taxed but to pay to better educate engineers and planners than we have today as well as pay for an army of immensely skilled stone cutters and workers to haul massive stones where they need to be and do so with skill and precision we can’t achieve today 5000 years ago is simply nuts.


Have you tried to smooth a stone with another stone? I have and I am not patient but the result is satisfying. There’s no need for soft metals. I don’t know what they did to achieve this result but I don’t think they needed help from outer space.

It was all doable otherwise they wouldn’t exist. Give some credit to our ancestors.

United states manufactured wonders 40 years ago which is unable to reproduce today. Now imagine in a few decades when they no longer possess their todays’s enormous resources, that technology will be lost as today we can’t reproduce the fine textiles which we used to weave 1500 years ago with that age technology.

As I said, attributing human works to aliens is a billion-dollar industry. I won’t contribute to these frauds pockets.

Wayne Nicholson

“Have you tried to smooth a stone with another stone? ”

Sadly I’ve spent far more of my life doing just that than I care to admit to. I’m a carpenter by trade, I have an education in civil engineering however I chose construction management over engineering as a profession and I come from a family of masons and have built many masonry projects including brick ovens from 2000 year old Roman plans.

To make an oven dome I had to fit 2 1/2″ fire brick to within 1/6″ max joint or it would develop cracks. I used a masonry saw with a diamond blade to cut the brick. Even then I was not able to get anywhere close to the fit the Egyptian farmers got using “copper chisels”

“I don’t know what they did to achieve this result but I don’t think they needed help from outer space.”

Read my posts. I never said aliens did anything ….. I said the Egyptian’s didn’t do it. I believe the pyramids was built by an earlier culture whose memory is lost to time. I believe the Egyptians found the pyramids and take credit for them but didn’t in fact build them.

“United states manufactured wonders 40 years ago which is unable to reproduce today.”

There was nothing produced 40 years ago that we can’t produce today. I was working in construction 40 years ago …. we no longer have some of the materials we had 40 years ago but our ability to engineer, work and move materials has gotten better by leaps and bounds. For example today a single nights production on a CNC machine can produce more work, with greater precision and accuracy than a shop full of 12 cabinet makers can produce in a week. We have bigger forges that can produce stronger parts for the areospace industry. We now build out of carbon fiber and carbon nanospheres.

“As I said, attributing human works to aliens is a billion-dollar industry. I won’t contribute to these frauds pockets.”

Again with the aliens. We used to believe that what we can’t explain was the work of gods and demons …. today it’e aliens. I said that I don’t believe the Egyptian built the pyramids …. I said nothing about aliens.

Hell I don’t believe that aliens would come to this planet even if they could. There is after all a cosmic speed limit in the speed of light and the interstellar medium is full of soot, debris and radiation …. no alien intelligent enough to invent a craft that could fly to our planet would be stupid enough to spend their lives flying through space for a few thousand years just to anal probe some monkeys. They would send AI and tell it to report back.


Why sadly? Now I envy you both for carpentry and masonry, both hobbies of mine which wait for it, sadly I can’t spend enough time on (nothing professional, just at the level of building a shakey shed and fill it with ugly self-made furniture).

I can agree with a civilization before Egyptians who built the pyramids and now extinct (basically tried to say the same thing with the US example), but have a hard time believing they had diamond tipped saws and whatnot. There must be a far simpler solution which er may find some day, but for the love of god, leave the copper chisel alone, we both know it can’t carve wood, let alone stones.

All the driving force behind today’s progress is finance. If something happened to that, we may regress worse than Egyptians. Right now the US can’t build heavy ice-breakers anymore. With enough money, they can regain that ability but what if in a couple of years they no longer be able to finance it? Of course today’s world is very different with with that of some thousand years ago, someone else might pick what they left. Something which clearly didn’t happen to the ones who built Pyramids.

PS. What’s wrong with alien anal probe? I know some people here who would kill to get one!

Wayne Nicholson

“Why sadly?”

The short answer is arthritis. I still have a shop and work on the tools every day but I had always planned to have time to do creative endeavors in retirement however I have the time but the body is failing.

“I can agree with a civilization before Egyptians who built the pyramids and now extinct (basically tried to say the same thing with the US example), but have a hard time believing they had diamond tipped saws and whatnot.”

