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Elon Musk Makes PR Using Disaster Situation In Northern Thailand Where Boys Stuck In Cave

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Tesla and SpaceX boss Elon Musk has announed that a team of SpaceX engineers is set to built a mini submarine to help rescuing and their football coach who have been stuck in a cave following a flash flood in northern Thailand for almost two weeks.

Musk’s company, Boring Co, which digs tunnels for transport systems, has sent a team of engineers to Thailand to see if they can help to rescue the people.

The media calls the situation a war against water and a race against time. Monsoon rains bring a very real risk of water levels rising inside the cave system, further complicating what is already a very challenging effort to save the trapped kids.

Meanwhile, expert cave divers that have no links to Musk’s companies have rescued five of the boys so far.

On July 9, Musk tweeted that “mini-sub arriving in about 17 hours” to Thailand. However, without real tests passed by the sub, it’s hard to expect that this device will really be implemented in an attempt to save the kids. There is not enough time to employ Musk’s idea.

Thus, all the activity of SpaceX and Boring Co as well as Musk’s media campaign over the issue is another attempt to gain a media attention this time using the disaster situation.

Various PR tricks to gain media attention are an obvious strategy of any business. However, when these tricks involve kids’ life, this becomes not normal.

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oh please get over your self ! If Musk didnt do anything youd still write some drivel about how his ”innovative” teams stood still and did nothing! There are good people out there that actually have the money to try new things and puts humans before profit so GET OVER IT!

whats this got to do with the syrian conflict or US geopolitics anyway ? stick to begging for more money to keep this site running!

Jan Tjarks

The people in Puerto Rico will have a very different opinion on this.

Musk is not abusing PR, but it is his personal intentions. Sorry South Front, here it is you who is using PRon an opinion piece. Check how he reacts when it comes to social issues and you will see that it is not calculated PR, but genuine.


Good point SF.Thank you.

Wise Gandalf

You like the shit. Are you fly?

Dušan Mirić

As much as I know since I was watching Jacques Cousteau underwater documentaries there are such devices from long time ago. Diving experts on the site certainly knows about it, so if Mr Musk is not a diving expert too this looks like PR. It looks like an amateur like me who thinks he knows it all from the chair.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

He is an idiot who wanted to launch a car into space so he seems like to have an unstable personality disorder. Just not sure how he didn’t know that this has been available in Canada for decades as Jacques Costeau on the Odyssey used local sources.

Wise Gandalf

If Putin were the thai president, he would make photos in diving suit amd do nothing. I rember, how ruskies let die the whole crew of Kursk.

The worth of ife in russia is less then flyshit.


SF has done an excellent job keeps informed with facts never presented by the establishment media. So I applaud you for this excellent service. It saddens me to have to criticize you on your anti-Musk emotional propaganda. Tesla/Musk are under tremendous attack from the establishment financial and political media. Your article sounds like a piece from the establishment media rather than an honest and rational evaluation of Musk’s motives. I think this bias comes from your anti-Western and anti-America feelings. The American government, media, Hollywood, and federal Reserve are all under the control of anti-Christian and anti-American Zionists–both Jewish and Ziochristians. This gives the world a false view and understanding of the Christian majority in America. This majority still holds to the moral and spiritual values of the Gospels. This is the real America in contrast to the Hollywood image of America that has become dominant in the world. Musk’s motives comes much more from this Christian desire to help and love humanity than his desire for PR.

Kell McBanned

Well said


People asked Elon for help on Twitter… he was not using the situation for PR. Sad that you claim this big supporter but this is bad information.

Carol Davidek-Waller

If the point of the article is that the author doesn’t like Musk or his ideas, than the piece was successful.

Kell McBanned

Id love it if Musk could get them out, im hoping for it anyway.


You’re pathetic.

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