I have no explanation. All I can do is question what I see. I’ve never been to Egypt or Cusco to see megalithic architecture first hand … all I’ve seen are pictures.

One of the specialties I did as a contractor was to install wall panelling in foyers and artiums of commercial buildings with the installations being as high as 4 storeys. The panels we usually install are rectangular and we usually have a reveal to eat up small errors.I use lasers to layout and for control and festool track saws and routers to fit panels.

We measure to 1/64″ or a mm and split the line which makes our accuracy 1/128″. A 1/32″ error over 10′ equals 5/16″ over 100′ and 5/8″ over 200′ If you’re installing square panels a 4′ panel that’s 1/32″ out of level at the base will put you’re stack of panels out 5/16″ by the time you hit the third floor. People notice a gap of 5/16″ and I don’t get paid. It’s really hard finnicky work to keep your lines dead nuts and we usually have more than one crew of carpenters working so everyones work has to meet up somewhere and that’s my responsibility.

Take a look at these walls in Cusco Peru https://www.google.com/search?q=cusco+walls&rlz=1C5CHFA_enCA827CA829&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjD8cqsvILrAhVsRN8KHd76AKcQ_AUoAXoECBYQAw&biw=1778&bih=831

Comparatively working with square material is infinitely simpler than these walls, wood is infinitely easier to cut and fit and plywood panels don’t weight 50 or 60 tonnes. The pictures I’ve seen of these walls shows that a razor blade won’t fit between the joints. I am absolutely baffeled at how they achieved this kind of workmanship. It’s impossible even today …. but there it is.

The Incas said the walls were always there and they don’t know who built them. I’ve also seen pictures from Egypt with the same masonry.

“Right now the US can’t build heavy ice-breakers anymore. ”

True but humankind hasn’t lost the ability to make icebreakers, or to fabricate ships out of metal …. Americans have just lost the ability to build that specific type of vessel locally. Shipbuilding worldwide has advanced in technology.

“PS. What’s wrong with alien anal probe? I know some people here who would kill to get one!”

As long as they’re gone in the morning and there’s $200 on the dresser I’m fine with it.


The history of Egypt has been the most reaserched of all ancient civilizations. No need to try to make a chisel of copper myself, the actually methods are researched by experimental archiologists for decades and proven. Just read the 1000s of published works instead of playing stone mason with the wrong tools. Hint: They used the same technique as the Romans. But research for yourself.

Wayne Nicholson

“No need to try to make a chisel of copper myself, the actually methods are researched by experimental archiologists for decades and proven.”

yea ….Archeologists who have never picked up a hammer and chisel in their lives.

Show me one instance where someone today has quarried, dressed and fitted a pair of stones to the same level of precision and workmanship as those in Great Pyramid.

It’s one thing for an academic to make a pronouncement that fits their theory and convince a lecture hall of like minded academics who’ve never done a days labour in their lives that they have the answer ….. but it’s something else to convince an experienced tradesman no matter how good your power point presentation is.

According to Egyptologists this work was all done by farmers during the 4 month flood season. So not only do you have masons dressing stone with metal tools softer than the rock they are working but it was a habitat for humanity build

James Adams

I think he’s joking


There are pyramids in Greece that are older in age than the Egyptian ones….Are the Greeks are aliens too ??? ha ha ha Idiot Εlon.

Traiano Welcome

Demis Roussos is most definitely an Alien!


Maybe … everything is possible. But the FACT is … that the pyramids in Greece are at least 1000 years older than the Egyptian ones.

FANFARONE ? Year of the Pig ??

ΜΟΥΣΜΟΥΛΙΩΝ de gnwrizw poy tis eides tis pyramides kai poia exwghini methodo xrhsimopoihses gia ti xronologhsi , alla molis teleiwsa mia poly endiaferoysa meleti gia to drako kai akoy ena mystiko, exei megali sxesi me tis pyramides !

loipon h lexh ” drakos ” bgainei apo to D-ra-kos, opws einai fysiko to prwto synthetiko einai to gramma delta Δ , poy proerxetai apo tin ebraiki lexh ” dalet ” poy shmainei thyra ( porta ) , to deftero sunthetiko einai ” RA ” dhladi o theos hlios symfwna me touw arxaious aigyptious kai to trto synthetiko exei na kanei me th nhso ” ko ” opou anakalifthikan oi prwtes panarxaies ellinikes pyramides kai epishs geitniazei me th nhso nisyro h opoia opws oloi xeroume exei kai hfaisteio pou kata ti mythologia xrhsimopoiousan oi drakoi gia na fwliazoun


kerdizeis loukoymi gia thn prospathia…Mousmoulako.

FANFARONE ? Year of the Pig ??

ti ??? ?mono lokum ? hlpiza se xrysoyn wrologion LOL

oi etymologia sou gia to drako einai authaireth, dwse stoixeia exw grapsei apo poy proerxetai, otan den apanthses kai meta pseydws diedwses oti apantises sta ellinika kai den eimai ellinas

exei prwtoIE riza kai sxetizetai me tin orasi derk, blepw

pyramida, kai edw to idio fere stoixeia kai blepoume


Katholou authaireti den einai…exo stoixia alla den einai gia edo mesa.


Sou ergrapsa sta ellinika..alla den moy apantises.

FANFARONE ? Year of the Pig ??



Mallon den diavases thn tapa poy phre apo mena…..den kseri oute tin istoria toy topou tou.

FANFARONE ? Year of the Pig ??

dwse link, oxi den diabasa tin tapa ( oute eida apantisi sou sta ellinika, alla xereis ti ginetai tis bgazei spam & diagrafontai , giafto to logo grafw greeklish )

eida omws oti xarientizeste kai panhgyrizete enantion toy israel pou edw kai mia 10etia einai filiki xwra ( idi apo epoxh ΓΑΠ ) emeis san xwra mesw tou kouli dwsame ston trump sygxaritiria pou exontwse to prwtopalikaro tou iran. Ti sxesi exoume meaftous emeis ? Aftoi oi mousoulamoi kai tou iran, tis tourkias ktl einai apeilh kata tis dyshs kai ths elladas. Ola afta ta tsoglania prepei na exontwthoun, de xwrane filies kai syzhthseis me tous islamistes.


” Ti sxesi exoume meaftous emeis ?”

Tha sou doso tin idia apantisi poy edosa kai se auton…oloi einai ta idia skata…kai amerikanoi kai rosoi kai iranoi….kai kinezoi…gia mena oloi einai lamogia. Kaneis apo olous autous den htam pote filos mas…

FANFARONE ? Year of the Pig ??

oi US einai sxetika ok se sxesh me tous allous


Apla anikoun stin leuki fyli…alla kai aytoi pote den itan filoi mas. Min ksexnas oi aggloi voithisan tous tourkous kai to 1922 kai stin eisvoli stin kypro. Aggloi kai amerikanoi mas diamelizoun ….oloi ta idia skata einai.

FANFARONE ? Year of the Pig ??

etsi leitourgoun ta pramata , alla epeidh ta symferonta einai eykairiaka polles fores kalo einai mporei na bgeis kerdismenos

iranoi sto SF : de lew afton ton agathiari ” ali ” , lew to arxidaki ton zio ison evil aftos thelei skotwma ! giati ton sympatheis kai ton prostateueis ?


O ali einai anoitos..alla o allos einai poniros…ton rotisa polles fores ti ethikotitas einai , kai den moy eipe…einai eksipnos alla oxi perissotero apo enan ellina.

FANFARONE ? Year of the Pig ??

e afto lew einai poniros – sigoura iranos tromokraths kai aftos omws se upoga einai h thesi tou mazi me tis katsarides


egw nomizw oi islamistes iranoi mas misoun toulaxiston oso oi tourkoi giati panw apo 1000 xronia tous makeleuame kai ousiastika xari se mas tous katelaban oi arabes


Oi Ellines pote den eimastan filoi…oute me islamistes oute me tous perses…afou eisvallane stin ellada…tous gamisame omos kala….

FANFARONE ? Year of the Pig ??

nai alla se blepw exeis ginei filaraki me siiti irano kai malista me enan apo tous poly ponirous


nomizeis….den eimai filos me kanenan edo…to kefi moy kano…gelao me tin asxetila tous kai to poso hlithioi einai

FANFARONE ? Year of the Pig ??

nai alla strafikate oloi enantion mou kai tous sigontares kai giati ? epeidi einai butthurt oloi aftoi me to israil kai tis US

oxi oti exw kamia premoura me aftes tis xwres, plaka kanw ennoeitai, alla stin teliki xilies fores kaluteres einai apo iran. De leme tipota gia syria bebaia giati ekei kanei paixnidi h tourkia kai kanw oti de blepw oti o assad steletai me iranika podia orthios ..


Den strafika enantion sou….alla arxises na eisai epithetikos mazi moy..opote den hksera kai an ontos eisai ellinas….edo exei pollous poy allo lene oti einai kai allo einai…paradeigma o Zio…tha matho oms ti meros tou logou einai…o assad steketai kai me rosika podia…kai me iranika…exei kai kinezous ekei.


Kseris ti plaka exei…na tous deixneis oti den kseroun tipota…kai oti pneumatika einai ston mesaivnaqq xaxaxaxa milame kratao tin koilia moy apo ta gelia….einai toubla

FANFARONE ? Year of the Pig ??

to diabazw to link sou, alla egw ennow ton allo , afton ton eleeino zio ison evil lew, aftos einai o pio athlios apo olous kai einai ANTHELLHNAS 1000% !

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Autos einai omada edo mesa me allous kai kanoun propaganda….oi iranoi peinane kai to kathestos tous katapiezei…oi symmoria me tis maures rompes oi moylades

FANFARONE ? Year of the Pig ??

bravo symfwnoume, kai episis den exw problhma me tous rwsous sigoura protimw HΠA alla kai tous rwsous tous katalabainw

aftoi pou sixainomai einai oi iranoi, mi sou pw kai pio poly apo ton recep


Oute kai ego goustaro toys iranous…vasika pas mi ellin einai varvaros….alla oyte to israil einai filikh xora gia emas.


Kala oi tourkoi einai kolofara…h mastiga tou planiti.

FANFARONE ? Year of the Pig ??

oxi oloi, exw gnwrisei polu normal tourkous kai kala paidia & koritsia oloi aftoi misousan ton erdogan, basika i premoura tous itan na deixoun oti einai politismenoi kai oxi opisthodromikoi kapoioi bebaia itan oligo blaxodhmarxoi bebaia tespa

to kako einai omws oi perissoteroi kai kyriws aftoi pou trwne erdogano-sano einai teleiws uneducated kai tsimpane me yposxeseis gia perasmena megaleia, thriskeies ktl opws oloi oi xamilou epipedou anthrwpoi

pantws me normal tourkous mporw na sunenoithw aneta, kai stin kon/poli kai sto bodrum pou exw paei. Mexri kai se spiti diko tous me exoun filoxenisei kai mia xara anthrwpoi. Mousafir me legane kai piname kai raki dikia tous ( san ouzo itan me aniso )


OLOI oi tourkoi einai to idio…autoi poy esfazan tous ellines sthn konstantinoupoli to 1955 htan oi tourkoi geitones tis diplanis portas…kai oxi o stratos. Des edo ti tapa efage apo mena kai ton sigareto.


FANFARONE ? Year of the Pig ??

e aftos o memetis mameloukos einai poly eukolos na tapwseis LOL xazoulis, egw tou kanw glugluglu kai thymwnei

o sigkaretos einai gia ta panhgyria, kai ton blepw kai ton lypamai pou paleuei me kana duo tourkous pou xeroun kai ton xeftilizoun .. teleiws dominated .. gia lypish

kati tetoious den tous paizeis me gif kai utube


Kati tetoious tous paizeis me to vinteo poy tou esteila ego..meta to voulose…xa xa xa h xespolax na xtypa tis kampanes…xa xa xa

FANFARONE ? Year of the Pig ??

OLOI oi tourkoi einai to idio

ma den einai leme, exoun diaforetikes proteraiotites exeis paei tourkia ?

oi einai diaforetikoi metaxy tous kai oi islamistes me olous tous allous

afto pou exoun idio einai oti exoun tous kourdous gia scapegoats tous ferontai opws emeis tous albanous prin kapoia xronia bebaia emeis twra tous albanous tous exoume mia xara, alla oi tourkoi den allazoun symperifora pros tous kourdous me tipota

o recep elege otan prwtokubernhse oti tha ta brei mazi tous alla arxidia pantws oi misoi kourdoi recep psifizoun, na to xereis afto

aftosu pou polemaei einai oi alloi misoi, oi as poume tetoious den exei mono stin tourkia, alla kia sto irak merikous kai kuriws sti syria ( oloi oi kourdoi tis surias tetoioi einai sxedon ) . Aftous bombardizoun oi tourkoi


Ase re file…ego thelo na tous peraso lepidi olous…

FANFARONE ? Year of the Pig ??

ela re aimostagi , siga ta aimata xD

exw gnwrisei polu kala paidia, xwris plaka + tourkales mia xara ( an kai polu synthritikes ews pouritanes stin arxi )


na prosexeis dioti autoi travane maxairi poli eukola an tous peirakseis tis gynaikes. KOLOFARA einai….

FANFARONE ? Year of the Pig ??

exw filo me gynaika tourkala kai exw kanei 2 fores prwtoxronia kwn/poli kai diakopes bodrum , uparxoun kai polloi politismenoi anthrwpoi se afta ta meri


Ton eidame ton politismo tous stin Kypro….ase min me fountoneis vradiatika…oi oikogeneia moy polemise stin Kypro kai exoume nekrous….an to kathe elliniko spiti eixe nekrous apo tourko tha sou elega ti filies kai gynaikes tha pernate apo tin tourkia…mono gia ton Kolokotroni eisaste…tha trizoun ta kokkala ton progonon mas poy skotothikan apo toys toyrkous…thn Smirni tin ksexasate more??? Ti na po kai meta mou les emena poy milao ston irano…kai tou tou deixno tin asxetila tou…feugo kalo vradi

FANFARONE ? Year of the Pig ??

Tsypraios eisai re ? bye wra gia ypno einai


Pos to koveis na eimai??? Esena pantos den se kovo gia fanatiko ellina…

FANFARONE ? Year of the Pig ??

xerw gw epeidi les polemisan oi dikoi sou ekei

giati les oti den eimai fanatika ellinas ? ama exeis epafi me ton exw kosmo ta blepeis diafoertika de gyrizoun ola gyrw apo mas, den eimaste to kentro tou kosmou kai exoume panta dikio. Afta ta pisteoun mono kakomathimenoi xwriates

allwste na xereis, gia na epikratiseis enantion tou exthrou prepei na ton xereis polu kala, prepei na blepeis ta panta opws ta blepei aftos. Egw tous tourkous tous psiloxerw mporw na sou pw

ok NOULH kalnuxta, prepei na tin pesw


Oi tourkoi eite kemalikoi eite me ton erntogan…einai ethikistes…opoios kai na einai stin eksoysia…tha koitaksi na parei edafos apo thn ellada

FANFARONE ? Year of the Pig ??

DEN – DEN boroun an paroun TIPOTA !

giafto skyliazoun !!

prosexe gia tous kemalistes poy les : oi misoi tourkoi ( aftoi pou den theloun recep ) kemalistes einai alla oxi opws to nomizeis aparaitita

o kemal itan polypleuri proswpikotita kai eixe polydiastati drasi profanws o ethnikistis / militaristis tourkos blepei mono tis stratiwtikes tou nikes ktl

omws kai o proodeutikos tourkos dilwnei kemalistis alla aftos epikentrwnetai stis metarrythmiseis tou kemal pou ontws tous ekane anthrwpous ( omws dystyxws enas koukos de fernei tin anoixi ). Tou aresei kiolas pou o kemal itan kosmopolitis ( thessalonikios ) kai thelei na tou moiasei kai na balei kapelino ( oalkia pou ebgale to fesi lew ) kai na ginei eurwpaios

o atheos tourkos ( yparxoun kai tetoioi ) tha sou pei oti o kemal itan atheos kai athriskos – kai egw to idio kai tha sou pw oti gia afto to logo ton blepw thetika ton kemal toulaxiston sti drasi tou enantion ton imamidwn pou kanonika tous xekwliase

mexri kai o aristeros tourkos tha sou pei oti ektimaei ton kemal giati itan koinwnikos epanastatis kai eleutherwtis

katalabes ti ginetai, oloi kemalistes einai alla diafoertikoi. Oi yperethnikistes einai aftoi pou esy ennoeis ” kemalikoi ” kai nai aftoi einai ontws exthroi kai epikindynoi

alla opws blepeis telika gyrw apo ton kemal stithike ena panhgyri, ena personal cult, pou telika adikei kai ton idio ton kemal

pantws emena h tapeini mou gbwmh einai ama den yphrxe o kemal h tourkia tha itan mia kakografia tou iran, ena mikro xalifataki edw kai 100 xronia


” DEN – DEN boroun an paroun TIPOTA !”

Tous prodotes toys “dikous” mas fofame tha pane se diapragmateuseis kai tha ta dosoun me politiko tropo ta tomaria. Oi tourkoi giati na kanoun polemo afoy mporoun na tous ta dosoun me politiko tropo?? Diavases simera eidiseis??? Pane se synomilies kai dialogo gia na kanoun tin moirasia!!!!! Na moirasoun ti?? Ta dika mas pragamata.

FANFARONE ? Year of the Pig ??

de diabasa oxi

koita afta gia moirasies kai to ti einai dika mas – dika tous sikwnei poly syzitisi to thema gia tin wra einai na xekoumpistoun apo tin perioxi anamesa se rodo kai kriti

giati ta pramata ginan polu sobara meta to gnwsto MoU

se kapoia fasi argotera ama ginei kapoiou eidous sunekmetalleusi se perioxes anatolika tis rodou , den einai kai tragwdia

pantws gia tin wra mporoume na diekdikoume osa dikedkoume sumfwna me tin UNCLOS. Ena prosxima einai basika wste na arxisoume tis diapragmateuseis apo kali thesi

mi stenoxwritheis meta pou to kast/rizo de tha parei katholou AOZ – afta na ta gnwrizoume. To thema einai pws eimaste tyxeroi poly pou exoume polla nisia kai i UNCLOS tous dinei dikaiwmata giati etsi tis thalassies zwnes tou kast/rizo mporoume na tis ” kapsoume ” me polu akribo timima

twra ta problimata me tis diapragmateseis me tin tourkia einai alla .. egw fobamai afta pou lene teleftaia poly syntonismena gia apostratikopoiisi kai fysika ti meionotita sti thraki … ekei thelei prosoxi kuriws se afta ta duo


Oxi re file DEN thelo oute synekmetaleusei oute to kalo tous…kai VEVAIA to kastelorizo exei AOZ…min to ksanapeis …KAMMIA DIAPRAGMATEYSH….

FANFARONE ? Year of the Pig ??

den exei simasia ti leme kai ti theloume, eite me diethnes dikastirio eite me polemo eite me synomilies, sto telos ekei AOZ den exei H’ exei poly ligi den yparxei kaneis pou tha dwsei sto kast/rizo panw apo 10 %

egw de lew oxi se sunekmetalleusi konta ekei pou enwnetai h AOZ pou axiwnoume me tin kupriaki AOZ


OXI kalutera tote na pame na psofisoume monoi mas…eimaste oi ntropi ton progonon mas…ksekinhsan tis suzitiseis gia ton DIAMELISMO toy Aigaiou to katalaves h OXI???

FANFARONE ? Year of the Pig ??

apla na xereis oti kai sto aigaio tha aplwthei ligaki h tourkia alla oxi polu oso theloun ws ti mesh ( 25os mesimbrinos )

to thema einai oti pote ta nisia mas de tha ginoun thylakes peritrigyrismena apo tourkika nera

egw fobamai mi piesoun polu gia apostartikopoiisi , polu to pipilane kai de xerw poso sobara to lene. ekei prepei na ginei sygkrousi an to trabixoun to sxoini


” kai akoy ena mystiko, exei megali sxesi me tis pyramides !”

Ego ti eipa;;; Oti h leksi drakos ( DER-AKOS) shmainei “Naos Pyros”…h pyramida ti einai;;; PYR-AMIDA η leksi PYR= ΠΥΡ DILADI NAOS TOY PYROS.

Stinky Man

I check Giza out myself a few years ago. This is what I remember, I went into the big pyramid in Giza and it smelled like piss, it smelled like folks had been pissing in that tunnel for 10000 years. It smelled like human piss not alien urine. I walked around the Sphinx to the backside checking for a secret door and there was none, I was disappointed.

Dick Von Dast'Ard

Probably built by a more advanced civilization than the dynastic Egyptians of 5000BC.

Between 14, 000 and 6, 000 years ago the sea levels rose by 130m, there is known evidence of human settlements that have slipped beneath the waves.

FANFARONE ? Year of the Pig ??

end of last glacial period – all the flood myths derived from that distant memory

Dick Von Dast'Ard

So much past human history that is probably hidden to the wider public, probably known to the select few however.

chris chuba

A four sided structure that converges to a point in the middle. It’s impressive engineering but I never understood why people think it is beyond the capability of humans a mere 3,000 yrs ago.

Trap Is Not Gay

Elon Musk is the new US phenotypeless white agenda pusher.

Every other year a CIA white “bad boy” pops up in the Cesspool and pushes more shit.

The list goes on:

– Tucker Carlson – Nick Fuentes – Trump – Alex Jones – Richard Spencer – Bannon – Turning Point USA

All ridiculous as usual.


Our planet needs to advance socially away from the zioNATO hegemony forever war. To being able to use advanced technology responsibly for the betterment of our species and planet.

Trump hasn’t started any new wars, which is a change brought about by the rise of the essentialy non Jew SCO as a counter balance to the zioNATO combine and it’s GCC terrorist partners.

Now that their hegemony drive has failed, the Jew world order is playing the bioterror omnicide card. Where they become transhuman immortal gods. And kill off the human race in the process.

This will probably fail also. The question is how much damage will be done in the process. Part of the mitigation process should include getting rid of Jews and Israel to create a better Jew free planet. To improve life here and our progress in becoming an ET race ourselves.


I spent a half hour inside the 2nd big pyramid on the Giza platuea during the 2012 galatic alignment. And talked with my guide about their construction theories.

There’s a simple way to put this all to rest, prove it. If it was built by hand using rope, levers and rollers. Then duplicate the process to see if it’s viable. If the big blocks can be hewn, transported and put in place using period technology. Then it should be possible to test the theories using real life examples. And then extrapolate it out from there using scaling up the tests to the entire structures calculations. To determine the hours, materials and manpower required.

If the test fails because the blocks can’t be hewn, transported or put in place. Then it’s unlikely that humans did it on their own thousands of years ago. If the blocks can be fabricated, transported and put in place. Then the next issue is what size of work force and materials allocation would be required. If the size of Egyptian civilization at the time, or the local natural resources wouldn’t support construction of that magnitude. Then again it’s unlikely that humans did it on their own.

Everything that I saw in terms of content at the museum could have been done with hand tools. Such as the furniture, statues, etc. But the state of preservation of some of these items was difficult to believe. Items locked away in crypts that were cleaned up after discovery I can understand.

But statues left outside for thousands of years in near perfect condition are amazing. That they survived that long without being vandalized or damaged is against the odds.


I got to know one of the workers on the national museum artifact restoration workforce during the 10 days that I spent in Egypt during 2012.

He told me that during the rioting when the government fell. That the police and museum security abandoned their positions. And that some of the museum staff, including him stayed. And did the best they could to protect it.

And that one night robbers armed with machine guns and explosives broke in. And the staff was unable to stop them. And they headed for Tutankhamun’s funerary display inside the bullet proof glass room. With the gold mask and other artifacts. As they approached it their faces suddenly contorted in terror. And they turned around and fled the museum. Never to be seen again. If it’s true. Maybe it partially explains how some items survived intact down through the ages.

Tommy Jensen

You guys dont understand it, but I and Elon understood exactly what happened. Because you only have 2 braincells you think the ancient egyptians did it………………………………..LOL. Wrong!!

INSIDE these ancient egyptians were Aliens, INSIDE, controlling and instructing the bodies on what to do. You jerks couldnt figure that out, but I and Elon quickly found out about it!

Therefore they were able to build these pyramids, make these drawings, flying away again in their saucers!

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